Recent Thrifty Treasures

I found all of these things last week at the thrift store and resale shop, but just haven’t had time to post about them yet.  Oy!

Isn’t that little shutter shelf cute?  It was $1.  Score!  Everything in that picture was $9 all together.  I love that wreath too and it will look cute when I tie it up with some ribbon. :)  Oh, and you all know what I’ll be doing with those books! :)  If you don’t know, you can click here to see that post.

Have you ever used mason jars as vases?  I really like them as one of their purposes in life.  I used them at Emma’s birthday party and really liked them with the pink.

Anywho, I know that I said I wasn’t going to do anything yesterday, but, I did venture out to the resale shop.  Then I about wet my britches when I saw this…

Ohhhhh yes.  This lovely old, chippy paint, and stained glass window came home with me!  And it is going to stay exactly like it is because it has TONS of character.  I love chippy paint!  Oh, and it wasn’t exactly cheap at $40, but I have been hunting for one for a while now.  Apparently old windows like this are pretty pricey at antique stores?

Here are some more photos of this lovely find…

Now, I *think* I know where this is going in the house, just have to do some rearranging. :)

Have you found any good finds recently or used old windows as decoration?

Hope you all are having a great week so far!

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  1. I found this stuff:

    I have always loved thrift store shopping, but anymore I have to do it on the fly as I’m out doing other errands – the boys can only look thru so much “junk” before I start hearing “can we go now?” When does school start? (:

  2. I really like that shutter shelf! Now I know what I’m going to do with the 2 in my shed!

  3. Lauren@SimplyLKJ says:

    Great finds! Love the little shutter. And, yes I do love mason jars. They were adorable on the table for your daughter’s birthday. Have been thrifting lately…weeding out actually as we are do some mini-remodels. But, I do love to sort through piles of “stuff” looking for that one fabulous find.

  4. I love that shutter shelf and your window is gorgeous! Yes, they are pricier at antique shops. If you’re going to do anything to it ( ie sand it etc. ) wear a mask! My guy at a salvage place I go to reminded me that those old windows likely contain lead paint.

  5. That window was a great price; I’ve seen similar ones for $100 or more! Lucky you!


  6. I am so jealous! That windows is GORGEOUS! I saw one at an antique store for $100 – $250. Lucky you! I am also loving your blue jars! So cute!

  7. You always find great stuff! LOVE the window!!!
    & congrats on the TDC feature too! : )

  8. Glad I found your blog, I like it! Thanks for the comment on my post on swedish/frenchy colors. I got a window like yours at the now closed EXPO design center..ever heard of it? They had a few one of a kinds..and i have it hanging in my laundry room window now sans window treatments. I love it!

  9. Gosh what a beautiful window! Can’t wait to see what you do with it! The shutter shelf is awesome too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that!

  10. I really like your old chippy window! My luck has been running a little dry lately. I hope to go our some time this week to see if I can find anything good!

  11. love your great finds sista!!!! I think I have that same wreath too! I got mine at Target around fall time last year!!! Love it!

  12. Love Love Love the color of those jars!

  13. I totally love that window! It is gorgeous! Great finds.

  14. I love the shutter shelf! And that antique window would have made me wet my britches too! I have seen those types of windows at antique shops for about $150 to $200. Great finds…you gotta love a good deal!

  15. That window is beyond awesome. You got yourself a neat one, and I think they are priced much higher at antique stores.


  16. Wow, that is an amazing deal!!!

  17. Hi, I love your articles, but was just wondering whether you worry about old lead-based paints on things like the new window frame you just got. You said you plan to keep it looking rustic, which is nice, but is it safe?


    • Hi Angela, thank you! To be honest, I really don’t know about the lead. It would be going somewhere that doesn’t get touched ever or anything, but maybe I need to do some research on them just to be sure. :)

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  19. Wow! What great finds! I can’t believe you got all that for $9!! I got a blue mason jar from an antique place for $8. It was full of old buttons, which I wanted a blue jar and buttons…so to me it was perfect! I wish I could find them for a cheaper price though! That stained glass window is beautiful! :)

    I went thrifting yesterday and found an apothecary jar that matched another one I got at Goodwill :D

    • Thanks Rachel! Good find on the buttons. I recently got a TON of them too. Love them!

      You are lucky. I never find cool apothecary jars at the thrift stores. :(

  20. Nice leaded window! I have a couple of old windows that I’ve used outside on the patio and on the fence. Gussied up one of them with some pretty vinyl decals , and an old garden hose and a pair of gardening gloves w/the other. Just fun…

  21. Love the window and shutter! Great finds

  22. I can look at windows, doors, cupboard doors, etc at HAbitat Restore for a looong time and dream. Like giving money to a good cause, but the best window finds have come from barn sales and farm auctions.

  23. Me LOVE that window! At $40 I would have arm-wrestled you for it! Ha!

  24. Yeah! THat window is a treasure! I’ve never seen one like it! beautiful!

  25. What a great window. I don’t think that was a bad price for it. I’ve seen them for so much more at the antique stores. Have fun with it.

  26. Love your window and what a steal. All I have found have been out of my price range.
    Thanks for sharing your book painting project. It looks so classy! That solves a problem I have at the condo. I love to decorate with books and the condo is decorated in white. White books are hard to find. Thanks again, Annette

  27. I have seen windows like this hung from chains as a modified room divider over a console or bookshelf. Still gives an open air feel, but also delineates the area nicely. Glad to have found your site. Makes me want to create a site myself…these projects are right up my alley

  28. I used 1 of my old windows as a room divider and turned another 1 into a door for a trophy case in my daughters room.