My First Attempt at Sewing

Yes, that’s right, sewing.  I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time, and I finally did.  We’ve had a brand spankin’ new machine my mom got us for Christmas that hasn’t been touched really since then.  But last week a sweet friend of mine, Sherri, came over and taught me.  She showed me how to make a pillowcase dress and it was actually easy!  So a few days later I attempted it all by myself and it was a success.  Of course there were several dumb text messages I had to send to Sherri during this, and she is a very patient person thank goodness.  So with her help and the help of youtube videos, I got it all down and made this dress for Emma’s 1st birthday…

I still need to iron it, but I wanted to go ahead and show y’all.

This is a big deal for me.  I’ve always wanted to learn, but just didn’t think I had it in me because I’m not very patient and a sewing machine is intimidating to me.  But, to my surprise, once you do it once and get the threading the machine down, it’s actually easy…and FUN!  I love sewing now and have even made a few other things since.  I’m so excited and it was such a blessing for Sherri to teach me.  Trust me when I tell you this…if I can sew, YOU CAN TOO!!

I just used the pillowcase pattern Sherri already had, but I would think they are the same pretty much everywhere.  The measurements are so easy that I just memorized what to do.

It just means a lot to me that my daughter will be wearing something that I MADE, for her first birthday.  Everything came together so easily.  I’m just very grateful. :)



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  1. This is VERY cute! Great job!!

  2. So cute! and I love the ruffled trim!

  3. This is so cute! Reminds me of the little sundresses my mother made for my little sister. She would also make bloomers for her as well. Sometimes she would applique a little animal on the plainer dresses to fix them up. Wish my “little” girl was still that little so I could make a few of these dresses.

  4. You did such a great job! Good for you!! I’m still SUPER new to sewing – so I am totally impressed! What cute fabric too! :)

  5. well your lil girl will look even prettier in her new dress her mom made……….congrats to you on your accomplishment

  6. ADORABLE EMILY!!!! You did GREAT! I want to make one for Alice. Lil Emma is going to look precious in it. Isn’t it just much more special when it’s something YOU made. I want to learn to sew!! Make sure you post some pics of Emma in her sweet Mommy-made-me dress. :)

  7. Super cute! Love that polka dot fabric 2! I have a machine but I hate threading it and my bobbin is never right. Once that’s out of the way I could go on sewing forever. But I dread it every time which is why I never sew. Maybe I need a more simple machine. LOl! Good job, I’m impressed! 1st project –> Huge success =)

  8. It turned out great!! So happy that you did it!

  9. Great job Em!!! I have a sewing machine too…You have encouraged me to whip it out and startmaking things..thanks again.

  10. It feels so fulfilling to complete a sewing project doesn’t it?! That dress is SO cute!! the ruffle on the bottom is quite daring for a first time – LOVE it!!
    reminds me of my first sewing project – I had a VERY patient friend who I kept calling & she’d run over to rescue me : )

    • Hahaha, if my friend lived that close I’m sure she would have been here too. Instead she made videos on what to do if I was stuck from her phone! She’s probably thankful she’s not real close to me. :)

  11. Oh, I’ve been so wanting to try to make a pillow case type dress. I’ve got left over material from curtains I made for the kids room but I’ve not made clothes yet!!! Love to know what videos you watched.

    Oh and the dress came out really CUTE!

  12. YEA!!!! Good for you! Isn’t sewing fun? You did a great job! It turned out SUPER CUTE! Is it knit? The ruffle at the bottom looks knit. I’ve never used knits. Is it hard? I always use quilting cotton.

    Can’t wait to see what else you’ve made!!

    • Thank you so much! You know, I don’t even know what the material is! How bad is that? I would assume the dress is cotton, and the ruffle a cotton/poly blend? Guess I better pay more attention while getting fabric. :

  13. Great job for your first sewing project!!! Your little one is going to look so cute for her birthday party!

  14. Emily that dress is super cute! Good job! I remember my daughter’s first birthday like it was yesterday…now she is going into highschool “tear”. I sewed all of her bedding before she was born…but now with 4 kiddos don’t sew as much anymore! Your blog is amazing!

  15. Fabulous!! I knew you could do it! I’ve been wearing my homemade clothes my whole life! LOL Even now that I am 27, my Mom still makes stuff for me. And I make things for wearing too! Great job!

  16. Look at you moving up in the world of decorating!!!! I want to learn too… I need to get a sewing machine! I seen? saw? (i dunno) one at target that I liked and it was all fancy with a gazillion stitches! Which I also know nothing about but it sounded good!

    Good for you. I love the dress!

  17. Hi! I’m visiting from The Girl Creative: New Friend Fridays. I love the pillow case dress. I just posted how bad I wanted a sewing machine!!


  18. such a sweet dress and I like the trim at the bottom…nice touch…came over from trendy treehouse

  19. That looks great for a first time! I’m sure your daughter will love it.

    I’m visiting from New Friend Friday from Girl Creative!

    I’m a follower now too!

  20. Great job!
    I’m very impressed..I can’t even thread a needle..would love to learn but I already have 2 strikes against me..I don’t know anybody that sews & I dont have a sewing machine..Whats a girl to do?

    • Aw man! I guess just put on your Christmas list or shop on Craigslist. :) Then you could easily learn just by watching youtube videos. If you get one email me and I’ll send you the links that I watched.

  21. great job! would you be willing to share the pillowcase pattern? (or would sherri?!?) i actually faked one for my daughter (who is 9 mo) out of an actual pillowcase – even tho i only used less than half of it. it is actually at church with my sewing machine (we have a “sew cute” club that quilts – and i sew – on tuesdays). i still have to put the ribbon thru the top. i can post a pic if you’d like (if google will let me) when i’m done. thanks!

  22. I hope we are able to see Emma in her dress this weekend! Happy Birthday to her and hang in there today : )))

  23. You should be very proud — it turned out beautifully! :-)

  24. You did a FANTASTIC job! I just made a bunch of these to send to Africa. It’s a great cause and I love knowing that something I made will make a little girl happy. Here’s more info:

  25. great job!!! are you sure it’s your first sewing project??? my first project didn’t look anywhere near as professional as yours did. i can’t begin to imagine how awesome your 2nd, 3rd…. 20th projects will look. :o)

  26. You did a fantastic job. I have been a sew-er since I was a teen and I am not sure my projects look as good. If you like, come visit me and maybe pick up a few new sewing ideas. If I can help you with anything, let me know.

  27. Wow..I’m so impressed! Just found you through thrifty decor chick. I too have just started learning how to sew. Now, my first attempt was nothing like yours…I only did a pillow, but hopefully…one day….

    Love all of your design/decorating ideas too!

    • Thank you so much for visiting Michelle!! I’m sure your first pillow was great. :) I really love it so far. Can’t wait to make more!

      Thanks again for the sweet comment. :)

  28. You’re a natural! Great job! It looks beautiful. I love the ruffle at the bottom.

    You should try onesie dresses too. They are so easy.

  29. Congratulations! You give me hope! I have a sewing machine sitting in my dining room and I’m a bit intimidated to try it out. Did you find any good You Tube videos that you’d recommend to get me started or can I have your friend’s number? LOL! It turned out adorable! Great job!

  30. WOW!!! That is awesome!! For your first time, you did a great job!

  31. That is pretty amazing! And VERY CUTE! I <3 pillow case dresses… it is mostly a one size fits most small people kind of deal! Now I just need a little girl!

    Visiting Via SSBS link party

  32. Congrats! Sewing is a ton of fun and there are endless possibilities…not just clothing. I’ve taught myself how to make toys, baby items, blankets, etc. And there are oodles of tuts out there to help you! Good luck and thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!!

  33. So cute, well done for your first sewing job :)

  34. WATCH OUT….Sewing can be addictive!!:) Awesome job! I love sewing for my lil’ Goose, too. I hopped over from the “Making the World Cuter” linky party:)
    Happy Monday

  35. wow that turned out so cute, you’re gonna have so much fun with your sewing machine!

  36. great job, same scenario except i’ve had my machine a lot longer and still haven’t made anything wearable. I hope to get it out of storage soon though ;)
    stopped in from look what i made

  37. Super cute! It looks awesome!
    Thanks for linking up!

  38. I absolutely LOVE this dress! Now I need to find a similar pattern! Where did you find such a cute pillowcase?

  39. This site certainly has all of the info I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.