A Mirror Makeover and MirrorMate Giveaway

*This giveaway is now closed

Hey guys, I’m very excited about this one.  Have you heard of MirrorMate Frames?  They sell custom-fitted frames so you can easily transform your plain builder boring mirror into something fabulous.  All corners come pre-mitered, and very little assembly is required.  All you have to do is just measure your mirror, pick the style of frame you would like, and they do the rest.  Seriously, it is ridiculously easy.

MirrorMate was so kind and let me choose a frame I wanted so I could transform our master bathroom mirror.  I have been dying to do something to our mirrors because I knew they were just blah.

They offer several different styles and these are just a few…

I chose the Tribeca style in black with silver detail.  This is how everything was out of the box.

Sorry about the sun reflection getting in the way, but we had to have a large work space.

Then we just used the glue that was provided, and popped in the little connectors on each end.

Once you have done that to all 4 corners, you just have to wait 1 hour and then you can put your new frame up!

The frame just sits directly on top of your existing mirror, and super duty self adhesive tape is what holds it up.  That is what the strips you see on the back of the frame are.

Ok, so here is our builder-boring mirror before…

And after.

A close up of the detail…

Umm, is that not amazing or what?  It’s like magic for your mirrors.  I love the chunkiness of the frame too.  It adds so much elegance to our bathroom now.  My husband helped me put it up because you do need 2 people, and it was so easy.  I love instant gratification, and I am in love with our mirror now! And for whatever reason, our bathroom seems so much bigger now with the framed mirror.  Pretty amazing! Oh, and I did not have those clips on my mirror before, but if you do have them, you can still use the frames and the clips will be covered up. Also, our frame sits directly on top of the backsplash too. :)

I know you would like to transform one of your mirrors too right?  Well the generous folks at MirrorMate are giving away $100 credit towards the purchase of a custom frame!  Since everyone has different sizes of mirrors, we figured this would be the best way to do it.

To enter, just do the following:

1. Followers just leave a comment here and let us know which style frame you like from MirrorMate;

Additional entries…

2. Like MirrorMate on Facebook, and leave a comment here that you did;

3. Facebook or tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this post, and leave a comment for whichever you did.

And that’ll do it!  I’ll run this through Saturday, December 11 and will announce the winner then. Good luck friends!

*This giveaway is now closed*



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  1. I like the oiled bronzed mirror~ What a fun giveaway!

  2. I’m liking the Charlotte! The whole process seems so easy!

  3. I’ve liked Mirror Mate on FB :)

  4. i like them all, but i think that the pacifica would work in my bathroom!

    your mirror transformations looks awesome! what a difference!

  5. And I was so happy to tweet this!!

  6. Ohhh, permaquid in old world silver has my name all over it!


  7. I “liked” them on facebook!


  8. I LOVE these! I have always wanted a black one for our master. I envy you! :)

  9. Just “liked” them on facebook :)

  10. I love the Tribeca style and have been wanting to do this for our HUGE mirror for a long while!

  11. I have been wanting to do this with our bathroom mirror (looks just like your ‘before’) for so long! My choice would be Casco Bay in White. It looks so fresh and clean.

  12. I like MirrorMate on FB!

  13. What a world of difference that frame makes! I like their Gramercy in Martini.

  14. I love the Acadia ones! So pretty!

  15. Megan Haroldsen says:

    Oh my! That frame makes such a difference! I love their Acadia and Bellameade styles.
    MegJill at
    he4rken at yahoo dot com

  16. My favorite is Tribecca too!

  17. I liked MM on FB!

  18. I think the Pemaquid Woods in Country Oak would go best with our bathroom vanity!

  19. I like MirrorMate on FB

  20. I shared this giveaway on fb

  21. Love the oil rubbed bronze frame. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Wow, that made a huge difference on your mirror! I like the Cherokee frame in espresso walnut!

  23. I also liked MirrorMate on FB :)

  24. Anonymous says:

    I love the Cherokee Slim in licorice. AWESOME giveaway!


  25. I love the Chelsea style! :)

  26. myboysteacher says:

    I love the Chelsea in black!

  27. My Boys' Teacher says:

    I “liked” them on facebook :)

  28. I have never heard of these! I love them! I like either the Grandezza or Providence, although it would be a hard choice!

  29. I liked them on fbook. Thanks so much!

  30. I love the Casco Bay style…gorgeous!

  31. I like the Cherokee in Espresso Walnut!

    One question….Did you have those clips on your mirror that hold it up?

  32. Permaquid in old world silver would look great in my master bathroom.

  33. I like the venetian style.

  34. I liked on Facebook!

  35. I’ve been wanting to do this forever! I’m kinda liking the Acadia oiled bronze.

  36. Jessica F says:

    I love the tribecca in burnished brown. And I love your mirror!!

  37. Such a clever idea! Love the Tribeca in Burnished Brown!

  38. I like MirrorMate on FB!

  39. Cool give away!! I love the Bellemeade frame! I liked MirrorMate on Facebook and posted a link back to this page too :-)

  40. I like Pemaquid in white. Yours turned out great!

  41. How crazy…I was looking at my bathroom mirror last night, and thought I really need to do something about it. Then this giveaway comes along, and I think…this is so what I need. So yes, I’d go for the Grandezza, Aged Silver!!!

    (I was too quick to send in my entry, so nix out the Anonymous comment. See how excited I am about this giveaway)

  42. I like MirrorMate on Facebook!!!

  43. I shared your giveaway on Facebook!!!

  44. Jennifer Heerman says:

    I love this! I’ve been wanting to add a frame to our boring mirror in the bathroom! The one you picked would be good b/c I also have aspirations of painting the cabinet black :)

  45. Wow what a difference! Love it! I am definitely going to keep these in mind if I ever need to do something like this!

  46. Jennifer Heerman says:

    I liked MirrorMates on FB! :)

  47. Jennifer Heerman says:

    I shared this on FB, too!

  48. I like Pemaquid in White! (I used the black for my master bath mirror and love it!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I follow Mirror Mate on FB!

  50. Love the Cherokee in walnut!

  51. Christina P. says:

    I love the Providence in oiled bronze. Your “after” bathroom looks great!

  52. how did you know that just this morning i was trying to figure out how in the *world* i could make our massive bathroom mirror palatable?!

    i love love love the pewter bronze chelsea frame – slightly distressed and will work with the chrome fixtures as well as the *cough* blue countertops!

  53. Christina P. says:

    Your “after” bathroom looks great! I would choose the Providence in oiled bronze.

  54. I liked MirrorMate on Facebook!

  55. For sure the Providence Oiled Bronze! I made frames for my last house & I LOVED them! We have been in our new house a few months & I haven’t framed out the mirrors yet & this would be perfect for me!

  56. I love the Bellemeade in Champagne.
    My bathroom mirror is so pitiful.

  57. Very cool. It figures someone is doing this, with all the flat boring vanity mirrors out there. :) I like the Acadia and Venetian styles!

  58. Love Sho! Right now I had actually painted a frame on ours becuase I thought something like this would be too pricy for our rental…..hmmmm!

  59. Whoops, mean Soho!

  60. The Bellameade style is gorgeous!

  61. The acadia style in oil rubbed bronzed would look awesome in my guest bathroom!

  62. I liked MirrorMate on Facebook!

    These are really amazing!!

  63. I like the Cherokee Espresso Walnut. So pretty!

  64. I Liked them on facebook

  65. I tweeted

  66. I tweeted.

  67. I like them on FB.

  68. I would pick the Chelsea Pewter Bronze for my daughter’s builder-grade bathroom. What a great idea!

  69. Love this giveaway, just bought a new to us house and could use the help!
    Gramercy all the way!

  70. Liked them on favebook. Hope to win!! That is an awesome product.

  71. I really like the Cherokee Slim Cherry Chocolate Frame :)

  72. I like Mirror Mate on facebook! :)

  73. i love the acadia and the ventian!

  74. I like the BelleMeade in Cherry or the Acadia in Bronze. :)

  75. Kenny Gomez says:

    I love the Tribeca in black too. It’s fancy :)

  76. I love the Venitian! Gorgeous.

  77. I really like the Espresso color in the Chelsea style.

  78. I like MirrorMate on FB.

  79. I am loving the Tribeca burnished brown!

  80. That looks great — love you standing in the pic too! Taking pics of mirrors is tricky!

    Great giveaway…I’d love to frame my Mexican themed guest bath!
    thanks emily!

  81. i am loving both the mediterra and cherokee designs!!!

  82. I love the Soho frame.

  83. I love love love the Gramercy.

  84. I’ve been wanting to do this to my master bath for a while. I love the look of the Espresso Chelsea frame. Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. brandi liggett says:

    i like the acadia in the white!! i can see it now!!! =)

  86. brandi liggett says:

    i just “liked” them on facebook!

  87. Patricia M. Ham-Ying says:

    I like the Casco Bay frame.

  88. Heather Selby says:

    I LOVE the Aged Silver Grandezza. I think it would finish out my bathroom.

  89. Patricia M. Ham-Ying says:

    I just adore the Casco Bay frame. I liked the site on facebook.

  90. I like the Soho frame!

  91. I liked Miror Mate on facebook.

  92. The white venetian frame would look lovely in my bedroom!

  93. “Liked” on Facebook.

  94. Misty Stiff says:

    I love the silver Naples – What a wonderful idea!!! So pretty!

  95. Misty Stiff says:

    Loved on Facebook!

  96. Misty Stiff says:

    Shared your link on fb as well.

  97. I love the Tribeca in burnished brown! SO nice!

  98. OMG never has my bathroom needed something more! I have a frame on the master bathroom but the full one downstairs really could use something like this. I was going to rip off the builder mirror and get something else, but this would be perfection! I love the Gramercy in Martini! I like the pattern. Your bathroom looks great!!!

  99. Ohhh, I’m liking the Charlotte and the Providence ones! They’d look great in my boring bathrooms!

  100. Liked mirrormate on facebook!

  101. I love the “Providence” oil bronze!!!

  102. Oh, and I “like” them on FB too!!!

  103. i like the providence style.

  104. michelle mitchell says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the oil bronzed frame. My bathroom looks almost exactly like yours! LOL

  105. michelle mitchell says:

    Liked on facebook.

  106. Heather Loveless says:

    I like the Pacifica. Thanks for the contest!

  107. I love the Pemaquid in Porclein White!!

  108. I liked Mirror Mate on FB :)

  109. Leigh Healy says:

    They’re all beautiful, but I think Tribeca is my favorite. Good choice!

  110. Leigh Healy says:

    I liked on FB!

  111. Cherokee Slim in the mocha for me.

  112. I love the pemaquid style in black!

  113. I love the Providence in oiled bronze.

  114. Bellmeade

  115. you have the best giveaways!!!

    I like the venetian broze style framE!!! Take care girly!

  116. Monique W says:

    I like the Cherokee Slim in Nougat… how pretty!

  117. The Providence farme is just beautiful!!

  118. I think I would go with the soho frame…. But they are all lovely!

  119. I love the acadia. How fun, and what a great idea!

  120. Christine says:

    I love the Soho frame!

  121. I love the Acadia frame in White Dove!

  122. I love the Portage frame, sand color. I am going for a beachy, cottage vibe in my bathroom and this would look great!

  123. I “like” MirrorMate on facebook!

  124. I tweeted this!

  125. I like the Gramercy Martini and Tribeca Black the best.

  126. I have used mirror mate products in several of my clients homes and have never had a problem. Shipping is easy and quick and if you measured properly they install easily and look absoutely beautiful. I have never had a client not be pleased with the end product.

  127. Kim Matheny says:

    I have always wanted to get this for our mirrors, love the brown tribeca and the venetian!!

  128. Shannon Stone says:

    I love the Providence in Oiled Bronze. What a great idea! I have long loathed my bathroom mirrors. So blah!

  129. Kim matheny says:

    I just “like” mirror mate on facebook

  130. Casco Bay in white please!

  131. Permaquid is my favorite.

  132. Providence is the style that I like best for my bathroom blah mirror.

  133. Like mirror mate on facebook

  134. I love the Prividence in silver! What a fabulous idea!

  135. I cannot believe the transformation to your bathroom with just this simple project. Looks great.

    I like the dark cherry frame.

  136. I have also “liked” MirrorMate on facebook!

  137. I love the black Pemaquid style…we need something like this so bad on our bathroom mirrors!!

  138. Liked them on Facebook!

  139. I like sweet and simple. I’d go with the Pemaquid Black.

  140. I adore the Charlotte! Your mirror looks so pretty! what a simple change but big impact! I love this idea!

  141. Gina Triboletti says:

    Gramerccy aged silver would look lovely in my master bathroom!

  142. I liked MirrorMates on FB! Thanks!

  143. I like the Tribeca and Soho styles. My bathroom soooo needs this!

  144. Luv, luv, luv the Tribecca!! This is exactly what my bathroom needs!!

  145. Mattie O'Donnell says:

    I love the Chelsea in Espresso – it would be perfect for our front bathroom!!!

  146. Mattie O'Donnell says:

    I liked MirrorMate on Facebook!

  147. I love the Naples design. And about three others… but I will stick with Naples. In silver!

  148. The Providence style would look great in our master bath…

  149. Wow,this is a really great idea for not-so-handy people like me! I looove the Chelsea style!

  150. I think the Arcadia in Bronze would look great on my mirror.

  151. Kelly Christensen says:

    What an easy way to update a bathroom without a lot of expense or hassle!

  152. I’ve been wanting one of these! The Casco Bay in white is right up my alley.

  153. I love the Tribeca style!! This frame would look soooo good in my master bedroom!!

  154. Wow our master bath is in dire need of a Mirror Mate frame!! The Acadia in oiled bronze would be PERFECT!!

  155. I like Mirror Mate on facebook!!!

  156. I am a fan on Facebook

  157. I can’t decide!! I am in love with the Bellameade, and the Gramercy. Both would look FAB in my bathroom!!

  158. These are fantastic! I like the Cherokee Slim, brushed chrome. Thanks for doing this give away, Emily!

  159. Your mirror looks wonderful! Thank you for making the instructions so simple!! I personally LOVE the Mediterra Glazed Earth style and would be thrilled to be considered…I’ve “liked” it on FB and have commented and also posted a link here. Thank you!!

  160. My fave style is Tribeca. A good mix of modern & simple with an interesting texture. Then again, I like all of them!!

  161. Mediterra has the clean, simple styling I prefer. Very nice looking. Thanks for sharing about this interesting product, and your generous giveaway.

  162. I LOVE it! What a huge and beautiful difference!
    My favorite is Grandezza, so romantic looking.

  163. I am loving the Grandezza!! That is what I would like for our home. However, if I happen to win this, I will use it for my mom. She has been living with the same mirror since the 80’s. She thought about doing this but she hasn’t yet.

    Awesome stuff!

  164. I ‘LIKED’ Mirrormate on Facebook!! Because I really DO like them. :)

  165. I tweeted you with a link back here!

    @mirrormate Creative product! Go to Decor Chick’s blog to see how. http://www.decorchick.com/makeovers/a-mirror-makeover-and-mirrormate-giveaway/

  166. i tweeted!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  167. i like mirror mates on fb!!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  168. i like the Acadia, in oiled bronze!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  169. I have been wanting to try one of these for like, a year now!

    Depending on what bathroom I put it in, I would either do the Pemaquid wood in mahogany, or or the Chelsea in Black Satin or Espresso.

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  170. MirrorMate frames are wonderful! I’ve had my eye on the Naples Antique Silver frame for quite some time; it is the missing piece of my master bath puzzle.

  171. I love this idea! I would do the Arcadia in oiled bronze. We have been working on doing something in our master bathroom like this but never got around to actually doing it. This would be so much easier than what we had planned. :)

  172. I really, really love this product! I would choose the Acadia,Providence or Naples. That’s just for starters! Great giveaway.

  173. Oil rubbed bronze would match my new faucet, but truthfully, I need one in EACH bathroom! Two builder’s plain mirrors…Love…

  174. Liking them on Facebook!

  175. I love the Pacifica Silver Sheen frame!!


  176. “Liked” on FB!


  177. I love the one you used-Tribecca in Black. It looks fantastic and so easy. Also left comment on their site too!

  178. liked on facebook too!

  179. I guess it depends which bathroom I was putting it in. But I think the Acadia and the Tribeca are my faves. What a cool thing. I am going to be putting this on my list of wants!!!

  180. I love the Grandezzo in silver!

  181. LOVE Mirror Mate! The Tribecca style would be great in our master bathroom :)

  182. I “liked” on Facebook!

  183. Okay, seriously this is awesome because we have been wanting to do this to our boring builder grade mirrors. I think I’d choose the Cherokee or the Pacifica. Thanks a ton!

  184. I’m thinking Bellemeade in Cherry. Like that they make it so simple!

  185. I like the Permaquid in Old World Silver! I have been contemplating a Mirror Mate for our guest bathroom for a while! Do you think we could get a coupon code for those of us you aren’t lucky enough to win? :)

  186. Oh that is awesome, I really have been wanting to do something like that to our boring builder rectangle mirror in our bathroom.

    I really like the Bellemeade in Cherry

  187. i also liked them on FB

  188. I like the Bellemeade in Cherry, but might have to get samples to decide for sure! :)

  189. I like them on facebook! :)

  190. Shared on facebook!

  191. I like the Casco Bay with the silvertone.

  192. I’ve “liked” them on FB.

  193. I am LOVING the Tribeca!

  194. I “liked” them on facebook!

  195. I facebooked the giveaway.

  196. Ashley Witt says:

    The Soho would look amazing in my master bathroom!!

  197. Love this product….it’s brilliant! I love the Pacifica. Would transform the kids bath to awesome.

  198. I love the soho or pemaquid in black. I’ve been meaning to frame my mirrors, and this is a great idea!

  199. The Pemaquid is nice and would match my bathroom. Great giveaway! :)

  200. I like the Acadia style – love these and love your transformation.


  201. I love the Soho style.

  202. I love the tribeca style just like you chose. Great giveaway.

  203. I like so many! I think my favorite is the Naples in Antique Silver. This is just in time, I just moved in to a new house and despise the boring mirrors in the master bath!

  204. Liked them on FB too! Woohoo!

  205. Oh wow! It looks awesome =) My pick for our master bath is the “charlotte” style.

  206. I liked them on facebook =)

  207. Soho or Tribeca are my favorite!

  208. I like MirrorMate on Facebook!

  209. I love this and I now love Mirror Mate. This appears to be a very quality product. After I repaint our guest bath, I will definitely use MirrorMate to frame our mirror. When we redecorated, we had 2 pre-teen daughters who are now gone and grown, but with 2 girls, we had to have a large mirror and just picked one up at Lowe’s. I always thought it needed something more. When we remodel, our master bath, I want to do a large mirror with 2 smaller mirrors hanging or mounted on the large one. I will definitely use MirrorMate in our remodel. Thanks for letting us know about this company and product!

  210. The pemaquid frame would be fabulous in my Master bath!

  211. Providence in Oiled Bronze!

  212. Oooh, I love the oil bronzed Acadia.

  213. I love the pemaquid in black. Clean and simple, perfect for my bathroom redo. Hide all the ugly mirror clips!!!

  214. I love the Acadia in black! :)

  215. I LOVE the acadia style & have 3 bathrooms in DESPERATE need of these frames!! Thanks sooo much for sharing! Either way, am definitely looking into :)

  216. I like the Tribecca!

  217. I like MirrorMate on FB

  218. I like the brushed bronze, in the Chelsea style. My master bathroom is crying out for one of these! ;)

  219. I liked mirror mate on fb!

  220. I like the Chelsea frame!

  221. I like MirrorMate on Facebook!

  222. I love them all – what a great website!!!

  223. Thanks for this opportunity! I have a DIY mirror frame on my loooong to-do list, and this would make it so much simpler, especially since I don’t have a miter saw. I would have to narrow it down from these favorites: Acadia, Bellemeade, Pemaquid, and Venetian. :fingers crossed:

  224. I like the white pemaquid. They are such a good idea. Thx for having this giveaway. Merry Christmas

  225. I like the black Acadia mirror frame.

  226. I am an admitted lurker on your blog. I love your ideas and how easy you make them to follow. I have wanted one of these mirrors for quite awhile so winning one would really make my day!

  227. I liked them on Facebook too!

  228. Debbie Ciak says:

    Loving Napels Gold!


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