Confessions: Christmas Edition

Here it is almost middle of February, and I have a few things to confess to you.

1. I still have our Christmas wreath on the front door.

Welcome Wreath | Decorchick!®

Our neighborhood probably hates us and the fed ex guy is probably really confused.

2. I still have our Christmas mantel up (without the fresh garland because duh, it died almost 2 months ago) and I have thought about ways to make it fit all seasons.

Green and Gold Mantel | Decorchick!®

3. I still have the chalkboard in the kitchen decorated for Christmas and a vase filled with ornaments that I haven’t put away yet.

Christmas Chalkboard | Decorchick!®

I should have been decorating for Valentine’s Day the day after Christmas, you know, because that’s what bloggers do.

But, not this year! I have not one thing remotely related to Valentine’s Day in the house. I am not even sure where that stuff is right now? I do plan to have a little party for Emma though, since she looooooves Valentine’s day. So I guess I better get on that since it’s just 3 days away!

Apparently I’m first to put Christmas out, and definitely LAST to take it all down.

That’s life for you! :)

I hate to even ask if you have any Christmas decor up, you know, since it’s like FEBRUARY now, but if so, know you aren’t alone. I hope that gives a little comfort. :)




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  1. OK if it’s confession time…I still have an urn filled with pine branches. silver ornaments and white LED stick lights on my porch…I don’t decorate for Valentine’s Day either ( I know – bad blogger ) but I try to keep it real and it’s not something that I’ve ever really done.

  2. I go all out for Christmas…and it goes up as the fall decor (that has been up since the last week of September) comes down. So I can’t wait to get my Christmas decor down right after the new year and give the house a good scrubbing. I just imagine the dust bugs multiplying at an alarming rate….great motivation. As far as Valentine’s Day…this is my “break” between the holidays and spring…so I put a little heart plaque by the front door and a little “LOVE” thingy on the buffet…that’s it. This year I found a really cute XO wreath I put on the living room mirror to take up space, post fall and Christmas wreath, while I search for the perfect boxwood wreath.
    I bet if you removed the gold ornaments, the star and tree and the stockings from the mantel, stick a few red hearts in the garland, hang a heart necklace from the deer, change out the ribbon on the kitchen wreaths to red velvet or satin, and just draw a big heart on the chalkboard, you could pull it off another week or so ;)


  4. I usually take down anything Christmas but leave up anything Winter related like all of my snowmen and snowflakes until the end of January. But I noticed a few Christmas items on my mantel the other day and I still have all the Winter stuff up too. It’s still winter right?

  5. betty kratz says:

    There is a giant wreath still our surgery hallway at work. Weird though , it came down and went ring back up. This the season…

  6. Ha! I honestly JUST noticed yesterday that my Christmas wreath is still on the front door. Whoops. I think that’s the last thing left, though. One year, I left a giant wire basket full of ornaments above our ktichen/living room dividing wall until St. Patrick’s Day. At some point you just become blind to these things. At least, that’s what I tell myself. :)

  7. Oh no! Haha people complain about Christmas being celebrated too early, but here’s the other end of the spectrum lol.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Let it go… Let it go… Can’t hold out anymore… Let it go… Let it go… Put it away and slam the door! Haha, just kidding! My mom still has her tree up too!

  9. I still have the Christmas wreath on my back French door. I deemed it worthy of staying because the pinecones detract from the dead foliage and it is round.

  10. The red polkadot mugs can be for Valentine’s Day! I may have taken my stuff down and put in in boxes but they are still all in the garage waiting to be taken to the attic!

  11. I just took down the garland on my pot rack this week. I still have the wreath over my fireplace up. I have decorations on the floor in my college-age daughter’s room since she’s not home that need to go up into the attic.

  12. I still have a garland over the kitchen cabinets and a vase filled with ornaments and pinecones. My guest bathroom is still decorated with snowmen. And my now undecorated Christmas tree has been moved to my bedroom to provide a soft glow at night.

  13. Hurrah!!! I finally got my house stuff down last week but only bc I had company coming.

  14. Confession time…..we just took our lights around the roof down last weekend. Oh well… tragedy!! Lol!!!

  15. I say whatever works for your family and time limitations, go for it. Who cares what anyone else thinks! :D

  16. I love Christmas decorations! To me, they look the most beautiful with snow on the ground. I live in the Midwest so we usually have snow on the ground in January/February. We just get a great coating of snow and it’s officially time to take down the decorations? No way! My solution: After January 1st I take down all the totally Christmas stuff, like anything religious or with Santa or Rudolph and I leave the rest up until the snow melts. Nature is my guide.

    I’m trying to add more winter (as opposed to specifically Christmas) decorations to my collection b/c those can be kept up much longer. For example, plain evergreen garland looks great until the snow melts. Similarly, anything that says “Let It Snow” or with a snowman theme can stay up. My door mats have snow-covered red cardinals on them – the red is perfect for Christmas but not so Christmasy that I have to take them down Dec. 26. You get the idea.

  17. RealHausFrau says:

    Worst confession: I had major surgery the Monday of Thanksgiving week…it was scheduled & happened very quickly, I visited the doctor In Oct. first they wanted it 11/10, but the closer that came, the more panicked I got about getting at least basic (meals planned, DD’s schedule in line, so on) pre-planning done. So, I resecheduled it, but still just barely got my tree, hardly decorated up…..and ooohhh…that’s about it. This comes from a woman who begins decorating November, with multiple trees in different sizes, colors and themes/vignettes, I go absolutely crazy. I usually do a bit of something for most holidays, at the very least, a ‘Valentine’s Tree’ & so on. I even have a football season tree & wreath for my alma mater!! Goes up with my ‘Fall trees’. It’s black with orange based ornaments & pretty cool. Lol.I felt so terrible being such a holiday (and mother) fail..I haven’t put any holiday decor up from then to now. Sad.