What The World Needs More Of

Keeping it light today friends, I’m battling a nasty sinus infection now. Joy! But a few weeks ago I shared this picture on my Facebook page and it’s ummm, gone a little nutty.

Oh so true! But my word does it crack.me.up.

Do you agree?



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  1. I completely agree!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is say less Kardashians, actually. I haven’t seen a full episode of Honey Boo Boo but they at least appear to love each other and not be money and fame addicts, or grossly materialistic.

  3. I love that. And I agree and, I’ll say AMEN to both! Less HBB and K’s. I’ve never watched either show. ick.


  4. Amen to that!!!

  5. I say less, much less, of any show that is all drama. Or pointless, unless it’s Survivor, Amazing Race, The Voice, and Duck Dynasty :D Just sayin’

  6. Ok, I know “Mayberry” Is fictional and I totally get what this is saying. But I wanted to tell ya’ll something kind of interesting/funny related to the topic. I actually lived in the town that Mayberry was based on (where Andy Griffith was born) and I have to say I have never experienced so many mean spirited people in one town. I constantly had this said to me “You’re not from around here, are ya?” My mom was also born there and she said she never “fit” in either. It’s a strange little town. It’s lovely don’t get me wrong but boy it’s kind of strange there.

  7. Absolutely!

  8. Marie Roxanne says:

    The reason why shows like that exists… is because people actually WATCH them…
    Just stop watching and they will disappear…