So Long Tobacco Road. We Had a Good Run.

Well, I’m sure you all saw this one coming.  I had said I wasn’t going to repaint the kitchen until I stained our cabinets darker, but yea, my paint addiction kicked in at the end of last week and I just went for it.

And as silly as it may sound, painting over Tobacco Road was a little sentimental for me.  Why?  Well because that’s really what started this whole blogging thing.  When I discovered this paint color by googling, that’s when I discovered this whole world of blogging and ladies who do all of these crazy DIY projects and then I was hooked.  I’ve been reading blogs ever since.  No, not the gossip sites I used to read daily. Just blogs now. And Drudge Report. :)

You can read more about Tobacco Road and how this all started in my very first post, but don’t make fun of me ok?  It’s so funny reading older posts and looking at horrible pictures I put up for the world to see. Hopefully I won’t be saying the same thing a year from now about this post. :)

*sniff sniff*

Ok, I’m over it now.  We’ve had Tobacco Road in the kitchen for about 1 1/2 years now.  I think that’s a record!

And I still do love this color.  I really do.  I just didn’t love it in our house anymore with all of the recent changes to the other rooms.  And I wanted to change up things, like always, and freshen up this space and lighten it up.

One thing in particular that annoyed me was this.

I’m talking about the different shades on the column.  Lately I’m just really into a more cohesive feel and really want the rooms to flow better and not be so choppy with multiple colors.  It was fine before because we had camel walls everywhere else.  But now with the new greige paint everywhere, it was just like BAM, here’s the yellow/golden kitchen that sticks out.  Know what I mean?

So I kept it simple and went with the same greige I have used everywhere else (Balanced Beige).

And of course a new paint job doesn’t come without other tweaks to the room. :)  I hope to show you soon!  But I’m loving the new change so much.  Feels so much cleaner and flows way better with the rest of the house.

Poor hubby…he came home after I was already painting and then he decides to declare his undying love for Tobacco Road.  Um, why didn’t you do that ever before honey?  Maybe next time when I tell him I am going to paint, instead of just saying “okay” and not asking what it is that I am painting, maybe the next time he will.  He said he trusts my new vision though.  Haha.

And now…to stain or not to stain the cabinets?  I like the cabinet color a lot more now with the new paint.  But I still think it could take it to the next level if I stained them darker.  That’s just a lot of work. What say you?



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  1. Love it Emily! I know what you mean. For awhile it seemed every room in our house was a different color. We then switched it up by picking three out of the same group (really subtle variations) and I love it. Flows so much better and is so much easier to decorate around.

  2. oh my gosh!! love love the new color!! Im in a color conundrum myself right now. my 2 story living room is SW Ivoire (but it looks yellow to me) and I so want a perfect gray/beige not too blue, not too green. I may have to get me a sample of that BM color.
    As for the cabinets-they look great as they are!-but how fun to try a different stain!! I painted ours black a while back & once you go “black” you never go back! LOL
    well……actually I just got back from the West University Home tours -and let me just say 2 of the homes had the most amazing gray kitchen cabinets!!! I could die!!! I was like “honey- maybe we should go gray”… he walked away…. Im thinking thats a “no”- maybeI’ll wait till he’s out of town. LOL

    • haha! I love the look of the grey cabinets out there too. But it wouldn’t look right with ours since the grain will show through. I bet that home tour in West U was so fun!!

  3. Allison Lipscomb says:

    I love the new color. Besides, your house is only so big. How are you going to keep showing us the cool things that can be done if you don’t make changes? As for the cabinets, if you have the time and energy, I say go for it. I bet the would be beautiful stained a darker color. It would give them new life! Can’t wait to see what you decide!!

  4. kristin M says:

    I say either darker on the cabinets or painted white. maybe white top cabs with some doors removed and grey bottom cabinets.

  5. I love the Tobacco Road, I am doing it in my living room. Now I am trying to decide on a coordinating color for my kitchen.

  6. Poor Tobacco Road, sniff…nobody loves it anymore. Actually, I still think it is a great color. But, I agree that your kitchen looks more cohesive now. I like the cabinets against the greige. But, I also think a black stain would be amazing! Good luck.

  7. Looks great! Maybe instead of staining the cabinets, since I know that’s a waffling point for you, perhaps doing something with the counter or backsplash to complement both the cabinets and the new color? Just a thought!

  8. Loving the greige w/ your stainless appliances!

    Probably wouldn’t work for your counter tops, but could you do some kind of a lighter wash over your backsplash to brighten up under there?

  9. I love the Greige in your kitchen. No opinion on the cabinets …follow your gut/heart! You know what you like and have shown how well you do it! Will be checking in to see (and for encouragement!)!

    LOL! You are going one color and I’m trying to go 2 to cover the Back Hall/Kitchen/DR/LR which is all Builder Beige and pretty open to one another. I had grey chips and taupe chips all over the place and asked my son his opinion. Well, he thinks “we need some color….we’re boring…can we have red?” I started to hyperventilate as I looked at the Beach House paint chip on my LR wall – too much saturation to live with daily in common living area and smallish home (1280 sf – two floors)!

  10. lovin the greige. i say stain darker on cab but only if you REALLY want to….Kitch looks great! xoxo shel

  11. LOVE your house and your website – have been reading for about 2 months now =)

    I live in Canada and we don’t have a Duron here to my knowledge…I’m wondering if you could tell me the color formulation (all those funkay little numbers and letters on the can lid lol) so I could take it into our local paint store for a color match??? Pretty please??? LOL.

    Have a fantabulous week!

  12. Love, love, love the lighter color! It already makes your cabinets look richer, but I agree– darker stain will really make them pop. I’m making a similar change in my kitchen this summer (going lighter, more cohesive, that is!). Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. I completely understand how you feel…the first half of our house is light, airy and gray…and then the kitchen is builder’s beige with orange cabinets…yuck! I’m itching to paint the rest as well very soon. I do like how the cabinets look in your kitchen now but I don’t think staining them a bit darker would be a bad idea.

    It was fun meeting you this weekend!!! :-)

  14. i love the change. i also loved tabacco road. but i love to paint so change wins. my hubby just rolls his eyes. its not like he is doing the painting… anyway. i would live with the stain as it is. at least for awhile. i think you have to live with it to know for sure. its a lot of work for just a little more satisfaction? not for me…i want to make.a.difference. And love it.

  15. I love the fresh, simple palate you chose to paint your walls. They look so clean and crisp. And your kitchen cabinets do look very nice with the softer color.
    Did you ever think about using chalk paint? HOw about using a great soft white or taupe on your cabinets. I have white kitchen cabinets and I just love them!

  16. Tobacco road is a great color, but I really like the new color. I understand where you are coming from on the cabinets. I think I would live with them a bit (with the new wall color) before I did anything. You may find that you see them differently.

  17. Love the new color. And doesn’t it always seem like husbands have an opinion at the wrong time when it comes to decorating?! :) It was so nice meeting you this past weekend!


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