The Famous Pantry Carousels…Not Just For Your Pantry: Under Sink Makeover

I had another horribly unorganized place in our home…under the kitchen sink.  I was scared every time I opened those cabinets.  I was afraid something might come crawling out.  Luckily though, that never happened. :)

Soooo, remember the carousels my Dad put in our pantry makeover and he also talked about them here?  Well, I finally got him over here to lovingly install one under our sink.  Yay!

Here are some beautiful pictures of what our sink looked like before.

How in the world did all of that fit under our sink??  I think I found 3 Spot Shot carpet cleaner cans too.  Nice.

Once everything was all out, I wiped the inside of the cabinets down good with my Shaklee Basic H2.  Love that stuff!

Then my Dad installed the carousel in about 5 seconds.

And then I put everything back!  Even though I pretty much am using the Shaklee cleaning products exclusively now, I couldn’t just “throw” all of my other cleaners away.  I will probably move them out to the garage or something since I’m not using them, but I wanted to show you that all of the junk stuff that was once under my sink fit on the carousel, and I still have room left over. Pretty amazing.

I went shopping in my garage and found the basket, so that holds all of our sponges, gloves, and magic erasers. :)  Baskets make the world of difference when it comes to organizing!

And here are a few more afters…

The carousels are SO handy I can’t stand it!  Being organized is so refreshing.  You have started to get organized right?? :)

And because we all love a good before and after again, here ya go!  From this…

To this…

Pure bliss! :)  And in case you are wondering, my Dad positioned the carousel exactly so when you spin it, the tall bottles don’t hit the pipes.  And they don’t.  It spins freely with no pipe interference. :)

So I am curious, what does your cabinet under the sink look like?  Is it frightening like mine was?

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  1. Looks great! I redid under my sink too. I am glad you love your Get Clean products! Have a great day :)

  2. Loving this one too!! My sink definitely looks like the before! I need carousels – stat! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I used those peel and stick tiles from the Dollar Store under my kitchen sink. I live in a rental and even after cleaning out underneath the sink it was nasty. So the tiles made me feel better, they look nice and it is easier to clean up spills than on just the wood alone.

    Love the carosel idea for under there. Wish I had one. Why can’t the Dollar Store sell these?..LOL I guess that’s another mission for me…make my own????…..

  4. Looks good! Under my sink is scary too! Stuff is always falling out when I open the doors…..

  5. I hate the underneath of our sink. It’s just so creepy and yucky. May have to resort to a clean out as well.

  6. The carousel was a great idea! I have one of those pull out tray, under sink organizer things that I love. It saves so much space when it’s in a pretty little caddy and I plan on putting one under my bathroom sink as well! Then maybe my hair products would stop falling over :)

  7. I use those under my bathroom sinks. I just buy the ones from Target that spin around. They work great.

  8. another great tip!

  9. You go girl! Almost tackled under the sink today myself, but organized a cupboard shelf instead. Yikes! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. LOL, I’m scared of the same thing when reaching under my kitchen sink! I’m on my way to check out the original post on carousels and may have to get one or three myself :)

  11. Ok, your before shots made me squirm in my chair! But the afters are lovely (: A bit of unasked for advice: if you put the old cleaners in the garage, you will never use them. it just puts off the inevitable; you will end up tossing them and tossing money, too. Why not put them on the counter in a basket for now, and use them up! OR, you could take them to a local church – they would use them in their kitchen, etc. just random thoughts. I love cleaning. It’s a sickness…

  12. I so need to do this-I’ll have to remember this when I get in the mood to do it-thanks!

  13. Awesome Job!!!

  14. You had me at baskets are good for organizing. I love organized cabinets. They make me drool!

  15. love it, love it, love it, want one, want one, want one!!! Judith (Precious Moments)

  16. Great under sink redo! I just recently moved and I am trying to keep my cleaning product purchasing to a minimum. So my cabinets are not that cluttered so far. Let’s hope I can keep it that way!

  17. Can I have your dad do the same here at my house? teehee.. just kidding but you are so lucky to have your dad do this for you.. thanks for sharing. have a great weekend!

  18. Great transformation. For a moment, I thought you had photographed under my kitchen sink! ha!

    I’ll have to consider installing the carousel. Great idea.

  19. Another awesome organization post!

  20. Great site!! Came from “Just a Girl.” I LOVE organizing projects; love carousels and love baskets, too! This project is right up my alley! ;-)

  21. I wish my cabinet looked like that!! Great job!

  22. What a big difference. I need to do something similar.

  23. Oh, very nice transformation! It looks great!

  24. Actually, the cabinet under my sink is one of the few places I keep organized really well. That, the linen closet, the bathroom storage and the closet in the guest room. And the store-room. The rest of the house… watch out.

  25. Thanks for sharing. You really transformed the space beautifully.

  26. This looks great!! So practical and even pretty with that little basket!

  27. That looks so great and organized. I’m hosting We’re Organized Wednesday until Saturday this week and would love for you to join the party. There’s a great giveaway too.

  28. I also have been a carousel user under the sink for several years. Carousels work well in the bath, pantry a number of places in our home.
    Congratulations on your good news!

  29. Boy, your webmaster makes it hard. You show a carousel under the sink but no followup at the link to see if you have a double-shelf type (which I was searching for) or even more info on what you show in the pix! Do you sell such an animal???