Party Planning, Fat Feet, and Nesting

Wow, so much going on right now!  Today I am 37 weeks pregnant…crazy right?   And it’s like I’ve kicked into high gear during these last 3 weeks before the baby is born.  It’s exhilarating at times, then complete exhaustion.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned here that my daughter’s birthday is 10 days after my current due date, have I?  Um well yea it is, so I’ve been trying to plan her party well in advance so I’m not trying to put together something at the last minute, and with a newborn in tow. And this party might even be a little over the top because well, I want her to have a great birthday and not feel short-changed with a new baby in the house (yes, mommy guilt). I’m planning a Yo Gabba Gabba party (her FAVORITE) and it’s going to be good! I can’t wait and am so excited to see her little face light up.

Her cake is going to look something like this…

Via Viva La Blogette

Well I hope it does anyway.  Hers will only be 3 tiers, but I found a local bakery to make one just like it and can’t wait to see it! And if you click that link above, now THAT was the ultimate Gabba party.  Mine won’t be that extravagant but it sure did look awesome so check it out.  We have other surprises in store at the party too and I’ll be sure and show you all once we have the party!

Oh yea, and I’m nesting.  Well I’m trying to.  But these things keep preventing me at times.

I’m huge, swollen, and puffy.  And I live in Texas so of course that means it’s very hot.  And my feet and ankles have looked much worse on other days so that picture looks pretty good unfortunately. And I drink TONS of water all day long.  It’s just part of the way I carry babies I guess because this happened with Emma too.

Also, I’m finally starting to work on the nursery, hooray!

It’s starting with paint which I just got yesterday.  I’m going to do my best to get er done, but again, just depends on my feet and how long I can squat down to cut in and everything.  That’s gonna be difficult. I may have to call on my hubby to help with this one. But I’m painting it a light grey for a neutral base.  Then I think I might as well wait a few more weeks to see if we have a boy or a girl, then the real decorating can start. :) I really don’t have to be in a huge hurry to get the nursery done because the baby won’t even sleep in there for the first several months.  But I’m impatient so you know what’s going to happen with that!

So besides all of that, I was trying to figure out how I could get the kitchen cabinets painted before the baby arrives, but alas, I didn’t find a way. Haha.  And there’s about 20 other projects I want to do around the house including starting on Emma’s big girl room, so I’ve been doing stuff with that too!  More on that next week.

OH, and my baby shower is this weekend!  Can’t wait.  I also need to pack a hospital bag, write a brief birth plan, get out Emma’s newborn stuff from the garage, clean the garage, and the list goes on and on.

We DID finally decide on names if we have a boy or a girl, and I won’t tell them here yet, but they both begin with E, if anyone wants to play a guessing game. :)

And I don’t drink alcoholic beverages really, but I’ve been craving Sangria for about 3 weeks now. Like, badly.  And I’ve never even had Sangria. Weird.

And happy birthday to my beautiful mama today!

So in a random Friday nutshell, that’s what I’ve been up to.  Now I think I’m going to go to sleep.  Oh yea, that’s right, I don’t sleep because I’m 37 weeks prego and it’s nearly impossible!



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  1. I am guessing Emily or Ethan

  2. Hmmmm….Eli or (Ella, Elizabeth or Eva)!!! Keep nesting, mama! Everything looks great!!

  3. Ok, funny! My daughter’s birthday is 8 days after my due date! Her party will probably closer to the end of July, if I can swing it, but I’m already getting it ready too! I’m just one week 2 days behind you too on this baby! I can’t figure it out, but my feet haven’t swollen yet?! Last time they were huge by now! I did try to fit them into some dress shoes for a wedding last weekend, and they didn’t fit, but they aren’t swollen!

    I’m debating on painting the nursery now or later… first was 3 weeks early which means if this one is as early, I have a week left! But this one is a girl too, and they are sharing a room, so it’s going to stay the same except I want to paint the boring white walls. I didn’t paint with my first because we rent, and I didn’t think we’d be here that long! Two years later, we’re about to sign another 18 month lease at least and will probably stay till we buy a house!

    I’m sort of forcing the nesting issue….I have the WILL to do it, but I’m soooooo tired, my almost 2 yr old is teething badly, and the hubby works 12 hr night shifts so there isn’t much time! I do have freezer meals ready to go, our hospital bags packed, and the bassinet up in our room, so we’re good to go whenever- there’s just still so much I WANT to do, not that I need to do! :) I felt this same way (uuuurrrgently gotta get stuff done!!) about 4 days before my first came! Uh-oh! :)

    Good luck with getting everything done! Love “sharing” the experience with you!

    • Oh wow Stacey you sound much more prepared than me! It didn’t even cross my mind to have food ready to go in the freezer. Oops. You’ll have to be sure and let me know if you have the baby early!! How exciting!!

  4. I totally get you with the Sangria comment! I just had my second son and with both my pregnancies I get cravings for a drink here and there! And I basically never drink otherwise- like maybe 3 times a year… so yeah I find that odd. Maybe because it is an “off- limits” thing? Who knows! Good luck with getting your nesting list done and I hope your labor goes well :)

  5. I feel for ya girlfriend. My last was due in September, and this GA heat was awful.
    You already have an Emma, we have an Emma, Elizabeth, Edie and Eva in our family.
    Boys…hmm…Evan, Ethan, Eric???

  6. Since I’m in Texas too, I so understand about the heat,humidity and swollen feet. I don’t have problems like you are having…just don’t do well in this humidity.

    If I lived closer, I’d be happy to help you paint. I think you have a huge “to do” list it seems. :-) Try to find time to rest and relax…you need that right now.

    I have no idea about the names, however, I like Ethan and Evan for a boy; Emily, Elizabeth, Erin, Emma are a few suggestions for a girl. I think it’s more difficult to use a boy’s name…thinking of the future and a distinguished name for business, etc.

    Take good care!

  7. Long time reader… but I rarely comment (I usually read on my phone while I’m standing in line somewhere or something)! My guesses for the little bean’s name are Ethan, Evan, Elena, or Ellie/Ella.

  8. My feet get just like that when I’m pregnant, so I feel your pain. ha

  9. I love the yo gabba gabba birthday theme, we did the same for my son’s second birthday. I made the party bags with colored sacks and die cut shapes, they turned out super cute!

  10. My two were born much earlier than yours (last March and early April) but both times as soon as we had a hot snap my feet and ankles would start swelling and didn’t stop until I delivered. To this day I get jealous when I see a very pregnant woman whose ankles aren’t swelling. Yet, I realize that is very weird.

    It will be over soon, and I wish you all the best with this new little one–whatever the name is. :)