Chandelier Shopping

To finish our breakfast room’s little redo, a new light fixture is in order.  It’s time for the current bo*b light fixture to go! :)

I’ve been shopping around on Overstock (they have the best deals on lighting), and I think I’ve settled on this one because I always keep coming back to it.

It’s modern, but not too modern, and I think the paper shade is cool. The price is decent also, and I’ll use a 10% off coupon too! Here’s the link to it if you want to check it out, and the reviews are great too.  I think I’m mostly just excited to have a chandelier that doesn’t have an exposed cord running through chain links.  Hello sleek new shiny rod thing. :)

What do you think? Like, love, hate?

And p.s.–remember the cute rug I posted about the other day from Lowe’s that was $34?  Well, some readers have let me know they just bought it for $17!!  What in the world?  Maybe they dropped the price again?  But if they did that at all of the Lowe’s, I’d run there right now. I may go get another one just to have a back up if it’s $17 now! :)

*Update – Since everyone has been telling me they are $17 now, I went to Lowe’s today and got a price adjustment and they gave me $17 back!  So yes, the rugs are now just $17! Woohoo!!*

Have a great weekend!!



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  1. Love the light fixture. Also love the rug you posted about. Went to Lowe’s but struck out :(

  2. I scoured my Lowe’s, but alas, I could not find one! Good luck finding another one! So smart to have another one in case something happens to the first, especially if you really love it!

  3. Yummy light fixture! I say yes. :)

  4. I love it!! Just put up a similar (but just plain white) shade in my dining room… I think its the perfect balance of contemporary and chic!

  5. That is the perfect light, totally my style too. Great you found something, there are so many choices.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. yep overstock is my go-to place for chandeliers too! And LOVE their 2.95 shipping.
    Thats going to look awesome in your breakfast room!

  7. Lowe’s will adjust the price on the one you already bought if it was pretty recent…..just bring in your receipt!

  8. Love the chandie!

    I am one of the readers who took a trip to Lowes yesterday to buy the $34 rug (that matches my entire home decor!!!) and while asking the sweet old man in the carpet area if ‘this’ rug was on sale…I think my exact words were “according to a blog I read this rug should be $34. Is it?”. He looked up the product number and said “well how about we sell it to you for $17?”, My response “Shut the front door!!!!”. His response “Sounds like you just won the lottery”. Oh my goodness it was so funny. I had to call a few friends to see if anyone wanted the 2nd one they had. I almost bought both for myself… Thank you for the tip! The rug now sites nicely under my (small) dinning room table and really “grounds” the room :)

  9. I picked up some paint this morning and sure enough the rugs are now $17. I may have brought home a few. :)

  10. Not a fan of that light but I adore the rug!

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  12. Super cute. I love the light. I am so bummed as I RAN to Lowe’s to pick up the rug. When I brought it home it wasn’t the right shade. Darn it! Darling and can’t beat the price {mine was still $34 just yesterday}.

  13. I am a home depot shopper through and through (my husband is a manager) but when I got your post in my inbox I happened to be 5 min from lowes so I popped in and out with a new rug for $18 with tax. Amazing! Thanks for letting us know!

  14. Lisa Bracale says:

    I scored a rug for $17.00-called L last night advised 1 left and 17.00. They held it for me until today. I think my color is a little different though but it is perfect. Thanks for the heads up-it’s nice to share good deals. Last year my Home Depot had a 4 piece Martha S outdoor set for $99.00. It included 1 loveseat, 2 chairs and a glass/metal coffee table and of course the cushions and 2 pillows(2 of my friends went right up and bought them too) Lisa

  15. Thanks for the heads up on the rugs. Scored 2 floral rugs today.

  16. Hi, just curious, how much did the breakfast room lamp end up costing you.