Cute and Cheap Rug Alert!

The other day I was browsing around Lowe’s and came across this.

It’s a 5×7 jute rug that has a trellis/geometric pattern to it, and it was only $34!! Yes, THIRTY-FOUR dollars. :)  I’ve been looking for one to go in our breakfast room for a while, so I was so happy to come across this.  And the green goes great in there.

Here is part of it laid out.

I really like it and messes should clean up pretty easily.  I’ll still put a towel on the floor under Emma’s chair though when she eats. :)  But for the price of it I am extremely happy!  I’ll show you all this room soon…I hope.

I found it in the rug section at our Lowe’s, but in those big boxes with the rugs rolled up sitting in the middle of the aisles. They are a clearance item (50% off), so I’m not sure how long they’ll be there.  They also had a cute floral print and also zebra prints if that floats your boat. :)



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  1. Looooove this!! Wonder if it would be good for outside???

    • I wondered that too–but since it doesn’t say indoor/outdoor, I don’t know? Since it’s jute I’d think it would be ok, but not sure…It probably doesn’t have the fade resistant stuff in it ya know?

  2. Such a cute rug. I am heading to Lowe’s this morning and I will be looking for those rugs. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. What???? I am about to head over there after work to get one for my house :) LOVE it!

  4. Great find! I may just find myself at Lowes this weekend!

  5. Nice! Don’t you love coming across those deals that were just waiting for you to come along?

  6. OMG, $34??? Thats a steal! its so pretty on your floor. hmm…I wonder if they still have some. GOt to head up there today;-)

  7. Wow…you’re creating a frenzy! LOVE it! I just called my local store and they’re holding one for me. That is just too cheap to pass up!

  8. I’m heading down there now to see if our Lowe’s has them! Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Thanks for the Hot Alert, love this pattern!

  10. i found these at my local Lowe’s as well. i saw the same one you bought and i almost bought it, but i ended up getting one with a floral pattern. Love it!

  11. I HAVE to have this rug! I am calling the Lowes in the area but they said they need the item number…you don’t happen to still have the packaging? :o)

    • No I sure don’t. I already threw away the packaging. But this number is from my receipt, but I have no idea if it’s the item number or not…147081. It’s called Jute Sage Area Rug so maybe they can look it up. Another reader called her store and they found it and are holding it, so maybe try again and get a different person. :)

  12. Oh, that is so awesome!!! I am heading to Lowe’s ASAP! I love that! Thanks for the suggestion.

  13. Great rug. I love it. You found a real keeper. Hugs, Marty

  14. Thanks for the deal-spotting. After calling all over KC and my Hubby saying we don’t need another area rug, I got it!! It’s going to replace the old rug under the kitchen table. B E Autiful!! Thanks again!!

  15. OMG! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!! So cute! I am gonna have to head to Lowe’s and check it out!!!

  16. awesome love it!!
    thanks for the tip..I’ll have to see if they have them in Canada ;)

  17. Just called my local store and put it on hold! I am so excited – thank you for sharing this find!!

  18. bahahahahaha all these comments are cracking me up! girl you should totally get a commission from Lowes! haha!
    and yes I will be heading to my Lowes to find one too!

  19. So glad I did my blog stalking in the morning! I snagged the last one in this design at my Lowe’s!! Yea!!

  20. Just put 2 on hold, thanks for the tip!!!!!!!

  21. Emily…Lowes loves you right about now…all those rugs they were trying to move out are probably gone!! LOL Love it, and what a steal. Okay…off to Lowes ; )

  22. GREAT score!!!! looks so good!

  23. Wow! What a steal! Great find!

  24. I just LOVE it!! I wish we had a LOWES around here so I could buy one for myself. It would have been the perfect addition to our dining space…grrr….(haha :) ) Looks fabulous in your space :D

  25. Looks like you found a great deal! Can’t wait to see the whole room. Have a great weekend! :)


  26. I picked one up today at my local Lowes. Thanks so much!

  27. After reading this on Living with Lindsay, I clicked over to your page, saw that you’d listed an item number, called my local Lowe’s to see if it was in stock. From initial reading to getting in my car took no more than 15 minutes and then I drove 20 minutes across town to pick it up — 10 minutes before closing tonight!

    This rug is securely in my hot little hands and getting comfy under my coffee table. Thanks for the tip! I love it!

  28. TwinMamaTeb says:

    In for one of the floral and one green one. Love them, thank you!

  29. I so wanted to go to Lowe’s yesterday but we didn’t have time :( Out of curiosity, did they have any other colors besides the green? I also noticed another commenter said she went with the floral (?) I think. Were there many patterns to choose from?

  30. Thanks, Emily! Just called my Lowe’s and they have three left. I’ve been looking for a rug and think this will work just perfectly.

  31. My local Lowe’s had a floral, zebra, and the lovely green pattern. I have not opened the package. ;)

    For the ladies who purchased one of these: Are these scratchy under foot? I don’t want my kiddos to complain.

    • Hey Kellie, mine is under a table so won’t get walked on much. But yea, it’s a little scratchy or rough? I don’t think it’s a rug kids would enjoy rolling around on or anything. :)

      • Thanks for the review!

        The rug is so lovely in person, but I might need to keep searching for a good cheap “rolling” rug for my boys. ;)

  32. Emily~thanks a million! I found 2 at my Lowes! Posted about it today…
    I love it when bloggers share deals! :)

  33. After reading your post I headed to Lowe’s. They didn’t know about any $34 rugs. So I looked around myself and found the same rug you bought (plus the floral and zebra stripe) for only $17. Woohoo!!!! I bought two!!!!

    Thanks for the tip!

  34. Got my rug at Lowes in Louisville, KY for 17.00!!!!!

  35. LOVEEE IT! I saw Melissa over @ 320 Sycamore post about this so I called my local Lowe’s this morning and had them put the last one on hold. I, too, got it for $17. We are building a porch on our house and this rug will be perfect for when it’s done! Thanks for sharing! (Also anyone that got it for $34 should call to see if they can get an adjustment, doesn’t hurt!)

  36. OMG! I love that rug and hope I can get one before they are gone. I just subscribed and love your blog.

  37. Thank you Thank you!! I found 2 at my Lowes! I called first and they said they had 2 and of course couldn’t find them. So I went myself and after about 30 minutes of looking I found them. I have one in my breakfast nook under my table. Here is a picture of mine!

  38. as soon as I saw this, I ran to Lowes in search… And guess what! At my Lowes, it was $17!!! LOvE LovE LOve!

  39. Hi Emily, thanks to you and Melissa I got 2! I was able to use my 10% military discount so I paid $15 for them. Yippee! I had wanted one for my outdoor patio but I think with the rubber backing it will hold water or the sun would melt the rubber! So I will use them upstairs to make one big rug in the bonus room. At least that is the plan for now! Thanks :)

  40. Hi Emily,
    I don’t have a decorating blog, but I do follow lots of blogs. I saw your post about this rug and went to Lowe’s yesterday just to see if it was there. And I had to tell you this because I knew you would appreciate it, but the rug was on clearance for $17!!! I was so excited I bought the last 2. So I got 2 rugs for the price of 1! Thanks for the alert. :)

  41. Ooooh, thank you! I’ve been looking for something to replace what I currently have in my foyer, these would be perfect. Calling my Lowe’s right now! Thanks so much!

  42. I scored 3 rugs for $17….Woo Hoo! I had gone to Lowes when I first saw your post about them and struck out. Tried the website once I got the item number but no luck as the website needs a different number (model #). I happened to pop in to another Lowes today and found 3 but the price was $54 each! No!!! Took the rug up front and asked if they would honor the recentl sale price and she said “they’re still on sale for $17” Yay!! 3 for the price of 1!! Love it!

  43. I called 4 different Lowes in my area…found it! They will not honor the clearance price….but still $34 is not a bad price. Love it!

  44. Does anyone have this rug and not currently wanting it anymore. I have been searching since August for this rug or something similar, so desperate I even was going to stencil on a plain jute rug. Now I am willing to pay for rug in good condition. Please email at thanks friends :)

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