The Birthday Mantel

A certain little girl is turning 2 this weekend! Oh my.  We are having a little party here at the house, but I’m not going crazy on decorations or anything (or food), so don’t be expecting some elaborate birthday party post.  Although it was pretty, last year’s party was just a little too nutty for me.  I found myself checking to make sure all snacks and bowls were filled at all times, making sure the table still looked pretty, and didn’t really get to enjoy the party or visit with anyone. Before I knew it the party was over!

So since I am keeping things simple this year (for reals), I decided to Emma-fy our mantel and let her steal the entryway spotlight for a week, in honor of these glorious 2 years of life. :)

All I did was grab a bunch of frames we had around the house of her and put them up on the mantel. Kind of like an Emma shrine. :)  I had everything already except for the #2 which I bought at Hobby Lobby for $2 and painted it white.  I like how whimsical it is. :)

You’ll notice the coffee filter wreath made its return again for this special display (does that make you happy Elz? ;).

And do you remember that pink princess hat?  I made that last year for her birthday and it’s been in her room since, and it sat perfectly into the wreath’s little hole!  I just love that hat. I wish she could still wear it. *Sniffles*  But check out the hat post if you want to make one of your own–very easy.

And a few more birthday mantel-mania pics.

I think I’m going to make this a yearly tradition. How fun will it be to have a picture of Emma in front of the birthday mantel each year?  I wonder if she will love our fake mantel as much as I do when she’s older. Haha.

I know I’m biased, but isn’t she adorable?  She just gets cuter and cuter each day.  And no terrible two’s here…it’s going to be terrific two’s as my friend Lori says. :)

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  1. Awww. It’s so cute! Lovely and creative decorations for a 2 y/o birthday.

  2. So adorable Emily, both Emma and the mantle! Great idea.

  3. I LOVE it! So pretty frilly and girly! Happy birthday to your little princess :)

  4. Precious… love the #2 touch. Every girl deserves a shrine for their bday don’t you think? Enjoy!

  5. awww Happy Birthday to your precious little girl! and what a great mantle display- LOVE the vases of flowers

  6. Your mantel is absolutely lovely!

  7. Aw she is SO adorable! This is a great idea, I definitely think you should start a tradition and do this every year! I love how pink and girly it is : )

  8. I love it! great idea! pinning!

  9. This looks so cute! I love how you have the pictures arranged!

  10. So very cute!! I like the idea of it being an annual treat!

  11. That is so cute! I love the wreath … what a great idea! I am definately making that for Christmas this year.

  12. Adorable! It’s so pretty! Great job :). My little nugget turned two at the end of March – they are so sweet at this age. Enjoy :)

  13. I think every little girl should have a mantle (fake or real) dedicated to her on her birthday. This is adorable. Post pics of her in front of it on her special day. All children should be made to feel special each and every day.

  14. So pretty :) I love frilly, girly things! I am the only girl in my house..even our dog is male LOL! Have a great time celebrating this weekend!

  15. I love it! What a great idea!

  16. I love it !!! All the pink! I am sure she will grow up to love her own “star” area. I think it’s great fun to decorate for birtthday mantles. I do too!
    Enjoy her and her birthday this year!

  17. That is just darling! Happy Birthday to your little Princess!


  18. Love the mantle! I adore all the pink too! Happy b-day to your little one!

  19. She is in fact adorable!
    And what a beautiful birthday Mantel!

  20. Your daughter is so beautiful God Bless her!! Love the mantle idea and how you put the #2. Lovely!!

  21. Hey Emily, congratulations on little Emma turning 2 this weekend! That’s so exciting! I LOVE the birthday mantle that you decorated for her. What an excellent idea! And thanks for mentioning me in your post – so cool!

  22. I think you’re very wise to keep it simple! These overboard parties for little ones are just too much, in my humble opinion. :-) The child doesn’t ‘get it’ and so much $$$ is spent. Your idea is adorable and all your decorations are perfect! I think it’s wonderful to dedicate the mantle to her each year ~ what little girl wouldn’t love that?

    She’s adorable and I hope you have a fun time!


  23. Thank you so much for the sweet comments everyone!!

  24. I saw the coffee filter wreath and thought “Yay.” Then you called me out- too funny. Such a sweet idea. I can not control myself around my kids’ birthdays, so I really admire your restraint. Let me know if you need any party poufs to add to the mantle, I have tons! ;) Hope your sweet girl has a super sweet birthday.

  25. Love the Birthday Mantle! Adorable, and another fun tradition to keep up the anticipation for the Birthday. Cute!

  26. I LOVE IT!! It’s so sweet!!! I can’t wait to see y’all! :)

  27. I can’t believe she is 2 already! Where does the time go??!! I hope you really got to enjoy the party this year!

  28. Adorable. What a good idea. By the way I have a question, what are those wall colors? The top greyish one and the bottom cream one? Thanks. So cute!

  29. That is a super cute idea, which I will definetely be borrowing for the kids’ birthdays! Love the boa!

  30. What a wonderful idea! I have two grandchildren and a nice size wall in my formal living room that I have refused to do anything with until I had the perfect pieces to place on it. What a fitting back drop for the Baby Grand piano! Two fake mantels with each holding a grandchild’s pictures! How special they will feel when they come to Lola and Papoo’s house.

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