Thrifty media cabinet turned display unit

Ever have one of those projects that goes great in your head, but turns out to be a doozy?  Yea, this was one of them for me. Luckily though, I am pleased with the final result. :)

I went to the thrift store last week and spotted this lovely thing.

It was $35 and in perfect condition.  I know $35 isn’t exactly cheap at the thrift store, but it’s a solid piece of furniture and looked great.  It had only been there an hour before I got there, so I knew it was meant to be. :)

I knew exactly where I would put it when I got home.  It would replace this little table and the picture that is way too large for this area.  But I knew that picture was just temporary.

Yea, big I know.  I’ve been moving this picture everywhere around the house and this was its final landing spot, until now.

Then I removed the cabinet doors.

Then there were a million little holes to fill in for the different shelf height adjustments, so I used some wood filler on them.

And since I didn’t really want to paint this piece, I just went over the holes with some black acrylic paint.  The holes still looked bad.

So out to the garage it goes, courtesy of my hubby, and I spray paint it black.  I used a flat black finish because that’s what I had plenty of cans of.

Here it is sprayed down.

Well, most of it I sprayed.  I didn’t bother spraying the parts that would never be seen, because that’s just how lazy I am.

But the problem after I sprayed it was that the holes were STILL showing!  Ack!  By this point I was pretty peeved I just wasted time painting, when I didn’t even intend on it in the first place.

Now is where the torture fun began for me.  I decided to use leftover beadboard wallpaper to cover the sides and back of the shelf. I LOVE beadboard whether it be real or fake.  And this of course was fake.  :)

I measured the sizes I needed and cut away.  Then I sprayed them with Heirloom White.

I did this to all of the pieces then went to install.  That is when I figured out all of my pieces were the wrong size because I was cutting the wrong way.  Good times, good times.

Soooo, I made one last attempt to get it right, and I finally did.  After the beadboard was dry, I used double sided tape to hang it up with.  Now, are all of my lines straight and perfect?  Oh goodness no!  I should take the word “perfect” out of my vocabulary when it comes to projects. :)

Here she is all prettied up and accessorized.

Better right?  I do like the all black now, so I’m glad I messed it up.  :)  I put in 2 different baskets that take up the 2 bottom shelves, so that was my reasoning for not painting the back half of those shelves.  Clever, I know.

Here’s a close up of the inside top shelf.

Looooooove beadboard wallpaper!!  Oh, and that is not my family.  That is Hobby Lobby’s family in the frames still.  Two of the frames were $5 each, and the other was $3 from the clearance section.  I have the frame in the back sitting up on 2 old thrift store books to give it height.

And to hide my very uneven wallpapering lines, I decided to take some leftover sticks from the garage, cut them to fit, and tie a little bundle with jute.

I made 3 of these little bundles and just set them in the bad corners.  :)

Here’s one more of the finished project.

I do love her now!  I absolutely love anything that can act as storage AND a place to display pretty accessories and precious pictures…even if it is Hobby Lobby’s family.

Hope you like it!  :)



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  1. That is a great project save!! Good thinking with the wall paper. I love how it turned out.

  2. Turned out lovely! Too bad you did not think abt the bead board before you had to spray it! Sounds just like me though! It always takes me awhile before something clicks! Again love your find!

  3. Good find, glad you got it all worked out. Cute!

  4. Great find! I love what you did with it — it’s beautiful!

  5. Great! I love it. said doozy…dont we know her?

  6. What a great find! This is what I need for my living room/office. Love the beadboard wallpaper idea and the baskets in the bottom.

  7. Well it certainly turned out looking great after all that aggravation it gave you! I like it with the white inside. Keeps it brighter looking.

  8. This is trully a wonderful makeover. I was skeptical at first but the liner and the cabinet uplights changed my mind, it looks gorgeous! Also, what a clever solution with the bundles to draw the eye. Love this. Now I want one.

  9. OMgosh!!! I love it! Now really, that is amazing! I want one! What? Beadboard wallpaper? Never heard of it, I need to get some! i totally love the lightly too!

    I am NOT kidding, I need to find something like this and completely duplicate it! That’s how much I love it! :)

  10. That cabinet is the PERFECT size for that corner area. Amazing repurpose-I’m loving it!!!


  11. This really turned out awesome! I love the beadboard wall paper and can’t wait to use some on my bookshelves!

  12. I love it and it looks so perfect in your home. Thanks for sharing!

  13. LOVE IT! I agree, any kind of storage is wonderful!!! This looks perfect in that spot.

  14. Looks fabulous!! The bead board wallpaper really made it look good!! I just might have to buy some of that stuff!

  15. What a great transformation! I like how you added the beadboard and accent light.

  16. WOW! that looks fab! I found you via MM, glad that I did. Stop by to see me sometime.

  17. This looks great. I like the black and I can see all of your accessories so much better now than I could on that smaller table. Nicely done. Great score.

  18. That turned out AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for linking it to gettin’ crafty on hump day!! :)

  19. Fabulous find. It fits perfectly in the space! I love it without the doors. Looks great! Thanks so much for joining The Sunday Showcase. I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  20. It’s the perfect scale for that spot, and the black is gorgeous. I’m also a real sucker for beadboard~real or fake! I like it!

  21. Looks great! I love the lights inside…the warm glow! Thanks for joining us for Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  22. I’d say your redo turned out very well! You really transformed this cabinet; great job!

  23. lol, I like your sense of humour! Well done on saving this makeover! Happy Transformation Thursday <3

  24. Oh hey! That looks great. Especially with that lighting! And good choice putting it by the doors. I think that’s a perfect spot for it.

    Thank you for participating in the Craft Therapy Session with Life in the Pitts

  25. Great transformation! Love how that turned out. I wouldn’t have thought of the light.

    I came here via Hodgepodge Friday. Stop by and visit me sometimes over at Pittypat Paperie.

  26. Thanks for linking to Make My Style Mondays.
    You were part of the Fab Five this week. go check out your feature and grab a button when you can.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Love how it all evolved and came out right in the end. Looks like it was always meant to be like that, nice contrast with the white wallpaper on the inside.
    Great job!

  28. great redo! I really want some of that beadboard wallpaper! I love how this piece turned out!

  29. You did a wonderful job. The beadboard addition is good thinking, as well as, the sticks.

  30. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  31. Jennifer Cooper says:

    I love how you saw the hidden beauty in this piece and brought it out. Plus, you persevered when it didn’t work out. Great post. Thanks.

  32. Great idea! I’ve been trying to decide what to put in the back of my ‘new to me’ shelving unit for the family room…sorta beachy theme so that is a PERFECT idea with the beadboard. Hubs won’t let me paint the unit black so white would be good too.

    Use the doors again also. Just hang one of them on the wall (ala Nester) and use the bottom one for a tray! You can remove the glass and put beadboard in there and plaint it all, or just leave the glass and put the beadboard over it! Two pretty handles and voila!

  33. So clevah! It looks great ~ sorry it was a doozy.


  34. You know what I like best about this project.?.. is the fact that you admit that things dont always go smooth…. the Tv lady is rarely out in the garage with sweat dripping in her eyes… her drill battery pooped out and her feet spray painted black…lol… I do lots of projects, and mainly they turn out darn good.. but sometimes you gotta go with the flow.. your thrift store find turned out great… …

  35. What a lovely makeover. Love what you’ve done to the stand…the colour…and the location looks to be perfect. It looks great!
    Thrifty is pretty cool….
    come by and visit sometime.

  36. I’m a Fit and Style Coach and I’m just embarking on the DIY journey. Don’t know what took me so long as my mom was always a DIYer. I really appreciate your candor about how many little snafu’s you encountered! It made it real and it made it OK, to fall down and keep on going! Re-inventing, being flexible and finding beauty in what wasn’t your your original intention! Thanks for inspiring!

  37. Pamela Reuter says:

    Just love the flow of your logic!!!! I too would try and find a solution to each dilemma that rears it’s ugly head!!! LOL!!! You did an amazing job of getting past all the obstacles and it looks lovely!!! TFS!!!



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