Baby Update – 4 Months

I wanted to give a quick update on baby Ellie since she turned 4 months a few days ago! And oh she’s just the sweetest little thing! I know I’m a broken record can’t help it.

She is a total thumb-sucker and I’m fine with that.  :) It looks pretty darn adorable too. I can lay her down anywhere for just a minute and she’s already got her fingers in her mouth.

Oh goodness and now when I lay her down she’s rolling all over the place! She mastered that technique pretty quickly.

I had to post that picture. She looks so chilled, but her finger pose might be saying something else. ;)

OH, and the biggest thing that has happened from the last baby update? She sleeps up in her room in the crib now!!  I started training her about 2 weeks ago (because she started not sleeping good with me), and it didn’t even really take “training.” She’s been sleeping 11-12 hours straight ever since. It’s ok, you can hate me. :)  I’ve been SO blessed with great sleeping kiddos. Emma, the 3 year old still sleeps 12 hours every night and has since she was 4 months old as well.  Yay for sleep!

She’s a little chubster weighing about 16 pounds now. I love her rolls and just want to squish her. And actually I do. All day. It’s the best. :)

And here’s my favorite recent Instagram picture of her.

She’s still a really happy baby and doesn’t fuss much at all. Only when she’s hungry or tired and I try to remedy those before a melt down occurs because she’s like clock-work. She’s really pretty predictable and on a schedule so it’s easy.

I know I know, you probably want me to say something bad or not so perfect about her, but I really can’t think of anything! She’s the most chilled out baby I’ve met. Maybe that will change in the next months when she’s mobile. If not I will do my best to search for something negative. Haha.

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P.S.-You can see the 2 month baby update here and the 3 month here.



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  1. She is adorable!

  2. ah….she’s a sweetie :)


  3. Yes, I need to hate you know! Austin hardly slept as a baby. I would have traded my soul for a nights sleep some days. lol. He didn’t nap, and was awake at 6am on the DOT every morning. (after a nighttime feeding or 2) But here I am 16 years later and he is a good boy.

    She is such cute lil monkey, I would want to squish her up too!! You are ONE lucky momma :)))

  4. Emily, she is just precious. Love that gummy grin!!

  5. She’s just beautiful! She looks so happy and has gorgeous eyes.

  6. She’s beautifullllll!!! I love that you “squish” her lol!! Too funny!

  7. Selidji Laleye says:

    She is adorable!
    I follow you on instagram! follow me @selidjilaleye

  8. She is the sweetest!!! Alice has been asking for Emma to come back over, too!! :)

  9. Such a lovely little girl. I love all the baby posts. Keep ’em coming.

  10. She is absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want one! :)

  11. Love your blog!!! Pretty helpful information! I have a two month old baby boy and just started staying home with him. A big change for me, but I love it!! Look me up on Instagram evieperezphotog.