Can Mr. Clean Really Get the Job Done?

Our patio furniture has seen better days I’ll be quite frank. Heck you’ve seen my disaster of a closet, so why not show you other filth right? It’s the least I can do. I actually do enjoy cleaning when I have the time, which is rare. We go outside on the patio all the time, but kind of just “ignore” the nasty. Why we do that to ourselves I have no clue. Case in point, our coffee table out there.

Dirty Outdoor Table

I know! You’d think I purposefully made it that dirty but nope. The only thing I did remove from this picture was the sippy cup of rotten milk. No lie. I know. Terrible. We are pigs.

I received a few outdoor cleaning products to try out and put to the test.

Mr Clean Products

I was pretty excited to get out there and clean. Great motivation!

I started out by cleaning our tables with the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro spray and used the Bounty paper towels.

Mr Clean Outdoor Pro


But the table did come out looking all shiny and pretty.

Clean Table

I really loved how the spray cleaned the table. I needed something STRONG for all of that funk. It didn’t get the glass smeary or anything either. The only thing is that it smells funny to me and is kind of strong. But that won’t prevent me from using it for the bigger jobs because let’s face it…things that live outdoors are just going to require a little more elbow grease because of all of the weather elements.

I decided to put it to the test even further and use it on these spots we have on the concrete.

Concrete stain

I’m not even sure what all of those are from. I am thinking though from my husbands BBQ pit because he does roll it over in this area when he cooks. Hmmmm.

So I just sprayed that outdoor spray and used a scrubber brush thing I had and this is how it looks now.

Concrete After

It didn’t take them away completely (a few it did), but it definitely minimized their appearance don’t you think?  And that big wet spot I’m not sure what’s up with that?!  Since I was on a roll I went ahead and did the majority of the patio and cleaned up the spots that I could. The slab is looking much better already!

Then to try out the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Erasers, I used it on the kids’ little rollercoaster.

Kid Rollercoaster

Dirt on Coaster

I love love love magic erasers so I was really excited about these outdoor ones. That spot on the coaster is not a spot that just washes off in the rain and that’s why I chose to test it out here. Magic Erasers clean EVERYTHING. They are amazing. Almost amazing as baby wipes. :)

So you just wet the eraser, squeeze out the water and wipe away.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

See, it’s magic! You can reuse the erasers too which is great. These will come in handy for the BBQ pit and our new backyard fort to use on the swingset and slide etc. It’s just not that dirty yet so I haven’t used it on it.

So all in all I thought the products cleaned very well, and you can find all of these products at your local The Home Depot. The ole bald man passed my inspection. ;)

And good news for you all is that they want to give one of you a “ReadyDoneClean” prize package (shown above) AND a $100 gift gard to Home Depot! To enter just leave a comment and tell us which product you’d like to try out and why. Easy peasy! I’ll announce a winner Thursday, June 6, 2013.

Happy cleaning friends!

*THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED* Congrats to Tera, entry #309 for winning*



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I did receive these products for my consideration from Proctor & Gamble and they are also providing the giveaway prize. As always, opinions are and always will be my own.

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  1. I need to get some of those magic erasers to clean up our patio furniture, too. It’s looking a lot like yours….:)

  2. Maria Adams says:

    I would love to give the Mr Clean Outdoor Pro spray a try… I have some green spots on my patio from grass and leaves that have stained it and I need them GONE! Such an eye sore! Thanks for the review!

  3. I’ve been starting to clean up the patio and wondering if it will ever get clean again, so I would love to try the magic erasers pro.

  4. this is the 2nd review i’ve read on this product and looked around at my patio yesterday wishing i had some to use out there! i wonder if would work on outdoor cushions? i’d love to try the outdoor spray to see how well it works on my outdoor projects!

  5. I LOVE magic erasers! Did not know there was an outdoor version….would love to give those a whirl this summer!!!!

  6. OOOOOOooooh!!!! I didn’t even know they made magic erasers for outdoor use! i so want one of those!

  7. So need to try the magic erasers on my huge white (well it used to be) lounger!!

  8. Christine says:

    I would love to try the Mr. Clean spray! We just bought an older home and the seller was nice enough to leave the outdoor furniture but it needs a good scrubbing!

  9. I would love to try the Outdoor Pro. WIth all of the pollen and “regular” dirt what I use now doesn’t seem to cut it. Your table looks so shiny and bright. I would love for mine to look that way.

  10. I have windows that could use a good cleaning as well as some patio furniture. Looks like a great product!

  11. Robin Chesser says:

    I’d try the Magic Erasers I have alot of scuff marks that nothing has worked on!

  12. I would LOVE to try the Outdoor Pro on some spots on my front porch. If it got rid of your random spots on the concrete I hope it will get rid of mine. I use magic erasers for anything that I think water won’t get off. The bald man is awesome!

  13. Kris Reynolds says:

    I love the Magic Erasers. What they can do for the inside is amazing…I can imagine using them outside too.

  14. We have a summer home right on the ocean..the pad AND spray would be great to get all the accumulated salt off the tables and chairs!

  15. I’d love to try the Outdoor Pro! I have some outdoor items that could use a good cleaning!

  16. Valerie Mangum says:

    The outdoor spray. My outdoor table and chairs need our bad!

  17. I would love to try the mr. Clean outdoor spray!

  18. I would love to see how the magic eraser works on patio furniture. Great review. :-)

  19. I’d love the spray to get my picnic tables cleaned!

  20. I would love the spray. Bought 6 awesome patio chairs yesterday at Goodwill that need a good strong scrubbing and some paint.

  21. Brandy Kurth says:

    I would love to get those Magic Erasers. We also have the mini roller coaster for our kids and those Magic Erasers will be able to do the trick.

  22. I’d love to try the outdoor pro, we live in the south & it’s already been a very warm late spring, I’d love to be able to use it on outdoor furniture for entertaining without sneezing

  23. I would love to try out those magic erasers.

  24. I’d like to try the magic eraser. Looks like it’ll clean anything! I also want to Home Depot gift card for my garden. Thanks for this giveaway!

  25. Tiffany B. says:

    I have been so impressed with, and just love using the regular indoor Magic Erasers. I would love to try, and could definitely use the Outdoor Pro Magic Erasers on several items. Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  26. I would LOVE to try out the outdoor eraser and the spray! I have plenty of places to use both! Thanks for the chance!

  27. I’d love to try some Magic Erasers!

  28. I need those magic erasers and would love to try the outdoor pro

  29. ellen casper says:

    I’d like to try Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro spray on my concrete patio

  30. Amanda E. Buccieri says:

    Definitely the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pads for our sun-room!

  31. Melisa Harker says:

    Oooooo! I never thought of using a magic eraser on that nasty spot o the kids slide! Love that idea!

  32. Crystal P says:

    I would like to try the outdoor erasers to see if it would clean my siding on my house. I have stains on them and I don’t like using harsh chemicals.

  33. Heather P. says:

    I am in dire need of a strong, reliable cleaner for my deck! I’m dying to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray. I live in Ohio and our weather is up and down all the time, all year. The elements wreak havoc on my patio furniture and the basic cleansers never seem to do the job unless I hose the whole deck down in which case, it will be a few hours before it’s dry…somtimes, I think all that icky stuff is just my blood, tears and sweat pouring out from inside the house! The project list is never ending! Haha!

  34. I’d like to try the magig eraser on my barbeque. It’s gross!

  35. Annette E says:

    Would love to try the outdoor pro magic erasers! Use the indoor ones all the time!

  36. Cameo Bell says:

    I’d love to try the magic erasers!

  37. I’ve been wanting to try Magic Erasers FOREVER! I hate when outdoor furniture gets dirty, and I have never known how to clean it.

  38. Sheila Lindemoen says:

    I would love to try the Magic Eraser-I wonder if it would work on white fencing around my patio?

  39. I would love to try the Mr. Clean outdoor spray. I just moved into a new house and there are definitely some spots I would love to tackle!!

  40. Woo hoo! great giveaway!! Your patio is beautiful and had given me some inspiration for our new house. This giveaway would certainly come in handy! Would love to try the outdoor spray, what lady doesn’t need cleaning supplies! :)

  41. Kara Burns says:

    I would love to use these products on the patio tables and chairs that always seem to get forgotten about!

  42. Kiddos outside toys. I’m not sure how those things get so dirty.

  43. I’d love to try these products out on our grill. It’s in terrible shape!

  44. cathy rice says:

    I would like to try the spray on the grill? Is that an option? If not then the magic erasers would work great on the racks of the grill….Me and a gift card to Home Depot? oh now that would be very fun!

  45. Deborah Mercer says:

    I’ve never tried the eraser, but would certainly put them to good use, both inside and out!

  46. Samantha Baker says:

    I’d love to try it all out! We are having a major squirrel problem in our grill (that has been going on since December) and need something I can use out there to get all of the droppings and grease out of the grill, and feel like it’s really clean! I may have to go out and try some of that this weekend!

  47. I so need the outdoor Magic Erasers. It might even make cleaning up the all the gunk kind of fun. :)

  48. Tina Chappell says:

    I love the Mr Clean erasers but I obviously scrub too hard and they dissolve way too soon; however, they are better than the generic brands. For mold removal, don’t waste your money on products that say they kill mold, you can’t do any better than bleach – to make it easy, I simply use the Clorox with bleach bathroom cleaner and it kills mold almost immediately; used it in my windowsills too for mold and worked magic

  49. Magic Eraser all the way! I have 6 kids enough said! :D

  50. Nicole Birmingham says:

    I need ALL of it for my patio! My chairs could use a good cleaning and I’d love to try the Magic Erasers on the outside of the BBQ!

  51. Michelle D. says:

    I REALLY need to get that outdoor magic eraser! My BBQ pit has seen better days!

  52. I used the magic erasers on a used pontoon we just bought that was absolutely filthy. I used the erasers with just vinegar water and OMG I was shocked at how well they worked!! I never imagined how clean the entire boat would turn out:) I literally used them on EVERYTHING but the carpet. It looked like a brand new boat when I got done!!!!

  53. Magic eraser!! I love it! Plus, Luke you said, you can use it over and over again. And it really works!

  54. Wendy Boyd says:

    I love the Spray Cleaner. I have a front porch with a lot of seating that needs a grand ole’ cleaning :) Nice to know “Mr. Baldman” has come up with a solution for that!

  55. Anonymous says:

    I’d like the Magic Erasers. I just used one to clean the doors around my house.

  56. Carrie I. says:

    I would love to use ALL that stuff. Our patio mess/piggery has gotten out of control and I am at a loss as to how to clean it up!

  57. I so want to try both these items. Spray on our outside table…it’s constantly dirty and the magic eraser on many things!

  58. Stephanie C. says:

    I’d like to try the outdoor pro spray. I have lots of outdoor furniture and a swingset that I think it would work great on. We’re in the process of screening in part of our back deck, and that Home Depot gift card would be sooo helpful! Thanks!

  59. Love love love Magic Erasers also. Not sure how they do it, but they work. Would love to try the outdoor spray!~!!

  60. I’d like to try the Mr Clean outside Pro spray :)

  61. Pat Schultz says:

    I definitely have to try the Mr. Clean Pro Magic Eraser have so many jobs that will really test it…….

  62. I spied a tire on the package of the outdoor Magic Erasers and that made me think of my rims, which are a mess from brake dust. I tried a tire cleaner and it barely touched it so I’m thinking I need the power of Mr. Clean and those wonderful Magic Erasers and a little elbow grease to get them looking better. I didn’t even know they had an outdoor version until I read this, so thanks!

  63. Cheri Thomas says:

    My outdoor area really needs some Mr Clean! Sounds like a great weekend project – thanks for the tip!

  64. I would love to get my hands on those outdoor magic erasers because if they are even more powerful than the indoor ones they must be magic!

  65. The mr clean patio cleaner would do wonders to my patio set. And with 2 kids, magic erasers work wonders on everything!!! Must have in our home.

  66. Katrina Ramey says:

    I would love to try the outdoor erasers!! I love magic eraser as it is, would love to see how the outdoor ones hold up!!

  67. Juliet Wade says:

    The outdoor spray…I could use that for the grill that’s getting gunky!

  68. I don’t know how magic erasers could get any more amazing, so I’d love to try the pro series! Thanks for keeping it real with your patio shots. :)

  69. My patio needs ALL of these products!! Love The Home Depot!!!

  70. I’d love to try both the spray and/or the eraser on a bike trailer that the canopy has mildew on!

  71. Mary Stewart says:

    I need to give that spray a try on the grill spots in our patio. It’s looking pretty yicky out there…

  72. I would LOVE to use the Outdoor Spray – my glass patio tables are A BIG MESS!!!!

  73. Carole Davis says:

    Love to try the outdoor magic erasers!

  74. Shannon Roberts says:

    I’d love to try the outdoor Mr. Clean. I, too, LOVE Mr. Clean magic erasers. Someone hit my car and all their black paint was along the rear panel of my white car. I used the magic eraser and cleaned it to bright white and I’m still amazed at the new things I find to clean with them.

  75. I’d like to try the outdoor spray. Makes it look easier to use than scrubbing.

  76. I’d love to try out those magic erasers! Never seen the outdoor ones!

  77. We use the magic erasers inside the house, but so jazzed to see an outdoor version. Hope that we can eat at the table again since it’s so “permanently nasty” right now. Joy!!

  78. Monica Kertz says:

    I would love to try the outdoor magic eraser. They seem simple and (older) kid friendly….

  79. Sharon Lynn says:

    I would like to try the Magic Eraser for the vinyl trim on our porch posts :-)

  80. Deb Young says:

    Would love to try the Outdoor Pro! I love the Magic Erasers! Use them all the time!

  81. Celeste Parks says:

    Wold love to try the outdoor magic eraser! My shed doors have been attacked by crayons!

  82. I would love to try the outdoor Pro Magic Erasers. I have lots of plastic kids playthings that could stand a really good cleaning, spraying off with the hose isn’t working. Thanks for my chance.

  83. I’d like to try the spray for our white siding. Its got some nasty looking stuff on it.

  84. Elaine Ellen says:

    I want to try both the Patio Pro and the Outdoor Magic Eraser. We have a very nice dark green plastic picnic table that sits out all year long and the green plastic is so stained! I would love to see if these products will help it any. Definitely planning to check it out! Thanks for the review!

  85. Kara Culpepper says:

    Would love to try the Magic Erasers!! With two little ones at home, cleaning products need to be easy to grab and use when you get a spare moment but also easy to clean up!! Definitely would tackle outside toys and furniture with these while we are out playing!!

  86. Brandy Zubia says:

    Oh how I NEED to try the outdoor spray! I have a glass table as well. I have tried a couple of products with no success. It looks a HOT MESS! Oh by the way I LOVE that little roller coaster. Never seen one. Where did you get it?

  87. I’d love to try the outdoor magic eraser! We have a stack of somewhat questionable looking chairs for the parties that we have every year. I’m sure our guests would be surprised if they looked white again :)

  88. Melissa Lynch says:

    I bet the Pro spray could work wonders on our patio furniture.

  89. I would love to try the outdoor spray. I have some spots on my garage doors and would like to see if it would get them clean!!

  90. I have a whole porch to clean!

  91. Mr. Clean Outdoor? Looks like I need to try that stuff!

  92. The outdoor spray! Our outdoor stuff has been neglected over the winter and needs a nice cleaning :)

  93. I see a purchase of those outdoor Magic Erasers in my future!

  94. I would love to try out the Outdoor Pro spray! It did a great job on your outdoor stuff so now I really want to give it a whirl!! Thanks for the opportunity with this giveaway.

  95. Jenny Stanionis. says:

    This weekend is my clean the outdoor spaces time. I love the Mr. Clean heavy duty spray and will have to add it to my shopping list. I am so ready to spend time outdoors in a nice space!

  96. I’d like to try that outdoor spray cleaner. We had some birds make a total mess on our deck!

  97. I would love to try the spray! We have LOTS of outside things that could use a good cleaning!

  98. I love magic erasers!! I’d love to try out the spray!

  99. I love magic erasers! Outdoor would be amazing! I’d like to try the Outdoor Pro spray on some spots on my concrete patio (and maybe even my garage floor!

  100. I’ve never tried Magic Eraser – so that would be my No. 1 pick – but it looks like all the products worked well for you!

  101. Daphne Murray says:

    I would love to try out the Magic Erasers!!

  102. I have a picnic table outside that i am also going to be honest here… we have never ever cleaned since we got to this house. I never clean it because i guess since it is outside i never worry about it. Problem is, when stepdad comes home, he sits there all afternoon …in the filth :/ I guess we are worse than you! But hey! that should make you feel better lol I would like to try that Mr. Clean outdoors pro you used! hopefully it helps with the picnic table.

  103. I would want to try the outdoor erasers. I love my inside ones so much!

  104. Renee Smason says:

    I live in Phoenix, and we are about a month away from dust storm season. Some Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray seems like it could take caw of the huge messes they leave behind.

  105. Cynthia H. says:

    I’d love to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray. Looks fantastic!

  106. I would love to try the Outdoors Magic Erasers. We have a pool and the liner above the water line gets bad. I wonder if this would clean it??? Will have to see if I can find them near me. Thanks for the chance to win the Prize Pack! :)

  107. Becki Foster says:

    I’d like to try the Outdoor Pro Magic Erasers! Fantastic products! Thanks for the chance to win!

  108. New house for us but has lots to be cleaned especially on wrap around porch. Could use a TON of Mr Clean Magic Erasers!


  109. Christine Hicks says:

    Never tried the Magic Erasers. Would love to try it!

    Thank you!

  110. Candy Thayer says:

    Anything “Magic Eraser” has my vote!

  111. I’d be happy to try either the outdoor cleaner or the magic eraser…or both :)

  112. What: magic erasers. Why: I have kids. Need I say more, Lol!

  113. i would love to try the magic eraser sponge, heard great things!

  114. I would love to try the spray on our outdoor furniture!

  115. I would use the spray on our outdoor furniture also, but I would use the eraser sponge on the inside walls of our home. I think it will be a great thing to get done once school is out and I have more time. Yahoo! I hope I win!

  116. Would love to give the spray a shot at cleaning our BBQ and outdoor table. Maybe even our screens?

  117. I would love to give the spray a try! I have some outdoor furniture (bought from Home Depot, coincidentally :) that really could use a deep clean. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  118. I would like to try the Mr Clean Outdoor Pro Spray cleaner — my table looks worse than yours with a lovely coat of tree sap on it.

  119. Ooooohhhh I’d love to try that Mr. Clean spray – nothing else seems able to touch the funk all over the outside of the BBQ. Between the kids, dogs, bugs, rain, and BBQ grease, the lovely, spendy stainless BBQ we shelled out for looks like something you’d haul along on a camping trip because it’s not good for anything else! I also have a cute little bistro table inherited from the parents. It’s covered in some sort of sticky goo around the edges of the metal table, the glass is covered in something unidentifiable, and there is my husband’s cigarette ash in all the little curves of the legs. You seriously could not pay me enough to even sit near that table, nevermind eat anything off of it!

    I’m pretty sure that Magic Erasers would do the job, I’m just feeling the slightly lazier factor of the spray bottle & paper towels route! LOL

  120. Anne haun says:

    Would love to try the outdoor Mr. Clean erasers – my patio looks terrible and needs some loving cleaning!

  121. I just finished cleaning our guest bathroom with the magic erasers and sat down at the computer to read your blog, and what do I find out? they have an industrial version. Whew hew… Those magic erasers are phenomenal and I would love to try out the newest strength.

  122. I would love to try the Mr. Clean outdoor pro spray. I have beige cushions and need a strong cleaner. Thanks!

  123. The table looks great! Would love to try those Magic Erasers! They look tough!

  124. I would love to try the Mr.Clean outdoor spray on my outdoor chairs and table.

  125. I would love to try the Magic Erasers! Like many have mentioned, I had no idea they made outdoor products. I have some spots lurking on a few patio furniture items and would love to see if good old Mr. Clean has the stuff to remove them. Thanks for the opportunity. Happy Weekend!

  126. Love the Magic Erasers for inside jobs; glad to know the outside ones have been created for those tougher projects. Would love to see what Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray could do on my outdoor furniture – Midwestern weather has been extreme these past few months.

  127. Would LOVE to try the outdoor magic erasers!!!

  128. Christy P says:

    I would like to try the Mr clean outdoor spray. I have some outdoor furniture that could use cleaning, too. I have used the magic eraser indoors but not outside. Good to hear they have outdoor products now. thanks

  129. nancy veitenhans says:

    i’d love the mr. clean erasers. my back yard furniture looks incredibly similar to yours. so, i know they will do the trick!

  130. Outside cleaner would he nice to try! Have some tough spots that need really cleaned…don’t want to rent a power sprayer.

  131. I would love to try the Mr.Clean outdoor magic erasers on my patio furniture.

  132. Charmaine Toews says:

    I would be very interested in the outdoor magic erasers.

  133. Mr. Clean outdoor pro spray- all the way. I’ve got a few spots that can use a bit of a touc-up. My back patio is definitely. Drab-ola. Pretty cool giveaway.

  134. libby toussant says:

    I love magic erasers and I’m ready to try the outdoor one.

  135. I really would like to try the Mr. Clean outdoor Magic Eraser on my BBQ grill and on my swing!!

  136. I’d love to try both the Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray and the Magic Erasers – I just painted our deck so, next on my list is “cleaning” the furniture.

  137. Amazing! I would love to try the outdoor erasers!!

  138. I would love to try Magic Erasers Outdoor Pro. I use magic erasers inside for just about everything and couldnt live without them!

  139. Karen Miller says:

    Definitely the Outdoor Pro cleanser!!!

  140. Send some of the spray my way! I was thinking about buying a new table because our glass was so dirty and nothing I have tried worked.

  141. I would love to try the Spray. I absolutely love Mr. Clean Erasers. It is one if THE BEST inventions Evah!!!

  142. It’s a toss up but I lean towards the spray. We live under these big and beautiful oak trees but they are so messy! My outdoor furniture desperately needs a clean-up.

  143. Kelly Rodriguez says:

    I would love to try the magic erasers for my outdoor grime!!!

  144. Magic Erasers are my BFF!!

  145. Charity Grubbs says:

    The spray for my cushions!

  146. Penny Hughes says:

    I would love to try these products on the old ugly deck and even older patio chairs.

  147. Brittany watts says:

    I woul so use the magic scrub erasers. I’ve used those on so many things, I might be a little obsessed with them at this point :D

  148. I would love to use the magic erasers! They are brilliant.

  149. I think the outdoor spray will clean my outdoor furniture.

  150. Would love to try the pro spray. We live in a rental and when we moved in there was some “stuff” that I just have no idea what it is! Would like to see if this spray would do the trick!

  151. magic erasers. But I think the outdoor spray would be super.

  152. We have Trex decking all over around our house and it gets SO icky/greenish/stained from leaves during the winter. I haven’t tackled it yet this spring so I would love to try the outdoor spray on it to see what it can do! Please and thank you!

  153. lesley mcquade says:

    I love the mr clean but I haven’t tried the outdoor pro..i must pop to Home Depot for some supplies this weekend.

  154. Melissa G. says:

    I would absolutely love to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray. I have plastic patio chairs and I’ve tried everything to get then clean. Nothing works! I’d love to give this a try.

  155. I’d love to try the outdoor magic erasers!

  156. I would like to try Mr Clean Outdoor Pro Spray on the umbrella. I tried cleaning the mildew off with another product and it did not get it all. It appears Mr Clean Outdoor Pro Spray will do the job.

  157. I’d like to try the outdoor magic eraser because it seems so easy to use!

  158. I could definitely use the outdoor Magic Erasers! The spray sounds pretty darn good also!

  159. I would love to try the outdoor Magic Erasers! I’m a fan of the indoor ones and I have some things on the porch that could use some erasing… :D

  160. I love magic erasers! I would love to try the outdoor kind!

  161. I have all the other magic erasers, I need to try the outdoor version. Between wind moving dust and trees dropping bits and pieces, everything gets a bit funky outside. THANKS!

  162. Cathy Reynolds says:

    I can’t wait to try the Erasers <3 the indoor ones but can't imagine all the uses for the outdoor ones :)

  163. would love to try out the outdoor spray on my porch!

  164. Definitely the Magic Eraser!

  165. I would love to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro. Thanks for the chance.

  166. I think I’m going to be trying both of the Mr Clean products. We already use Bounty paper towels. Hopefully I can find these products in our small town.

  167. Still trying to get all the pollen cleaned off deck & it just seems to multiply. I think Mr. CLEAN PATIO PRO could probably do a great job for me as he did for you, according to the looks of your Bounty towell

  168. Lacy Autenrieb says:

    My chickens have temporarily taken over my backyard. I need the Outdoor Pro Spray to help me get the big cleaning job done. I would love to have it! : )

  169. the magic erasers are awesome!

  170. Sandra Belue says:

    I would love both the pro spray and the outdoor magic erasers. I already clean the water line of my swimming pool with the original magic erasers, but I’d love to try the new outdoor version!

  171. I’d love to try the outdoor products on my grill. It never looks clean

  172. lannie Patel says:

    I would love to try the outdoor cleaner spray for my grill!

  173. Allison K. says:

    I love the Magic Erasers, they work on everything. Though, I never thought to use them on my screened porch. Great idea!

  174. Magic Erasers are amazing!! I have never used them outside, my patio could use some attention soon, and the winter gunk wont stand a chance.

    xo, Tanya

  175. Kim Kramer says:

    I d like to try the outdoor Mr. Clean spray I have a glass table top outside that is just begging to be cleaned.

  176. Elizabeth G. says:

    I would like to try the Outdoor Magic Eraser!

  177. I would love to try that Outdoor Pro spray on my patio furniture. It’s supposed to be white but it’s a not-so-subtle shade of gonearthisandcontractsomeickydisease. I’ve heard it is NOT the color of the season, so it has to go.

  178. oh, the outdoor spray cleaner–I’ve live in the highest pollen area in the state! What was once cream is now a nasty yellow green! I need help :)

  179. Sandi Allen says:

    I would Love to try the outdoor spray cleaner.
    Everything is Yuck outside at my Ouse.
    Thanks for the chance!

  180. I would love to try the outdoor spray cleaner! What I use now smears the glass on the table really bad.
    Thanks so much!

  181. I would love to try the outdoor pro spray. I have family coming for my brother in laws wedding and I need the house to look good!! Mr Clean is usually fabulous!

  182. Would love to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray! I have some porch furniture that needs a makeover!

  183. I would love the magic erasers! They truly are magic!

  184. I’d definitely love to try the magic erasers. Thanks!

  185. I’d like to try both on my screened porch that is covered in pollen.

  186. I’d like to try the outdoor magic erasers. I just cleaned my entire patio, but with the erasers I bet it would have been a whole lot easier!!

  187. Tiffany Davis says:

    I’d love to try the Magic Eraser on my bbq!

  188. JoJo Jacobs says:

    I would love to try the outdoor spray!
    I already Love the magic erasers!!
    Love your blog too!

  189. I already love the erasers! Would love to try the outdoor pro.

  190. I love the regular Mr. Clean erasers – will have to try out the outdoor ones on a few of my porch items.

  191. I really want to try both! The spray to truly clean our outdoor cushions and then the Mr Clean outdoor eraser to try and get rid of that odd streak on our siding!

  192. Karen Yunt says:

    I love using Magic erasers inside the house, but found that they aren’t sturdy enough to use on most of our outdoor messes. I’d love to try the outdoor version. I have some outdoor toys that need a good scrubbing!

  193. Magic erasers all the way

  194. Ashley Daveluy says:

    I’d LOVE to try the outdoor magic erasers…I’m kind of a magic eraser addict (no lie, I’ve got over 30 in my cleaning closet). I want to add to my collection!!!!!

  195. I’d die to get my hands on the magic erasers…the previous homeowners were DIRTY, I’d like to power wash the WHOLE house!

  196. Linda Reid says:

    My backyard is a “work in progress”, ALOT of work!! I would LOVE to try the Mr. Clean Pro Outdoor Spray on my wicker and metal chairs, pots and outdoor junk decor. I also have 3 chihuahua’s…so I am constantly cleaning nose and paw prints off EVERYTHING!!! I use the magic erasers for everything inside, so using and loving the outdoor erasers would make cleanups a summer breeze!!!

  197. Are you kidding?! Because I have three children, and two are boys! I also have 4 nieces and nephews that come over frequently. Lets just say… I’d keep the store out of stock of these items :)

  198. Brooke Thomas says:

    I would live to try the outdoor erasers! We just moved into a home with an outdoor playscape…and it’s seen better days! It would work wonders on that slide!

  199. I’d love to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro on our deck furniture because I guess I have to admit, I’ve never cleaned it before! Yikes!

  200. We “inherited” a hot tub and are loving it – but the cover really needs some cleaning TLC – that’s how I would use the outdoor wipes!

  201. I would love to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro spray on my outside table!

  202. I’ve been a huge fan of the Magic Erasers for years – love the especially on shower doors.

    I’d never heard about the Outdoor Pro so I’d love to try it!

  203. I’m a huge fan of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, but have never used the Outdoor Pro kind. Would love to tackle some of our outdoor messes with those.

  204. I think I need this awesome stuff. Children’s plastic outdoor toys can get so horrible.

  205. I would like to try both of these Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro products on my patio furniture. Most of the furniture is white, so I really need help.

  206. Wow, our patio could really use both of these awesome products!!!

  207. I would love to try the product that can get spots off concrete!

  208. I’d love to see how the outdoor eraser would work on my daughter’s water table that was left out all winter and then birthed tadpoles and algae when it warmed up. Unfortunately the tadpoles didn’t make it to frog phase either – the water got too warm and has since evaporated.

  209. I’d try the outdoor spray. Our outdoor stuff gets so funky!



  211. Deanna Winne says:

    Magic Erasers are the bomb!

  212. awesome – magic erasers are something I must keep in the house

  213. ELIZA ELLIOT says:

    I love the magic erasers – it gets off everything in the house! truckredford(at)Gmail(Dot)com

  214. mindy Chiang says:

    I never thought about using magic erasers for outdoors! Would love to try it.

  215. I use them to remove crayon from my wall and it was great!

  216. I would love to give the Mr Clean Outdoor Pro spray a try…don’t even get me started on the state of our furniture.

  217. I have heard so much about the Magic Erasers, would love to finally try one.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  218. Um outdoor Magic Erasers. My mind is totally blown! Sign me up!

  219. My two favorites – Mr Clean and Home Depot!!!

  220. I LOVE magic erasers. Don’t know how we survived without!!!

  221. I LOVE magic erasers…WANT to try the spray!! Thanks for the reviews and awesome giveaway!! :)

  222. kelly croft says:

    I would love to try some of those magic erasers on my vinyl railings around my pool deck!

  223. Susan Carabin says:

    I would love to get ky patio in tip-top shape with the outdoor cleaner!

  224. Glad to see a product that cleans that outside grime! It will be great to try at my parents’ lakehouse!

    Wonder if it would clean those awful shower basins that you can NEVER get clean ~ seem to be made of the same material as outdoor stuff! Worth a try (we already replaced our disgusting shower floor, but my friend has one that needs help)!

  225. Shannon H. says:

    I will have to give the magic erasers a try!

  226. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are the bomb. But, then again, so is Home Depot. Going there again tomorrow. Since I haven’t been in about a week, they sent me a Get Well card!

  227. Seriously, I don’t think there is anything a magic eraser can’t clean up!

  228. Love to try magic erasers on railings outside

  229. Cheryl Francis says:

    I would love to win as Home Depot is my fav store!

  230. I would love to use all of these products. I can’t wait to clean stuff, especially after all the rain we’ve had here…

  231. Kristen Bray says:

    I love the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and I have a bunch of stuff that needs the Mr. Clean Outdoor Magic Erasers.

  232. Ohh the mr. Clean outdoor spray!

  233. I’ve never used this product…..would love to give it a try.

  234. Pretty cool! I am amazed at how well that worked!

  235. With 6 kiddos, magic erasers are a staple in our home. We also are in the process of moving to an older home that we’ve been scrubbing, tearing wallpaper down, finding creative ways for storage,etc. I would love to try the mr. Clean pro spray!

  236. Rebecca Brewer says:

    I would so love to use that spray on my patio table. It might be even dirtier, it is the congregating point for the mud pies!

  237. Would love to try the outdoor magic eraser to clean my grandsons swing set!!

  238. Nicole Salvi says:

    Love the Mr. Clean MAGIC Erasers! I used to think they were bogus, till I bought one and tried it!

  239. I love magic eraser! I use it often! Thanks for sharing.

  240. I want to try the magic eraser.

  241. Liz Cafaro says:

    I use my regular Mr. Clean sponges for EVERYTHING – indoor and out! (I just cleaned my propane tank with them when the 2100PSI pressure washer couldn’t get the funk off – and my boy Mr. Clean did not let me down! I have the most sparkly propane tank in town!) Can’t imagine how awesome the ones actually MADE for outdoor cleaning are, but I certainly would like to find out! I <3 Mr. Clean!

  242. Tiffany A says:

    I would love to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray. I’m running a little behind on my spring cleaning and this would get me moving. :)

  243. Oh my goodness…love Mr. Clean products. I would love clean up my back porch – it’s covered in layers & layers of pollen!

  244. I would love to try the Mr. Clean Patio Cleaner. I love using the magic erasers, that work on everything!

  245. Amanda jt says:

    I have lots of toys outside that could use some love :)

  246. I’d love to try them all, and since we’ve moved into a new house – the outdoor spray would come in REAL handy! As would a Home Depot card :)

  247. Kristina Korilko says:

    I’d love to try both the spray and magic erasers on some used/revamped patio furniture that I will hopefully be acquiring soon! This is my first summer in my own place and I miss having a nice outdoor space like we had at my moms house.. Hoping to make a nice little one on a budget! :)

  248. the magic erasers would be great on our swing set.

  249. Valerie Nite says:

    Love Mr. CLEAN!!

  250. Wow, I didn’t think I was ever getting to the end of the comments!! Hehe! I love Mr. Clean Sponges and I can not wait to try out the Outdoor Pro Spray!! I just found a Wicker Couch at a Hotel Liquidator and It needs some serious cleaning before I can stain it! I will have to see if this will make the job a little easier!

  251. Yara Hicks says:

    Just love mr clean!

  252. I’d really like to try the Outdoor Pro…on a patio area & some front steps…looks awesome!

  253. Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro spray, I love the convience of a spray! I have some walls and outdoor storage contianers itching to be cleaned :D

  254. I love Mr Clean and Magic Eraser. I would love to try the Outdoor Pro Series!!!

  255. Trisha Gonzalez says:

    I would love to try the magic eraser outdoor pro on my balcony….it needs a really good cleaning :)

  256. Hey Emily. I am with you on the outdoor funk! It always seems to build up so quickly, so gross to think of all the dirt in the air. I would like to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray Pro on my patio chairs and my siding. Our yard backs to Wetlands and we seem to get an extra dose of green moss due to the extra moisture in the a8r.

  257. I remember Mr. Clean from my parent’s house many years ago, back in the 60’s. still works as hard now as he did then!

  258. Daphne O. says:

    Wow, I don’t think I can just pick one product! We are working outside cleaning porches and siding,furniture,all that outdoor stuff. All three would come in very handy for these jobs. Thanks for the chance at these products.

  259. Andrea Masterson says:

    I have so many things I would love to try the outdoor Magic Eraser on!

  260. Denise Rosales says:

    I would love to try this spray on my patio furniture.

  261. Emily Meier says:

    I would love to try the pro spray out- you don’t want to see what our patio furniture looks like! Thanks for hosting fun giveaway!

  262. Gina Melton says:

    I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! I would love to try this new outdoor line!!

  263. Jennifer Thompson says:

    I would love to try the Mr. Clean Outdoor eraser. I’ve never found a easier cleaner for my shower than a Mr. Clean magic eraser. I had no idea they made one for outdoors, thanks!

  264. Stephanie DuCharme says:

    Never knew there was a cleaner for just the outdoors! Thanks!

  265. Thanks for the giveaway. I have a zillion uses in mind for the outdoor miracle sponges.

  266. Colleen Myers says:

    Pollen has started to cover everything in Boston!! This would be a Godsend!!

  267. I would love to win the Mr Clean kit. I use the Mr Clean Erase for my shower to clean all over my home.

  268. Anonymous says:

    I could

  269. Janice Alexander says:

    Choose me

  270. I love Mr. Clean! Especially the kind with Febreze.

  271. Love Mr. Clean products for cleaning up!

  272. I’d love to try the spray! We got some oil stains on the driveway where we’re renting, and nothing gets them out!

  273. i Love Magic Erasers! Hope I Win :)

  274. I’d love to try out the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro spray on my outdoor table and chairs. They are very nasty from being outside and a little neglected.

  275. First, I love your blog and helpful info! I must admit that I have never tried the Mr Clean eraser, but now that I see how well it works, I will be buying some. Thanks again for your great info. Blessings!

  276. That spray looks so great!!! I’d love to try it!

  277. I would love to try the spray on my patio furniture!

  278. Ooh! I love magic erasers and would love to try the outdoor one on our patio set. Ever since I used one to clean out my parents’ microwave, I was in love. :)

  279. I LOVE your home! The results of the Mr. Clean-outdoor cleaning product will be on my next shopping list! Thank you for your tips and advice!

  280. Genevieve Jordan says:

    I think my patio furniture would love me to try out the Mr. Clean Pro Outdoor Spray on them! The winter storage has left them a tad grubby!

  281. I want to try the clean pro spray! Our patio table is covered with a layer of dirt and pollen *gag*.

  282. I would love to try the Mr Clean magic eraser outdoor

  283. I’d like to try the outdoor magic erasers. I’ve used the indoor ones but never the outdoor.

  284. Jennifer C says:

    I totally wanna try that outdoor spray!!

  285. I’d love to try the outdoor pro spray on our patio furniture – it’s really really grungy! It would be good for hubby’s grill too – wouldn’t he love it if I got it all shiny and pretty again for him!

  286. Ive used Mr Clean for years. My sister swears by the Magic Eraser. She uses them for everything lol Love your blog :)

  287. I like a clean house :)

  288. Yvonne Leal says:

    Mr. Clean is FAB but those erasers ROCK MY WORLD!!!

  289. I would love to try the outdoor pro spray on our outdoor furniture!

  290. I would love to try them both!

  291. I didn’t realize there was an outdoor Mr Clean eraser…I will try! I have several things that could use it….

  292. Elizabeth Thomas says:

    I love me some Mr. Clean! My daughter use magic erasers on everything! I’d love to win this offer…. pick me we got a lot of cleaning that needs to be done around here!

  293. Stephanie Kingsley says:

    I’ve got to try the mr. clean outdoor line! especially with the use our outdoor furniture endures!

  294. Dana Valle says:

    I would like to try the the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Erasers, We have a big plastic bin outside which houses a ton of toys. It collects dust, dirt, and mildew. These would be perfect.

  295. Christina says:

    Sounds like that stuff really works. I have a few places I should try it!!

  296. LOVE magic erasers, but didn’t know they had outdoor ones so that’s exciting!

  297. I’d love to try all of these products but am especially interested in the Outdoor Pro!

  298. I’d love to try the erasers on several of my outdoor items!
    Chairs, pots, equipment….. Thanks for the review and the opportunity!

  299. hausfrauchelsea says:

    I, too, love magic erasers. I’ve never tried the outdoor line but can’t wait to!

  300. LOVE magic erasers! With eight kids, I can’t even begin to tell you where I will start!

  301. Definitely the magic erasers! Because I LOOOOVE them!!

  302. Katiana Lambert says:

    With two young kids, the magic erasers are a must!

  303. Can you send the Mr. along with the Clean :)

  304. The magic eraser, of course! It is amazing at cleaning grout!

  305. I love Mr Clean Magic Eraser

  306. I love Mr Clean products, especially the Magic Eraser. No more rubber gloves to clean the tub–quick and simple.

  307. I would try the Magic Erasers and tackle our grill with them! Thank you for the giveaway!

  308. Katherine Cross says:

    I would love to try the erasers on our wagon! Thanks

  309. I will clean my white doors with the magic clean erasers! We are adding storm doors, so it will help to keep them clean!

  310. Magic Erasers rock! They ARE magic!!!!!

  311. Erin Allison says:

    Mr. Clean is sexy! Who doesn’t love a man who cleans? Especially when he has a fantastically shiny head! :)

  312. Lynell Williams says:

    Love the way Mr. Clean outdoor and Magic Eraser outdoor cleaned for you! Need to try those products.

  313. Definitely Magic Erasers!!! They are awesome!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  314. I love magic erasers. I was excited to see a mop version released. They really are magic.

  315. I haven’t seen this spray before! I will have to look for it! Thanks!

  316. Just what I need —- Love Mr. Clean and I have a list a mile long for Home Depot. I’m really impressed with end result due to the Outdoor Magic Erasers!

  317. You’re such an inspiration……thanks for sharing! I keep several in a basket in three rooms….I can just grab one when needed and GET IT IN!

  318. Amy Watkins says:

    That’s pretty impressive! I can’t wait to do some summer cleaning a d landscaping of my own :)

  319. Erin Puralewski says:

    I need to try those outdoor magic erasers for my grungy flower pots and the patio furniture!

  320. I’d love to try that outdoor spray on my gross plastic chairs!

  321. amy burrowrs says:

    Just started cleaning my patio too! Could really use the Mr. clean!

  322. I want the bald man to impress me too! Oh, please. The pollen is crazy in MD. I want to try the spray on my patio set. Wonder if it will clean my white railings too. Your table looks amazing. Does it leave it sticky? Spray some WD forty on those grease spots :)

  323. Huge fan of the Magic Erasers.., I use them on all kinds of things. I would love to try the Outdoor Spray though! We are redoing our back porch, which had astro-turf like carpet on it, and hopefully that would do the trick in removing the grime that has been under it for over 30 years. Thanks for the great giveaway! : o)

  324. I love the Magic Erasers for indoor use so I am sure the outdoor version would be just as good if not better.

  325. Carissa R. says:

    Love Magic Erasers so outdoor ME’s can only be great. I’ve only just heard about the Mr. Clean Outdoor Cleaner, and I really could use that to clean our grill!

  326. I have always wanted to try the magic eraser

  327. Who couldn’t use more Magic Erasers? BUT–that Outdoor Pro would be perfect for cleaning my driveway as we’re clearing out the 5 yards of mulch from the end of it. :) Thanks for hte opportunity.

  328. Rose Schneider says:

    Wow, that outdoor Pro did the job nicely. I totally need to try that on my outdoor furniture. It is white and looks so dull. This just might be the product to get the job done. Thanks sooo much for the chance to win.

  329. Ashley Smith says:

    I should buy stock in Mr. Clean because we go through so many magic erasers! I love them.

  330. yes it is very useful…for more pls visit….Here

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