My Fitness Journey – 1 Year Later

So it’s been a little over a year now since I’ve written about working out and what I’ve been doing for my fitness journey. Gosh that darn time! It really does fly by!! If you follow me on Instagram though, you’ll know I haven’t stopped. In fact, I’m even more addicted and love it that much more a year later!

There is just something really awesome about seeing yourself improve and getting stronger.

Working out has definitely even helped to stop any of those 75 pounds I gained while pregnant with Ellie and lost from creeping back in. I need to update those photos in that post too!

I can do things now that I would have laughed about years ago and said “no way.”

But once you find the right place, you’ll change your mind and your attitude. You may fail at things over and over again, but eventually, you will get it. And when I fail at something, let’s say a workout move, it makes me want to get it even more, so I work harder at it. I have a very competitive part of me and set goals and want to meet them!

I have areas that are weak that we are working on. Like for instance, I am slow. I am not a runner, and definitely not a fast runner. Some of the strength moves we do require quick movements, and I still have to work on those too. I also do not lift a heavy amount on deadlifts. That’s actually my weakest lift! When it should be one of the heaviest lifts a woman can do. So we have been working on building up my hamstring muscles and I do extra exercises for those. But even with those hinderances, it hasn’t stopped me. I know eventually it will get better and I will see an improvement.

So I just want to tell you that even though you might not be awesome at everything in the beginning, you will eventually get there. That’s what personal growth is all about!

And you may get some bumps and bruises along the way…


Yea that one was crazy and took up a good chunk of my thigh. It was a bar mishap. :) Totally my fault! But I just call them good battle wounds now and embrace them. :)

I have more muscle tone in my body, clothes fit better, and just overall feel great! I want YOU to have that feeling too!!

And just keeping it real here, I DO still have cellulite. That’s like from the devil, but you know what? I will wear shorts now and not be ashamed. I used to never wear shorts! Even at the gym. But I’m coming to the point in life where you just have to embrace those little dimples and go with it. :)

I’ve been going to Veritas Strength and Conditioning and it’s really just the best. The coaches, the members, the facility…it’s awesome and I wish you all could come!! If you are local then please do! It’s the hour of me-time I make sure to get each day, and honestly, I still look forward to going every single day. If you don’t have that feeling about where you are going or you sometimes talk yourself out of going to the gym, then maybe you need to revaluate where you are going and why. The people at my gym are my friends now and I can’t wait to see them each day!

Here is a video Veritas did on my fitness journey. And while videos make me feel all sorts of awkward, I don’t think it’s bad or boastful to be proud of this one. With a lot of help, training, encouragement and determination, I’ve done things that seriously, I never thought were possible. Be sure and watch it all the way through the end for some bloopers! :)

I’m just so thankful to be on this journey, and a journey that I love!! Take the time to have better health and wellness. I talk about that a lot. And while we use essential oils daily which you all know, having a solid fitness regime is just as important. If you’ve been putting fitness on the back burner, make a commitment and make it a priority also! You will feel so much better about yourself. Your toughest critic is yourself. Everyone else, myself included, will be cheering you on to help you reach your goals.

If the video isn’t working for you while viewing this post, here is the link to it on their YouTube Channel.

Stay well, stay blessed, and stay fit! :)



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  1. You look amazing! I noticed how fit you were in your fashion posts and I like seeing what you’ve been doing to get that way. I guess it’s officially time for me to get off my duff.

  2. Jerri C. TN says:

    Loved the video…. you look great and happy. Is Veritas cross-fit???

  3. So proud of you Emily. We love having you at Veritas Strength. You are such a hard worker. It’s been great to watch your progress over the past year. We are so glad you decided to be apart of Veritas. Looking forward to see what you will do this next year!

  4. I love this!!! So proud of you!!! You inspire me every day. ❤️