Stop the Time, Please

This may sound silly, but I was really boo-hooing the other night looking at old pictures.  I was taking Emma strawberry picking yesterday, so I was looking at the photos from the last time I took her, which was exactly 2 years ago to the date.

It just made me sad realizing that she’s not the same little baby who needs to be carried in a baby carrier and doesn’t need help eating berries anymore.

Now, she is growing more independent and wants to try and do everything on her own. Not only does she not need help eating strawberries anymore, she can pick them on her own now too.

That’s quite a change from 2 years ago when those other pictures were taken.

And now, she even has friends.

That’s her little buddy, sweet Morgan.  Me and Morgan’s mom have been friends since high school so it’s pretty cool to have our kids be friends now. And she is also pregnant too, just 5 weeks behind me. Wow.

Even though she is growing up entirely too fast, she is just as sweet as could be and is an awesome kid.

Sometimes I wish time really could stand still and our babies would be babies forever.  But I am also so grateful for the opportunity to watch her grow.

And now she is going to be a big sister soon.  That’s even more crazy.

Who knew strawberries could make me so emotional. Sigh.



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  1. What a sweet and beautiful little girl you have! Just found your blog before heading out the door for a spin class…maybe I’m procrastinating? ;). As the mom of a 26 year old (yikes!), I can certainly relate to your feelings. Time does indeed whiz by and they grow up soooooooo fast! I will stop by again later (I really do need to get my tush on that bike) and check out your other posts because I have my two cents to put in about two story homes :).

  2. I hear ya sister… my ‘baby’ will be SIX tomorrow!! :(
    Your sweetie is so cute!!

  3. She is just the sweetest! Enjoy each and every moment because it just flies by. My baby is 18 and just had his wisdom teeth out today. I still plan to baby him a bit :)

  4. She is so gorgeous! :-)

  5. Lauren F. says:

    So funny because I was at that same strawberry farm yesterday morning (recognized the bucket). It was our second time in two weeks. There is something about watching little kids pick strawberries that is so endearing.

  6. How funny is it that I have followed your blog and on Facebook and never realized you live in the same area as me. I live in Alvin 5 mins from Frobergs! I love your blog!!

  7. I recognized the bucket too! :-) I’ve been going to that same farm with my children for years! My youngest is now 16 and I share the emotions you mentioned. It seems like yesterday she was Emma’s age weighing produce at the farm. We homeschool and did LOTS of math on those farm trips. Ah, I love walks down memory lane. Thanks!

  8. Oh how sweet is she? Time does fly by when you have kids. Mne are all grown and now I get to enjoy a grandson, I am lapping it up that is for sure! I now know how fast it goes by so I want to enjoy every minute with him I can. Strawberries and pregnancy will get you emotional, so I hear :)

  9. So sweet :) It is crazy how fast time goes by. Cute pics :) Thanks for sharing them.