Baby Update – 10 Months

Yep, I said 10 months. That’s just 2 months away from being a year old. Sadness. But happiness too because she’s still getting cuter and cuter each day. :) I think this is the month where she really looks different when I took her photos. Probably because she has a mouth full of TEETH!

Ellie 10 months

Isn’t that insane? She has 7 teeth in, and the 8th is coming in also! So 4 on top, and 4 on bottom. 8 teeth just seems like a lot for a 10 month old. It really seems a new one just sprouts up each week or something. Crazy.

Ellie Marie

She looks so funny to me. Like a real little person now and not just a baby. :)

She’s still a great eater, is crawling everywhere, and pulling herself up on everything now. She loves to try and climb your leg too.


She’s still just my easy going little girl. There were a few days this week where she didn’t want to be put down and that was difficult, but the past 2 days she’s been having fun exploring and likes to make her way into whatever room we are in.

I’m sure I’m the only person who will think this video is funny and precious, but that’s ok I’m her Mama. :) She just continued to do this for about 5 minutes even after I stopped recording last night. Determined little thing.

Yep, still cute. Haha. You can follow me on Instagram too (@decorchick1) for more of this cuteness.

And that’s it for 10 months! Better start working on her birthday party!



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  1. Definitely cute, adorable. Such a beautiful smile.

  2. Such a cutie pie. Love that toothy smile. :) The vid was cute. :)

  3. OMGoodness, this year has flown by. So adorable!!

  4. She is SERIOUSLY pinchable…I love those cheeks!

  5. Good Lord! How sweet. That girl needs some diy grippy knee pads. Slip sliding away. ;)
    Love those cheeks.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  6. aww she is absolutely adorable! I love her smile and determination!

  7. What a doll! Enjoy every second. She will be grown before you know it.

  8. She is truly one of the sweetest, happiest babies I’ve seen! Just adorable in any photo or the video. She seemed to be very pleased with herself in the latter…so cute!


  9. I just wanted to let you know that my 9 month old, Brycen, watched the video with me and kept giving your baby kisses. He was saying “bay bay bay bay” and giving tons of slobbery kisses to my screen. I think he’s in love! And rightfully so, she’s a cutie!!

  10. My youngest got her first tooth at 1 month and proceeded to get a tooth a month after that!!!

  11. ooh my! she’s cute as can be and a serious camera ham!

  12. She is a doll!