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Welcome Houston Life Fans!

Hey new Houston Life friends!! I’m so excited you are here today!

Welcome Houston Life! | Decorchick!®

It was SO much fun being on the show today!  Since you are probably new to my blog and maybe wanting to learn a little bit more about essential oils, don’t worry, I’ve got ya covered!

I shared my top 5 essential oils every home needs, and also shared a few DIY recipes, so thought I would put them here for easy access.


LLP Recipe – a/k/a Breathe Roll-on (great for when seasons change)

Epsom Salt Bath (when you need to relax)

Those are just some of the MANY recipes you can do with these oils. Really, they are that awesome. Healthy immune systems, respiratory systems, emotional support…I could go on and on!

10 oils that rocked my world | Decorchick!®

What’s even better is that the top 5 oils I talked about today on the show all come in the best kit ever! It’s the best deal out there!

Head on over to my essential oils page to learn more [2] about how to get started. It’s crazy easy, and one of the best things you will do for you and your family!

Thank YOU so much for visiting today friends!! I hope to get to know you better soon!