Say It On The Wall {Giveaway}

Hi friends!  Today’s giveaway is from a new sponsor, Say It on the Wall.  Laura has tons of cuteness in her shop and specializes in vinyl decor (and other goodness).  Y’all know how much I love vinyl!  :)  It’s a great touch to add to your home to get that extra coziness and welcoming feeling. And she has a lot of faith-based vinyl which I love even more.

Here’s a little peek at some of her creations.

I love that set of dice with the vinyl on them!  And of course they are customizable to your liking.

Perfect for Mother’s Day…

And perfect for the growing child.

I love this magnetic board too.

So cute!!

To enter the giveaway for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Say It on the Wall:

And that’s it!  I’ll run this giveaway through Saturday, April 30 and will announce the winner via

Good luck!



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  1. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    I love the kitchen labels, I’ve wanted those for a little while now! I think they are so cute!
    steph4575 at msn dot com

  2. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    I like Say It on the Wall on facebook!

  3. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    I am following the Say It on the Wall blog!

  4. There are a couple I really like, the bathroom rules and definition for boy wall quotes.


  5. I love the established sign. I would love to have one made for my family :)

  6. I like Say it on the Wall on FB

  7. I’m following their blog now too :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Love the “chore dice” …. perfect for my girls.

  9. Liked say it on the wall on fb.

  10. I love the door greetings – as well as the kitchen labels.

  11. I “like” say it on the on FB!

  12. So many things, I do love the growth chart and subway signs!

  13. There are so many–I like the “Believe” definition board, the “Christmas” Sub-way art, and I would love to make up one of my own ideas…

  14. Visited their site & I love love love that laundry sign!!

  15. I liked them on Facebook!

  16. I now follow their blog!

  17. I have always loved the glass display blocks at Christmas time that they do, and I LOVE the Christ block display. Too bad they do not sell the blocks as well as the vinyl. I cannot find the blocks anywhere without having to buy a whole case!


    I follow their blog!

  19. I love the Laundry…drop your drawers here! How fun!!!!

  20. Sarah Rogers says:

    I “liked” Say It On The Wall’s Facebook page. Very cute stuff!

  21. I am now following SIOTW’s blog! Yea!

  22. I liked SIOTW’s facebook page! I am lovin their stuff!

  23. the establish sign, very cool

  24. following!

  25. I’ve been looking for decor for my laundry.. LIKING the Laundry one! LOVING vinyls. :)

  26. I like the growth chart

  27. A Facebook fan! :)

  28. And.. following the blog also. :)

  29. I would love to have the saying “Wise Men Still Seek Him” so that I could put it on the rear windshield of my car. What a way to make a statement to so many people. Please count me in!

  30. Kim Pigue says:

    I love the “established” sign!

  31. Kim Pigue says:

    Now a facebook fan!

  32. Kim Pigue says:

    Now a blog follower!

  33. I love them all at the site.

  34. Asa-Marie says:

    I like Say It On The Wall on Facebook!

  35. Nicole J. says:

    I love the COMPLETE SET OF 12 Fitness Sayings!

  36. I am following Say It On The Wall’s blog!

  37. I like SIOTW on FB.

  38. I love the kitchen subway art….

  39. I love all of the signs, but would adore the “Established” sign. So cute!

  40. andrea turnbow says:

    I love everything, but especially love the kitchen subway art.

  41. I love the Established sign-just what I have been looking for in my entry!

  42. I love the “Welcome” door vinyl and the vinyl on the tiles. There are too many wonderful items to just choose one!

  43. I like the Custom BOY Subway Art

  44. I am already a FB fan

  45. I am already a follower!

  46. Jennifer L says:

    I love the magnetic board. Awesome teachers gift! I have also liked them on fbook! Thanks!

  47. I love the Laundry Room…Drop Your Drawers Here sign. I have been looking for something to put in the laundry room and that would be perfect!

  48. I am a follower…thanks!!

  49. I would definitely want one of those magnet boards…always wanted one!

  50. I like the “established” family vinyls… I’ve been looking for something for our entry way :)

  51. I “Liked” say it on the wall on facebook

  52. I like the Personalized Family Sign!

  53. Oh Emily — thanks for hostessing a “SayItOnTheWall” give-away! I’ve long been admiring Laura’s over-the-front-door-see-it-as-you-exit quotes. (My boys need a constant reminder of Whom they represent away from home…)

  54. Erin Puralewski says:

    i’m following the blog!

  55. Erin Puralewski says:

    i “liked” the facebook page!

  56. Christina P. says:

    I have had my eye on her Laundry definition for ages. Thanks for the chance to win!

  57. Erin Puralewski says:

    i love the wall hangings! can’t wait to get one and hang it in my breezeway!

  58. I’d love a vinyl text for our living room! THANKS for the chance!

  59. I’m a FB fan (Rebecca A)

  60. I follow their blog :-)

  61. 8 X 24 Elongated Magnet Board is very cool!

  62. I love the Home, Family, Blessing… It is very sweet :)

  63. Liked Say It on the Wall on Facebook.

  64. I like them on FB! :)

  65. Now follow Say It on the Wall blog.

  66. I’ve “liked” Say It On The Wall on facebook for a long time! (She’s got such a.w.e.s.o.m.e. vinyls! Thank you for doing this give-away.

  67. I follow their blog :)

  68. I visited the website! I love the glass nativity, laundry definition, gobble til you wobble kit is SO cute, family definition, 10×14 established sign, 8.5×11 dry erase board (A MUST!!), candle chandelier.. It’s too hard to pick one thing. Her website is awesome! :)

  69. I like her on FB now!

  70. I really like the ‘Established Sign 1’. Something to show off the family name :)

  71. I also follow her blog!

  72. Liked Say it on the wall’s FB page

  73. I follow Say it on the wall’s blog

  74. I like the Valentine’s Day magnets

  75. OK – now I follow Say It On The Wall’s blog.

    Thank you, Emily, for playing hostess & giving me this chance at Laura’s give-away!

  76. I am following Say it on the Wall’s blog!

  77. I liked Say it on the Wall’s facebook page.

  78. I would have to picker the devotion mother vinyl – perfect timing for Mothers Day!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  79. I’m already a blog follower of Say It On The Wall. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. LOVE the magnetic boards.

  81. I love her polka dot monogrammed decal for the back of a car. So pretty!!!

  82. I am already a follower of Say it on the wall’s blog!u

  83. I also am a fan of say it on your wall’s Facebook page

    Sara Haga Gore

  84. I like the faith saying “Worry Ends When God Begins” I’d like to have that for my wall.

  85. I’m a follower through networked blogs.

  86. I liked Say It On A Wall’s FB page

  87. love the faith based, well really – all of them.

  88. I LOVE the saying, “Be true to who you are and the family name you bear.” I also loved “Love you more” since we say that all teh time in my family!

  89. I like Say it on the Wall on facebook

  90. I follow Say it on the Wall’s blog

  91. I totally love the “kitchen is closed” saying—!

  92. I love the Dry Erase Calendar Vinyl! I’ve long been looking for a dry-erase calendar to replace my paper ones and be more environmentally friendly! This calender looks soo much cuter than most in its frame :)

  93. Love the laundry definition one.
    – Dnielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  94. Oh I love the laundry definition, that’s so pretty but I have to say my favourite is this

    it’s so simple but so pretty!

  95. I LOVE the mutual theme vinyl!!!

  96. In the gallery, there’s one photo that says: OH MY HECK! I love it. I’m totally ripping that one off!

    Thanks for turning me on to Say It On the Wall. I’m going to be a follower, for sure!

  97. I “like” Sayitonthewall’s Facebook page! :)

  98. I have so badly wanted a vinyl “Welcome” on my front door… LOVE that she offers one. :)

  99. I’m a blog follower! :)

  100. Thanks for the giveaway! I like the Family Name Door sign.

  101. I love to always check out what’s new on her site. I can’t even name my favorite, argh. It’s a cross between the laundry sign and the lighted blocks…oh and the recipe magnet board lol.

  102. I do follow her also =)

  103. I love this website! Thanks for sharing!

  104. I Love the Christmas Subway Art – the different fonts, the red & white – It makes me ~almost~ wish it was Christmas again!!

  105. I now am a follower of Say It on The wall’s Blog!! :)

  106. I also like Say It On the Wall on Facebook!! Thanks for suggesting the site!!

  107. I love the chore dice

  108. I already like say it on the wall on fb

  109. I am already a blog follower of SIOTW

  110. Christine says:

    I love the laundry sign!

  111. I have always loved that saying… “Love u yesterday, Love u still, Always have and Always will”
    What a cool website!!!!

  112. Such great vinyl art! I really like the “Jeremiah 29:11 Subway Art”.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Readg4fun at yahoo dot com

  113. I “liked” it on facebook!

  114. I am now following SIOTW….!

  115. I love the glass blocks!

  116. I’m a fan on FB!

  117. I’m follow the “Say It On The Wall” blog.

  118. Love the Home Family Blessings vinyl and the Laundry Definition… :)

  119. I love all the inspirational sayings. I especially like Dance, Love, Sing, Live.

  120. There are a lot of things I really like on their site. My most favorite is “Prayer Works”. I also like the Sunshine Jar and the 2011 Mutual Theme Tile ;)

  121. I like Say it on the Wall on Facebook.

  122. I follow Say it on the Wall’s Blog.

  123. I am loving the subway art she’s got in the shop

  124. I am a sucker for Laundry Room sayings. They are just too cute!

  125. I definitely need something for my laundry room, but also that growth chart is adorable. Thx

  126. Asa-Marie says:

    I love the HOME blocks with the interchangable O!!!

  127. I love the chore dice! And the kitchen labels!

  128. I love the laundry definition sign!

  129. I’m also following the Say It On The Wall blog! : )

  130. I love the “Excuse this Home” Quote – totally buying that soon!!!

  131. I follow Say it on the Wall’s Blog :)

  132. I “like” Say it on the Wall on Facebook :)

  133. I like the Jeremiah 29:11 sign alot!

  134. I’d love the Hinckley Bes. I have a quilt with that and it would be fun to put in our loft!

  135. I love all of her easter stuff! However, I would really love her family stuff – I just got married and moved into a student apartment, and we have no decorations on the wall.

  136. I liked “say it on the wall” on facebook

  137. I followed the “say it on the wall” blog! :)

  138. I love the “purpose” quote vinyl…I wanna put it in my home office!!

  139. I now follow Say It On The Wall’s blog :0)

  140. I would love to have the pantry labels. We recently redid the pantry and I have lots of glass & plastic containers that would look great with the labels on them! Thanks for the great giveaway!! Take care, VBg

  141. I’m a Say it on the wall follower : )

  142. I’m addicted to the subway art vinyl! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity : )

  143. I love the Behr Arabian Veil paint color.
    Since I am re-doing my laundry room, I really like the “LAUNDRY ROOM
    Put your duds in the suds” wall sign.

  144. LOVE the laundry room vinyl!! :)

  145. I’m a fan of Say it on the Wall on facebook!

  146. I follow the Say it on the Wall blog too!

  147. Donna Bryan says:

    would love to create my own-really like the Christmas ones(even though its only April!) – liked “say it” on FB also!

  148. i really like that laundry sign! thanks!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  149. i follow the Say it on the wall blog! thanks!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  150. I love the Home Definition IC.

  151.  Un abrumador videogame pero me han desencantado las variantes de videogame


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