Pantry Organization Updated!

Hi friends! Today I’m happy to show you all how I gave our pantry a little refresh and organized it a bit better. After our pantry makeover, I didn’t do much else with it, because it worked and functioned just fine! Those DIY carousels are still the bees knees. But you know how it is. Over time, you get lazy, stop unpacking things and putting them in their designated spots, and then things just end up on the floor. Well not any more!

Organized Pantry Update | Decorchick!®

What new things did I add? Baskets and crates, and they made a world of difference! Here is the before photo.



Yes we are pigs.

So all I did was of course throw away tons of crap, and put what we used and needed into either a basket or a crate, and just reorganized a bit.

Wire Storage Baskets in Pantry | Decorchick!®

In the top basket I have all of the pastas and beans. I got tired of transferring everything to the glass containers that I previously used. In the 2nd basket I have all of our ziplock bags, foils, plastic wrap etc. Then the 3rd basket holds extra paper goods like napkins, paper cups etc. Why didn’t I do this sooner??!

On the floor I put the large wire basket and it holds all of our paper plates. I needed the big one for this because we go through them quickly so I like to have a lot on hand.

Large Wire Basket | Decorchick!®

In these 2 pretty crates it holds our NingXia Red (from Young Living), juice for the kids, and paper towels. Again, why didn’t I do this sooner?!!

Better Homes and Gardens Crates | Decorchick!®

Ningxia Red from Young Living | Decorchick!®

I can’t tell you what a different the baskets and crates made. Something so simple! Oh, and all of the wire baskets and crates are BHG Products from Walmart! The smaller baskets were priced at $7.47, the large at $12.44, and the wood crates were $15.88. Such a deal to totally transform a small pantry! P.S.- I bought everything up at my local store.

Here are a few more pics of the pantry.

Glass Jars in Pantry | Decorchick!®

Pantry Makeover | Decorchick!®

Pantry Overhaul | Decorchick!®

Pantry Organization | Decorchick!®

Such a difference right? It makes me so happy opening the door in there again. :)

Now who’s going to give their pantry a little update and add some simple (but stylish storage!) crates and baskets? You will be happy once you do!

Also, for all of the details on the original pantry makeover and DIY carousels, please visit this post.

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Disclosure: I received compensation from  BHG at Walmart for my time and participation in the BHG Live Better Network. Random thoughts, opinions and musings are of course always mine. 

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  1. In my opinion the pantry is the hardest part of the house to keep in order. Just can’t be done because what’s in there keeps changing.

    I.. I stock up on things that are on sale. So if it’s paper towels, they temporarily need more space. The bigger the item or the bigger the quantity, the bigger the problem.

    2. Some items like sugar or salt are staples and so they could always be put in the same place. But items I buy occasionally (like snacks) or others I mix up (like cereals) take up different amounts of room. And the problem is worse when I have company and have to temporarily stock even more in there.

    So my solution is to do my best to organize what’s there as I’m putting groceries away.

  2. Love the addition of the chicken wire baskets and I really need some of those crates! Just wish my pantry were larger!

  3. wow, it looks great. Oh how I wish I had a walk in pantry but I have some plans for our storage cabinet in the garage I use for overflow. I’ll have to incorporate some baskets as well for easy access to the stuff at the back.

  4. love those crates!

  5. Isn’t it amazing what a few baskets can do?? Love those milk crates!

  6. Elaine Rumsey says:

    I spotted your NingXia Red and Balance Complete at the very beginning!! TaDa! :)
    (from another YL lover!)
    Baskets and lazy susans are wonderful! I’m going to put some susans in the fridge!

  7. Love all those baskets! Great ideas for organizing a pantry!

  8. I love the way it looks. My pantry is not that big, wish it was. My question is…I have heard that you should have 1 month to 6 weeks of food in storage just for cases of natural disaster. Do you think that you have that much in your pantry? It has a lot of other items but seems low on food?

  9. Stephanie says:

    It looks great! But I’m wondering why you use so many paper plates!

  10. I love the large turntables and have several really really old ones. Rubbermaid use to make these but I cannot find them anywhere now. Where did you find those? Thank you.

  11. My pantry has a similar layout. Now I am curious to try the corner “rollies”.

  12. Pantries are always so difficult to organize when everyone in the household is using it all the time through out the day. I love how you organized it though, it looks FAB! My favorite is how cute the jars look with the labels!

    – The Office Stylist

  13. -1′