Update that knife block!

I’ve had this knife block forever. I think my mom got it for me when I moved into my first apartment?  Anyway, it’s OLD, that’s all I know. And you can definitely tell it’s old when you look closely at the knife handles with the cracked and missing pieces. :) But that’s okay because we use them regularly. To eat with, not on each other.

Here is what it looks like…

It wasn’t bad or anything as is, but it could definitely stand to be updated a tad. I saw what Allison did over at House of Hepworths to her knife block, and thought it was a brilliant idea so I decided to be a copy cat.

First I cleaned it really well.  Have you cleaned your knife block lately? Mine was icky!

After it was clean I spray painted 2 coats of flat black and let it dry.

Then I sprayed it lightly with Rustoleum’s ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) spray paint.  I was so excited when our Home Depot finally had it because they never did when I looked for it.  All the talk about it on the other blogs made it sound so yummy, and they were right.  This stuff rocks so go get you some!  The trigger did take some getting used to, but it’s all good now.

Here it is after with the black spray paint and the ORB lightly sprayed on top…

Isn’t that purty?  What a difference paint makes.  The ORB spray paint just gives it a nice metallic, bronzy color, but not too much metallic or shimmer. This was my first project using the ORB and I can say I’m a fan for life.

Here’s another picture so you can enjoy it again…

I am seriously in love with my knife block now. Thanks Mom for getting me this years ago!

I’m already mapping out what I can use the ORB on next.  Do you have any items in your home that could be updated?  I bet you do, so go get some spray paint and get busy!

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  1. i need to do this same thing to my knife block. it looks similar to yours before you painted it. thanks for sharing at my saturday soiree!!

  2. Premier Jewelry Lady says:

    I love it!!! I’m doing ORB everything in my new house. This is a brilliant idea and I didn’t even know they had ORB paint at Home Depot. Somebody hold me back, I’m going to be painting everything that doesn’t move out of my way fast enough!!! LOVE this idea!!!

  3. Love your knife block makeover! Thank you for stopping by my blog to say hello, and welcome to Blogland. Blogging is great fun!


  4. I love it! Thanks for linking back to me. ;)

    Your new blog is rockin’! Don’t forget to stop by my weekly party next Thursday.

  5. So fun- I love the little crafts that make a huge difference. I think I will ORB something this week :)

  6. So much better! I love it! Isn’t it amazing what a little spray paint can do?!?!

  7. Oh, if I had only known about painting knife blocks before hand! I threw mine away a couple years ago. Now I have a messy knife mess in my utensil drawer. Wonder if I can find a beat up used one while thrifting?? I’d pick it up and paint it sooo fast!

  8. That looks so nice! I might have to tackle mine now…

  9. Wow! Looks amazing!! I just love the ideas from HOH! You did a great job!

  10. Looks fabulous! I never thought of using spray paint. Fabulous job! Thanks for joining The Sunday Showcase. I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  11. came over from girl creative and am so glad i did! this is a fab idea and i am updating mine today! thanks for sharing…looks beautiful! hugs!

  12. Great job! Wow, it really looks very classy now. I will have to try that bronzing spray too! Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards,

  13. Great job! I need to do this to mine!

  14. What a simply marvelous idea! I have a knife block that looks just like that, I can’t believe I have never even thought of doing something like this!

    Katie P

  15. Hadn’t thought of doing this, but what a great simple update! Thanks for linking and helping to make this the most successful Modern Craftswoman Monday so far! Rory

  16. Looks great!
    Thanks for sharing at Anything Related!

  17. i just did this the day before yesterday. love it… but i’m thinking of adding something more to it. just haven’t decided what.

  18. The knife block looks so cool! I have a question. I know this may sound lame but do you use a special paint because your knives are going to be in it? I thought of doing the same thing to my block as well as the my sugar canister but I wasn’t sure how safe it is.


    • Hmm, no I didn’t think that smart. :) If you are worried about it, maybe you could fold up some thick paper, or stick thin pieces of wood in it and put in the knife slots while your painting? We use the knives every day and we haven’t had any illnesses. :)

  19. Hi, luv, luv, luv how the knife block turned out! Congrats on your blog!! I am totally in love with the “GRACE” plate behind it. May I ask where did you get it?

  20. thanks for getting back to me, take care!

  21. Really looks great, DecorChick!! :)

  22. This turned out GREAT! How is it that I’ve never heard of ORB spray paint? I am totally going to have to get some and try it! Wow! Wonderful job!

  23. What a terrific idea! I can almost here my own block crying out to be painted (and cleaned!!), too!

  24. That should read “hear” instead of “here.” *Blush*

  25. Awesome update on the knife block…I too love ORB, I use it quite often in my projects. I wanted to let you know in the spray paint dept there is a trigger handle that you definately need to ask about. It makes spray painting a dream. Thanks

  26. Hey there!
    I realize you posted this three years ago… just wondering how the ORB paint has held up? Has it chipped or deteriorated at all?


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