The Birthday Party

I told you all I was keeping it simple right?  Well, I stuck to it and did!

Just got some balloons and Elmo decorations, and I was done.  And I didn’t even cook one thing. It was a joy, let me tell you. We just ordered lots of these…

And let people eat whenever.

The only “pretty” thing I did, which actually my mom ended up doing, was serving pink lemonade in a pretty server.

I did have a bucket of capri suns and bottled water for the kids too. Fancy stuff.

My mom made the cutest Elmo cake and cupcakes too.

So cute right?  All of the decorations you see came  from Party City too.

And the highlight of the party was the bouncy castle we rented for the kids.  And I went ahead and got the package that came with a snow cone machine!  Honestly I didn’t think people would use it much, but it turned out every single person had a snow cone, or 2.  It was so fun.

Emma loves her sissy.

Emma blew out her candle like a champ,

and then she wanted us to sing the happy birthday song again, so we did. And then we did another time.  So we sang happy birthday 3 times to her. It was so hilarious–she loved it.

She got a lot of great gifts, but I’d have to say this was her favorite and her reaction was priceless. “Wowwwwwww wowwwww!”

I did get a picture with her in front of the birthday mantel, but we’ll have to work on our poses next year.

And the birthday girl was down to her diaper at the end of the evening, still jumping away with Daddy and Bubba.

It definitely wasn’t one of those elaborate parties that you see all over blogs that takes days of preparation, but it was a special one.  I got to visit with everyone this year, wasn’t stressed about keeping a pretty table setting, was able to take pictures…yep, it was the perfect day!



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  1. I remember the days of simple birthday parties at home – and I bet my kids do, too. We never rented a bouncy house, but the pizza idea, yes. That’s just plain brilliant (:

  2. My husbands family went together on our son Gunners 2nd birthday and bought him a $300.00+ bounce house. We had his 6th birthday in March and that thing is still going strong! It was an amazing investment (and I’m thankful that we didn’t have to purchase it), and is a huge hit at all the parties. It’s not as heavy duty as the rented ones, but 4 years later its still in fantastic shape. We have no problems fitting 6+ kiddos in it.

    What a cutie she is! Glad she had a good day!

  3. Looks like it was a fantastic party!!! Very cute! So far all our b’day parties have been at home, even though we end up with about 60 folks in there. It gets a little hectic, but it’s always fun!

    (btw – I love that drink dispenser. Where did you find it?)

  4. Simple is always best when it comes to a kid party. Absolutely PRECIOUS!! So glad you were able to relax and enjoy. :)

  5. Looks like ya’ll had a fantastic time! I love those bounce houses – makes me feel like a kid too!

  6. What a sweet party- its the simple ones that can sometimes mean the most. And a happier Mommy too! LOL and LOVE her little Ikat dress! Did you make that? its adorable! and i would make cute pillows too! LOL-(I see everything as potential decor)

  7. I love simple! I think sometimes kid’s birthday parties are over the top. I won’t give my definition because I wouldn’t want to offend anyone ;) I rented a blow up slide one year for my son. We had pizza, chips, and cupcakes. The kids had a fantastic time! And I enjoyed it too – without running around in circles all day :)

  8. It looks like an absolutely perfect party! And your daughter is just precious! Congratulations on a successful, stress-free party!!! Sometimes, simplicity is just best! And the fact that your little girl had you guys sing happy birthday three times… awesome! Just wait til she gets older!!! :)

  9. Happy 2nd Birthday Emma {and mama}!!
    I have to agree with you that sometimes the simple party is the most special in memories. And everyone has more fun when the host/ess isn’t stressed out.
    I’m learning to find that balance and going with the season of life we’re in at the moment. If I have time, wonderful, but prepare, prepare, prepare ahead of the big day as much as you can and ASK for help. If we’re in a season of craziness or other business, set the bar lower and think about those things most important to the guest of honor.
    I think you’re learning these good lessons nice and early in life!!

    Happy week!

  10. Your darling girl looks so happy in the photos! What a blessing, thank you for sharing!

  11. What a sweet little party. And that cake! Wow. We’ve had nothing but easy/simple parties this summer too. I actually got to enjoy myself at them too!

  12. Happy Birthday sweet little one! Love her up close expression! Joy!!! Pure joy!
    You rocked this party! I’m coming to the conclusion: just because we CAN put together an over the top, not missing a detail, absolutely beautiful tablescape, games, favors, food, decor event….doesn’t mean we should. And maybe this is a testament to that. And truthfully I can hardly believe I’m saying that. But, I just attended a graduation party….and it was so simple. A simple beverage station, fresh veggie trays, watermelon slices, and ordered in pizza and wings…finished off with giant cookie ‘cake.’ It was fun! And not a lot of work, nor a huge dent to the wallet. And now you… It all gets me thinking. Hmmmmmm.

  13. Oh that’s so cute how she “lost her dress” LOL – and what a great Elmo cake! I think my days of Elmo are over :( btw, I just started a hop on tot room decor if you’d like to join, I’d love to see what things you’ve done! The hop is for any stage of decorating, the ideas to before & after pics as well as accessories. Hope to see you!