Lisa Leonard Giveaway!

*Giveaway is now closed*

Yay!! Another great giveaway this week from one of my favorite people–Lisa Leonard!  Lisa has been a long time sponsor of my site, and I am so grateful to her.  When I got to meet her at Blissdom, it really was bliss. :)  She is just the sweetest, most kind-hearted person I have ever met.

And it’s no surprise she makes some of the most awesome hand-stamped jewelry (AND new decor items), almost all customizable. So you can get those special names, phrases, or scriptures hand-stamped on a beautiful piece and always have it close to your heart, or home. :)

Here are a few pics of the new decor items which I’m totally in love with.

Ahh, aren’t those magnets adorable??  Definitely will be getting those!

And here’s a sampling of some of Lisa’s fabulous jewelry.

And I’ve been dying to show you all this necklace for months now!  But I had ordered the Dewdrops necklace from Lisa and it’s my favorite!  Here’s the front…

And the back.

Lisa rocks, doesn’t she?!

To enter the giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs, please do the following: (leave separate comments for each thing you do)

  1. Visit Lisa’s site and take a look around; come back here and leave a comment with what you are loving;
  2. Follow Lisa Leonard on Twitter;
  3. Like Lisa Leonard on Facebook.
  4. Tweet or Facebook about this giveaway, with a link back to this post.

Don’t forget to check out Lisa’s blog also and add it to your favorites! You will love her. :)

This giveaway will run until Saturday, April 2, and the winner will be chosen via  Good luck everyone!  :)

*Giveaway is now closed*



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  1. I like the bowl that is for keys – my husband needs this desperately!

  2. I follow Lisa on Twitter.

  3. I liked Lisa on FB

  4. Thanks for a great give away – I love her jewelry! I would love to order one for my daughter – maybe one with the crest and her initial – “C”. Or maybe the large initials necklace and earring sets…for me!

  5. I especially like the daisy chain bracelet.

  6. I’m loving the keepsake bowl or the sterling ring. gorgeous!

  7. I added Lisa’s blog to the one’s I follow :)

  8. My favorite is the sweetheart tree necklace!

  9. I follow her on Twitter!

  10. I love the men’s cuff!

  11. I liked her on FB!

  12. Amanda Low says:

    LOVE the teenie tiny initials necklace…so cute!

  13. Although I want them all… I especially love the Lots Of Love necklace!

  14. Just “liked” Lisa on facebook :)

  15. Love the blessed and lucky necklace!

  16. I “LIKED” lisa on facebook!

  17. I’m so in love with that new wand … I really want it for my little girls.

  18. I love Lisa’s blog and can’t believe I’ve never liked her on facebook … just liked her now!

  19. Love the silver freshwater pearl necklace! Would be great for any outfit.

  20. LOVE her creations! I love the treasure necklace and the also the the one with the rain!!! Awesome! Thanks for the offer.

  21. Beautiful jewelry! I love the teenie tiny initials necklace!

  22. Love the mama necklace. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I liked Lisa on Facebook.

  24. I’m loving the “together” necklace!

  25. Heather N says:

    I LOVE the lovebird wall hanging. This would be the perfect gift for the newest little member of my extended family!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. I love love love the Open Circle necklace!

  27. I follow Lisa on twitter.

  28. I love the keepsake bowl!

  29. I like her on FB.

  30. I like the Open Circle bracelet.

  31. Kelly Curtis says:

    I liked her on fb.

  32. I would get either the grow roots, sprout wings necklace or the fly free necklace.

  33. Kelly Curtis says:

    I visited her site, love that blessings necklace. I’d also love to see *clean* and *dirty* dishwasher signs.

  34. I follow LL on Twitter.

  35. I love the cream freshwater pearl earrings – they’re gorgeous! What a great giveaway. :) I hope I win!!

  36. I like LL Designs on FB.

  37. I am LOVING the personalized bunting/pennants! LOVE!!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!


  38. Love all of Lisa’s designs. I’m very fond of the little bowl.
    Hope to win!

  39. I love so many of Lisa’s designs. I think my favorite right now is the dew drop necklace.

  40. Bethany Pellerin says:

    Just “liked” on Facebook

  41. I would love to have the baby’s 1st spoon!

  42. I’ve always wanted one of Lisa’s necklaces. I would love the ‘sparkle’ or the Sea Star; my 2 faves. What a wonderful giveaway!

  43. I follow Lisa Leonard on twitter. @presprizes

  44. I follow Lisa on Facebook. :-)

  45. April in CT says:

    Her stuff is so beautiful! I’ve always loved the sweetheart tree necklace. Adorable!

  46. There is so much to choose from, but I really loved the jumble of charms necklace!! Very Cute

  47. They are all so wonderful! But, I definitely love the dewdrops necklace!

  48. I follow Lisa on twitter!

  49. I love the Custom Magnets, the Sterling Ring and the Sweetheart Tree Necklace! They are all so beautiful!

  50. I’m following Lisa on FB! :)

  51. Love the Through my Lens necklace.

  52. I love the itty bitty hearts necklace

  53. I follow Lisa on FB

  54. Love the Be Still necklace… or maybe something for the husband for Father’s Day!

  55. Follow Lisa on Twitter

  56. I adore the camera necklace!

  57. I liked her on Facebook.

  58. I am loving the open circle bracelet. Simple and Sweet

  59. I follow her on Twitter.

  60. I tweeted! (@chambanachik)

  61. I love the open circle necklace!

  62. I love the necklace that Josie Bissett is wearing!

  63. Kaycie Eddie says:

    I love her “through the lens” necklace! But all of her designs are so cute!

  64. Kaycie Eddie says:

    I liked her on FB!

  65. I adore that “love” banner!!

  66. Kaycie Eddie says:

    I follow her on Twitter!

  67. I would love a “j” – which is for my adorable grandson Jonathan!

  68. I liked lisa on fb

  69. Love the ‘Thin Sterling Cuff’. My husband has spoiled me with earrings, rings and necklaces but I don’t have a single bracelet!!

  70. i like the brave love necklace

  71. I liked Lisa on FB

  72. I like the personalized bowls, so adorable!!

  73. I follow Lisa on twitter!

  74. It’s so hard to pick one thing!

    I love the family tree keychain, open circle bracelet, through my lens necklace (Photography is my passion!), teeny tiny initials necklace and the dewdrops necklace. I love it all! I “like” Lisa on facebook!

  75. I love the keepsake bowl and the pennant banner!!

  76. I liked Lisa Leonard Designs on FB:)

  77. I am a fan on Facebook!

    Sara Haga Gore

  78. I tweeted about the giveaway!


  79. I liked her on FB!

  80. I love the rain or shine necklace! I’d give it to my daughter. I also love several of the decor pieces!

  81. I also facebooked about the giveaway!!!

    Sara Haga Gore

  82. I love her ‘family tree’ necklace! Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. I love the my treasures necklace! So sweet!

  84. I like her on facebook!

  85. I liked her on FB! :)

  86. I love the Petite Family Crest…simple and cute. :)

  87. I shared the link on FB! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  88. I liked Lisa on facebook.

  89. I checked out Lisa’s website and I love the magnets she makes!

  90. says:

    Love her Brave Heart necklace!!!

  91. I follow Lisa on Twitter.

  92. I am in love with the wand! Thanks so much for the chance!

  93. I “like” Lisa on Facebook.

  94. I follow her on Twitter :)

  95. Jennifer L. says:

    Love the treasure necklace-very cute!

  96. says:

    I “liked” Lisa on facebook, and after your report on her sweet precious personality, I’m certain I would like her in person as well :)

  97. I tweeted about this giveaway.

  98. Christina P. says:

    I love her Banner Bracelet. It would be hard to choose though; everything is lovely! Thank you for the chance to win!

  99. Christina P. says:

    I “like” Lisa on Facebook.

  100. I love the sterling ring…as well as everything else.

  101. I am following Lisa on Twitter.

  102. I really like the forever necklace.

  103. I ‘liked’ Lisa on FB.

  104. I like Lisa on twitter as kluckingbear.

  105. I like Lisa on FB.

  106. I tweeted about the giveaway as kluckingbear.

  107. The keepsake bowl, without a doubt! I’d love to put our families names on it.

  108. I love Lisa Leonard’s items! I’ve been wanting to get a word of the year necklace. Thanks for the chance!

  109. I follow Lisa Leonard on Twitter!

  110. And I “like” her on Facebook. Thanks!

  111. She has created some really beutiful pieces. I love the My Heart Necklace.
    Thank You for a great giveaway!!

  112. So many beautiful designs in her shop! I really like the Jumble of Charms necklace! THANKS for the chance!

  113. I “like” Lisa Leonard on FB

  114. I follow Lisa on twitter (ourbusybunch)

  115. I ‘like’ Lisa on FB (Rebecca A)

  116. I tweeted! (ourbusybunch)

  117. I Blogged about this giveaway since I’m having issues with FB right now :)


  118. I love her captured heart pendant with the names of your children on them! So sweet and precious! Hugs and Tweets!

  119. Wow. I love the one you have.

  120. I linked this up to FB!

  121. I love the Sweet and Simple Bird Necklace and the Rain or Shine Necklace.

  122. I love the new banners. So cute! There are several pieces of jewelry I wouldn’t mind having either. :o)

  123. Love so many of Lisa’s designs. Am loving the together necklace, hope is the thing necklace, and grow roots sprout wings necklace.

  124. I follow Lisa on Twitter – @measuringmylife.

  125. I like her page on FB – Kathleen Richards.

  126. My Wish necklace is one of my most prized possessions. I would love to have the pewter wand or pennant banner in turquoise.

  127. Following on Twitter!

  128. I love the pennant banner!

  129. Christa Kitt says:

    Loving EVERYTHING!

  130. Asa-Marie Kincaide says:

    I love the “blessed and Lucky” necklace!

  131. Asa-Marie Kincaide says:

    I “like” Lisa Leonard on facebook!

  132. Asa-Marie Kincaide says:

    I follow Lisa Leonard on twitter!

  133. Asa-Marie says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway!!

  134. my fave item is the new wand! My girls would absolutely LOVE that! Thanks so much for the chance!

  135. Kristin Nevins says:

    I love all her new things! My favorite is the pennant banners! They are gorgeous!

  136. I like Lisa on facebook! Thanks for the chance!

  137. Kristin Nevins says:

    I “liked” Lisa on facebook!

  138. I follow Lisa on twitter- I’m MKMathews.
    thanks so much for the chance!

  139. Kristin Nevins says:

    Shared on facebook about this giveaway!

  140. Love all Lisa’s stuff! My treasure necklace is just adorable!! That’s my fav today!

  141. Aubreyfick says:
  142. Aubreyfick says:

    I like Lisa Leonard on FB

  143. I love the new blow for your keys. So pretty~

  144. I love the heart wall hanging! So cute!

  145. Love the dewdrops necklace!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  146. I love the open circle necklace!

  147. I love the “my trasure necklace”!

  148. I follow Lisa on twitter

  149. i like Lisa on Facebook

  150. I fb about this giveaway!

  151. I’m loving everything she has to offer! But if I had to choose, I think the cake forks and the keepsake bowl are too precious. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  152. I love the family tree necklace. I’d love to gift it to my mom for Mother’s Day!

  153. i love the my treasure necklace!

  154. Follow Lisa Leonard on Twitter


  155. Like Lisa Leonard on Facebook

  156. I especially love the magnets…they would be so much fun and different! I do love the ‘through my lens” necklace as well. Hard choices. Thanks!

  157. I love the teenie tiny initial necklace. Thank you.

  158. I am now following Lisa on Twitter!

  159. What do I not love about Lisa Leondard?! Right now my favorite thing(s) are the new magnets!

  160. I follow Lisa Leonard on Twitter. I’m @soonerpsych.

  161. I LOVE those custom magnets. SO CUTE!!!

  162. I like Lisa Leonard Designs on FB!

  163. I ?her “through my lens necklace”

  164. I shared the giveaway on FB!

  165. Like Lisa Leonard Designs on FB!

  166. The baby’s first spoon is precious and great way to commemorate your child.

  167. I really like the keepsake bowl or I would get a Baby’s 1st spoon since my son never received one!

  168. I follow Lisa on Twitter!

  169. tiffany sexton says:

    Oh my goodness! MUST MUST have the adorable wand! My daughter would faint from happiness ;)

  170. I am loving the itty bitty hearts necklace! Its super cute!! :)

  171. I follow her on twitter :) {nataliesmith82}

  172. I like her on facebook :)

  173. I’m in love with Lisa Leonard’s necklaces!! The Heartstrings, Illuminate, Fly Free, and Family Crest necklaces are just a few of my favorites! It would be so hard to choose between them if I won the giveaway, lol! Thanks for the chance to win!

  174. I love the “my heart” necklace.

  175. I liked Lisa on facebook.

  176. Elisabeth says:

    I really like the keepsake bowl!

  177. Elisabeth says:

    I liked Lisa Leonard Designs on FB (Elisabeth Good)

  178. Loving the Be Still necklace!!

  179. I love her things!!!! I have been coveting so many items. Love the open circle necklace or anything with my kiddos names, monograms on them.

  180. I like the little key bowl or the bird necklace!

  181. Kristen C. says:

    i like Lisa on FB

  182. Kristen C. says:

    Its all so beautiful! i would have to choose between a keepsake bowl or a new necklace since I’m expecting my 3rd son soon.

  183. I love the new magnets…and the wand. They’re all beautiful!

  184. I’ve “liked” Lisa on FB!

  185. I’m torn between teenie tiny initials and the petite original. They’re all beautiful!

  186. I’m following Lisa on Twitter!

  187. I’m liking Lisa on FB!

  188. I’ve linked back to this giveaway on FB!

  189. I love the heart banner the best but I really love all her beautiful jewelry and home decor. Thanks for the giveaway.

  190. Sheila Smith says:

    I so love the “together” necklace

  191. Sheila Smith says:

    I liked Lisa on FB

  192. Conchy Marcano says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE the adoption necklace. My son is adopted and I hadn’t seen anything that really touched my heart like this one. I really want it!!!


  193. Oh my, your necklace is beautiful! I’m torn between the “Together” and “Through My Lens” necklaces. She is so creative!

  194. I now follow Lisa Leonard on Twitter!! :)

  195. I <3 the "Cream Freshwater Pearl" Earrings…beautiful!! :)

  196. I’ve liked her on facebook and follow her blog.

  197. I love the Pewter Pennant Banner. So cute!!

  198. Follow Lisa on twitter-JustForMeAndYou

  199. I LOVE the Open Circle necklace!

  200. Like Lisa on fb-Justforme Andyou

  201. I like Lisa Leonard on Facebook!

  202. I am following Lisa Leonard on Twitter (I am @willowwhimsy)!

  203. I liked Lisa Leonard on FB.

  204. michaela hoenigman says:

    I absolutely love the “Together Necklace” !

  205. michaela hoenigman says:

    I LIKE Lisa on Facebook!

  206. I loove the “you’re the cream in my coffee” necklace, and the new magnets!

  207. I tweeted this giveaway with a link back to this post!!/WillowWhimsy/status/52544879204638720

  208. I follow Lisa on Twitter – @thesweetpetunia

  209. oh, i love lisa’s stuff! it’s all so beautiful!!!! one of my fav’s right now is the “fly free” necklace…it really speaks to something i am going through currently!

  210. just “followed” lisa leonard on twitter! :)

  211. kristin M says:

    I am in love with Lisa’s whole (new) decor line. The bowl and banner are two of my favorites.

  212. kristin M says:

    I follow Lisa on facebook

  213. kathy wallace says:

    I like the family tree necklace.

  214. I LOVE the captured heart necklace!

  215. just tweeted about fab give-a-way! :) thanks for the opportunity…

  216. I’ve been dying for one of the wands!

    lucky_march_girl AT yahoo DOT com

  217. I liked Lisa on Fb!

    lucky_march_girl AT yahoo DOT com

  218. Christine says:

    I love the bowl! So cute for holding pretty jewelry!

  219. It’s all so pretty! I especially love the Sea Star and the Heart String necklaces!

  220. TwinMamaTeb says:

    I love the keychains!

  221. Love the jar with the hearts… maybe she could do my jar with the house in it!

  222. Following her on Twitter!

  223. Liked her on Facebook!

  224. Linked to this post on my Facebook wall.

  225. Liz nelson says:

    Love the wands….ordered two for easter

  226. luvin the freshwater pearls earrings “)
    the narrow sterling bracelet! and open circle bracelet and …. YIKES!
    LOTS to Luv ! thx for the giveaway !!

  227. i do follow Lisa on twitter ~

  228. Elizabeth Cunningham says:

    LOVE LISA LEONARD!!! already like her fb and follow her twitter! I have her brave love necklace with my boys names on it…love the new decor stuff…especially the bowl! I will be following you now too! Thx!!

  229. I’ve always loved Lisa’s Marked by Love necklace! Though now I’m crushing on her pewter pennants–gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  230. Already been following Lisa for awhile! Besides her fun giveaways, she has the most inspiring and gorgeous photos! :D

  231. Liked her FB page :) Thanks again!

  232. I totally love that simple necklace “grace”

  233. What a great giveaway! Thank you for the chance!
    I love Lisa’s jewelry, and think the baby spoons and custom printed forks would make great gifts (love the forks for a bridal shower so the couple can use them at their wedding – so sweet!)

  234. I love her jewelry. love the dewdrop necklace and magnets.

  235. I’m so in love with her new decor line! My daughter would love the wand and I love the heart banner!

  236. Following Lisa’s tweets.

  237. I follow Lisa on Facebook!

  238. Added Lisa as a favorite Blog

  239. I follow Lisa on Twitter! @kwalk106

  240. I follow Lisa on Facebook!

  241. I absolutely love the new Pewter Wall hanging! I would be so beautiful in our bedroom!!

  242. I would desperately love to win…sigh.

    I am loving all of it, but having to choose just one, I would say the dewdrop necklace.

  243. I already follow Lisa on twitter @housewifekathie

  244. I like the word of the year necklace. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  245. I like Lisa Leonard on facebook. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  246. I already follow Lisa on Facebook (Kathie Perez)

  247. I follow Lisa on twitter @funkyfaithgirl

  248. I like Lisa on Facebook

  249. Rebecca Stone says:

    Lisa has some beautiful banners & wall hangings! Great decor !

  250. Rebecca Stone says:

    I like Lisa on fbook!

  251. I love all of her stuff! Difficult to choose one! :) If I had to I would choose something with all my kids names on it!

  252. I tweeted about it @funkyfaithgirl

  253. I follow Lisa on twitter!!!!!!!!!!

  254. I posted about it on facebook

  255. Dewdrops WHO KNEW they could b so cute???

    LOVE LOVE…..

  256. LOVE the sweetheart tree necklace!!

  257. I like the tiny squares necklace. Perfect for the names of my precious children.

  258. Love the large initial necklaces!

  259. Hiya, love the little keepsake bowl. Just gorgeous. Likewise the Heart Banner, so sweet for a little girl… Love your site FYI. Isn’t it great to find random loveliness via Twitter…

  260. I do follow the lovely Lisa on Twitter…

  261. Love the itty bitty hearts necklace!

  262. hiya, i just liked Lisa on Facebook… the reason I hadn’t before is that Lisa’s facebook link from her website clicks through to her personal page. That asks you not to proceed with friending her unless you know her personally… which of course I don’t, so I didn’t. So confusing! Anyway. She’s a very creative and clever lady whose jewellery I really love! Yay!

  263. Stacie Marshall says:

    I “liked” Lisa on Facebook

  264. Stacie Marshall says:

    I have been to her site a few times… love the necklaces and home decor!

  265. Stacie Marshall says:

    And now I am a follower on Twitter as well!

  266. Leigh Healy says:

    Following on FB!

  267. Leigh Healy says:

    Following on Twitter!

  268. Leigh Healy says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway.

  269. Leigh Healy says:

    Posted on FB.

  270. I love everything on Lisa’s site.. but my fav is the Mama necklace. Thats why I bought it ;-)

  271. I follow Lisa on Twitter.

  272. Leigh Healy says:

    I love the bowl, leaf ornament, and every.single.bracelet!

  273. I follow Lisa on Facebook.

  274. I posted about the giveaway on Facebook.

  275. I also posted about the giveaway on Twitter.

  276. Cassandra G. says:

    I don’t think there’s anything I’m NOT loving on her site! The sweetheart tree necklace is adorable!

  277. Cassandra G. says:

    I follow Lisa Leonard on Twitter. :)

  278. Cassandra G. says:

    I like Lisa on FB.

  279. Cassandra G. says:

    I tweeted! @cassiemary28

  280. i <3 the original necklace, the snowflake ornament, & the thin sterling cuff

  281. I follow lisa on twitter (@marfmom)

  282. i like her on FB (maya b-z)

  283. If my daughter gets a vote it will be for the wand. But my favorite is the paper lantern necklace. My daughter is adopted from Vietnam and everytime I see a lantern I remember that life changing trip!

  284. I like Lisa on FB!

  285. I follow Lisa on twitter!

  286. i am loving those magnets! ccuutee!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  287. i follow lisa leonard on twitter!!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  288. tweet!!/nellybarney/status/52626069718700032

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  289. I love the Open Circle Necklace!!! and the wall hanging heart… and the bowl… and and ;)

  290. I follow Lisa on Twitter!!

  291. I “like” Lisa’s Facebook page!!!

  292. I’m in love with the heart strings necklace, but have to add the pearl. SO sweet..

  293. Hard to choose just one!! I love through the lens and the family tree necklaces :)

  294. teeny tiny initials…

  295. Lovin’ the keepsake bowl! It is gorgeous!

  296. i LOVE the new magnets!

  297. i follow lisa on twitter


  298. So hard to choose, because everything is great! I would choose the brave love necklace.

  299. I follow Lisa on Twitter @MamaMichie

  300. i “like” lisa (:

  301. I liked Lisa’s FB page

  302. Following Lisa on Twitter! :)

  303. Following Lisa on Facebook! 8-)

  304. Tweeted this giveaway & linked back to this post….@jewelsbytrish

  305. I love the “through my lens” necklace!

  306. Jennifer Jensen says:

    She has, by far, the cutest hand stamped jewelry out there. I love the key holder, treasure necklace and pretty much everything else on her site.

  307. Jennifer Jensen says:

    I liked Lisa on FB

  308. Love her open circle necklace the is hard to pick just one…

  309. following already on twitter :)

  310. already liked on Facebook!

  311. Gina Marie says:

    LOVE the key to my heart necklace! That is so adorable!
    I follow her on Twitter and like her on FB :)

  312. I adore Lisa’s stuff! I’m a huge fan of the new heart banner. Sooo cute!

  313. I already like her on Facebook!

  314. I already follow her on Twitter (@fa11enan9e1)

  315. Jennifer G says:

    Love Lisa Leonard. I have had my eye on the family tree necklace for a while…

  316. Jennifer G says:

    Liked Lisa on facebook!

  317. Emily McKenna says:

    I am loving everything on Lisa’s site, I might get another dew-drop necklace for our newest addition to the family, due June 10th!

  318. Emily McKenna says:

    Like Lisa on FB already!

  319. Emily McKenna says:

    Shared the giveaway on FB!/emkcra

  320. Liz Cranage says:

    My favorite is the Hope Is The Thing necklace
    I love it
    lzz25 at yahoo dot com

  321. i love her designs! my fave is the teeny tiny initials necklace!

  322. I am LOVING the heart chain to spell out words. She is so amazing. :)

  323. i follow LL on twitter!

  324. I love the Little Lady Necklace! it would look adorable on my little niece who we call buggins and is adorned with many many little lady bug pretties!

  325. CatherineK says:

    LOVE Lisa’s items…and especially swooning over the keepsake bowl. I would never lose my keys with that item!! Great giveaway!

  326. CatherineK says:

    Tweet…tweet…I tweeted about this giveaway! LUV your blog too!!!

    Awesome Lisa Leonard Giveaway on Decor Chick!!

  327. Loving the Vintage Frames necklaces!

  328. I follow Lisa on twitter @celeste_w

  329. I’m LOVING the magnets. Seriously.

  330. I’ve had my eye on the ‘Sparkle’ necklace. I’m also loving her new home decor stuff.

  331. I also follow her on FB!

  332. I also follow her on Twitter @andreaworley

  333. I love the petite original necklace! It’s simple, yet beautiful!

  334. I’m in love with the My Treasure Necklace. I would love to get it made with my husband’s name and our baby’s name (when he/she arrives).

  335. I’m a FB fan of Lisa.

  336. I love the rain or shine {so glad you’re mine} necklace!

  337. Louise in NE OK says:

    Today’s choice would be the keepsake bowl. If I win, who knows what the choice would be that day!!! Love everything!

  338. Oooh! I am a long time lover of all things Lisa Leonard. right now i’m crushing on itty bitty hearts necklace

  339. I’m a lisa leonard follower on twitter!!!

  340. I am a “liker” of lisa leonard on facebook! :-)

  341. i tweeted about the give away!

  342. k. hanson says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Lisa’s. Right now I am loving her new heard-shaped banner…so cute!

  343. k. hanson says:

    I follow Lisa on Twitter.

  344. k. hanson says:

    I liked Lisa on Facebook.

  345. k. hanson says:

    Ii tweeted about her giveaway:

    Cool Giveaway:

  346. I “liked” Lisa on FB…

  347. I love all of Lisa’s work; been drooling for a long time – can’t decide what I like the best :)

  348. Loving the “mommies” section on Lisa’s site. I am sending a link to this directly to my husband ASAP!

  349. Susan Crim says:

    I’m loving the heartstring necklace. What a special way to celebrate grandchildren!

  350. love the pennant banner, great stuff to choose from

  351. Follow Lisa Leonard on Twitter – @Btrflywmn

  352. Like Lisa Leonard on Facebook – Charlene G

  353. Priscilla K. says:

    I really like the Heartstring necklace. Very pretty!

  354. I love all of her stuff! I would probably pick a necklace!

  355. I like the word of the year necklace and the open circle necklace.

  356. I’ve followed Lisa Leonard on Twitter. @claygirlsings

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    seashell210 at gmail dot com

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    seashell210 at gmail dot com

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    seashell210 at gmail dot com

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