Fabulous Guest #1 {Cassie From Hi Sugarplum!}

Hey everyone, I hope you are prepared for some good humor and fabulous projects today from Cassie.  Take it away Mrs. Sugarplum!

Hello friends! I’m Cassie from Hi Sugarplum! I’m thrilled to be guesting for Emily today….but also a bit jealous that I’m not hanging with her and all the other fab bloggers in Nashville! I lived there for 10 years when Mr. Sugarplum was a professional musician, so I know the fun I’m missing.

Let’s make them jealous by having all kinds of fun here, shall we?! How about some Before & After shots of my favorite makeovers?? Woo-hoo…can’t get more fun than that! I know you’re used to lots of makeovers on Decorchick, seeing as how Emily can whip out a new room in a weekend. Mine, however, tend to drag on. And on.
My first big makeover was the Hit-With-An-Ugly-Stick Kitchen:
Picnik collage
I guess it wasn’t necessary to write ‘Before’ & ‘After’ on the pics….if you confused the two, then we’ll have to end this relationship right here and now. Sorry if I stunned you with the severity of the Before shot…I warned you it was ugly.
Picnik collage
See oodles more pictures here….and read all the yummy details here. (Why yes, I am a tease!)

The makeover that brought me the most joy, was my son’s Toddler to Big Boy Room. (He’s almost 10, I should probably start referring to him as a guy instead of boy.)
Picnik collage

Are you having so much fun you feel like ripping your shirt off and running around naked? No? What about after seeing what a bit of paint did to his baby dresser?
Picnik collage
How about if I told you I completed this entire room makeover for less than $300?!?! Oh yeah…thought that might get you. It’s a party now! This room is chock-full of DIY projects, like Drop Cloth drapes, Burlap Corkboard with Faux-Nailhead trim, Soup Can Pencil Cups, Creating Cheap Art and a Magnetic Message Center for a Gallery Wall.

Well I certainly had fun, hope you did too! Hop over to Hi Sugarplum! and see more projects if you aren’t ready to end the party here. I promise I’ll put my shirt back on.

Thanks for having me, Emily!

Aren’t those makeovers amazing??  Such a beautiful kitchen and love the big boy room. I can’t wait to do a big-girl room for my little one. But I just don’t want her to get big. :)  So go and visit Cassie everyone–besides lovely makeovers she is also quite the crafty gal. She doesn’t disappoint. Thank you Cassie!



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  1. Cassie is a freaking riot. Lurve that girl. Great post.

  2. Cassie is a rock star in my book! :) So love all of her makeovers! :)

  3. Cassie is amazing and so talented! Love her home!

  4. Love ya Cassie! You too Emily. Fab makeovers for sure. I’ll hang with ya this week Cassie. Wish I were there too :(

  5. Love your kitchen Cassie! I need ours redone asap! I also love your sons room and the stripes! thecoolkidsblog.com

  6. Wow – so many beautiful ideas. I’ll have to read more about your kitchen redo. Amazing!

  7. Love all of Cassie’s projects! Her kitchen is beautiful and her little boy’s room is too cute! (:

  8. awesome kitchen makeover! what a difference! your little guy’s room is adorable too :)

  9. Seriously doesn’t get any better than Cassie…talented and freakin’ hilarious! No secret that her house is AMAZING!!! Great guest post!

  10. The girl can party like a rock star. Such a soft spot for my crazy cassie! We will hit up blissdom next year and they won’t know what hit em!

  11. wow — thanks for all the amazing comments everyone! just the confidence I needed to post the crafty project I’m on the fence about!

    thanks for having me over emily, your readers are so nice! hope you guys are whooping it up in nashvegas!

  12. Cassie cracks me up! Oh yeah, and her home is fabulous too! :)

  13. I still can’t get over your gorgeous kitchen! How awesome! Too bad you couldn’t make it to Nashville this time- you could’ve shown us your old stompin’ grounds!

  14. Cassie, can I just say that I love you. I have a huge window in my family room that my dogs love to look out. They rub up against the curtains and open them with their big ol dirty paws. The usual curtain suspects just don’t stand up so well. DROP CLOTHES! I’m at Home Depot this weekend and their will be NEW drapes! Yes. Thanks for that inspired post. I’m told they make excellent slip covers too, which will require sewing, but that’s another day.

    Thanks again!

  15. Fabulous! I love seeing several of her projects all at once, too. It’s like an entire house makeover. Yum.