More Flower Pot Cuteness

I did another little project over the weekend with the 4 remaining little flower pots I found at the thrift store recently.  You can click here for that post.

We have this area above our front door in the entryway…

So I decided to use my 4 little pots and sit them on the ledge above the door and decorate them.

First I painted them all Heirloom White.

Then on the side facing outside, I decided to put our house numbers on them so that is what you see as you come up our walkway.

Those are in reverse…I had to stay focused since I was going to write on the other side too. :)  And I just painted them free-hand with acrylic paint, like I did my other numbered flower pots.

Then I wrote “home” on the other side so that is what you see from inside the house.  You’ll understand from my photos what I’m talking about since I clearly am having a hard time writing this!

Then put some styrofoam balls in each pot and stuck in some faux greenery.

And lastly, I had hubby cut a 2×4 scrap we had in the garage to fit in the space above the door, so it would give the pots some height.  Then I painted it the same as our wall color so it would blend in.

And now, this is what they look like from the inside…

And from outside…

And there you have it!  My double-sided pots!  This was all original baby!  No Google searches for me this time. :)

Hope you like!  I promise I’ll quit talking about flower pots now and will ease up on the exclamation marks!  :)

*Edited to add, that I did put a dab of super glue on the bottom of the pots to the wood just in case.  It’s a wide ledge and I slammed the door several times, as a test of course, and they don’t budge. :)*

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  1. Love the two-sided feature of this project! And I love the fact that you filled up that beautiful, tall window with some treasures!

  2. What a great idea! …wish I could free-hand as well as you!!!!

  3. Those came out really cute! And you can change out the greenery for the seasons. Little trees would look so cute at Christmas.

  4. Ooooohhhhh. I love it. That is so clever. Well done! Boardwalk Bragfest is going on at my place tomorrow. Love to see your project there.

  5. awhhhhh, that is such a cool idea! love it!

  6. Love it!! pots that serve double duty & cute to boot!! : )

  7. What a really cute idea! Wouldn’t work in my house though – my boys are door-slammers and I could just see the pots ending up on someone’s head! =)


    • Jeannie, I forgot to mention that I added a dab of super glue on the bottom of the pots to the wood just in case. I’ve slammed the door several times already (as a test) and they don’t budge. It’s a pretty wide ledge.

  8. What a fantastic idea!! I LOVE it! Dual purpose pots — great job, Emily!! :)

  9. Oh, my word that is so cute! I wish I had a window like that!

  10. A very inspired idea!

  11. How precious they look Emily! Your entryway is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. I love it! Your buffet redo is amazing as well. You are very creative my friend. Great job on everything you do.

    Have a wonderful day!
    ~Melissa :)

  12. SO CUTE! I wish I had a window like that! :)

  13. This is a great idea. I think I could do this on the window ledges in my sunroom – it would give my backyard neighbors something to look at. :)


  14. SUPER cute, Em!

  15. cute…brilliant…and easy… it

  16. Great idea, I wish I had somewhere to display something like this. I love how they are double sides.

  17. That is very original!!! Looks fabulous! Great job and great idea!!

  18. You’re so smart!! That came out CUTE!!

  19. That is such a cute idea! And yea…I haven’t seen anything close to it, so it’s all your very own idea!!


  20. Those look great in that window. I like the plants you chose to put in them. I bet those huge windows give you lots of light:)

  21. That is soooo cute, how clever!


  22. Wow, your double sided pots look amazing! I have a window with a ledge in my kitchen that would work well with your idea :0 Thanks for sharing…


  23. Love how they are double-sided! Makes me wish a I had a window above my door! Visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick :)

  24. Very Very Cute idea! I love that you made it double sided, I would have thought of that after I was done! I get so excited about something that I don’t think it all the way through before I start. I have been trying to do better!

  25. I have that same ledge and I would have NEVER thought of that! What a great transformation!! (I love the exclaimation mark as well!!)

  26. I love those. What a cute idea to have them read both from the outside and inside.

  27. That is a fantastic window and a fantastic idea for it. What a doubly cute project! Great thinking.

  28. Very cool idea!

  29. LOVE IT!!!! And look at you coming up with the idea all on your own!!!! I’m DEFINITELY going to feature this on my blog on Friday, so stop by and check yourself out!!!

  30. Awesome what a neat idea1 It looks really good from both sides.

  31. Ok, that is like ri-DONK-ulously clever! Seriously! Thanks so much for linking it to gettin’ crafty on hump day! :)

  32. I love this idea. the numbers are so cute! Thank you so much for linking up to my linky party!

  33. Ahh!!! What a fantastic idea! I love it!!

  34. totally adorable. i think it is very creative solution to the house number quandry. great job!

  35. That’s really a great idea! So cute!

  36. I was pleasantly surprised seeing the photo from outdoors…I love how this turned out and you have such a beautiful entryway to show it off!

  37. What a great idea! Very original and just as cute as can be!

  38. Super cute! I love the ingeniousness of making them doublesided! I need to find a creative way to display our house numbers as well!

  39. Great idea. I love it.

  40. Great idea! Love it! I would love for you to check out my blog for a fun giveaway! Have a wonderful night!

  41. Love them & can’t wait to find a place to do the same in my house. I have extra pots all painted and ready to add letters/numbers – as soon as the sun comes out, I will be looking for the spot. I’ll be sure to let everyone know it was your idea and tell them about your wonderful blog. Thanks for the inspiration!!! (I love exclamation marks…….)

  42. Fabulous idea! I think this will be perfect as a gift to my sister. She’s been complaining she has no idea what to do with the window/shelf above her door. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! :o)

  43. Thanks for joining us for Anything Related #14!! ~Bridgette

  44. So very cute and original!

  45. Oh, I love your pots! How original~
    Thank you for sharing!!
    Have a great weekend~

  46. Love it! You have a gorgeous entryway too!

  47. This is so clever! Not only does it look awesome, those pots serve two wonderful functions. I just had to spotlight this one. :)


  48. Great idea! It looks fabulous!

  49. What an awesome idea – you are so clever! This really came out great.

    Thanks for linking up to Fab Friday –


  50. Your little pots are so cute. What a great idea to make them two-way…so you can read them either side.
    Have a great weekend.

  51. I want a window above my door. Whhhhaaaaa! I love that idea. So cute.

  52. I love these! I wish I had a window above my door, too but I’m thinking about trying this creative idea in a side window that faces the road. I found you on funky junk & I’m following you now. I love it if you stopped by my new blog, too!


  53. I LOVE this idea! Too bad I don’t have a window above my front door. :D

  54. that is super cute, I love the little ledge over your door, that is the perfect place!

  55. How very cute and clever!

  56. Hi Emily,
    I just wanted to drop by and let you know how brilliant I think your projects have been this week (as always)! I love the double sided flower pots and I must simply redo a book or two for display purposes.
    Hugs~ Susie

  57. Great idea! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  58. Just catching up on my new favorite blogs and found this post. I LOVE this idea! I might copy you one day! In fact I might copy you soon. Since hubs is in the Navy and we will be moving a lot over the next 15 years, I think it would be kinda cool to have flower pots from all our different homes!

  59. What a clever idea and it looks terrific!!!! Kudos to you on your creativity!! :)

  60. these are awesome!

  61. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  62. Those are so cute. Great idea!

  63. Simply adorable! I love how cute they are from the outside and the inside is a double plus! Super cute! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase – I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  64. simple and nice, just love it! XXX!

  65. KUDOS to you on this original idea. I’m am too a sponge, unless all that’s needed is spray paint, I need inspiration!
    Great idea :) Love that it can be interchanged with the seasons too.

  66. I love this idea and will be featuring it on Tuesday, Aug 10th. Thanks for sharing!

  67. I just checked, and I’m pretty disappointed that I don’t have a ledge to do this with!!! But …. I do have totally empty cabinet tops, and I like this idea a LOT. I could do a two-sided and change them when I want to … FOOD and HOME sounds cool, or EAT and FUN … now I need to go thrift-shop for some flower pots! Thanks a ton for this idea.

  68. I love the flower pots! Very creative and functional!

  69. Lurker coming out from hiding……I’ve been reading your blog on/off 4 several years. Love this …..I have a simular window and thought about sticking a plant up there but this is such a super idea. Love it. Thanks 4 the inspiration.!