A Cute Little $5 Bench

I found this bench at the thrift store for $5.  Can you believe that??  I thought it was so adorable, but my husband, ummm notsomuch.  He seriously wanted to put it by the curb for trash pick up.  Shame on him!

And I’m sorry, this has to probably be one of the worst “before” photos in all of blogland, but it’s all I have.  (Oh and if you look outside the garage, see that fire hydrant?  Yes, that is IN our yard.  How dumb of a spot to put that right??  Our car has seen better days, trust me.)

And with a few coats of Heirloom White spray paint here she is…

I think it’s cute!  I still am not sure where it’s going to live in the house, but right now it’s up in the gameroom/playroom/office/craft room.  Uhh yea, doesn’t that name stress you out too?  I’m trying to work on that room now, but it’s difficult.  It’s very difficult to have one big room function as all of those things.

Anyway, here’s the table again.  I used an old pillow we had and sewed a case for it. Yes, SEWED!  Yippee!!  One day I’d like to have a real seat cushion but this is fine for now.  Bought a few new crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby and called it good.

So do you like our new bench?  I like her curves.  Maybe hubby will now also. ;)

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  1. I LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing! It is very inspiring!


  2. Rachel Ozuna says:

    I love it!!! WOW $5!!! Great job ; )

  3. Adorable, and what do our hubbies know about thrifty potential anyway? HA! love how you painted it! IT LOOKS GREAT! jENN

  4. It’s so cute, and 5 big ones! make it even better.

  5. Adorable! MUCH better. I love that fabric too. Congrats on the sewing as well! ;)

  6. Very cute! It would be nice at the foot of a bed too. How could you pass it up for $5!

  7. So cute, I love the fabric you used to cover the pillow too!!!

  8. if my GW sold something like that for 5 bucks i’d have taken it home also….our GW seems to be out pricing there items. nice job i think its cute

  9. Sounds like my hubby “Why do you keep bringing trash in the house?” He can’t handle my mix matched style :) Don’t you just love feeling when you turn something that was old and out dated into something beautiful and useful. Great job.

  10. Jill LeBaron says:

    Very cute bench! I love it!! :) I have a question about your painting technique. I have recently become inspired to update a few things around here (thanks to blogs like yours!), and I painted a table, which now sits in my entry. I sanded, primed, painted (several coats). But now, the surface feels a bit “sticky”…any ideas? Actually, it doesn’t feel sticky, but my picture frames are sticking to it!! Oops! Should I put a coat of polycrylic on it? I’m not sure how to finish off the surface once it’s been painted. I’d appreciate your advice! Thanks, Jill

    • Aw thanks so much Jill! I have no idea why it would be sticky?? That’s odd. If it bothers you, you could lightly sand that spot, then re-paint? Then I would put a coat of poly on top, that would help I would think. But again, I’m NO expert. :)

  11. I think its absolutely adorable! Glad your hubby didn’t set it out with the trash! It looks nice with the white paint and the pillow!

  12. wow…this is just adorable…It reminds me of those phone tables. The price was right too!!

  13. The finished product is SO cute! I love the pattern on your little cushion! As always, you did a great job, Emily!! :)

  14. Ooooooo, your bench is wonderful. I love it when you find a piece that has great lines to it and you think of all the great stuff you can do to it, even when the hubby doesn’t see it. :) It looks like the perfect size for sitting on to put on your shoes, and I love the little drawer, perfect for treasures. Love your blog, I have it linked to mine so I can see what your up to.

  15. Love it. The crystal knobs finish it off. Very cute transformation.

  16. Yes I love your table bench, guess who will get their house fire put out immediately!! LOL


  17. Wow, what a fabulous facelift you gave that bench! But my mouth dropped open when I read “crystal knobs at Hobby Lobby.” WHAT? I didn’t know you could buy crystal knobs at HL.

  18. Great job! I tried to spray paint furniture over the weekend and it was a disaster! (post coming soon) I ended up using a can of paint and the pieces came out much better. How’d you do so well with the spray paint? Mine was sooo splotchy-after several coats too:(

  19. Girl, this bench is so cute!!! Love what you’ve done with it! And isn’t heirloom white addictive?!

    I really need a sewing machine….NOW!

  20. That is totally cute. I could so see my rotary phone sitting on it.

  21. What a steal…and the details show up so much more now that it is heirloom white…It took me a while for that color to grow on me, but now I am liking it – enjoy your bench!

  22. OMGosh! How awesome! I’m still working on my husband on letting me get “treasures” like this…he still says no a lot. Sigh~hopefully, he’ll lighten up soon so I can post re-do’s like this!

  23. 2 cute! Love the fabric on your pillow seat. I think it’s an adorable touch to a great make over! Crystal knobs at hob lob? I had no idea! Thanks for sharing!

  24. I love your bench. Isn’t it amazing what paint and a little imagination can do?

  25. That’s adorable! I’m so jealous!

  26. Beautiful job!!! I am about to sew some curtains, and I’m a tad bit nervous, even though I sew regularly hehe.

  27. WOW!! i would have never thought!! great idea!!

  28. Hi! Just found your blog through NFF. Love this little bench…too cute and great price! I like all your home decor ideas here…thanks so much for sharing them with us! Looking forward to visiting again!

  29. $5.00!!! I love deals like that. It is so charming.

  30. Very pretty!! I am hosting a Giveaway on my blog…so do drop by!!

  31. Beautiful! I love projects ~ especially when they turn out like this one.

  32. such a pretty bench now! love the fabrics too! job well done it seems!

  33. OH MAN! THIS is SAAAWEEET! I’m addicted to Heirloom white and it looks Fab on this GREAT find! I used the same color on my project! LOL So happy to have seen this on the shabby nest!

  34. Your bench is great! I have never seen one quite like it? Was is manufactured or hand made. Wonderful!

  35. Very cute! Love the fabric that you chose for the pillow.

  36. I love everything about this transformation. Just beautiful!

  37. That is too cute! And the pillow adds such a nice touch!


  38. That is such a cute bench, and what a steal at $5! I’d love to find something like that for our entryway.

  39. What a great makeover!! I have seen these tables in the 80’s. They were used as coffee tables. I love how you turned it into a bench! thanks for sharing!


  40. That is adorable, it looks gorgeous with its new paint job. I can’t believe your hubby wanted to toss it!!! Sometimes they just don’t have our vision:)

  41. What a cute bench. My grandma had one similar to this when I was little.

  42. It’s adorable! I actually like the pillow instead of a cushion.

  43. Oh how I love this! Even better that you got it at such an amazing price!

  44. love it! You did a great job…think I like it better white!

  45. Remodelaholic loves this party link and I wanted to let you know that we are planning on featuring this. We hope that you get a bunch of new visitors.


  46. This IS cute!! I love the knobs and the pillow you added…great color and interest! Thanks so much for sharing it at style feature saturday!! (love your blog design btw) -shaunna :)

  47. LOVE, love, love! What a cute piece, and you’ve made it your own! Thanks for sharing :]

  48. What a cute little bench, shame on your hubby ;).

  49. I love this! I can remember my aunt had an old coffee table that looked much like this. I thought it was hideous, but you have a great eye for potential! I saw this on Under the Table and Dreaming.

    Great project!

  50. This turned out so so cute! If you dont have a spot in your house for it I know the perfect one in mine……

  51. SO cute. I’ve been looking for something like that to put in front of my stairs – I’m going to have to keep an eye out at thrift stores!

  52. Wow!! Great transformation.
    Had a coffee table similar in the 70’s….love it as a bench, would also look great as a TV stand….SOooo many uses for your $5.00 bench
    My hubby has a pretend fit every time I come home with something to re-purpose… him…. “How many chairs do we need”?
    me…”it was $1.00 !!!!!!!!!!! Who cares”

  53. Came out terrific! You used a favorite color of mine!! Love the design of it and that price too!!

  54. That is adorable! Love the little pillow too!

  55. I love the bench. The creamy color is great! What a deal!!

  56. Cute bench. Don’t you just love white paint? Love the fabric you used too. It looks so fresh. Your description of your game room made me chuckle. It sounds like my bonus room. I think I will rename it the multipurpose room.

  57. The above comment was mine. I forgot to fill out the info. Glad this is not a test!

  58. How cute! I love the transformation. Love the pillow. Thanks for sharing.

  59. Super cute!!

    And trust me….not the worst photo in blogland…I’ve got some whoppers! :) Photography and me….well, lets just say….a work in progress.

  60. That is amazing! I don’t know where to find a $5 bench where I live! It looks awesome!

  61. You know, that looks to me line a cut-down 50s phone bench. But it looks much better painted and could go in so many different places for various uses. I could see it next to a sofa in a TV room. Nice project. Jane F.

  62. adorable!

  63. Wow! This is a great idea! We’ve got a couple of similar tables in our house, but with high legs. I don’ t know if they’d be sturdy enough to sit but it’s something to think about. Thanks! By the way, I’ve come by via All Thingz Related. :-)

  64. That turned out so well. I would have never thought to do that. Great job.

  65. So cute! Congrats on sewing and great fabric choice. Love the bench – if I had a mudroom, I’d want that bench in it!

  66. it’s good. the before and after is a big improvement. I hope your hubby like it, I like that it’s functional with the storage space too.

  67. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  68. This turned out so pretty. I love the fabric you used!

    Best, Laura @ along for the ride

  69. LOVELY cute bench! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesdays! who wouldn’t love this in their room! SO cute!

  70. Coming over form Life in the Pitts. This looks awesome. I would’ve passed it up but maybe, I need to have faith in what a little spray paint can do.

  71. Oh I’m am so jealous, what a great find, and it turned out wonderful!

  72. SUPER! Nice to have you join us for Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  73. A hundred times better!

  74. Such a cute bench! I love it!
    Thanks for linking up!

  75. Your darling bench has been featured on my craft blog! thanks Jenn

  76. What a sweet little bench! It turned out great! Thanks for sharing at My Backyard Eden!

  77. So, so cute! Would make a great addition to a little girls room for sure. I can’t believe it was only $5. Goodwill would have charged an arm and a leg if they had it.


  78. Now she is such a beauty!!

    I have learned not to pay attention to my hubby and he has learned not to comment because I don’t pay attention to him!! LOL!!


  79. this is so cute! I think you had an amazing find and fixed it up nicely!!!

    Thanks for linking to Transform Tuesday!!

  80. I love it! I’d *love* for you to come by and link up to my new-ish link party Vintage Suitcase Friday!

  81. Great do over,
    my mother would call that a telephone table from the era when the phone was in the front hall of the home and the lady of the house would use the bench to sit and chat with friends

  82. Can I suggest tufting the pillow to give it a more tailored look? It would be perfect!

    Very cute~

  83. I LOVE this transformation. I alter smaller items like mail holders, clipboards and such…working my way up to furniture one day!

  84. Lovely piece at a bargain price but looks A.mazing afterwards. Well done!
    So much more satisfying when no one else can see the potential huh! lol