Concealing the clutter

Do you have an entertainment center that has glass cabinets like we do?  The kind where you can see all the junk gaming systems, unorganized DVD’s, and anything else that landed in there?  Well, I hate clutter as much as I hate roaches.  Actually, I am terrified of roaches, but that’s for a different post on a different blog that I don’t have. :)

I don’t have a before picture of our entertainment center, but I know you can use your imaginations. :)  Here is what it looks like now.

All I did was paint the inside of the glass on the cabinet doors!  I had some Ralph Lauren metallic bronze paint left over from something else, so that’s what I used.  And it ended up matching perfectly.  Hooray!  You could also hang some pretty fabric from the inside as well to hide everything.  Easy!

Here is everything you would see inside if the glass wasn’t painted.

Yowsa!!  I know that’s scary, but does it make me weird that I don’t mind the clutter as long as it’s hidden?  I know all of you out there have that one special spot, or more, where junk just accumulates but you hide it.  Well, at least I hope I’m not the only one…

Now, if I could just find something to do with that huge subwoofer and speaker stands, life would be dandy.

But that isn’t going to happen so I’ll just move on.

I have this little table in our breakfast area that you have seen in previous posts.  It used to look like this.

No, it wasn’t always off centered like in this picture.  I had just already started moving it.  It houses our internet/tv router, and all of those ugly cords were exposed.  So what did I do?  I followed Nester’s mistreatment for tables and found some fabric and went to town!

I didn’t use hot glue though, and instead used fabric glue.  I just cut a yard of fabric around to fit, folded a hem line, and glued it. Very, very simple.  One word to the wise, and I know you are all much wiser than me, but DON’T do your project involving fabric glue on top of your wood table like I did.  There is a strip of our breakfast table that is messed up now because the glue leaked through the fabric.  The glue has acetone in it so it will eat right through the wood.  And if you read the back of the bottle after you’ve screwed up your table, it clearly states to not use on wood surfaces.  Ummm, yea….I’m brilliant.

Here’s my mistreated little table now.

Much better eh?  No cords exposed and no ugly boxes to see.  That’s a winner in my book!

I attached the table skirt with small upholstery tacks.  I was thinking of adding more tacks all the way around the top to give it a nailhead trim look.  What are your thoughts?  I’d love to hear any suggestions!

I like how this fabric coordinates with my new window treatments.

I’m a sucker for paisley print and stripes. :)

This is my one week blogging anniversary!  It’s been a blast.  Thank you bunches for reading and leaving me sweet comments. I love reading all of the comments and they really bless me. :)

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!!



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  1. Really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for being so real? I know that was keeps me coming back. Keep up the good job. Carla ;o)

  2. Entertainment center looks great!! Like it alot! I would add more tacks to the small table but it still looks great! You can buy the tacks on a roll where they are strung together so you can get them on really straight.

  3. Hello thanks for stopping by my blog Get Craftin, and leaving a sweet comment! I’m lovin your blog, i’m your newest follower!! Have a fun weekend! XOXO

  4. Hi, I am trying to remember how I reached your site. I think it started in Laughing with Angels to Raspberries and Roses [?] and…something like that. I find your ideas inspiring and delightful and would be happy to visit you often. Hope that is okay with you. And if you come to see me, that would be lovely too.

  5. That looks really good! I would have never thought to paint glass!

  6. Congrats on your first week ! :) Great ideas for hiding the clutter. :)

  7. I’m all about hiding the clutter. You’re a clever little thing! :)
    Cogratulations on your first blogging week!!!!!


  8. These are great ideas, and so simple to do! The best sort of idea really :)

    Just popped over from Flaunt it Friday…

  9. I bet that “skirt” helps keep little hands out as well :) outta sight, outta mind right. I think the nail head trim would be a great detail.
    Thanks for the sweet comment earlier.
    Congratulations on your one week anniversary…you already have so many followers, great job. I really enjoy your writing style and energy!

  10. Great ideas! Hiding the clutter is totally key to making a home look streamline. I love old drawers and crates under furniture so anything is most certainly possible! Nicely done. :)

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  11. That looks great! I never would have thought to paint the glass. It turned out great. Your table looks great too. I am a fabric freak, although I can’t resist paisley, polka dots or damask or zebra, oh the list goes on and on. Great job!

  12. That is so excellent! I love the way you have hidden all the things we need but don’t want to see all the time.

    Best wishes,

  13. Love it! I never thought to pain the glass…genius! I think you should add the nail trim all the way around, but again it looks fantastic. Lovin’ your blog!

  14. Great idea with the table skirt!

  15. Painting the glass is such a great idea! Very creative.

  16. Just found your blog from A Little Lovely…

    LOVE the paint on your entertainment center!! What a fabulous idea! I vote for the nailhead look on your table!

  17. What a fabulous idea! I would have never thought to paint over the glass! Looks fabulous! and I just adore the little table skirt! Super cute! Congratulations on your anniversary! Thanks so much for joining The Sunday Showcase. I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  18. I’m all about hiding the clutter. Especially the necessary clutter, those things that you need handy and close by but don’t want everyone to see. :) Thanks for linking up to my Saturday Soiree!!

  19. Those painted glass doors are a great color and a wonderful fix to cover clutter! Good job!