Things I Love…Wired Whimsy, My Birthday, and 2 Giveaways!


Hello everyone!  Let’s start out your Monday with a little sponsor lovin’ and 2 great giveaways!  One is from Wired Whimsy, and I’m also throwing in a $30 Visa gift card because it’s my birthday today!  I’m the big 3-0!!  It feels, ummm, the same. :)  Okay, moving on…

Christy from Wired Whimsy was my very first sponsor so I will be forever grateful to her. :) I love Christy and I love her jewelry. She puts her heart into each piece of jewelry she makes, while still making it very affordable.  So let me show you a few pretties that she offers at her shop. :)

Christy graciously sent me this necklace from her punctuate line, and I just adore it.  I wear it all the time and get many compliments.

Isn’t that beautiful??!  I just love it.

Here is a red and turquoise bracelet that I just love too.  I’m a sucker for that color combo.

This necklace is from Christy’s Think PINK Collection which is so totally awesome.   $5 of every sale is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  What a great cause!

Love these dangly earrings…

And I love all of the colors in this gorgeous Agate and Sterling bracelet!


And this is what Christy is giving away to one of you lucky readers…

Oh how I LOVE this necklace!!  I absolutely adore anything copper.  I love the bronzy look, and how perfect this is for Fall!

This is the description…”Clear faceted Teardrop Crystal and Copper Necklace. Czech fire polished teardrop crystal that I’ve carefully wire wrapped with a hand forged copper headpin that features a delicate, hammered circle at the bottom. The pendant is strung onto an authentic copper ball chain (not plated). Pendant measures approximately 1 inch, and chain length is 16 inches.”

Just beautiful!  I know that you will love Christy’s jewelry as much as I do.  Like I mentioned earlier, her prices are excellent, and you won’t break the bank by picking up a few items for yourself or as gifts.  Remember, Christmas is just around the corner! :)

Oh yea, and here is what I am throwing in for my birthday…

Yay for y’all!  I will be choosing 2 winners. One for the Wired Whimsy necklace and the other for the gift card.  Remember the rules for the gift card…don’t buy anything silly like food or pay bills with it, and buy something for yourself!  :)

I will give you 5 chances to win, if you wish.  Here’s how…

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me you are excited!

2. Visit Christy’s Etsy shop and come back here and leave a comment with what item you love.

3. Heart Christy’s Etsy shop (add to your favorites on Etsy) and come back here and leave another comment that you did.

4. Follow me through Google or RSS if you aren’t already, and leave a comment letting me know.  If you follow me already, just leave a comment that you do.

5. Blog, tweet, or put on your Facebook about the giveaways and leave another comment letting me know you did.

Don’t forget to follow Christy on Facebook and Twitter too!

I will run this giveaway through Saturday, August 28 and will choose the 2 winners using

Good luck everyone, I’m off to eat some birthday cake. :)




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  1. Kim Barraco says:

    Happy Birthday – I have to tell you that I love your blog! I’ve found so many interesting things there. You do a wonderful job. I won’t lie…I’m excited about your Birthday and the give away is just a bonus. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Just to let you know, I did visit Christy’s page and she has some wonderful items there (those that haven’t checked it out should!). The Breast Cancer items are my favorite. I’ve added her to my fav’s on etsy and am still browsing, trying to decide which item I HAVE to have.

    BTW – enjoy that Birthday Cake!

  3. Jill Jones says:

    I’m a new follower of yours and am glad I found you! Happy birthday and thanks for the opportunity to win goodies! :o)

  4. ME ME ME Today’s my birthday and I need some shiny new baubles.

  5. Just wanted to let ya know that I’ve blogged about your blog – I’m sure that a ton of my friends will click and add you as well. Keep up the good work!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) Hope it’s a great one! I LOVE love love your blog & love love love giveaways!

  7. Oh. And this is my favorite piece of hers:

    SO awesome! :)

  8. Happy Birthday! And I am very excited! I would put that $30 towards a cute new jacket I saw at Target ;)

  9. Happy Birthday!! I think I’ll buy that red and turquoise bracelet for myself to celebrate :)

  10. Also… I heart her on Etsy & already follow you… I love that necklace you’re giving away!! :)

  11. Jill Jones says:

    Oooo! I went to Christy’s ETSY site and WOW! Love it all! I really love the Agate and Sterling bracelet, but I think the Gunmetal Swirl necklace is my favorite! BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for another chance to win! :o)

  12. Annnnnd the tweet has been posted! Happy birthday again & thanks for the giveaway! All the best!

  13. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a super day. YOur giveaway is beautiful. Gorgeous necklace and of course who doesn’t love gift cards. I am a follower of course. Hugs, Marty

  14. Doris Lynn Turner says:

    Happy Birthday to you !! 30 .. Enjoy every minute of your big day !!! I wanna win because my birthday is Sept 9th and heck I could use a gift and a treat just for me !!!

  15. I’m excited!

  16. I follow through Google Reader.

  17. Hi Emily –
    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day of celebrating with family and friends, lot’s of cake and fabulous memories. Wow, what a wonderful giveaway! Please enter me.

  18. Anonymous says:
    Is my pick !! I always ask questions and love to find out who people are and learn about life … I also could wear it and the meaning could be …I DUNNO????

  19. Woo Hoo…another entry, I’m already a follower of your lovely blog.

  20. Woo Hoo!!!! I’m so excited!!! I want to win!

  21. Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway :)

  22. I too love that turquoise and red bracelet! gorgeous!

  23. I love the oxidized stamped necklace!

  24. yay for you! happy birthday! i turned the big 3-0 last year. hope you’re doing something fun!

  25. I hearted Christy’s shop on Etsy thanks again!

  26. i’m already a follower. bam!

  27. I ? Christy’s shop on Etsy!!!!

  28. Christy has so many beautiful treasures. I love her:
    I wear pink for my mom. (My mom died of breast cancer )
    Believe Necklace (We all need to believe)
    Silver Crown Bracelet (Sometimes you need to feel like a queen)

  29. I am a follower!!!

  30. loving those medallion earrings in gunmetal, and also the ones in lace!

  31. I ? Christy’s Etsy Shop.

  32. I tweeted about the give away!!!

  33. Happy birthday! And thanks for sharing the love with your blog readers! I’m excited – that jewelry is gorgeous!

  34. It’s so hard to choose from all the pretty things on Wired Whimsy! I adore the White Tulips with Pink Swarovski Crystals Dangle Earrings, even though I don’t have pierced ears.

  35. Wired Whimsy is one of my Etsy favorites! Yah!

  36. I am super excited about this giveaway… BTW happy birthday!!!

  37. I follow you on Google Reader! I love this blog!

  38. My fav item on her etsy shop is the Silver Crown and Gunmetal Link Bracelet – Royalty

  39. i LOVE that copper necklace too!!! :)

  40. I am a follower!!!

  41. Of course I am excited! Thanks for the chance to win!


  42. I added Christy’s shop to my favorites.


  43. I love the large gunmetal medallion earrings from Christy’s shop.


  44. I follow your blog. Thanks again for the chance to win!


  45. i follow u in my google reader and check it daily :)

  46. Happy birthday!!!! I’m excited! :)

  47. I’m excited! This is a great giveaway, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! 30 is fun.

  48. Great etsy shop, I think my fav would have to be the gunmetal medallion earrings! They are beautiful.

  49. I added her shop to my favs on etsy!

  50. Michelle Feddeler says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your site and your ideas! It’s my favorite thing to read while having my coffee in the morning!
    I visited Christys site and I love the Green Aventurine Gemstone earrings……beautiful and reasonably priced. Perfect for a Redhead :)
    I recently purchased the candlesticks and hurricanes at the Dollar Store. I am currently working on shower favors and centerpieces for a wedding and when I am finished I will assemble them and give them a Fall look ;) my favorite time of year!

  51. I am a follower!

  52. I am a follower already!

    BTW, Happy Birthday to you :-)


  53. I am very EXCITED about these giveaways!


  54. So hard to choose a favorite but the silver crown and gunmetal link bracelet reminds me of my two little princesses so that is the one that I would choose.


  55. I added Christy’s shop to my Etsy favorites too!


  56. happy birthday to you!

  57. I follow by RSS :)

  58. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  59. I love the stamped Believe necklace.

  60. I am SOOOO excited :)

  61. Added her shoppe as a favorite!

  62. I like them on etsy…of course

  63. I am a follower with my blog

  64. I love love the turquoise bracelet as well… so beautiful and versatile

  65. HAPPY Birthday to a wonderful and sweet person! Wishing you all good things. And, I’m excited :)

  66. And I am a loyal follower already!!

  67. Just tweeted about your great giveaways birthday girl

  68. i’m excited! – and happy birthday you!

  69. like you, i love that whole turquoise and red combo, but that agate and sterling bracelet is to die for!

  70. i heart wired whimsy on etsy Ü

  71. oh, and i follow you via google reader!

  72. “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”
    — Dr. Seuss (Happy Birthday to You!)

  73. I am so excited for this giveaway!

  74. I already follow you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  75. I’m excited to win. Love the jewelery and Visa Gift cards are also wonderful!

  76. Oh, I’m excited all right! I’ll be even more excited if I win!!

  77. I would love to get the Bright, Multicolored bracelet for my daughter. She would love it!

  78. I added her to my Etsy favorites :)

  79. And I follow you as well.

  80. Happy Big 30!!~ I love the giveaways and would love a chance to win any of the above. Of course I am a follower too!

  81. Happy Birthday! What a nice idea, to give out a gift opn your birthday; that’s great karma. I am excited for you b/c 30 is a great year. I’m also excited b/c if I won, I’m putting this toward my dress that I’m obsessed with now!

  82. I also follow you already!

  83. April in CT says:

    I am VERY excited!! One can never have too much jewelry!

  84. April in CT says:

    I really love the red and turquoise bracelet. I am definitely smitten with that color combo lately!

  85. April in CT says:

    I follow your blog in my reader!

  86. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!! Aren’t you a sweetie having a giveaway on your b-day… Hope your day is FAB!

  87. Happy Follower :)

  88. Well, happy birthday!! I hope your special day is just fabulous. :)

  89. Yay! What a fun giveaway :) Happy birthday to you!

  90. My favorite is Sterling Silver and Czech Glass Bracelet – Poise. I think it is so beautiful!

  91. I am already a follower of your blog. You have great ideas :)

  92. I absolutely love the Dance necklace…gorgeous!

  93. Happy Birthday! It is so nice for you to do these fabulous giveaways!

  94. Happy, happy, happy BIRTHDAY!

    I’m excited! About your birthday, this giveaway, and that your going to guest post!

    Have a fantabulous, lucky day!

  95. yaye!! I’m so excited!! What gorgeous jewelry. Happy Birthday and thanks for the chance!

  96. and i’m a new follower!

  97. Happy Birthday! I am excited!

  98. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you enjoy a beautiful day! And how wonderfully sweet of you to do a giveaway on your big day! :)

  99. I love it all! Boy, those are pretty pieces of jewelry! :)

  100. Happy Birthday Emily! Enjoy your special day! :)

  101. Sherri Gunn says:

    I would LOVE to win something. Not to mention it would be perfect timing because my birthday is next week!

  102. Great giveaway! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  103. I am a follower!

  104. I love the DANCE necklace. She has so many pretty things in her shop.

  105. Beautiful prizes! I love all of it — but I love the exclamation necklace especially. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  106. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Just found your site a couple days ago!! LoVe It!! Enjoy your special day!! Thanks for the GrEat giveaway!! I am so excited!! Hope to win one of them!!! :)

  107. I’m definitely excited! And Happy Birthday!!! :)

  108. Happy Happy Birthday! I’m all sorts of excited because I JUST found your blog! I’m going to try and go through it from the beginning today!

  109. One of my favorites from the Etsy shop is the Bright, Multicolored Agate and Sterling Silver Bracelet – Rainbow (the one you show above). I love that it would go with so many of my outfits or just provide soe nice POP to a neutral one. So nice!

  110. I am a follower! :)

  111. I am excited to wish you a Happy Birthday!

  112. I like the question mark necklace.

  113. I added Wired Whimsy to my Etsy favorites.

  114. I follow your blog. Thanks for the giveaways.

  115. Happy birthday!! I love birthdays and I don’t care if its mine or not! :) I am VERY excited for this doozy of a giveaway! How fun! :) I love those earrings! They are darling! :)

  116. I’m excited!

  117. I like the Orange Tangerines Necklace and Earring Set.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  118. I added the shop to my Etsy favorites.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  119. I follow via Reader.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  120. I found two (well, I narrowed it down to two) items that I love! The first is the Silk Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Question Mark Necklace – Wonder and the second is the Oxidized Silver Stamped Necklace – Believe. So cute!!

  121. added to my favorites (<3) on etsy :)

  122. I am already a follower of your blog :)

  123. Erin Nusbaum says:


  124. Erin Nusbaum says:

    I am loving the punctuation necklaces as well! My Fav!

  125. I’m excited! Happy Birthday!

  126. I follow through google!

  127. Happy birthday! This is the best giveaway ever. what a gorgeous necklace!

  128. I favorited her shop on Etsy. gorgeous stuff!

  129. Happy Birthday! I am excited :) I hope you enjoyed your birthday cake!!! Is it wrong that I am really looking forward to my daughter’s birthday on September 5th so I can have cake?

    Thanks so much for the giveaway :)

  130. I love the Silver Stamped Believe necklace!

    stephanierosenhahn at yahoo dot com

  131. Following via GFC (Ten Talents)

    stephanierosenhahn at yahoo dot com

  132. Tweeted!

    stephanierosenhahn at yahoo dot com

  133. Hearted WiredWhimsy on Etsy! (asthepotter is my screen name)

    stephanierosenhahn at yahoo dot com

  134. Happy Birthday to you!!!! Big 30!!! I’m not too far away either! I’m really excited about your huge giveaway too!

  135. You know I’m a follower sista!

  136. Added to favorites!

  137. Silver Crown and Gunmetal Link Bracelet – Royalty love this!

  138. So excited for you! !! ! ! Happy birthday you lovely lady!!

  139. Hi, I love your blog! Happy birthday!

  140. Without a doubt, I love the Bright, Multicolored Agate and Sterling Silver Bracelet – Rainbow!

  141. CARLA SMITH says:


  142. I’m your follower! Happy Birthday – 30’s not so bad :)

  143. I’m excited about your giveaway! Thanks! :)

  144. I’m put her in my Etsy favorites :)

  145. I adore the disco ball earrings, so pretty and fun! :)

  146. Rebecca D says:

    Happy Birthday!! I’d love to win either!

  147. Happy birthday! I hope you have a fabulous day! I added the shop to my favorites.

  148. Oh and forgot to mention I love the Vintage Inspired Brass Wine Champagne Bottle Necklace, so pretty!

  149. I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it!

    Happy Birthday

  150. I love the Gunmetal Swirl and Swarovski Bicone Necklace!

  151. WOO HOO I love all your giveaways. It’s fun even if you don’t win! =)

  152. Happy Birthday! I also am turning 30.. in less than a month. I am currently dreading it but I hope to change my tune come the time and embrace it!
    Enjoy your day!

  153. Jessie C. says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I’d definitely put the gift card in good use :)

  154. Jessie C. says:

    I like Vintage Inspired Brass Wine Champagne Bottle Necklace – Cheers, reminds me those good time in Paris.

  155. Jessie C. says:

    GFC follower

  156. Jessie C. says:

    Facebooked@tcarolinep JessieKatie S

  157. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I have one coming up soon too… I’d be super excited to win a prize for myself!!

  158. Iiiiiiii’m excited!!!! LOL Happy birthday!!!

  159. I’m a follower!

  160. That sterling and agate bracelet is so pretty and colorful, and there is a cameo in her shop that is really pretty too. I’m drawn to cameos lately. Thanks for sharing her shop!

  161. I added Wired Whimsy as a favorite shop!

  162. I am soooooooooooooooo excited, those dangly ear rings are to die for!

  163. Okay, at her Etsy shop I love the Large Gunmetal Medallion Earrings. Those are so amazing.

  164. Okay, she’s a favorite on my Etsy!

  165. i facebooked and tweeted~

  166. Oooooh…my favorite are the petals earrings shown above.

  167. I am already a follower.

  168. I am excited! What’s not to love…a beautiful necklace and $30 visa…wow!

  169. Um, HELLO, I am excited!!!

  170. I really am excited!! Thanks for the opportunity!


  171. I love the “Good Times” Necklace!!


  172. I follow you!


  173. I love the disco ball earrings!

  174. Happy happy birthday my dear friend!! Have a great day!!!!!

  175. Pick me, pick me!! Love, love your prizes this Monday! Happy Birthday!

  176. I am a follower on google

  177. I have visited Christy’s Etsy store. She really does have lovely designs. I especially like the rainbow bracelet. It’s a little piece of happy for your wrist!

  178. I added Christy’s Etsy store as a favorite!

  179. Happy Birthday!!! Very cool that you are giving a gift away on YOUR special day :0)

  180. BTW… I do follow you on Google :0D

  181. love it love it love it! Happy birthday, and what a fun giveaway!

  182. My favorite thing on Christy’s shop is the Celtic Knot Brass Bracelet. I’m not sure what exactly about it makes it my favorite, but I JUST LOVE IT!

  183. i’m excited about this giveaway, would love to win the visa card

  184. i love the vintage choclate swirl ring

  185. follow on GFC

  186. Cool drawing. Please enter me.

  187. I love her “Cure” necklace!

  188. Those are so beautiful! And the gift card isn’t so bad either. ;) Thank you for the giveaway, and happy birthday!

  189. I’m already a follower!

  190. Tweeted!

  191. I’m excited…that someone else turned 30 and didn’t feel any different. Party on!!

  192. I love the necklace she sent you, but also really like the stamped ones. Thanks

  193. Happy 3-0 Emily!!!! Eat some cake for me too:)

  194. Emily Proske says:

    Happy Birthday Emily from another Emily! My addiction to Hobby Lobby can be fed with that VISA card!! Even still a lovely copper necklace could fill my need for some new bling!! PICK ME!!!!

  195. oooh, what a fun give away and happy birthday!

  196. what a great giveaway. happy birthday to you and to us!!! any girl could use a new piece of jewelry….

  197. Visited Wire Whimsy and I really like the Believe necklace, I could use that in my life right now. Thanks!!!

  198. Happy Birthday! and Thanks for doing another great giveaway. Jewelry is always a great gift!!! :)

  199. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And I am so excited!
    Have a pretty day!

  200. Wow, love her stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  201. I visited the etsy shop and love the turquoise and red bracelet you featured in your post the best. I love that combo!

  202. OH, and I’m also a follower of yours (of course)! :)

  203. I’m excited!

  204. I’m a follower!

  205. Pretty much adore that Agate and Sterling bracelet! Too cute!

  206. Okay, I’m pretty excited about your giveaway!

  207. I already follow you! (probably pretty close to a stalker-like follow) Haha

  208. I am really stuck on that Agate and Sterling bracelet! So pretty! Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  209. Happy birthday! I’m a follower and love that necklace!

  210. OK! TOTALLY excited about this giveaway


  211. This is my favorite item in her shop: Vintage Chocolate Swirl German Glass and Silver Adjustable Ring


  212. Added Christy’s shop to my favorites!


  213. My favorite item in her shop is : Vintage Chocolate Swirl German Glass and Silver Adjustable Ring


  214. Following via RSS Feed and Confirmed subscription


  215. Visited Wired Whimsy and I love the Sterling Silver and Czech Glass Bracelet – beautiful!

  216. I tweeted your giveaway as well! :)

  217. Oh and almost forgot. I am already a follower!! :)

  218. Sarah Beth Eady says:

    I am excited!!! I love the Jewelry and just moved so I can always use a gift card to help decorate the house.

  219. I almost missed this, so I’m super excited!


  220. Her jewlery is just wonderful, I love the exclamation necklace in your first picture!


  221. I’m a faithful follower!


  222. I love jewelry and money to spend on myself! :)

  223. I checked out Christy’s Etsy shop. The sterling silver and glass bracelet is gorgeous!

  224. I heart Christy’s Etsy shop

  225. I’m excited! ;)

  226. Love Christy’s ‘Sterling Silver and Czech Glass Bracelet” – so pretty.

  227. I follow your blog

  228. Adding you to my google…

  229. I’m excited! (See, I follow directions well! :)

  230. I visited Etsy Shop and loved the vintage cameo and the antique wire key bookmark. Great stuff!

  231. I’m excited and hope to win!!

  232. I am are excited!

  233. I love the Gunmetal Swirl and Swarovski Bicone Necklace – Dance from Christy’s Shop

  234. I already follow you through google reader RSS feed.

  235. I’m excited! woohoo!

  236. i like the bright multicolored rainbow/sterling bracelet….beautiful

  237. I tweeted about your giveaway and blog!

  238. Oh, I’m excited!

  239. Happy B-day! Your blog is wonderful….what an inspiration!

  240. I’m excited and Happy Bday!!!

  241. Hearted her shop ~ momof2ballerinas

  242. Love the Howlite and Brass Necklace – Good Times

  243. follow on gfc

  244. Julie Ann Lanz says:

    I don’t want to leave a number of comments over and over so I will try to condense it.

    1. I am subscribed to you through google/rss as well as email
    2. I checked out the Etsy shop, I love the Hope necklace because it is my daughter’s middle name. I also love the red & turquoise czech bracelet (or necklace?)
    3. I hearted Christy’s shop. :-)

    So that’s three chances for me. :-)

    I don’t have tweeter. I rarely use facebook.

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I really loved the topirary idea. I definitely will do something like that. Someone got rid of a beautiful wreath in the trash and I’ve been wondering what to do with it. I will definitely add leaves to it.

  245. Happy Birthday! This is the coolest giveaway !

  246. I love the sterling and agate bracelet,

  247. I have been receiving emails from your blog and love it.

  248. Christine Biddle says:

    Happiest of birthdays to you! Thank you for being so generous and giving US a chance to win TWO gifts!! :)

  249. Christine Biddle says:

    I love love love the “Large Gunmetal Medallion Dangle Earrings – Twilight”! They are beautiful!!

  250. Christine Biddle says:

    I am a follower :)

  251. I just visited Christy’s Etsy shop. She has cool stuff. Hard to pick a favorite. RIght now it’s a tie between the “Gunmetal Swirl and Swarovski Bicone Necklace – Dance” and the “Vintage Victorian Inspired Medallion Earrings”.

  252. I just added Christie’s shop to my faves.

    And I forgot to say “Happy Birthday”. Mine is tomorrow :-).

  253. Awesome giveaway! Happy birthday!

  254. I am IN LOVE with this Paris necklace:

    glassesgirl81 at gmail dot com

  255. I saved her to my favorite sellers (as Hilly293 on Etsy)

    glassesgirl81 at gmail dot com

  256. I liked The Wired Whimsy Shop on Facebook

    glassesgirl81 at gmail dot com

  257. Happy Birthday! I am following you on GFC!!

    glassesgirl81 at gmail dot com

  258. Ann Petersen says:

    I love your website. Thanks for the opportunity to win such wonderful items. On the etsy website, I don’t know that I can pick one item. Thanks!

    PS LOVE the topiaries idea. I’m definitely going to try it!

  259. Late to the party, as always…but SUPER EXCITED about this giveaway! Yay!

  260. Wired Whimsy has been added to my favorites on etsy!

  261. Ooooh….I very much like these large earrings:

    Big and fun, but kind of classy and sweet at the same time!

  262. Duh and duh, I follow you through Google Reader! That’s how I learned about this fun little giveaway.

    PS. The second “duh” is for the fact I haven’t wished you a happy belated b-day yet! So…Happy Belated B-Day! ;)

  263. Ok…shared the post on Facebook! Whew!

  264. meeyeehere says:

    I AM EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love a great giveaway,and that is what this is!!!! Why you are so awesome!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am gonna be 32 soon,what? The big 30 was really tiring for me cause I had my first baby 2 months before so I wished for sleep when I blew out my candles.

  265. meeyeehere says:

    Vintage Lucite Cameo and Silver Adjustable Ring – Divinity
    Now this ring is really lovely and old fashioned! I like old fashioned and I love cameo stuff,cute!

  266. meeyeehere says:

    I did heart the shop too!

  267. I am already a follower of yours!!!!!Yay!!!!!

    I tweeted!!!!
    Have a great week!

  269. Love your blog! I’m so inspired to get my crafty on! :)

  270. Christy has some great stuff. I really like the red and turquoise bracelet. I just love the color combo.

  271. I am so excited about the giveaway, and to follow your blog. Very cute ideas! Love what you did to your pantry!

  272. I love the gunmetal medallion dangle earrings! Love her shop!

  273. I added her shop to my favorites!!

  274. I am a new follower of yours!!

  275. Oh how I would love to win the gift card. I’m in the process of giving my home a “facelift”. Painting, changing window treatments and moving things around to get a new fresh look. The gift card would really help. Thanks Pam

  276. I checked out wired whimsy and oh what great jewelry! I especially like the Judy Garland quote necklace. I would love to win the GC and purchase this for my daughter. Thanks for introducing me to such a wonderful Etsy shop. Pam

  277. I’m freakin excited

  278. I’m excited! Just found your blog. Yay!

  279. I checked out Wired Whimsy site & want one of everything!! Such cute items & great prices too!

  280. Anonymous says:

    I now follow you via google! :)

  281. Anonymous says:

    I posted this giveaway to my facebook page.

  282. I’m very excited about your giveaway! Very generous too.

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  285. And Wired Whimsy is now a favorite of mine :).

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  287. And I tweeted … phew … I think I covered my bases (and now crossing my fingers I win)!

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  295. Dani Kling says:

    I really like the brass necklace you two are giving away. Beautiful!
    Happy birthday :)

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