All You Wanted to Know About the Pantry Carousels.

Monday I showed you all my pantry makeover.  Thank you so much for all of the comments!!  It’s so exciting that y’all get all giddy about a new pantry too! :)

The carousels that my Dad made were a huge hit.  I knew they would be and so I wanted to devote a separate post to them.  I know some of you were hoping for a tutorial, but they would be hard for the average DIY-er to make. I’ll let my Dad tell you why.  Take it away Pops!

“The rotating shelf design is tough to make for several reasons. First, the materials are not readily available, and you would have to buy much more than you would actually need for a few shelves. Also, special tools and fixtures are necessary to make the components. Not many people would buy an expensive table saw blade designed specifically for cutting the materials I used.

The carousel shelves were designed specifically for pantries. They can be installed in corners or anywhere else on standard 11¼” shelving. Ordinary lazy susans won’t work because the turntable bases are too large. The ones in Emily’s pantry are 20″ in diameter, will hold just about anything, and are virtually silent. The new standard size is 19inches as those seem to fit most pantries better.

The carousels currently cost $29 and the floor model is $39 if you want one for the floor, plus shipping and $5 handling. Detailed installation instructions are included with each order and carefully packed for shipping.

UPDATE 2/10/14 : I am very sorry but the pantry carousels are no longer available to purchase. If I could write a post on how to make them yourselves, I would have a long time ago trust me! 

Thank you for all of the great comments and inquiries about my carousels!”

The carousels are patent pending.

UPDATE 2/10/14 : I am very sorry but the pantry carousels are no longer available to purchase. If I could write a post on how to make them yourselves, I would have a long time ago trust me! 


Thank you!



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  1. OK, Emily and Pops, thanks for the details. I am going to show this post to my son (who will be the one to install one of these for me) and I will think about purchasing one. It looks just fabulous, the whole pantry. Good for you, Pops, with your brilliant idea! You certainly are a great dad and made your daughter so happy!
    Best regards,

    • Aww Gloria thank you so much!! Yes, I’m one happy lady! :)

      • Hi there. Even though you said the carousels are no longer available, do you perhaps mind taking pictures of the working parts / all parts? 99 Persent of avid DIYers will be able to figure it out for themselves, if they have the pictures. In that way you do not have to write a whole blog, and I believe your Dad will be able to tell you what the parts are, or ment for (if it is used in other projects, or for another purpose) Kind regards – Lance, S.A.

        • I would have to agree with Lance. Anyway to see pics of the parts that go with this. My sister just showed me this because our parents are moving soon and need to install some shelves. I saw it and love it! I need to have this installed in my pantry and my hubby is a big DIYer. He’ll figure it out on his own but it probably won’t be as nice the first try and will take a lot longer than if you could at least give some more detailed info on what parts were used. Any help would be appreciated!!!
          ~Helen, AZ

        • Bellasmomma says:

          Did you, by chance, get any response to your request for photographs or details of the fittings required for the Lazy Susans? I’d love to have similar for a closet that was made w-a-y too narrow. Since ‘Pops’ does admit that he didn’t use standard, run-of-the-mill fittings, and that those wouldn’t work, it would be nice if he (or DecorChick herself) were able to help out.

          • I haven’t sent any additional photos of anything–so sorry! I would have written out detailed instructions for these years ago if I could have.

            • So in other words….you dad didn’t get the patent approved, yet won’t allow any DIY’S to build themselves….this posting should be removed then as it’s NOT a DIY!! And this project is being posting on DIY blogs and websites. NOT RIGHT

              • I really hope you have a better Sunday. Your comment is just plain unnecessary.

              • I agree…it is a bit frustrating to see a DIY project that has no instructions, and then has a secondary post named “All you wanted to know…” and then doesn’t tell you anything. Essentially this was a look at me, I cleaned my pantry post.

              • No, not an unnecessary comment at all. Simply the truth. If you’re going to post a DI why you should at least be willing to post the pictures for the DEI waddy otherwise you should just say look at my cute pantry and leave it at that no one would bother to read your article. Which if I see your name I won’t read any more of your articles! Very disappointing.

              • Um, wow. I hope we meet face to face someday, and you can tell me those exact words in person. It’s crazy the things people say behind their computer screen.

            • Hi I just want to know were to find the plastic that is around it that holds the cans from falling down. Sad that he does not make them anymore. :(

            • T. Alexander says:

              WOW… people are vicious hiding behind their computers, I wonder what they do on FB. Thank you for the post before and after the patent problem. If people want to get pissy about seeing the photo and no diy, then let them. As momma used to say, “they got the same pants to get happy in as they do to get crappy in”! Get over it! She didn’t do anything “TO” you. She can’t give instructions or photos, no big deal. If you don’t want to look at it on any site that you see it posted, then guess what? DON’T LOOK! There are lots of posts out there in computer world that DO NOT HAVE INSTRUCTIONS. Some people do not need instructions. Some can look at things and figure it out. For others, written instructions is mandatory or they get lost. Either way, no one way is wrong or right. Don’t get upset about it.
              Look at it… it’s nice, I like the idea, no directions, no problems, thank you for posting… NOW was that so hard?
              People…. treat others as you would like to be treated, RESPECT.
              And don’t go getting mad at me and send me messages (i won’t respond to nasty grams), because JUST LIKE YOU, I have the right to say what I feel too!
              I wish you all better days than what she’s had from reading these posts…

          • You know, I have to agree with the previous posts. I’ve been wanting lazy susan’s for my next pantry and thought this idea was genius. It’s such a tease to show the world your pantry and let everyone know that they used to be available for purchase, but are no longer available and then not provide any help to those DIYers who want to attempt this on their own. It really seems like you’re just bragging about your unique pantry instead of really offering value to anyone looking to replicate it. It’s very frustrating and your rude responses to other frustrated commenters shows a lack of character on your part. This entire page is unnecessary because it’s really not helpful at all. You did not answer “all I wanted to know about the pantry carousels” and I’m clearly not the only one who was left with questions unanswered.

        • For all those that are upset about making the lazy susans. You can buy 18″ ones by Cupco from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I really appreciate the idea and would have bought the pantry lazy susans from this person if they were available, but instead of being hateful, I search for a solution.

          • Yes thank you for posting. I have also posted other options as well, and have said many times my Dad just cannot make them any longer. The comments people leave on how angry they are at me for this is baffling.

      • Your Dad’s design is ingenious!! This would SO work for my pantry space. Are you able to send additional photos or some sort of detailed instructions?? This is a fantastic usable space!!

  2. I love this idea! missed the pantry post heading over to check it out now.
    Have a great day

  3. What a great post! And a fantastic idea! Great job, Emily’s Dad! :) Haha!

  4. WOW!!!! This is awesome and your dad did a great job!

  5. LOVE THIS!! I’ll be linking…you have a fabulous blog!

  6. When we move and if I have a pantry like this – I’m hitting you guys up. I LOVE these!!
    Great job guest posting, Emily’s Dad. :)

  7. Knowing that your dad is in my area gets my mind racing as to what I could have him make me…then I remember he’s your dad, not mine ;) Luv your new improved pantry!

  8. I’m thinking hard on this! I’ll most likely be ordering some of these cool turntables!

  9. Angela Fowler-Wells says:

    These are “da bomb”! So is your Dad. Makes me wish I had a pantry! Love your blog.

  10. These are awesome! I may have to order a couple of these! The corners of our pantry are wasted space! Love everything in the clear containers too! Definitely need some chalkboard vinyl! Had to check out your pantry makeover post and it looks great!

  11. Uhhhhh…these ARE amazing….but do you think you’re Dad would fly out to Cali to do an install??? LOL

  12. I think genius must run in the family! These simply rock! I love great organization, but these shelves take it to another level. I wish I had a space for these! (side note: aren’t handy dads awesome?)

  13. I have pantry fever and it’s all your fault!!!!

  14. Oh! If my new house ends up having a pantry that is big enough I think I might need those!

  15. I am so jealous right now :) Step 1 – get rid of nasty wire shelving *sigh*

  16. I love those and am sending you an email now. Lucky for me I live in Houston!

  17. Saw your pantry post from Tatertarts & Jello.

    Amazing idea .. i wonder if it will work in a pantry that has no corners like yours .. (creative hat is on now :P)

  18. Ok, I totally have pantry envy!! I was so inspired when House of Smiths did her pantry, now I see yours which is even more suitable for my TINY pantry.
    I really need lazy susans in mine. I think it’s the only way for me to maximize the space in there. However, I doesn’t have equal depth of shelving, which means that I can’t do the 20 ” size. The back shelf is the standard 11 1/4 inch but the side is only 6 ” deep. Obviously 20 inchers won’t work, but maybe smaller ones? Or the 20″ will be fine, I just need to find a different center point on the 11 1/4 shelf than in this pantry. Any thoughts? Tips? Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

    • Sorry about the typos, I really should proof read my posts, especially when I’m excited about something lol

    • Emily's Dad says:

      Birgit, an 18″ carousel will work fine as long as you have 8 inches of clear space between the front edge of the shelf and the pantry door (or inside door trim if you want it tucked away at the end. I can cut them smaller. Even a 15″ is very helpful for making usable space.

  19. WOW! That is such a good idea!! I’m new to your blog, but so far LOVE it. I’m also new to blogging (check out mine if you get a sec… Can’t wait to see more projects! :)

  20. Your dad rocks! I’m impressed. We have a big pantry, but if we ever move and have a corner pantry like your’s. I’m so contacting you ;-)


  21. Your Dad did an awesome job! I love these!

  22. Wow, this is awesome! Wish I had a pantry!

  23. betty in munich says:

    I found you via your feature in thekitchn. Your pantry and your Dad are brilliant! Did you know there was a blog just about pantries? With a section that looks at “Other people’s Pantries” You should have your pantry featured here as well:

    I don’t have anything to do with that blog, just that I like it and had my pantry featured on it. Mine is:

    Yours however is the BOMB! Congratulations to your dad, he really could sell those to fancy kitchen designers and probably make pretty good money on them. I’m just sayin’ I see a second career and a great business opportunity for you and your dad! I would be happy to be in charge of international sales here in Germany. ; )

  24. I have a pantry just like your beginning pantry and I have been thinking (note: just thinking) about redoing it. Your post came to me at a perfect time. I love everything you did and I’m on my way to show my husband this great project. I needed this inspiration to give me a place to start. It is so wonderful to have talented men that can make our dreams a reality…..thanks to Dad and Hubby for their help. The carousels are perfect. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post.

  25. What type of bearing is that called? I’ve never seen a separate component one like that for lazy susans, only the 1- piece ones.

  26. This will go down as the BEST idea I have EVER seen while blogging!!!! I have almost the same pantry and guess what my hubby will be doing this fall???
    Thank you so much ~ to you and your Dad ~ for an idea that will truely make my life better!!!
    Terri Takacs
    come visit me at my blog!

  27. Ohmygosh, that is so cool. Your dad rocks. Mine would say “What the heck do you need that for?”

    I’m in Houston, will your dad come do my pantry?????

    Oh, wait… I don’t have a pantry. I have all my food stored in an old video tape storage cabinet. :-( <—– (sad me, very very sad.)

    Maybe someday – a girl can dream!!!

  28. Becka Clark says:

    OMG! You are from Houston? How did I never realize that in all the time I have read your blog??? I am from Clear Lake but live in Dallas now. Anywhooo, Im going to show this post to my dad. If he cannot do it (or it takes him to long to do it- because he will likely say he can) I am going to order between 4 and 6 from your dad. I need to see how many shelves I have. I have my trash can in my pantry. Im starting to think I should put it under a cabinet?? What do you think? I am short on cabinet space and counter space in a house that is almost 4k sq ft. Ridiculous. =) Thanks doll!

  29. Love it – emailed you. Such a great idea!

  30. I’m up for adoption…will your dad take me?

  31. I am far from Houston. BUt we are building a hosue and have access to many tools. I am wondering if you are sharing the info on making these? I need then in my pantry…(no duh, huh?)

  32. Wow, wow, wow… all I can say is WOW! I officially covet your pantry and featured it here. So clever!

  33. Emily!
    I love your pantry makeover and your Dad is a real jewel! He reminds me of my own sweet Daddy….he would just look at something and come up with a solution to improve it! I miss him so much…..
    I would very much like to be added to the waiting list for the carousel shelves. My pantry makes your “before” shots look pretty good!! Will you email when they become available, please!
    Kudos to your Dad for a wonderfully creative design!!

  34. Love 2 Design says:


    I LOVE your made-over pantry! The dimensions appear identical to mine. I was wondering if you could tell me the depth of your shelves the 20″ lazy susans sit on, so I can measure mine to make sure the 20″ diameter would work. I am not in your area; what is the pricing to ship the materials?

    Love 2 Design

  35. OMG!! I have dreaded my husbands pantry and trying to figure out how to maximize the space! I totally dislike the deep corners that are unfunctional! This is such a brilliant idea!! I love it! There is hope for the pantry after all!!!! Yay! (ours is almost exactly like yours just reverse image of it). So for the mean time… I am just going to be completely jeaulous of your pantry until I can budget in the carousels! =) Thanks so much for sharing!!

  36. Joan Hajek says:

    I love your pantry! And what a genius your Dad is! I have a small pantry and wish I had one bigger. My shelves are also the metal ones. Is there a way they could work on these?


  37. Are the carousels available to order?

  38. Would like to order some carousels for my new house…do you know when they will be available to order?

  39. Angie Fountain says:

    Is Pops offering these for sale again? I love them and this would be a wonderful addition to my pantry.

  40. Jodi Bingham says:

    Looking to get those carousels, too. I emailed you, but haven’t heard anything back. Would LOVE to do my pantry the same way since it is a very similar layout.

  41. Hermoine Granger says:

    Is each carousel 29 or is that the price for four of them? im guessing one but i wasnt sure since it wasnt mentioned

  42. Danielle Myers says:

    I sent you an email a week or so ago, but I’m sure you’ve been busy with the Holiday season! I was just curious to know if you’re Dad was caught up on this production and/or available to sell a few carousels? Or, if he’s really backed up perhaps you could let me know some type of time-line? Thanks so much! Love your blog :)

  43. I would love to know if/when your Dad starts making these again..they are awesome and I wish I had some for our pantry.

  44. Janet Flint says:

    Really need pantry help with 6 people in house including young children and college students, a busy non-stop rotation of people in the kitchen make pantry organization a night mare. Did I include a real need to seperate food due to severe food allergies? Please advise when Pops will offer these carousels again. His carousels look like just what we need in our kitchen.

  45. The carousels are just what I need in my pantry. Please let me know when they are available again.


  46. These are wonderful!!!! I hate my pantry the way it is now and I have been looking for something that would allow for more functionality! These are perfect!!!! How do we order these?!?

  47. Sign me up! Put me on the waiting list – whatever! : ) I NEED those carousels! :)

  48. Melissa Soncrant says:

    Can you please email me and let me know when these will be available to order. I would need 5 shelf and 1 floor. Thank you…M

  49. Shirley Abrahamson says:

    Your panty looks great. Your before pictures look like my pantry. I sure wanted to order the shelves but it is really good that he is so busy with orders. I hope he will have time to make mine soon. Thanks again for the sharing.

  50. Any chance Pops would share just this once? Not for us to build for others. We are big DIYers and would only make them for ourselves. We have 4 children and an 89 yr old grandmother living with us…. NO TIME for starting a carousel business, but it would be great to have them to help us stay a little more organized!! If not, I understand!

    Thanks for sharing,


  51. I too would like to order. Do you know when they will be available? Thanks!

  52. shawn pepera says:

    I have a wire shelving unit in my pantry…. does your dad have an idea for that?????


  53. Kristina Tensmeyer says:

    I too would love to add these to my pantry! Your Dad is a genius! I hope they are back in business soon!

  54. Elizabeth says:

    So, how do I place an order?

  55. Becky Colvin says:

    Please contact me when you are ready to take orders. I am ready to order the carousels.

    Thank You

  56. Nina iglinsky says:

    Your pantry looks to be exactly my shape. And my pantry d your before picture! So let me know when your dad is ready! thanks

  57. I would love to order 2 of them…let us know when we can…Thanks!

  58. I NEED these!! My pantry looks about the same as your before pictures and I desperately need to redo it… Has your dad gotten back into making them and /or gotten a patent? Let me know when/if they are for sale again…

  59. Misty Ireton says:

    Great Idea! You guys need to go on Shark Tank!

  60. Hi,
    I am building a new home & saw this panty & I AM DOING IT!
    I was think I saw that you guys are not making the lazy susans right now or taking more orders??? I am in Texas and I really need some!!! :)
    Our pantry is being made as we speak!! HA
    Please let me know when you will be taking more orders. Thanks & GREAT JOB!

  61. Are these available yet or can you let us know what materials are used? My husband is retired and could work on this for me when the weather was bad.

  62. Hi! I am in love with this pantry. How do I go about ordering from you?

  63. How soon will these be available to buy? We are finishing up our new house and this would be perfect for our pantry. I think we’ll need 5 of them.

  64. AwEsOmE! Let me know how and when I can order! I literally think we Mohave the same pantry….not just the stuff in before pics , but nmthe same layout..size etc.! Thanks!

  65. Will these workon wire shelving? when are they available? Will be a big hit if can be attached to wire shelving!

  66. Love your pantry! Please let me know when we can place an order for them.

  67. I have the same pantry love it I hate my corners if you are still making these I’d love to order some let me know this is amazing! Thanks for sharing your dad is brilliant! Please email me!

  68. Love your pantry and the rest of your house, great ideas. Would love to know when you will again be taking orders. Thanks.

  69. im not sure where you are can you post them to Australia

  70. Deana Young says:

    I would love these!!!! If you and your father decide to make this again please email me! Thank u

  71. Lazy Susan’s are awesome. Ready to order; let me know when your dad is ready for an order!

  72. Can you please let me know when I can order the lazy susans? I need them like yesterday!!! Thanks so much!

  73. I too need those shelves like yesterday!! Please let me know when they are available!

  74. Are they available for purchase again??

  75. Would love to get some of these, would you let me know when they become available again?

    I can’t wait to start on this project!

    Thank you!

  76. I really want to order one of these. I am currently building a house and need one of these soon….. When will they be available again? I want to go ahead and order one and pay for it.
    Please let me know.

  77. Kathy Dorsey says:

    Are they available yet? They look great!

  78. I want in line…. Let me know when its my turn.
    Thanks for the great solution!!

  79. I want that carousel too… please email me when can I get five of those. I’m itching to renovate my pantry too. Just perfect as we’ve just moved from our new house. Your dad is genius.. and your pantry made me drool of envy.

  80. yes please let us know when your dad starts selling these! they are awesome & we need them :-)

  81. Wow! These are a wonderful solution to the corners in a pantry. Please put me in line for when they are available again. Thank you!

  82. Yes!!! I am just starting a kitchen gut and remodel and would love to put these in my pantry. Please also add me to the “wait list”. I am in far west Houston and can even pick them up if possible to save on shipping, and cut a bit of time. Yes, yes, yes!

  83. We just moved and I have the perfect pantry for these! I’d love to know when they’re available again for purchase. Thanks!

  84. Angela Morgan says:

    I would love to order 4 for my kitchen. I live in Houston as well and can have shipped or pick them up.
    Thank you!

  85. Hi, I am constantly checking back to see when these will be available. I would like to be put on the wait list, which I’m sure is ridiculously long at this point haha. I would need 3-4 for the shelves and 1 floor piece. I am holding out on my pantry makeover til i can get a hold of these :)

  86. I, too, would like to put on the waiting list for the carousel. I would like to purchase 3 – when it is available. Please advise. Love your pantry. I love my pantry but not as much as the pantry I imagine in my head with your dad’s ingenious carousel. He should go on Shark Tank and have it mass produce. Thank you in advance.

  87. Would love a few of these…when will you begin to take orders?

  88. I would love to be on the waitlist to purchase 2 of these for my pantry!!! Any word if they are being mass produced yet?

  89. I would like 5 of these when you start selling them again. I’m in Dallas.

  90. I, along with everyone else, would love to beput on any wait list available. I need 3 reg and 1 floor model.


  91. Deb Byers says:

    I am very interested in purchasing these carousels – how ingenious of your dad! Please advise when we can purchase.


  92. Ernette Andrae says:

    Love those carousels! I too would like to order some. Please let me know when they are available again!

  93. I love each these. May I purchase 3?

  94. Joanne Diaz says:

    Could you please tell me what kind of hardware you used to make these?

  95. Please let me know when we can order the carousel. Thanks that is cool.

  96. Michelle White says:

    Hello! I love the carousel!!! My husband and I are in the process of building a new home. I wanted to have some built in spice racks in my cabinetry but they are very expensive so I may have to forego them. I have tons of spices and could really use something like this to keep me organized as well as keeping my whole pantry organized. Please let me know when and if I can order the carousels. I will probably need at least 4. I know these are a hit and you all are bogged down with orders. Just wanna make sure I’m on the list when things slow up a bit. Thank you! Michelle White

  97. hi , I love the lazy susans, i need a few of them , how much for 18 ” , what kind of wood and hardware does he use , please let me know ,thanks Aline

  98. What can you tell us about the status of the waitlist for the carousels? Has your dad thought about expanding the business and starting a real manufacturing facility with greater capacity? I know I’d really love to redo my pantry with these, but it sounds like the wait is going to be really long. Help!


  99. I love the pantry carousels! Are they back in production? I would like 7 of the 19 inch! Please let me know when they might be available again!

  100. Hello-
    I drool for your pantry, and your dad. If you’re keeping a list for when your dad’s life opens up for him to make Lazy Susans again, I’d love to be on it.

    Thank you!

  101. I would love to purchase the carousels when the list opens back up. This is a perfect solution for my pantry!

  102. What are the dimensions of your beautiful pantry?

    Please put me on the list to be notified when you are able to take orders!


  103. Natalie A. says:

    If & when the carousels are back in production, I would like 5 please!

  104. I would like to order some when they are available again! please email when available to purchase. Thanks

  105. Please add me to the list of wanting these amazing pantry rotating shelves when the order process resumes.

  106. I could kick myself for not ordering these two years ago. I started looking at my pantry yesterday thinking about these amazing shelves and deciding it was necessary t to make a change because i have a glass door that reveals the chaos.

    If, and/or when, these shelves become available again I would love to be added to any sort of notification list. My pantry and I would greatly appreciate it. :-)

  107. Can we order the carousel’s? If so, how do we place an order? Thanks! Perfect idea for the pantry!!!

  108. Add me to the long list of folks who think this is a great solution for pantry corners. One of the great deterrents for purchasing a pantry system is that as far as I can see, the corner space is wasted.

    Let me know when they are available again, I’m putting off a pantry renovation!

  109. Please add we to your list of people wanting pantry lazy susans. My pantry looks the same as your before picture. ;(

  110. Great idea!! Add me to the list of people who want to order these. Thanks!!!

  111. Fantastic, i have anitque, knotty pine kitchen cabinets and they would be so efficient if I could refurbish them with these strong, lazy susans!! Believe me, I tried the cheap plastic ones!! I hope you will sell the patterns?! You are so blessed with a talented Dad, and I’m sure he is blessed with a beautiful loving daughter!

  112. We are renovating the entire house and moving in soon…
    Please tell me the material used around the perimeter of the turn tables.
    We are making some for the new pantry shelving and are kind of stuck on this part. Thx for the idea!!!

  113. Denise Snyder says:

    Curious to know if your dad is close to taking orders for more turntables by now? I would love to order some! What an ingenious idea!

  114. patty mckinney says:

    I Neeeeed four lazy susans for my pantry. We love the size of our pantry but need to get the corners tighten up. Your produce would give use so much more useable space. Place look into having someone make them so you are not promising your public the moon without giving us the rockship to get there. Love you website and pins. I fan you yours. Patty

  115. Mariah in Louisiana says:

    I would LOVE to order a few of these! I hope your dad starts making them again soon.

  116. So, is your dad taking orders or offering the base?

  117. Mary Wilson says:

    Are you all taking orders yet for the pantry shelves?

  118. Vic Burnham says:

    When will y’all be taking orders for the carousels ? Is there a list for back orders? Thanks

  119. Can you let me know when they may be available?

    Thanks, Pam

  120. Maybe your Dad should sell the plans……….

  121. Any updates on when the carousels will be available for sale?
    I’d love to order a few!
    Thanks :)

  122. Michelle Centerfitt says:

    I would love to have 3-4 of the carousels whenever they come up available. I would like to go on the wait list. My husband and I just bought a house and I would love to have something like this for my pantry.

  123. Christine Williford says:

    Please add me to the waiting list and let me know when theses carousels are available, I desperately need more space and organization in my pantry, this is a awesome idea. Way to go Dad!!!!

  124. Tiffany Murphy says:

    Please add me to the waiting list for these fabulous pantry carousels. I would like to order 4 of them for my pantry.

  125. Sandy Thompson says:

    Love the carousels! Please add me to the waiting list.

    Thanks so much,
    Sandy Thompson

  126. Dionne Woolfolk says:

    Could you please add me to the waiting list for the carousels? I would really appreciate it. I would like to buy four of them.

    Could you please give me an idea of when they will be sold again?


    • Sorry Dionne, but they probably will not be available unfortunately.

      • Just to let your followers know; I helped my niece in her pantry and we used the large lazy susan available from most container stores. It worked . Also did same thing in a friends pantry and she has wire shelving. It worked just as we’ll.

  127. I bought some plastic lazy susans for my refridgerator! Life changing! Saw the idea on pintrest. I think I used the 14″ ones. No more composting in the fridge.

  128. I see your last up date on availability was 2012….. by any chance are they available yet?

  129. Anonymous says:

    Yes could he sell the plans I NEED some!!!!!! Whaaaaa!!!!!

  130. I really want some of the pantry carousels! When will you be taking orders again?

  131. Is he still selling these? We have the same pantry so let me know! I will probably ha e to install myself us military wives learn fast ha ha. Do they come with directions?

  132. Are these available for purchase yet? I see the last post was 2012. Building a house now and my pantry is a perfect candidate for these!

  133. Hi Emily –
    Is your Dad selling the lazy susans anymore? I know demand was high and he was probably swamped. I’m just checking to see if things let up at all.


  134. Hello! Another fellow organizing friend shared your blog with me and, in particular, the post about your pantry and pantry carousels. Are these still available to purchase? I am interested in purchasing about 5 of them!
    Can you e-mail me your response to
    Jenn Rogers

  135. Can we order these yet? Would love to get some for my pantry

  136. Can you give us the details / dimensions / what hardware is needed to make these?

  137. hi emily, any word on the carousels? My husband is a builder with all the tools, any chance we could just get instructions, i would even be willing to pay for those. Since seeing you pantry make-over i can’t picture my pantry any other way. My pantry is so small that these seems to triple the space. Hoping to hear from you soon!

  138. Hi, we are going to start having our kitchen redone. I just found your site with the awesome Pantry Carousel. Are the carousels available now to purchase? I am definitely interested. Thank you for sharing!!!

  139. Are these for sale again or still on hold? Dumb question but just want to be sure, the $29.00 is per carousel and is the $5.00 per or just $5.00 total. Thank-you

  140. Hi, is there anyway to get the instructions to create this type of pantry? Thank you!

  141. Hi there! Are these for sale again? If so, how do we purchase them? If not, are there instructions available for creating them?


  142. Are the carousels again available for purchase, I ‘d like to order some, if they are.

  143. I am in the beginning stages of reworking my pantry. Right now I have VERY deep shelves and can never find what I need in the back. My idea is like your pantry… to wrap the 11 1/4″ shelving around the walls and the carousels would be heaven in the corners.

    Is your father taking orders again for these? I would love to order at least 8. Please let me know.

    Thearica Burroughs
    Henderson, NC

  144. Hi,
    Are these still available for purchase??

  145. Ink ow the posts are old. Ah chance your Dad is selling these again? If not, would he share his design?

  146. Hi there!! Is your dad selling these again? I just came across your blog & LOVE the carousel. t’s been a few years since the original post so not sure what the latest is. Please let me know! Thanks a bunch & I love your pantry!!

  147. wendy perez says:

    Hello, just found your fabulous makeover. It’s September of 2013. Was wondering if your making more carousel yet. I’d love to have them in my pantry too!

  148. Jacquie Holden says:

    I’m so glad my hubby is a wonderful wood craftsman!! He knows how to make all of this stuff! I just might be able to bribe him into making some for me! What a wonderful idea!

  149. I can’t wait until we can order these! They are amazing! You guys are one-smart-DIY family. :) How will we know when orders are open again? Your pantry looks fabulous!

  150. Can we order the carousel ?

  151. I just wanted to check base to see if possibly your dad had caught up on his first round of orders and would be willing to take more orders now. I would love to re-do my pantry… it is small like yours and the lazy susans would be such a great help.

  152. Gayle Schultz says:

    Is there a set of instructions to make these yet? Thank you in advance for any info

  153. Hailey lada says:

    I would like to purchase some pantry carousels. How do I order?


  154. Not available yet?? Would love to have a few fir my pantry. Would they work on wire shelving or only wood? Please keep us updated on availability. Thanks

  155. No longer available! As in never?? So sad. I just came across this post from a few years ago. Would love some of these for my pantry! Why oh why!

  156. Could you please add to the original post that these will no longer be available? The post may be a little misleading and give readers false hope. Your last reply indicates that they are no longer available-as in never.

    • Thanks for the reminder Valerie–just updated both of my posts that they are no longer available.

    • If you are familiar with The Container Store, I helped my niece organize her pantry. We used the largest size lazy susan available. It worked very well. Also did a friends pantry with them, she has wire shelving. Best part is no tools, just put in place, and if you move, just pick them up and go. Hope that helps.

  157. Hello, I am totally envious. I need those pantry carousels very badly. You just must make them available. It’s just too sad that those of us who did not see this post four years ago will miss out. Please beg your Dad on our behalf to make more. He is a great designer!

  158. Cheryl McKenzie says:

    why would you post this NOW when they are not available to purchase. To say the least, now I am very frustrated because I want my pantry to have these UGH

    • I think these would be very easy to make (the lazy susan’s) I don’t think anyone needs to have someone else make them & then have them shipped to you.

  159. Angela M. Cable says:

    For the DIYers I can’t see why these wouldn’t work:
    I actually used one of these on a chair that I reupholstered when I discovered that the original turn table was like forty years old and missing bearings. So it’ll stand up to the weight of a person, description says up to 400 lbs. Of course, you’re also going to need a jig saw or make your own jig for a table saw to cut the circles out of plywood or MDF.

  160. They are patented elsewhere which is why they are not for sale.

    Simple way to do the same thing.

    Measure size of corner diameter. Get round smaller than that. Drill hole in center. Put round on shelf so it is not touching, pencil in the hole so it marks counter where it needs to be drilled. Drill shelf hole.

    Get bolt system with washers.

    Small Washer
    Large Washer
    Small washer
    Small washer
    Large washer
    Bolt nut.

    • Thanks so much! You’re much more helpful than the blogger cares to be.

      • I have answered numerous questions on this post. Try scrolling up and read the comments before you bash someone behind your computer screen. Something I’m sure you wouldn’t do face to face.

        • I can see Mommyto3’s point. You haven’t been helpful about how to do it. You have only repeatedly said they won’t be available and are too hard to explain. It is irritating and condescending. Many thanks to Shawnda for her info.

  161. What are the dimension on your pantry? Just the space itself?

  162. ramona fikes says:

    where can I find the brackets for the carousal,? can I order them ? please let me know

  163. For those of you asking, you can purchase lazy susan hardware from Lowes or Home Depot. Cut or buy premade round wood pieces and attach the lazy susan hardware to it, and mount it to your shelves. Easy Peasy. :)

  164. Decor chick,

    I did read your father has a patent on these lazy Susan’s. Does this mean he will be having them manufactured for retail sale? aren’t women silly? we always have what we can’t have. These are remarkable. Most lazy Susan’s won’t move with all those cans. Cheers to your dad

  165. Could you please share the dimensions of your ckoset? Wondering if it’s the same size as mine. Thank you

  166. Hello is your dad still making these carousel?

  167. I love love this! You pantry looks just like mine…well the messy version ;) I’m in Spring, any way I could buy some of the turntables from him? I can pick them up!!

  168. Hi, love this project, I saw that your dad was going for a patent, was it accepted?
    Will these be available through your father or a manufacturer in the near future?
    Awesome idea!!!

  169. I see patent pending for these awesome carousels. Are they actually being sold anywhere yet? Thanks

  170. Cindy Wilson says:

    Please let me know when carousels come in
    I’m so desperate, losing my Mind :)

    Thank you
    Kinikia Wilson

  171. J Yarbrough says:

    Hey Emily just laughing to some of the comments
    Made by ocd peeps out here I can understand their frustration
    too bad that there is still no progress on someone
    manufacturing them. If I were you I would just
    Change the heading or remove the blog post
    It’s easy enough to do, I do understand though that you
    might hesitate cause it does bring some traffic to your blog and
    that is what most semi pro and pro bloggers strive for
    But it might be worth it for the PR sake of your blog
    GOOD LUCK some of these posts take on a life of
    their own don’t they.

  172. Hey there, LOVE the pantry lazy susans, am wondering if you guys are making them yet?

    Please let me know ‘coz I would DEFINITELY buy one for myself and maybe a couple for my sister!!


  173. Just skimmed through the comments. When I saw these, the first thing I thought was about going to H.Depot and picking up some circular bearing plates and making some for my Pantry. I was shocked at some of the ultra-rude comments, from people who wanted written instructions. For me, a picture is worth 1000 words, and it’s a pretty basic looking project. Anyhow, I’m gonna see about getting some installed into our pantry, which is nearly the same configuration as Emily’s. Will update my post after it’s done.

  174. Anonymous says:

    we need these carousals….. bring them back, pleeeeease!

  175. So sad can’t get turntables for the project really wanted to get mine done like that! Would be great to see everything without digging for it. SO SAD!!!

  176. I am going to make them myself. One question. What did your Dad use for the edging to keep everything from falling off I see it is clear and probably plastic. The idea is fantastic.

  177. Jessica Bowker says:

    Can I order carousels?


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