What is Your Favorite Gray Paint?

I really loved the comments from yesterday’s post about the gray paint.  Now that I am even more curious about this color, I want y’all to leave what your favorite gray is in the comments section if you will please?  I’d like to keep a list of ones that I know people love, so in the future if you or I need another pretty gray, we will have an easy reference instead of testing a bajillion grays.  I’m looking for straight up gray…not blue or anything.   I know we will still have to test them, but at least we would already know of good ones!

If you commented yesterday and left your favorite color already, you don’t have to again in this post, but you sure can if you want! :)  If I get a decent list going, I will post it later on.

Thank you everyone!!



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  1. so after reading yesterday’s post – i know you won’t like my fave gray (or not for that room at least!) since it has a slight purple tint to it —
    but it’s Behr Manhattan Mist. I actually wanted the faint purplish tone, so it’s perfect. :)

  2. I recently went shopping for colors and fell in love with this one Cumulus Cloud by Martha Stewart. I purchased a little 8 oz. tester and took it home. I love that it is a very soft gray. Like you I’m trying to stay away from the blue/grays, etc.

    I can’t wait to paint the bedroom with this and lighten it up since it is a rather small room.


  3. I love love love Versatile Gray by Sherwin Williams, we just painted a ton of it and it is awesome!

    • I used Versatile Gray in my family room, and I’m sorry to say, but I think it has purple tones to it. By day it looks like a good gray but at night it’s totally purple! We have since repainted, but we went with a tan instead.

      • I think I may have made the same mistake. Popular gray is llighter than Versatile Gray but one step down on the paint card. I wanted a gray that would work with a coral rug but I wanted neutral gray. I am seeing purple, too, and that is NOT what I wanted. Help!! I have boasted that I can see undertones, but this time I think I blew it. What is a good truly undertone free pale gray, more on the warm side than the cool side? The adjoining room is Opaline, and I saw these two colors used togther in a decor article, plus I pored over colors, even asking for the formula at the paint store. But I was choosing paint for six rooms. It was too much at one time! Does anyone else think Popular Gray is purple?

        • Anonymous says:

          i just painted a laundry room with Versatile Gray and I totally see purple. In fact, it looks lilac to me, as in the shade I had in my bedroom with a purple shag rug as a little girl. Funny though, I’ve asked my decorator, builder, friend, the builder’s helper, and fiancé and none of them see the purple.

        • Anonymous says:

          Have you tried BM Revere Pewter?

          • I kept the BM Popular Gray in our bedroom. There was no opportunity to redo it. But it ended up looking really good in the room so I am happy. It does help that the carpet has coral in it, so it works better than a gray with green undertones might have. I have ended up with four different grays in our home. My favorite is our dining room in BM Harbor Gray. It makes the other pops of color in the room more intense. BM Heron Plume in our powder room is a nice very pale light grey and BM Ozark Shadows in our kitchen is one shade darker than the Harbor Gray on the card.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, it goes well with all colors.

  4. Sharkey Gray by Martha Stewart, its very pretty!

  5. It’s a Miller paint #5038…very soft, subtle, beachy…

  6. I like earl grey. With a little splash of orange. It is just amazing. Breathtaking really.

  7. My bathroom is painted gray. It’s called Anonymous from Behr. It’s a really great color. It doesn’t have any blue or purple hints, it’s just… gray. Which, I love! I would definitely recommend it.

  8. Naturally Calm by Behr – grey lavender – so elegant- not cloying or juvenile like lavenders can be!

  9. I love Coliseum Marble by Behr, so soothing but not cold.

  10. One of my favorite grays—and just to caution, it does come across quite blue—is “Aqua Smoke” from the Olympic line at Lowe’s. It’s such a gorgeous, soothing color. I love this post! Going to have to bookmark it for future reference… : )

  11. First time to your pretty blog. I adore Sherwin Williams, “French Gray.” I painted my bathroom with this color and people ask me what it is all the time. Gray Perfection!


  12. Oh I hope you get a lot of comments, I am in need of a gray paint. Thanks for doing this! Glad to see a lot of people use Sherwin Williams, I have a fan deck which makes it perfect to go reference these colors.

  13. I got my color idea from Centsational Girl. It started out as Benjamin Moore’s ‘Tranquility’, but it was too blue so she had the guys at BM pull two drops of blue out of the formula to arrive at ‘Tranquility Tweaked’ ~ her custom color. I used it in my bedroom and love it! Not too blue not too grey.

  14. I LOVE Dovetail by Sherwin Williams. It is a true grey and is fabulous

  15. Duron (which is now part of Sherwin Williams) has a really pretty color called “Designer Grey”. I saw it at my neighbor’s house, and bought some, but I haven’t painted w/it yet, so I can’t be more specific, but it felt very tranquil and has a bit of blue in it.

  16. So sorry to hear about your gray paint catasrophe from your last post! That stinks! But I’m so glad you finally found a gray paint that you like. The main living areas of my whole house are painted in Behr’s Dolphin Fin. It’s a true gray gray. I love it because it’s so neutral. I can change out my accessories thoughout the year and it looks lovely all year long. I love how gray totally goes with anything!
    ~Robin {Keep Home Simple}

  17. finally found my paint chip! it is called Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore. our whole house’s main areas are painted this gray. it is a perfectly clean-but-not-too-cold-or-bluey gray during the day and a warm cozy gray at night.. love it!

  18. Chelsea Eland says:

    I had the exact same problems with gray in my kitchen, and tried tons of samples. I finally tried Behr’s Creek Bend, and it’s the perfect warm, brown tone of gray. It contrasts our very pinkish hues in our kitchen perfectly.

    • Hi- I have a question re: Behr’s “Creek Bend”. I LOVED the shade as it was depicted on the fold-out brochure, “Spaces Bed and Bath”. But on the color card it looks MUCH draker and green! Even the saleslady laughed at how different the clors were. Now I’m afraid to order it. Did you notice that difference too or did you not see the brochure depiction of that shade?
      Thanks, Penny

      Thanks, Penny

      • I have not seen the brochure of the color, but I do remember it looking very dark on the paint color sample I had in hand. My dining room/kitchen has the most natural lighting in our house, so the color is a warm grey that works really well for the room. I’d recommend trying a sample container first if you’re unsure. Hope that helps!

  19. I LOOOOVE this post….I painted my bedroom grey years ago and hated it. But I’ve been seeing grey used so much more lately, I want to try again, with the right shade of course. I worked at HD awhile ago in the paint dept., when buying paint, try to buy the same color at the same time, and don’t go to another store because you’re already there, the paint dispensing machines are all different in the way that one may let out 2 extra drops of black (an example) and that will change your color tone. And what you get one day you may not get another, someone might not have cleaned and purged the machines which can clog the dispenser too and add a touch of an extra color. And the paint chip colors are all in flat, so if you don’t like flat paint you color wont look the same as the chip. Hope this info help for the future. Can’t wait to see how the room turns out.

  20. I painted Creek Bend by Behr and loved it. I tried porpoise for the living room and the small sample looked good. BUT after painting the whole loving room and changing to fluorescent lights it really looks purple. A light lavender color. I am now looking for more of a true grey.

  21. I painted our dark front hallway with Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Grey. It is positively beautiful.

  22. Beanie Bee says:


    I fell upon this website looking for gray paint suggestions. Based on the convenience & popularity… I decided to go with Classic French Gray by Sherwin-Williams….

    BUT upon entering the store, I found an even better choice! Essential Gray!!! I was so nervous because I did not want to side track. But it turns out that Essential Gray is The One.

    • It’s neutral.
    • Consistent in different light settings (gets a smidget darker in indoor lighting).
    • Absolutely perfect.

    I recommend it to all that want plain ‘ole gray… without any undertones.

  23. DanaFerre says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect gray for three weeks. It can’t have a blue, purple, or green tint or afterglow. Many have this. Here is what I have found: If you just want to dip your toes in gray, then Revere Pewter is very light and neutral. Edgecomb is also light. Gray Cashmere is nice too. To get a little more serious, go for Stonington Gray or Coventry. I have decided on Thunder. It’s a very clean gray, with no aftertaste! Chantilly Lace compliments for trim and Storm is a great accent wall. These are all Benj. Moore.

  24. I stumbled onto this page while trying to look up the company that makes my grey paint. I love your list! We’ve painted our condo in Delux’s Designer Grey and are using it in the house we’re currently building. It’s perfectly neutral and goes with everything, including maple, and doesn’t pick up ANY other colors to change it’s tint (I’ve tried lots of shades against it and never had it change). My only sort-of complaint is it’s a lighter colour; great if you’re afraid of some bold color or in a small space and want weightless walls (our current situation and it’s perfect), but not as cozy as a good dark color.

  25. omg! i ‘m glad to hear i’m not the only “picky one” out here when it comes to finding the right gray! i actually have 6 samples on my walls right now, and they all have blue or lilac tones. look what happens when you google “plain old gray paint”!!!

    i actually said something very stupid, and got the perfect stupid reply from my husband. i said, “this is rediculous. who would have thought it was this hard to find a plain old gray? i mean, really, just how many shades of gray are there?” and his response, “really? from the woman who read all 3 books in 1 week, i would assume she would know the answer to that question. That would be 50!”

    i could almost hear the drum do the rim shot right there at lowe’s!!

  26. I would love to know if you ever found the perfect “true gray” without any blue or purple undertones. I am on the hunt now and it is really hard to track that perfect balance down.

    • I still love Balanced Beige (take the home tour to see that color on the walls), and I also really like Agreeable gray. Both by SW.

      • Thanks for replying. Funny you should say that about Agreeable Gray, because it’s at the top of my list right now. I’m going to make my final decision this weekend. SW is having their 40% sale starting the 19th. Yay! :)

        P.S. Love the house tour! Beautiful!

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  28. I’m considering mindful grey or repose grey – both by sherwin Williams. Any thoughts? They both seem like warm undertones to me.

  29. Awesome post.