A Chalkboard Hurricane For Coffee Trash.

I know that title sounds silly but I didn’t know what to call this, and still don’t.  But I promise it’s cute, AND functional.  Well, it is for us anyway. :)

Do any of you have one of these coffee machines?

Ours is the Tassimo machine, but Keurig also makes them and other fancy retailers.  You know, where it will just make 1 cup of coffee at the push of a convenient button?  We LOVE this machine and use it every single day.  BUT…for some reason, we can’t seem to walk the 5 steps to the trash can that’s under the sink to throw away the used coffee pods.  So, typically every day I have at least a few (or more) of these on my kitchen counter…

And it DRIVES.ME.NUTS!!!   I don’t just blame my husband either.  I apparently have problems walking those 5 steps to the trash can too.

I hunted around the house for some sort of thing I can set by the machine and we could just throw the used pods away in. And then once it’s full, I could just carry the whole thing to the trash can. Brilliant right? :)  But it had to be cute, so I decided to spray paint one of these with chalkboard paint…

Yes, a hurricane from the Dollar Store.  I always keep plenty of these on hand in case I need a last minute birthday gift. :)

Once the paint was dry, I wrapped some burlap around it and trimmed the top and bottom with some black ribbon.  I just used hot glue for all of that.  I had to wrap something around the bottom so I would be able to pick it up.  Otherwise, whenever you get fingerprints on chalkboard paint it’s not a pretty sight.

And here is what it looks like.

Then I gave this little cutie it’s new purpose in life with some chalk…

Isn’t it cute? :)

Here it is by our little coffee station in the kitchen.

And guess what?  It works!!  I made this 4 days ago and I’ve had no used coffee pods on the counter.  They somehow magically make their way into this little chalkboard canister thingy.  It’s amazing how that happens, eh?  I’ve already had to empty this one time because it got full, and I happily walked the 5 steps to the trash can with no problems to empty it.  Again, amazing how that happens.  :)

Now, all I need to figure out is what to do with the spoon that we stir our way-too-much-sugar and heavily creamed coffee with. For whatever reason, the spoon can’t make it to the sink…

Anyone else have a coffee pod issue?  I’m probably 98% sure I’ll be in the minority on this one unfortunately.

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  1. Brilliant idea.

  2. I love what you came up with! It is so darn cute! I don’t have a pod coffee machine, but if I did, I am sure I would have the same problem.

  3. So creative!! Love it! :]

  4. I love this idea! I would have never thought to use chalk board paint on a hurricane! I am going to file this one!

    Brandi Nell

  5. Jennifer F says:

    We have the Keurig and there is always a pod in the machine but never on the counter. Our trash can is probably 5 steps too but I’ve never thought about just leaving them on the counter, lol. Can you move your coffee pot next to the sink so the spoon goes there faster? :)

    • haha well thanks Jennifer! Hmm, no not really. Well I could, but then I’d have to move the paper towel holder and that needs to be by the sink. :)

  6. Hey!!!! I have the same coffee pot!!!! Not the tassimo one…the other one!!LOL!! ;)
    and the little pod trash can is very cute!!!!! I could use something like that in my girls’ room!!!!

  7. What a great idea and it looks so nice!!! I love the use of the burlap and the chalkboard paint!
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Great idea Emily! We have the Keurig, and it always has the previous pod in it when we go to brew another…so annoying, and yes, our trash is just a few steps away! Right now I am loving the new Hot Apple Cider pods!!

  9. Love this idea!! We always just stack ours … WHY is it so hard for us to throw those pods away?!? This is brilliant; I must try it! Thank you!

  10. STOP IT! You are so creative!

  11. i really don’t blame you. the simplest tasks are impossible in the morning.


  12. Hah! If i had one of those i’m sure I’d do the exact same thing!

    Cute idea!

  13. Oh my gosh, that is great! We had the SAME problem!! {Well, my husband never quite makes ANYTHING to the trash can} but even I leave the pods & splenda packets on the counter!! Why is that? I drives me NUTS!

    For the spoon, I collect delicate & pretty little tea cup saucers {minus the tea cup} and use those as a spoon rest, then at night when I wash the dishes I just grab the spoon & saucer and wash them too.

  14. Yes, very, very cute! Good goin!


  15. Cute idea! We have the Keurig and since our trash can is out in the open (it can’t fit in any of our cabinets) we have fun throwing the pods across the room to see if we can “score a basket”

  16. Great solution! We don’t have the pods but our sugar spoon never seems to make it into the sink either!

  17. April in CT says:

    What a cute, cute idea!! This could be really useful for so many things around the house.

    I have a Tassimo too, but it ends up we never use it so I’m trying to sell it. So far no bites on Craig’s List so I may have to e-Bay soon! I’m hoping to find it a good home. :)

    • April, shoot me an email at susancnw (at) gmail.com. If no one up there wants it, maybe we can figure something out! Craigslist seems to be hit and miss for stuff like that. I have a huge set of Pfatlzgraff that I’ve listed on there at least twice.

  18. oh.my.gosh. I want to get one of these fancy-schmancy coffee machines just so I can make this adorable project! Love it! I’m sure I can think of something else to use it for :-)

  19. How cute! Very functional too. I want a coffee machine like that & think the Tassimo would be the best choice as it seems to make the lattes, cappuncino, etc., and I cannot find anything that says the Keurig will. Thanks for the idea ~ have a wonderful week!

  20. Yep! Have the same problem! (I have a Keurig) Great solution, Emily!!!!

  21. What a clever idea!!

  22. This is actually super cute! I don’t drink coffee (what a crime, I know!) so I don’t have this problem…but I just love the idea of a chalkboard holder and your handwriting is so cute! Great idea with the burlap…wouldn’t have thought of the fingerprints problem!

  23. I don’t have one of these, but I know for a fact that I would have a problem with that! You have noooo idea how large my stack of junk paper gets before I summon up the energy to throw it away…when my garbage can is only a few feet away! Good idea to simply make it even less effort, I ought to try that!

  24. I used the Splenda flavor packs in my coffee and I actually have a separate coffee cup that I put the trash ones is. All I have to do is turn around and walk 2 steps to the trash but can never manage that. I love this idea though. That way no one can see the trash.
    I am going to make a couple so that I can have a little trash where ever I need it. By my bed, by the couch where I cross stitch and have lots of little snippets of floss. I am so excited.

  25. Very creative idea….too bad we don’t drink coffee, or I’d steal this one!
    As far as your spoon crisis goes, you could buy some disposable spoons and then they could make their way into your pod hurrican trash can too. :)

  26. We “had” a Keurig which I asked my husband to take to work with him. Same thing was happening to me with hubs leaving out pods on the counter. Which, were a pain to wash after I got back home from work (when the coffee spillage dried). LOL! Love the idea and might have to get one for home again. =)

  27. Love it! I find it so funny the things we come up with creatively to disguise the way we all live in our every day lives :)

  28. super cute! i’m all for whatever makes life a little easier!

  29. Love it!! As far as the spoon issue, we had the same problem! I found a white plain espresso cup works great to hold it. It’s small so it won’t overload your counter, yet serves the purpose of keeping your spoon off it :) When it gets a little yucky I just toss it in the dishwasher & pull out another one :)

  30. I don’t have one of those coffee pots but I am going to make one of these for my dishwasher tablets. Right now they are locked under my kitchen sink (I have a one year old) and it’s such a pain to unlock it to grab one to wash the dishes. How cute will this be on the counter instead? Great idea!

  31. I’ve yet to try chalkboard paint….I think it’s one of those things that once I do, everything I own will be covered in it!

    cute canister!

  32. I love this!! I don’t have one of those machines…but if I did I would totally copy this ;)

  33. If you would ever like to be featured than please come check us out! All we ask is that you become a follower than email us on what you would like us to feature..We love to to feature people and their great finds,recipes. Thanks for letting us stop by!

  34. Great idea! This is so cute and functional.The wheels are turning of other areas I could use one of theses as well. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Super cute idea. Such a great solution. Have a good weekend!

  36. Great idea. Those hurricanes have so many uses.

  37. This is a great idea. I have never spray painted clear glass before… I’m going to walk around the house and see what I can apply this to. Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. clever

  39. No one can be blamed for messes made before having coffee. ;) I love that idea – it’s cute AND functional!

  40. what a great idea! very creative of you!

  41. VERY cool idea! I like the chalkboard look to the tall glass shape.

    No pods here. I don’t even know what a coffee pod is. I generally fill my reg coffee pot to only 6 cups which is only about 2 in reality. Am I missing out here?!? :) I wanna try a pod!


  42. I am always on the lookout for chalkboard paint inspirations! Your idea is truly inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

  43. Hi there!! I am your newest follower. I found you on the crafty link up! I love finding new blogs and yours is lovely:) You can find me at http://www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com
    Have a peek at my giveaways if you stop by. Everything is handmade and gorgeous!

    Great idea! I love this:)

  44. Looks like you got a similar suggestion about the disposable spoons. It’s not very green but I can’t stand the spoon on the counter either so I bought a big box of stir sticks from the restaurant supply store and use one of those each day. Then of course you would toss it into your super cute trash. :-)

  45. So cute! I’d never have known that started as a dollar store hurricane glass!
    Featuring you on my favorite finds today!

  46. Uhhhh . . . Brilliant! I have a couple of those lying around . . . I have chalkboard paint . . . I don’t drink coffee, but I’ll think of something! ;0)

  47. seriously looks like your own little coffee shop. love it.


  48. Great idea! I actually did something similar with my Keurig. I put the coffee pods (not used) in a glass hurricane and that way they are easily accessible when I am making coffee. Plus, it just looks pretty. I blogged about it a few months ago. :)

    I just found your blog … I love it!

  49. Debbie Tarangul says:

    hi there…I know that this comment is long after the original posting….but I just had to say that I love this idea for various other purposes. Just not the coffee thing. I find that these “pod” type machines to be very wasteful and not environmentally friendly. I opened one once after it was used just to see what it was made of. Plastic, metal and a paper filter. Millions of these pods instead of biodegradable coffee filters in the trash. Don’t get me wrong….I love the chalkboard paint idea on various things in the kitchen…my mind is racing. I have to thank you for an awesome blog…love reading it and have gotten lots of ideas.