The Real Deal. Why Young Living Essential Oils are the Best!

Oh my goodness. I just got back from Washington state where I had an amazing opportunity along with many others to have an incredible recognition retreat, and visit one of Young Living’s farms in Idaho. It’s been an amazing week, and I have to show you WHY. And again, why I share what I do with you all. Because it’s fascinating and life changing!

You see, these oils that I share about are the real deal. And the heart behind every bottle of oil that’s filled comes with LOTS of hard work and labor. Farming is no easy task. And Young Living’s standards in their quality is like no other. That’s why they call it their Seed to Seal guarantee.

I have never been to the St. Marie’s Idaho farm Young Living owns, just their farm in Utah, so this was a special treat. And it was absolutely beautiful.

St Marie's Farm in Idaho | Decorchick!®

They own their own farms, ANYONE can visit them at any time, and you can even help participate in the harvests. What other company lets you do that?!

It’s so amazing to me to see the fresh lavender growing in the fields, and then know without a shadow of a doubt that is what’s going to be distilled and later bottled up and what we all use. Nothing else added, and it’s 100% pure essential oils.

Lavender | Decorchick!®

Smelling Lavender | Decorchick!®

Lavender Fields | Decorchick!®

The day we were there, they were getting ready to distill all of the Melissa that they harvested that week.

Melissa Harvest | Decorchick!®

The amount of work that goes into this crazy! But there really is a lot of heart and soul that goes into it because they want the best oil and won’t settle for anything less.

Visiting the distillery here was amazing too. I’ve seen the distillery at the Utah farm also, and it’s so so incredible.

St. Maries Distillery | Decorchick!®

Young Living Distillery | Decorchick!®

Look at this “fancy” contraption to filter the oil…

Filtering Essential Oils | Decorchick!®

It’s just amazing to me how simple, yet complex, the distilling process is.

Gary and Mary Young came to the farm while we are there, and they are just so darn adorable. They are definitely the real deal.

Gary and Mary Young | Decorchick!®

It’s truly such an honor to work with such an amazing company and know and SEE the oils that we all use on a daily basis. Young Living takes great pride in their Seed to Seal, and that’s why they are definitely the best out there.

I share all of this with you because I want YOU to experience wellness, purpose and abundance just like we, and so many others have!!

And there is a special that just started TODAY, through August 13, where you can get $10 off of your premium starter kit when you join!! If you are already an existing member, you can also receive 10% off another premium starter kit, with no limit of how many you can buy!!

Premium Starter Kit Sale from Young Living | Decorchick!®And then, once you order your new Premium Starter Kit, I will personally send you these amazing items as a special bonus gift to you!!

Please see my essential oils page for my monthly promotion.

I’m super excited about this and I hope you are ready to experience the amazing lifestyle that is Young Living. There’s just nothing better!! I will offer you tons of support on your oily journey and our team is amazing. I have several Facebook classes coming up also for my members, so I’d love for you to be a part of that!

So if you’re ready to take the plunge, you can order your premium starter kit HERE. You can also visit my essential oils page for more info as well.

This is such an exciting time in our oily community and I am super excited to share about our new Premium Kit and the sale! There’s no better time than now to start living a life of wellness.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!



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