Ye Ole Christmas Tree(s)

I needed some kind of different title, because I figured a lot of people would title their tree post “Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,” like I was going to do. :)

Anywho, here’s our tree!

It’s your traditional red and gold which is my favorite. :)  The lights do all sorts of tricks and go to all white lights…

And then to tons of different colored lights…

It’s kind of like BAM, as Emeril would say.  But I do love how they alternate and our daughter loves it too.

My cousin made the tree topper while she was here from Alabama.

Isn’t it pretty?  I have been bugging her to please do a video on how to make all of these bows so I could post about it, but I’ve had no luck. Maybe if I have enough people comment to say “please make a video Rachael!” then that will get her to do it. :)  She really is like a master bow maker.

Here are a few pretty ornaments we have on the tree.  Oh, and our tree rotates which is way cool, but it’s really hard to snap a good close up and I don’t know how to stop the tree.

My friend Dawn got those porcelain booties last year for my daughter’s first Christmas. They are precious.  Thank you Dawn!

Speaking of my daughter…

She has done so well with the tree!  There have only been 2 times when I saw her with an ornament in her hand, and then she would just hand them to me.  She’s THE best little girl and we are so blessed.

Oh yea, just for giggles I decided to put up another tree in our bedroom, just because we can. :)

I didn’t decorate it or anything because I figured it would end up with stuff like this on it anyway…

Yes that’s right.  It can be my husband’s very own valet tree.  At least the bedpost will get a break for a month. ;)

I did get fancy and used a throw blanket for the tree skirt though.

:)  It is fun having a tree in your bedroom though!  It makes me giggle.

Merry Christmas!!  I’ll be sharing this post at Thrifty Decor Chick’s tree party and Hooked on Houses Holiday Party. :)

You can still enter the giveaway from MirrorMate Frames here.  They are amazing!



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  1. Lovely! We are tree up with the lights on it, now to decorate it tonight!

  2. I love love love the lights. Where did you find them? I have to say I think it is adorable that there is one of those popper toys in the background of your photo, such a TRUE mom! Your little girl is so sweet. And your topper is gorgeous! Merry Christmas@!

  3. The tree is beautiful Emily! I am sure your little one is in awe of all the colors!! My girls always had trees in their rooms for Christmas. This year just the younger one will as big sis has her own apartment.

  4. Beautiful tree…I love the lights! My tree is pre-lit and has the pinkish lights instead of bright red and it’s kind of sad. BTW, what color paint is on your walls? I love the shade of brown!

  5. JenniferH. says:

    I DO want to learn how to make a bow like that! I’ve been wanting to make a bow topper for our upstairs tree, but haven’t attempted it yet.

  6. LOL that is hilarious that you took a pic of your husband’s sock on the tree, I needed a good laugh this morning. I also LOVE the fact that you put a xmas tree in your bedroom, fab idea!

    I did red and gold decor this year, I just love it : ) Pretty ornaments to!

  7. Very pretty, Emily! This rotating tree thing must be fairly new, I saw another one this year. Your little girl is precious, what fun to have one that small to celebrate Christmas with.

  8. Beautiful tree, Emily! Your daughter is precious. My son is wonderful about handing me the ornaments. My daughter? Not so much. Love the idea of a tree in the bedroom. I couldn’t even fit a branch in mine. lol But if I could, I’m sure it would be “socked”, too!

  9. Hahaha I love the sock on the tree! My husband would probably do the same!

    I once asked him to snap pictures of our new floors while he was off from work and it was daylight. When I was looking through the pictures, I noticed his pajamas in a pile on the floor. Like, you couldn’t move your dirty clothes so I could use the pictures on my blog? Too funny!

  10. Now I want a tree in my bedroom… I love just sitting in front of my tree in the livingroom as it sparkles and shines. It would be just a lovely way to go to sleep at night!

  11. Such a darling picture of your daughter looking at the tree. She seems to be admiring it!

  12. Wow — a rotating, color-changing tree?!?! That is snazzy!
    and I love the tree in your room…I like to feel the Christmas spirit in any room I’m hanging out in!

  13. Your family tree is beautiful! I love having a small tree in the bedroom…all the lights off & just the tree lights on.

  14. A tree with a light show! It’s wonderful! And so is your sweet little princess-tot!

    Okay, I’ll get the ball rolling here: “Make a video tutorial please, Rachael!”

  15. Love the gym socks on the tree…very appropriate and realistic. My husband cant let anything stand too long without laying something on top of it…maybe that is why I am always dancing around! Have a wonderful Christmas with that precious little one….they really do grow up way too fast!!!

  16. Love the movement and life in your tree. It’s beautiful!

  17. What a beautiful tree! I really love the changing lights – you were able to get great pictures! And what a fun idea to put a tree in your room. Hmmm. I just might! Thanks! :) (P.S. Your little one – what a sweetie!)

  18. I love how the lights change color. That is so cool! Your daughter is precious.

  19. Anonymous says:

    What a gorgeous tree! Those lights are pretty neat. I’ll have to look out for those next year. Love the tree in your bedroom, lol!

  20. We put a tree in the kid’s playroom this year and if I had it up to just myself I’d have one in every room! Ha!

    I love your tree…it’s beautiful. And the picture of your daughter checking it out up close and personal is so cute!

  21. How fun! I don’t have a very large bedroom, but I do have a little tree I was toying with putting on a table in there just cause I love the twinkling lights. :) (I ended up putting it out on the landing where we’ll actually see it more than once a day since I don’t hang out in my bedroom during the day at all.) OH – and those bows bring back memories. I used to set up all the tree displays at Hobby Lobby back in the day (ALL OF THEM IN OUR DISTRICT) and we made the huge bows to top all of them. Lots of tree fluffing. Lots of bows. :)

  22. Oh my goodness, Emily! I am laughing hysterically right now over the sock on the tree. I’m betting any money that’s what would happen if we had room for a tree in ours…or one of our puppies toys perhaps ;) Too funny! Thanks for the good ole’ chuckle!

  23. Wow – rotating tree, changing lights! Puts mine to shame. :-) That music ornament is so pretty, and I do think Rachael should do a tree topper video.

  24. Your tree turned out gorgeous! I can’t get over the sock on your other tree! Soooo hilarious!

  25. Your tree is PERFECT! and how fun is it to have a Christmas tree in your bedroom?! The light is better than candle light;-)

  26. OH Alie would LOVE THAT!!!! We got multi colors because she really liked those trees better! I love it Emily! The sock is FAB too! :) OH I named my post ARIZONA TREE then I realized everyone would probably think it was a cactus!! That wouldn’t be a bad idea…..maybe next year I could do a funny cactus Christmas tree too! :)

  27. love the way you did the ribbon! i always go horizontal … but love the vertical look!

  28. My main tree is red and gold as well. Good choice! :) Your SIL sent me your way and I would love it if you’d link up your trees to my Christmas Tree Show-Off!

  29. Very pretty! My daughters and I decorated our Christmas tree over the weekend. But I am thinking I should add some ribbon now — the ribbon on your tree is very beautiful! Nicely done!


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