Baby Update – 9 Months

Wow!! 9 months already. That’s insane. I missed my 8 month update on here because time is literally flying. And 9 months is SUCH a fun time with my sweet girl!

Can you see those teeth?! She’s got 3 on the bottom already. And I think a 4th is coming in to. Luckily they don’t seem to bother her! That 3rd one just popped up one morning. For real. It was crazy.

She’s not full on crawling yet, but almost. She does have the army crawl down pretty well and she manages to still get where she wants to go somehow. :)

Her hair is growing a lot and I think she’s going to have straight hair, unlike Emma. And she’s still like clockwork every single day. I must have instilled my neurotic-ness about schedules into her. :)

Her favorite food is definitely sweet potatoes. I just bake a few at a time and she will eat on those for a few days. She just eats whatever we eat (I throw it all in a blender and puree) and is happy as a clam.

Here are some pics I took of her on Easter. She has a lot of different faces. :)

And oh goodness y’all must watch this video! I caught her on video at Target last week saying Mama! And then she makes farting noises. And Emma is slurping her Icee in the background. Truly a classic.

Isn’t she a sweetie? We are so blessed.

I can’t believe I’ll be posting that she’s a year old. Seems like yesterday I was pregnant. Better start thinking of birthday party ideas!

Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend. :)



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  1. Angela says:

    She is just so precious! She looks like her daddy!

  2. So cute! It’s amazing how fast time goes by! Love that video, love when they say Mama first! ;)

  3. Oh my goodness…this cracked me up! Seriously too funny! Such pretty girls. They grow up fast, don’t they? :)

  4. Oh my gosh that is so stinkin cute! I wonder if she was trying to mimic the slurpy noise? Cracked me up. She can not get any more precious. Lucky momma is what I say!

  5. She is gorgeous! You are one lucky Momma! :)

  6. She is so adorable I can hardly stand it!! You truly are blessed with two beauties. It’s great that you capture so many precious moments ~ really treasured memories. The photos are wonderful!


  7. Love the video and the pictures!! And of course the sailor dress. We have had many a sailor dress around here too. Hope you had a Happy Easter! I’m still in love with your kitchen. If we stay here for another year at least, I’m totally going white. I have to wait a little longer but I can picture it in my head. :)

  8. Gina Aytman says:

    She really is precious! Thank you so much for sharing her updates, that is so special! They grow too fast, I wish time would slow down when we raise our babies! Both your sweet girls are beautiful!

  9. Great video! She’s a sweetheart!

  10. Love the video. She looks like she is saying, Is this my moment or WHAT! The she says, Momma. Don’t you just melt?