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It’s probably no surprise I love to shop. I love to redecorate and look for new things for our home since I have a tendency to grow tired of something probably quicker than most people. And since shopping behind your computer monitor is even better, that’s when I got happy about a flash sale site on Amazon called MyHabit. Amazon is amazing on its own, so I just assumed MyHabit would be amazing and it is! And that’s why I wanted to let you all know about it because we all love a good deal.

If you scroll to the bottom of Amazon’s site you’ll see it listed. And silly me had no idea any of this existed until recently. Shameful.

I’ve really been into fashion lately, so the “Private Fashion Designer Sales” caught my eye. If you follow me on Instagram (@decorchick1), you’ll know I love me a little Louis. ;)

But anyhow, MyHabit does have amazing fashion/designer sales, but they also have home decor sales! Just what I need right?

Keep in mind these are 72-hour sales so you have to act quickly. They just don’t last long because of their heavily discounted price tags. Here are some things that I am loving, and as of today, are still available. Some only available till Friday morning though so hurry!

Favorite Finds from |

I know, awesome stuff. Most U.S. orders ship for free which is a bonus too.

To start shopping, you can get started here.






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  1. I just discovered it too! But I just took a peek. ;) Maybe I will take another one….

  2. MYHABIT was a fun site to look at but I don’t think I will be going back. Even the sale prices seemed a little pricey for my checkbook. But, I do enjoy your blog!

    • They do have higher prices on things too, but great deals as well. I am not sure if some is any less than what we can get it for at a local store, but the beauty is that we can order it from home and have it delivered (mostly) for free! :)

  3. Loved the weighted scale but unable to find on MyHabit.

  4. I’m torn in between buying a large coffee table and having a few small side tables
    for lamps etc. Ideas? Maybe this – dining room furniture?

  5. Thanks for the great info! I have never heard of my habit and Im an avid amazon shopper!

  6. Very torn about Amazon. Love their site but the credible information coming out about their working conditions concerns me.

  7. Thank you so much for the info. I love amazon too and had no idea these sites existed. Can’t wait to check them out.

  8. Its far less difficult shopping on the internet if you’d like
    something trendy. I was away clothes shopping
    over the weekend and only found like four retail stores in my location that sells children’s clothing, and they all carry exactly the same products pretty much


  1. […] and keep looking for good deals. So when good deals are to be had, I have to share. I wrote about Amazon’s My Habit site over a month ago and many of you love it too. These are some of the current sales and items that I […]


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