Sweet Pea Shower and Big Mama

A little over a week ago was my baby shower! I’ve been wanting to share a few pics and am just now getting around to it, but it was so sweet and fun and it made me realize that yes, I’m really having a baby. And that people love me. <Insert awwwwws here>

It was hosted by my mom, sister, and sister in law and they did an awesome job.  The theme was “sweet pea” and it was so cute.  So there was lots of green going on.  I didn’t get as many pictures I would have liked to, and didn’t even get pictures of the real food like the sandwiches and stuff or of all the decorations!  But this was the dessert table and my sister made the sweet pea cake and cake balls. Yummy!

Sweet Pea Baby Shower

Sweet Pea Baby Shower

It was all really precious.

And here’s my sister in law, my mom, big mama (that’s me), and my sister.

baby shower hostess

Thanks for throwing the shower y’all!!

What’s a baby shower without gifts right?

Baby shower gifts

I received lots of great gifts that I definitely will be using soon, and one of my favorites is my new diaper bag!!

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag

It’s not just any diaper bag, it’s a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag!!!  Yes, I think that is fancy.  But diaper bags are just hard to look cute, and well, I wanted something cute. :) Heck, I’m going to use this even after I’m done using it as a diaper bag! One of the best parts is that it very easily converts to a backpack (has built in straps) so that will be VERY handy.  Can’t wait to use it, thanks Mom! You can check it out online here if you want, but would highly, highly recommend.

And now for a few vanity shots that my sister took of me and my large, puffy,9 month pregnant self.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag

9 Month Pregnant Belly

See, I’m wearing the diaper bag as a backpack in that pic. :) Oh, and do you like how I’m still squeezing into a non-maternity dress? Yea, I’m cool, and it makes me feel skinnier so there.

Then my sister took me outside to get the real professional shots. ;)

9 Month Pregnant Belly

9 Month Pregnant Belly

9 Month Pregnancy

So yea, I’m ready to not be living so large if you know what I mean. Almost time to get on my running shoes.  Oh that’s right, I hate running.

Anywho, I loved my baby shower and can’t wait to meet our little sweet pea!  Thanks again to my family and friends for a great day!




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  1. Becki Foster says:

    Sweet Pea shower! What a clever idea! You look wonderful and I wish you the best in this special time of your life!

  2. Thanks for sharing this very private and personal event with all of us out here who follow your blog! Makes us feel well, like, a small part of your life. Congrats and hope to see photos of your “lil sweet pea” real soon!!

  3. Oh, what a sweetpea day! Thanks so much for sharing. Such a special time. You look beautiful and so so happy!

  4. What a clever idea for a theme! You look amazing. You must be so excited…so close!! And, if I had to guess…I’d say BOY!!!

  5. You look great! What a fun shower idea.

  6. Christina S. says:

    You look beautiful!

  7. You look great and I love that diaper bag!!

  8. Love that diaper bag! You look gorgeous and your belly is so cute! Have you told us what you think you might be having? Any guesses?

    • Thanks Karen! I really have no clue what we’re having, but if I would have to guess I’d say a girl only because this pregnancy was pretty much identical to my first. But really, it’s just a guessing game. lol

  9. I’ve been looking at those diaper bags. I have a skip-bo one and it’s okay, but I like that it clips onto the back of the stroller. Does yours do that? I’ve seen those bags at Potterybarn Kids and Nordstrom’s so I’ll have to check them out more thoroughly. What a cute shower! Hang in there!

    • Hmmm you know I’m not sure? I assume it would when you have it set to the backpack position? I know other styles of PPB bags do, so maybe it does. Can’t wait to find out. haha.

  10. Stacy Stauffer says:

    Oh, you look so cute! What a cute shower idea! Wish you the best in the upcoming weeks!

  11. You looked just beautiful(I think girl-carried just like that with both mine) & love the sweet pea theme. Hang in there through the last rough weeks!

  12. I’m trailing right behind you in the 9-months and feeling large category! BUT, also like you, I am still squeezing into non-maternity clothes! Yoga skirts have been my fave – especially in the TX heat! You, look fantastic and happy and that’s what counts!

  13. cute baby shower, what a fun theme. :)

  14. You look absolutely wonderful! Too old here to need a diaper bag, but makes me wish they had cute stuff like that a “while” ago!

  15. They sure did a great job! What a unique and sweet theme.
    Best wishes to you and your new little sweet pea!

  16. Jerri Czosek says:

    WOW……… you wear pregnancy well. You look beautiful!!!!

  17. A beautiful theme for the shower. Love the diaper bag! There was nothing like that available in the dark ages. :-)

    I think you look beautiful but I so understand how you must be feeling. Now long now….


  18. What a beautiful & sweet shower! You look absolutely fabulous!!!!

  19. Awww!!! Your belly is so cute!!! You look beautiful!

  20. You look absolutely precious! Love the theme of your shower, how cute! Congratulations! I hope you have an easy, stress free delivery and enjoy the new life you have brought into the world. Life is good :-)


  22. I know you don’t feel beautiful, but you ARE beautiful! Can’t wait to hear about what comes next!!! :)

  23. I love your dress, it looks like Rosie Pope! And you are prettier than Kourtney Kardashian!