7 Beautiful Dark Wainscoting Ideas

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our home. What to do next. What to do for US and not jump the gun at what everyone else is doing sort of thing you know? But lately I can’t get images out of my head of rooms that have dark wainscoting. I know I know. Everyone typically does white. And it’s beautiful. But you know, sometimes I gravitate towards dark colors, and so does my husband. He would have our whole house be RED if he could, but um, that’s not happening. :)

So instead of jumping the gun, I am thinking of other options and taking my time deciding. It doesn’t mean I will end up doing it, but man, these images really make me want to paint some dark wainscoting, specifically in our office. I need to redo that space for many reasons. But again, I am taking my time deciding what I truly want in there, and what I want the space to reflect.

Here are the images that caught my eye when browsing:

Beautiful Dark Grey Wainscoting | www.decorchick.com

Via Decorpad

Beautiful Green Wainscot Panels | www.decorchick.com

Via Country Living

Grey Wall with Dark Wainscot | www.decorchick.com

Via Sarah Richardson Design

Black Beadboard in Bathroom | www.decorchick.com

Via Decorpad

Stained Wood Wainscoting | www.decorchick.com

Via Houzz

Chocolate Brown Wainscoting in Office | www.decorchick.com

Via Pinterest

Antique Glazed Wainscot | www.decorchick.com

Via My Home Ideas

So what do you think? Aren’t the dark colors more dramatic and more oomph?

7 Beautiful Dark Wainscoting Ideas | www.decorchick.com

There is just something so cozy about those dark colors. And particularly dark grey. Ahhh. I still do love the classic white though. Tough call. What say you?



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  1. My favorite is the first one of the stairway with the gray on the bottom. So pretty!

  2. Patrice H. says:

    They are all lovely but I’m drawn to the first one the most!

  3. Amanda Tonar says:

    I like the gray and the darker almost black color. I think it would look very classy in an office setting!

  4. I love the first and the last one best, absolutely devine! I say go for it! I tell my daughter all the time You DONT have to do what everyone else is doing, march to your own beat.

  5. Love them, but understand not wanting to jump the gun. Some of those things can be so trendy.

  6. Love the looks in all those rooms.

  7. I say go for it! The nice thing about paint is that you can always paint over it. I’m a big fan of the gray/slate colors.

  8. I agree with Cassie. It is only paint and you never know unless you try. You try first and then we will probably all follow. :) I have tons of white wainscoting and I do love it but that dark grey is stunning.

  9. Oh my, those are so rich, elegant and yummy! I love wainscoting. I actually talked my boring ole hubby to let me put wainscoting on the risers of our stairs (still working on those blasted stairs!). I say go for it! You do such beautiful work, so I’m excited to see what you come up with.

  10. These are beautiful. I personally prefer lighter colors for walls and wainscoting. But I love the contrast in these series of images, especially the 1st image, the curtains looks great and matches the décor of the stairwell.

  11. I seriously gasped when I saw that first photo! I think I finally know what I want to do in our “manly” office now (which currently is not so manly…dark office walls just make me think of an old gentleman’s cigar lounge or something). Thanks so much for posting! I feel like I have a little direction now!