Where To Find Long Curtains For Cheap!

Hope you all had a great weekend!! Today I wanted to let you in on where to find those super long curtains for very affordable prices, because I get asked all the time about ours in the living room! I posted about them years ago, and it’s still one of the top posts here, so I wanted to give a little refresher on them.

You know we have those huge windows in our living room, so I put up these curtains several years ago and am still very happy with them and don’t plan to change them any time soon.

Living Room Makeover With Long Curtains | www.decorchick.com

Here is another shot with the old living room arrangement.

Where To Find Long Living Room Curtains For Cheap | www.decorchick.com

These are from Curtainworks, and I’ve been super happy with them! I get asked a lot too about the long curtain rod, and I can’t remember where I ordered it from. If you just google “long curtain rods” you will find options. I remember mine being about $65 I believe?

The curtains I have are the Monterey Textured Lined Grommet, in the color Linen. The color used to be called Mocha, but it was changed to Linen. It’s a beautiful neutral color with a slight shimmer to them. The curtain panels I have are 132 inches long, and they sell curtains up to 144 inches! And for less than $50. Can’t beat that anywhere.

Hooray for affordable and pretty curtains!



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  1. I think it’s time for me to take the plunge.

  2. I’ve used king size duvet covers for curtain panels on the large, tall sliding door in our living room. They were on clearance for $25 a piece at Target, and already lined!

  3. Awesome and perfect timing!!! Just placed my order for some long sheers for the family room redo. Four sheers for a total of $50! I couldn’t make them myself cheaper than that.

    :) Linda

  4. Love your room! Where did you get the pretty rug?

  5. I like long curtains, in general, and yours look very nice in your living room. I also highly recommend the curtains when people have long windows. It gives it a perfect glamourous look! Linen color is very good, too because it can’t cause any damage with the combination of the colors that you have. You did a great job!

  6. What color for curtains would you say goes well with eggplant color and brown . These are the colors I have

  7. I am so happy things have slowed down so I could stop by! I have been looking for long curtains/WC for ever. Thank You so much for this post! ((HUG-HUG)) I Love your drapes, I wouldn’t change them either. :)

  8. Love the room! May I ask how many panels you used for the 3 windows? Thanks!

  9. alston nobel says:

    Nice Curtains.

  10. Looks awesome awesome. we have a new house and similar kind of vaulted ceiling (except that you have a middle pocket inbetween of top and bottom windows). I am confused whether to drape it from the top or just from the middle like the one you have. what do you suggest? Also we havent started with any wall hangings or any decor in the living room. And the floor is carpet, one side window (top and bottom). My furnitures are combination of cherry and coffee colors – so I guess my windows might need dark shade?? I am busy working person 90% on roads and so have ZERO patience to research and analyze – people like you are experts and would want to take your advice (Free of charge ;)). I am new to your blog but already addicted to read all of your posts.

  11. Love all your projects. Thanks for sharing this curtain website . Do you think the color linen would go well with an eggplant color and brown?thanks