Sneak Peek of the Man Room! {and $100 Sherwin-Williams Giveaway}

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we have been working on a special room for my husband. When he said he wanted bright orange walls, my first thoughts were very, ummm, “are you POSITIVE??” And maybe I repeated that question about 10 times or so.

BUT, I let him have his orange walls, and I have to say, he was right. Because they look pretty fantastic!

I did choose the Sherwin-Williams color called Knockout Orange, #6885  just based merely on the swatch in the book. It wasn’t a burnt orange or red orange and seemed to be the perfect color of orange for the look Randy wanted in his room. And you know what? I didn’t even get a sample first! Just went with it. :)

Orange Paint Swatch | Decorchick!®

I told my mom what we were doing and that he wanted orange paint, and she texted me a picture of a piece of furniture from one of her design magazines that was painted in the Invigorate color, which is right below the Knockout Orange I was contemplating, and then I knew I was on the right track and just went with the Knockout! They are very similar colors, but I liked the way the Knockout looked better on the swatch. :)

So are you ready to see just a tiny sneak peek?

Blue Velvet Chair | Decorchick!®

That’s all I’m going to reveal for now and leave your heads spinning wondering what else is in the room! But don’t miss the reveal in one week because it’s GOOD y’all. :)

But guess what? Sherwin-Williams wants to give away a $100 gift card to one lucky reader! To enter, please do the following:

  • Tell us what you want to paint next by leaving a comment on this post!

Giveaway will end Friday May 8 and winner will be chosen at random.

I have participated in Sherwin Williams National Painting Week 3 years now, and it’s one of my favorite weeks of the year!! The rooms we’ve done for them have ended up being some of my most favorite in the house! You can visit our master bedroom makeover and my daughter’s room makeover to see the past years reveals.

I can’t wait to share more with you all soon!



*I have partnered with Sherwin-Williams and am participating in National Painting Week 2015. I have received compensation and as always, opinions, colors, design ideas are always my own. And my husband’s.


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  1. Can’t wait to paint my daughter’s bedroom…she is 3 years old now and I can’t wait to take her bedroom from a nursery to a little DIVA room :)

  2. TAMARA TURNER says:

    I will be painting my ktichen cabinets in the next few weeks and would love to try Sherwin Williams! I have read so many blogs and stories about which paint to use I trust Emily’s opinion 100% on recommending the Sherwin Williams!

  3. Lindsay James says:

    It’s time to paint my daughter’s bathroom walls – currently a boring dismal shade of beige.

  4. I am looking forward to painting my living room this summer. It has been about 10 years since it was last painted!

  5. My laundry room went thro a mini update but now the walls look sad. A fresh coat of paint would give me the look I want!! Pick me!!

  6. I am dying to paint our front main bathroom. It is tiny, and it is a super boring beige color.

  7. Right now I want to paint my powder bathroom, I am installing a new vanity so I figure it is the best time to give the room an overhaul. I love the sneak peek! I can hardly wait to see more.

  8. We are buying a home and want to paint the kitchen and dining room. This area is the heart of our home where our family and friends will gather. I can hardly wait to add that warm touch of beautiful new paint.

  9. My teenaged daughter’s room needs an update. She received all new art for her birthday, and we need to get the walls painted so we can hang up her gallery wall.

  10. Jo Lynn K says:

    I’m going to paint kitchen, dining room, and master bath!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I am planning to paint our schoolroom!

  12. I want to paint our living room.

  13. Dawn Kaestner says:

    We have moved out upstairs bedroom down to what used to be a formal pink living room. Sea green here I come!

  14. Just bought 8 gallons of SW mindful grey. We are going to need a lot more as we are planning to repaint the entire house!!

  15. Jodi Benson says:

    I would start out with my downstairs bathroom, move into the TV room, and then one of the boys bedrooms, Heck I would love to repaint every room for something different and updated!!!!

  16. Anne marie says:

    My kitchen is crying out for new paint. Love your paint color.

  17. My huge living room! This otta take a while!

  18. wow you went bold nd beautiful from what I just saw.

    I actually have 3 rooms to pint, dining room, reading room which are attches, plus my laundry room needs to be pinted hopefully it will lol get done in the next few months.

    • Wow computer went nuts, all those typos, you went Bold and Beautiful, from what I just saw.
      I actually have 3 rooms to paint, dining room, reading room which are attached, plus my laundry room needs to be re-painted, and hopefully all this will get done in the next few months.

  19. What a terrific, fun color you have chosen. The sneak peek is captivating.

    My laundry room is painted in a…um…shall we say lovely shade of basic builder white. It drives me crazy ever time I start a load of laundry much less put them in the drier or fold and hang clothes, or get the vacuum, or do anything else that requires me to se these uninteresting walls.

    Sherwin Williams has a tremendous selection of gorgeous colors. I would love to paint that boring laundry room and the cabinets in there.

  20. This is the year I’m painting my house! I’ve finished my kitchen, bathroom & spare room. On the list for this year are my living room, hallway, master bath & the exterior of my house. Also my big giant propane tank, does that count?!

  21. I am painting an accent wall in our tiny galley kitchen as well as the counters and ceiling. It’s a small room, but it’s going to take a lot of work!

  22. Out next painting project will be covering the awful 70s style wood paneling in our living and dining rooms. We just bought our first home in January and I can’t wait to get it painted over! And we are trying to decide on a nee color for our shutters!

  23. We need to paint a nursery for our 3rd little girl and our entire downstairs!!

  24. Oh my, we just moved and need to paint our living room, foyer, bedroom and kitchen…almost the whole house!
    Thanks for the chance!

  25. I need to paint my laundry room. Needs a refresh

  26. I would love to paint the upstairs hallway. It is still the flat builder’s white!

  27. Sue Clark says:

    We will be updating our utility room with a bright paint color.

  28. I love Sherwin Williams paint! We just finished painting our son’s bedroom and next on the list is the nursery! I’m ready to get that room going :)

  29. It is time to paint our master bedroom!

  30. Tish Sappington says:

    My entryway needs to be painted I just wish I could figure out what color. I have at least 7 samples up but none is the perfect color.

  31. Michelle L says:

    I just finished painting the ceiling and walls in our great room…entry, living room, dining room, kitchen, and hall…and now I need to paint the trim, doors, and kitchen cabinets. I have my work cut out for me!

  32. I’m looking forward to painting our kitchen. I’m leaning towards a blue-gray, medium tone. Would love to give Sherwin Williams a try! Thank you!!!

  33. amy pugmire says:

    I would love to paint my girls room. I want to redo both of them. pretty much everything needs to be repainted.

  34. So many painting plans! I think I’ll do the wall behind our bed in the master bedroom first…thanks for the giveaway!

  35. i am planning to paint my sunroom in a turquoise and then my daughters room in blue, my bed room in a silvery gray more than likely a metallic silver and my dining room in a rusty orange

  36. I need to paint my kitchen. BADLY! I painted sample colors on one wall 5 years ago but never went through with it. Lol.

  37. I need to paint my bathroom. I need color in my life. The light beige in our house is boring!

  38. my office is getting turned into a nursery. <3 so… office is moving to a small storage room. We could paint both… but as of now are starting with the new office.

  39. Deb Young says:

    I am in the process of turning a small spare bedroom into a dressing room, so that is my next painting project!

  40. I am looking forward to redoing our guest room. It has been a pale, unattractive yellow for about 10 years and definitely needs some color. Because it is a room with much light from two walls, it can handle some deeper color. And Sherman Williams is just in town!

  41. All but two rooms of my home need to be painted and hoping to do my master bedroom next, have my eye on navy blue as it is a pretty good size room. My Dad was a painter by trade and he always used Sherwin- Williams paints and Lowe’s has just started carrying their paints!

  42. Nancy Hrba says:

    Would like to paint my game room.
    Love Sherwin Williams paint colors.

  43. Oh I sure love those colors! I would love to tackle my powder room next – at least for the inside. For outdoors – staining the concrete & building & painting a deck.

  44. I would love to paint my formal living/dining room. We’ve lived in the house for more than 3 years and it still has beige wall that I dislike. This will be a perfect opportunity to finally get rid of the beige color!

  45. I want to do a small makeover of our half bath before company comes for my daughters graduation! I love orange anything, so this room in orange should be amazing.

  46. I have to pain my entire house – inside and outside!
    Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for inspiration.
    Your rooms are so lovely.

  47. I want to paint my grandkids playroom which I am converting to my craft room and I want to paint my upstairs craft room which I am converting to their space.

  48. Our guest bath is in need of paint. We have lived in our house almost 10 years and it has never been painted. (I can’t believe I just admitted that).

  49. I want to paint our bathroom

  50. I want to paint my kitchen

  51. I am loving it so far! I wish I could see the rest of the room. Love the blue and orange combo by the way. Super nice.

    The Office Stylist

  52. I would like to repaint my doors.

  53. Elizabeth G. says:

    I need to paint my whole house!

  54. i am getting ready to re-do my whole bedroom and bathroom, including painting. Would love to use Wherein Williams!

  55. i am getting ready to re-do my whole bedroom and bathroom, including painting. Would love to use Shermin Williams!

  56. Getting ready to paint my kitchen cabinets and the guest bathroom. I always use SW so would love to win the gift card! Thanks!

  57. Ohhh I need to paint my dining room! I painted it dark red about 5 years ago and it is just screaming for some light! Tired of eating in a dundeon! :)

  58. Heather B says:

    We need to repaint our downstairs bathroom. it is this hideous yellowish green color. It is just yucky looking.

  59. Just finished painting the master bath in SW. Next on the list is the bedroom, foyer and living area. Thanks for the chance!

  60. My kitchen cabinets need painting.

  61. I’d like to paint my daughter’s room.

  62. Cory Varona says:

    My husband and I will love to paint and give a makeover to our living room!!!

  63. Nanette R. says:

    I basically want to paint all of the rooms in my house, but I’d like to start with my bedroom and half-bath.

  64. Brenda Haines says:

    I need to paint all the rooms since we only have drywall and mud up. But I think I’ll start with the living room. Thanks

  65. I want to paint the nursery my Husband is building on for our newest edition coming in October! <3 :) Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  66. Cami Ludlow says:

    My entire house! Just moved in to new construction home and I have white walls EVERYWHERE!

  67. Our half bathroom is next on my list to paint! I also want to paint our semi-enclosed back porch :)


  68. Just got married and moving in with my husband! Can’t wait to paint his entire house, he needs a feminine touch :)

  69. Elizabeth Roberts says:

    I would love to paint my mother’s whole house! the people that lived there before must have been colorblind,

  70. I would love to paint our living room and master bedroom!!

  71. When I moved into my current house, it was an array of colors. I have muted it a bit but my bathroom is still a shocking purple… mixed with the blandest tan tiles. It is a horrible thing to look at every morning. That is my next painting project (or maybe even a gut job).

  72. I need to paint my kitchen cabinets and a few rooms in the house before we put it on the market. I have heard that they have the best cabinet paint so that is what I am going with. I love the sneak peak of the room; can’t wait to see the entire thing. That sofa looks groovy and comfy!

  73. I very badly want to paint my girls’ bedroom next!!

  74. I just painted our Master bedroom SW Naval, have a can of SW Agreeable Gray waiting to go onto my kitchen wall, and am already dreaming up what color I want to put on the walls in my office. Have I mentioned that we moved into a house with alllll builder beige walls? :)

  75. I’d like to paint re powder room and maybe an accent wall in the dining room. Everything is builder beige now!

  76. Lauren E. says:

    I want to paint my bathroom

  77. I would LOVE to paint my kitchen!

  78. Oh I would love to paint my kitchen! I really need something bright and bold as it gets pretty dark in there. I love the orange you used!