Kitchen Countertop Makeover Giveaway!!

Oh my goodness everyone are y’all in for a treat today!! Remember when I finally got my dream white kitchen makeover at the beginning of the year? And remember those gorgeous new countertops? Well, the awesome team at Formica wants to make one of your dreams come true and provide you with new countertops from their 180fx® line! I know, seriously amazing. When we were ironing out the details for this kitchen countertop makeover giveaway, I was in awe by their generosity and so excited that y’all have the chance to win a makeover!


Kitchen Countertop Makeover Giveaway with Formica |

I seriously am so in love with ours and they truly do look like granite. They have other beautiful 180fx® patterns that look like stone and marble too. Formica Corporation’s 180fx® was the first laminate to capture the true scale, striking color variations and veining of full-size natural granite slabs. The innovation behind 180fx® lies in its ability to reproduce large-scale, exotic patterns in five-foot designs instead of the traditional 18-inch patterns … something that had never been done before with laminate. Check out some of these gorgeous patterns Formica has in this collection.

Formica 180fx Patterns |

Remember in our kitchen, I chose Crema Mascarello as our countertop, with the Ogee IdealEdge™.

White Kitchen Makeover |

Formica Crema Mascarello Countertop

Crema Mascarello Countertop

It’s the perfect shades of creamy whites, greys, and beiges and the edge really finishes everything off. Formica Corporation’s IdealEdge™ decorative laminate edges are suitable for curved, clipped or 90-degree corner installations. Available in two versatile profiles – Ogee and Bullnose – IdealEdge™ transcends the customary limitations of laminate with its ability to curve and encase all sides of countertops, islands and tables, consequently eliminating flat edges and brown seams.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s not just the countertop they are giving away?  Labor & installation is included as well up to $1500. I KNOW!! The lucky winner will work directly with Formica to get everything scheduled and to find a fabricator in your area.

So are you ready for some new countertops? I know you are so, to enter the giveaway, just do the following:

  • Visit Formica’s Facebook album titled “Kitchen Counter Makeover with Decorchick,” view all of the 180fx® options, and then come back here and leave a comment with your favorite pattern and tell us how badly you need new countertops. ;
  • For a second entry, share this giveaway on social media (ie, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+) with all of your friends including a link back to this post. Pinning the below image counts as a share too. Then just come back and leave a second comment on this post telling us where you shared. AND, I am allowing one share a day on social media until the contest ends if you want to get more than 2 entries. Just leave a comment each day telling us where you shared this giveaway. 
Kitchen Countertop Makeover Giveaway with Formica |

And that’s it! I really hope you all are enjoying these giveaways where I’m trying to keep it easy for you all to enter instead of jumping through several hoops. I love to read y’alls comments and I can’t wait to hear how excited you all are about the potential new countertops for your kitchen! If you’re anything like me, this will morph into a whole new kitchen redo for your home. Ha!

Again, this giveaway is for free 180fx® laminate (winner can choose pattern of their choice from the 180fx® collection), and countertop fabrication costs up to $1,500. If labor/fabrication cost exceeds $1500.00, winner will be responsible for that extra amount.

This contest will be open until Friday, September 27, 2013 at 10:00 p.m. central, and winner will be chosen at random. U.S. winner only.

Good luck everyone!!

*GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED* Congrats to #961 Megan Warren!



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  1. So many gorgeous patterns it I really love
    3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx®

    I currently live in a fifty+ year old house that has *lovely* pink Formica. There isn’t a ton of it, but what’s here is so outdated. It’s hard to work with pink!! We are hoping to paint the dark kitchen cabinets in the spring to help change up the look, but really, nothing goes with this pink!!

  2. I shared on Facebook and pinned the image! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Deanna Winne says:

    Travertine Gold….and my counter tops are from the early 80’s….need I say more?

  4. What an incredible giveaway! My favorite is 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx®.

  5. I just pinned the giveaway too!

  6. Leslie Moore says:

    I LOVE the soapstone sequoia. They would look much better in our kitchen than the horrible greenish ones we have now!

  7. Leslie Moore says:
  8. I love your kitchen so hard! I could totally envision the Crema Mascarello in my kitchen. We need new countertops like woah. We have a rental property that we currently live in downstairs unit and these countertops would work PERFECTLY. Please let me win!

  9. Becky Warner says:

    I am in desperate need of 3459 Soapstone Sequoia! When we moved into our home in 2002, we painted the walls a beautiful red to go with the white cabinets. The countertops and backsplash are, wait for it, powder blue porcelain tile with black grout. UGH! Hubby and I are planning on replacing them ASAP and this would be wonderful.

  10. I would love to replace our ugly looking countertop with Bianca Luna. How beautiful that is!
    What a gift that would be!

  11. The Travertine Silver would look so gorgeous in my kitchen. I currently have UGLY dark green laminate counters and they need to go! We’ve updated everything in our kitchen except for the counters so this would be awesome. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

    Thrifty Decor Mom

  12. I love the Bianca Luna. My counters are 1980’s cream formica, they desperately need to be upgraded!

  13. The Bianca Luna is just gorgeous. Our 26 year old house has the original laminate countertops (butcher block) that are coming apart. Just the other day I spilled flour and it got all in the crevices – yuck! We are hoping to sell our home in the next couple of years and the kitchen will have to be re-done before that happens. Winning new countertops would be such a blessing! Thanks.

  14. 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx This would be fabulous in my kitchen. I have painted the countertop on my island but it is starting to show wear now. Would love a chance to redo my counters with this fabulous product. Thanks,Pam

  15. I shared this giveaway on pinterest

  16. I just pinned this on my Pinterest board!!!

  17. Crema Mascarello! My countertops are tile…Seemed like a good idea at the time:/

  18. My countertops are over 20 years old; I am an avid DIYer and have painted my cabinets and countertops many times. I love the calacatta marble! Especially with an ogee edge!

  19. Valerie J. says:

    I was just on the Formica website dreaming of new Bianca Luna countertops for our kitchen! How badly do we need countertops? Well, our oven cooktop broke( sorta fixed it), then oven broke, then cooktop broke again, so we decided to get a range to replace it and now are dealing with patched up countertops. I guess, we could live for another five years like this( most likely to happen really) but one girl can dream that somehow there could be an instant fix sometimes. Thanks for the giveaway! Blessings to all entering!

  20. Oh boy, my countertops are a very fake yellowish imitation butcherblock laminate from the 80s. Truly awful. I plainted my 80s oak cabinets white, and that was an improvement but boy they would look sooo much better with Crema Mascarello (or maybe Calacatta Marble) on top. I fell in love with your countertops and am seriously considering that since spending several thousand on quartz to put on top of my 80s cabinets is just not a smart investment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Lakitia A. says:

    3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx®

    Living in home made with cheap products. Counter is a laminate sheet over wood. Awful….

  22. I want to makeover my kitchen and the Calacatta Marble countertops would go perfectly in the space!! I could actually get on top of this makeover if I could takeout the budget for countertops!

  23. Shared on House Made Home’s Facebook page

  24. Love the black walnut timber. Working on a kitchen redo and new counters would not fit into the budget.

  25. Leona Turner says:

    Wow I am impressed with the 180fx especially the Dolce Macchiato pattern. I am in the planning stages of redoing my upstairs including my kitchen. This would look wonderful in my kitchen makeover.

  26. I am so ready for new countertops. Winning this would be great!

  27. I have nasty 80’s faux wood countertops, I NEED new countertops. The travertine silver would lighten and brighten my kitchen SO MUCH!!

  28. Carol Watson says:

    I would love the antique mascarelo. I have a 1970’s kitchen that I want to redo by turning them into white cabinets and new hardware to update and this countertop would just set it off . I all ready have the dark wood floors and this would create the perfect balance for it. I would so love to win this, even more than a Kitchen aide mixer!

  29. Whitney H says:

    I love a lot but the Crema Mascarello 180fx is my favorite.

    We just bought our first house, and the countertops are not the prettiest. I’d love for them to be redone to my liking.

  30. elizabeth marshall says:

    Oh how awesome! I’d love to replace my tile countertops with something smooth!

  31. Felicia M says:

    I love the Black Walnut. Our countertops have survived many children learning to cook on them and could use an update.

  32. Having new countertops would just make my year! Ours are awful. The color isn’t bad but they have a wood trim edge that collects everything and is so gross. I can’t even get it clean.

    I really like 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®

  33. I am in love with the 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx®!! My husband and I redid our kitchen counters a few years back with Marble tile. It was awesome at first but then we noticed how badly the marble tiles stain, and the grout has seen its better days as well… to say it looks bad is an understatement. Our countertops never look clean even right after I wipe them down. I am dying to have new countertops but that just isn’t in our budget right now. This would be SO awesome to win!!!

  34. Wow! The black walnut would look gorgeous on my kitchen island. I have stained and chipped laminate now and would really love some new countertops!

  35. 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx®
    Would match my kitchen well – only 6 yrs at our new home, and our edges are chipping already. One even ripping my husbands fingernail off in the process. Ouch!

  36. I pinned this too!

  37. Whitney H says:

    Shared contest picture onto Pinterest.

  38. 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®

    My kitchen is straight out of the early 70s and is in desperate need of help. This would be a great update to our new home.

  39. Christy Smith says:

    I love, love, love the 3423 Travertine Gold 180fx pattern, This would look simply beautiful in anyones kitchen, but especially in mine. It needs a makeover really bad. I would love to win!!!

  40. Tammy Sanders says:

    I put FX 180 in my current kitchen 3 years ago. I can’t even say how pleased I am with it and how many compliments I get on it. We are now renovating my inlaws house so my husband can live in his childhood home. I would love to win a new countertop for this home as I have no doubt my family and I would be 100 % pleased with this product in our future home… as We are now….And it might help ease my pain in having to leave my newly renovated kitchen in this home. Thank you

  41. Stacey Bowen says:

    I really like the 3423 Travertine Gold 180fx. I have horrid countertops (stained and warped) in our home now. It was a rental home before we purchased it, and you can definitely tell.:) New countertops would be awesome!

  42. 3465 Golden Mascarello is the one I keep going back to! Although my countertops are not original to our over 40 yr old house they definitely need to be replaced as they weren’t put in well with mismatched seams that you can see really well! :)

  43. Stacey Bowen says:

    I pinned the contest photo to my pinterest page!

  44. Kathleen Urbanski says:

    Like the black walnut!! Am slowly redoing some of my home myself as time and finances permit
    This is pretty much what I want for my kitchen counters! Definitely need to look into it!

  45. Christy Smith says:

    Shared your link on my Facebook wall publicly. At Christy Hullender Smith…Thanks

  46. Breia Portner says:

    3476‐46 Jet Sequoia 180fx® is by far my favorite. We built our home in 1995, and I was only 21 years old. We were the first of both of our families to actually build a home, so we didn’t have a lot of advice coming our way. Needless to say, in the mid-90’s, mauve was the color. Ick! I have since replaced the mauve carpet, removed the mauve/apple wallpaper (what was I thinking), and pretty much erased any sign of the 90’s EXCEPT for my lovely mauve countertops…HELP! Seriously, these countertops are beautiful and a more affordable option than granite. Win or lose, I will be installing this product when I finally update my 1990’s kitchen.

  47. I’m in love with the Bianca Luna! It looks like Marble! Amazing. We just moved into a 90’s style house with the oak cabinets and some not so great looking counter tops. I would love to change them to something more pretty and stylish!

  48. Alisha Rogers says:

    I would LOVE new counters!!! :)

  49. Brittany Allen says:

    I have been wanting to update my kitchen to the new white, light and bright style so the Calcatta Marble would be my choice!

  50. Kaitlynn Nielsen says:
  51. MrsLindseyM says:

    3458 Travertine Silver 180fx®

    My kitchen has the ugly wood edged laminate that has definitely seen better days!

  52. Kathleen Urbanski says:

    I shared on pinterest!

  53. MrsLindseyM says:

    Shared on Pinterest!!

  54. I shared it on Pinterest.

  55. I don’t have facebook so I couldn’t visit your facebook page to view the patterns but just from looking at your Crema Mascarello, I LOVE IT. My kitchen counters are over 50 years old and still covered with the same old formica. Yes, yes, yes……I am in desperate need of new counter tops!

  56. George Ann Over says:

    love 3457 Breccia Paradiso 180fx®. so in need of a makeover. love the idea of an undermout sink with Formica fx

  57. Rebecca N says:

    I love the 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. We just bought a house and love everything about it except for my blue-ish green speckled black and white countertops.

  58. Oh I love them all, but the Travertine Gold is my favorite! Out countertops are warped and are in serious need of repair!

  59. Thisha Anderson says:

    I am digging the 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®! We bought our house the same year our now 4yr old daughter was born with goals and dreams to upgrade the very basic and very blue counter tops in the kitchen. It is safe to say that we have not yet fulfilled this fantasy as starting a family is not only time consuming (in a good way!) but also expensive. This make over would be a dream come true! Thanks for the opportunity!

    I’ve also Shared on Facebook! :)

  60. I just pinned the image as well!

  61. Amanda Huff says:

    The Blanca Luna would be beautiful in my kitchen…we have our house on the market and our plain white countertop could use an update to help sell!! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  62. Natalie L says:

    Well I’d have to choose the 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx® because it’s PERFECT! My current counters are a forest green Formica. Eww! Don’t get me wrong, the counter tops are AMAZING! But the green? Not so much.

  63. Kaitlynn Nielsen says:

    They have quite a few that I really like but this was one of my top choices-3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx. I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my counter tops and was thinking of painting since we can’t afford new ones but this would fix that problem :) !

  64. Anonymous says:

    My favorite is 3460 Calacatta Marble 180fx®

    We bought this house in 2009 and the kitchen has the original metal cabinets from when the house was built in 1955. It’s a small kitchen and I have dreams of a new one. Our family grew by 3 in one shot when we had triplets in 2011 so the kitchen remodel is put on hold for a long time now. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • My favorite is 3460 Calacatta Marble 180fx®

      We bought this house in 2009 and the kitchen has the original metal cabinets from when the house was built in 1955. It’s a small kitchen and I have dreams of a new one. Our family grew by 3 in one shot when we had triplets in 2011 so the kitchen remodel is put on hold for a long time now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  65. Kim Gomez says:

    I liked so many of them it was hard to narrow it down. We just closed on our first home and the kitchen needs UPDATING! Good bones, bit needs cabinets and countertops. I was going to start with painting the cabinets and then save save save for countertops! A few I liked were white and gray and father gray with white!

  66. Wow! This is awesome. I’d definitely have to go with Calcutta Marble. I’m hoping to do an ugly 80s blah to white and bright makeover on my kitchen some day and new countertops would be AMAZING to win! Thanks for doing such an amazing giveaway and NOT making us follow 8000 people on pinterest, write an entire blogpost and rename our firstborn just to enter. ;)

  67. Monique Harroun says:

    Swooning over the 3424 travertine gold!!! Our house is very “cookie cutter” as the same builder built all the houses on our street. Always looking for ways to make it stand out and these counters are gorgeous!!! Great giveaway

  68. Monique Harroun says:

    Also shared on FB

  69. Great giveaway…love so many of them but my favorite is Calcatta Marble. Would be an TOTAL upgrade from my 1980’s laminate.(need I say more…:) )

  70. I would love, love, love a new counter top. The Mauve”ish” stuff I currently have is awful.

  71. Wow hard to choose which one! We need new counter tops-ours have seams that are coming apart and knife marks- not to mention they are dated looking. I love the Blue Storm- getting ready to redo the flooring and paint the cabinets so this would be the perfect fit for my remodel!!

  72. I shared on Pinterest as well. :D

  73. Jennifer Hayes says:

    Wow the Black Walnut Timber is beautiful. I would love it in my tired little kitchen. We have been in this home for 23 yrs and still have the same sad counter tops that were here when we moved in. Raising kids always came first before a new kitchen. I would love to win this.

  74. I would love the Crema Mascarello!!! We are thinking of refinishing our yellowing natural maple cabinets, it would be so nice to have new countertops to go with them!

  75. Julie Kohler says:

    We just bought my grandmother’s 1940 home, so you’d better believe we need new countertops!! I’m loving the Travertine Silver, the Dole Macchiato, and the Black Walnut Timber!! The quality of image is AMAZING!!

  76. LOVE all the designs – they have done an outstanding job!! They make it hard to pick a favorite, but I think the 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx® would match my “dream kitchen” image the best :) I would LOVE to replace my 20 years old yellowish-cream laminate countertops. I have been begging my husband for the past 7 years (yes, seriously!!). I’m almost at the point where I’m just going to rip them out myself. LOL!

  77. Erin Puralewski says:

    I LOVE Formica!! I’ve been wanting to install new countertops but have so many projects on the list that this keeps getting pushed back. Now with a baby on the way I’m wondering if we’ll ever get to it!

  78. Lindsay James says:

    Ooh, Nacarado (I think!) We have a dark narrow countertop in the kitchen which is just begging to be turned into a proper breakfast bar with fabulous cobels underneath… just dreaming of it now, sigh.

  79. I would do 3478 Dolce Macchiato on my main countertops and 3479 Black Walnut Timber on my island. The laminate I have now is ugly, ugly, ugly! And winning this would make me happy, happy, happy!!!

  80. Marisha Thompson says:

    I think the Crema Masarello is my favorite! My entire kitchen is stuck in the 90s!! New countertops would be the perfect start.

  81. I’d have to choose the Bianca Luna. We have original Formica Lark pattern countertop and the matching turquoise appliances – all original from 1957. While I love the vintage look, it’s time to update!!

  82. Julie Kohler says:

    I’ve also pinned the giveaway! User name is Jules. :)

  83. I shared the link to your page on Facebook, although I really didn’t want to ;) No, really, this is an awesome giveaway – thanks. And your kitchen looks beautiful!!

  84. Marisha Thompson says:

    Shared on Pinterest!

  85. We really need new countertops! We are stuck with the builder grade countertops, and they are ugly! I love the 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato – it would stand the test of time, even if we paint our dark cabinets further down the road. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  86. Oh My! There is such a wonderful selection to choose from. I am torn between two of them. They are Dolce Macchiato and Black Walnut Timber. I so desperately need new countertops. Our home was built in the early 80’s and I believe it has the original butcher block countertops. They are literally falling apart and unattached from the cabinets. Yikes! I plan to paint our dark brown cabinets a wonderful creamy white and either one of these colors would look wonderful I think! Thank you Décor Chick and Formica for the opportunity to win!

  87. Meaghan Henderson says:

    It would be a tough choice! There are a few that would look great! Would love to win this:)

  88. Jan Iwashita says:

    Crema Mascarello would be my choice…we have a very old counter top in the small apartment my 94 year old mother lives in. I would love to surprise her with a new counter top to go with her white kitchen cabinets!

  89. I recently began following you and I love your posts and information! I would love to redo my bathroom countertops!!!

  90. Kimberly willis says:

    I love
    3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx!! If I win I want to give this prize to my mom! There kitchen countertops are hiddious! Imagine cream tile with pink and green random tile and a cactus pattern on the island !! It needs to go ASAP!!!!

  91. Jan Iwashita says:

    I shared on my FB page!

  92. I have had my eye on the Calacatta Marble for a while now. We painted the cabinets white and the existing countertops are beige, there are chips and the seams are noticeable. Having these countertops would be the icing on the cake. Thanks so much for the opportunity. I know whoever receives these will be ecstatic!!!

  93. Micheline says:

    From the pictures – my favorite is the Golden Mascarello. How badly do I need countertops? My home is over 50 years old. I think the countertops (but not the cupboards) were redone once – over 30 years ago. They are a flower tile, that is breaking and cracking. The tile around my sink has completely broken off and the grout is being washed away. The tile is also broken off in some areas as it comes down over the counters. Not a pretty sight!

  94. Hey Decorchick,
    First of all I have to say I love your kitchen. You have done a beautiful job and actually inspired me to FINALLY tackle mine. My husband and I bought our little dream home in the florida keys 2 years ago. You may not know this, but houses here are small and super expensive because we live on a tropical island. Anyway, our house was a rental for over 10 years before we bought it. Needless to say, it is outdated. I’m a big DIY’er and love it. As for the kitchen, we started with laminate pine floor, pine countertops, and a horrible green emerald/sage mix laminate counter with bubbles. I’ve since painted the cabinets an antique white, which has brightened it up amazingly. I love all of the Formica counters in the gallery. Any one of them would be a major improvement to what I have now. But, if I had to pick one, it would be 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx®. They would be gorgeous in there.
    Thank you so much for all your inspiring projects. I adore everything you do.


  95. I have wanted new countertops for eight (8) years and would love the Formica 180fx Golden Mascarello if choosen as your winner. Can I just pay the $1500 and get the labor as a gift? (LOL). Thanks for giving all your followers an opportunity to win this wonder fixture for thier homes.


    Ann Neal

  96. I would love to win this for my mom! She has 1970’s formica complete with burns and scratches (courtesy of us 6 kids!). She keeps such a lovely home and loves to entertain. This would thrill her! My favorite is 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®, but I think 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx® would be gorgeous in her home. Thank for the chance to win this gorgeous makeover!

  97. I would be ever so grateful to get rid of our outdated purple laminate! At the time we build our house, it was said to be “taupe” but it looks purple to me! I hate it! All of the corners and edges have come unglued and the “backsplash” has pulled away from the walls. I’d die for any of the colors, but next time I vow to go neutral. The Soapstone Sequoia looks good to me!

  98. Doris Self says:

    I really like the Breccia Paradiso formica. I would love to replace my old ugly white formica countertop and I need some color in my kitchen.

  99. I shared the giveaway on both my pinterest board and facebook! By the way, your new kitchen looks beautiful!

  100. Kristi Yates says:

    Golden maskarello would be my choice! Love it!

  101. Micheline says:

    I pinned it! Here is the link:

  102. I shared this giveaway on Pinterest!

  103. Right now I have hideous blue countertops. I’d love to replace them with Travertine Silver!

  104. In LOVE with : 180fx® 3459 Soapstone Sequoia

    Our house was built in 1956, and I m pretty sure the last owners went to to update the countertops with the cheapest ugliest countertops they could find before they sold the house back in 1985! ;) We plan on doing a cabinet makeover ( painting ourselves) so a new counter top would go a long way in updating my ugly duckling countertops!

  105. I pinned the giveaway.

  106. I loved the black walnut. I pinned it to facebook. I have never had new countertops and would love to win them!

  107. Catherine says:

    We are in desperate need of new countertops & 3422 Creama Mascarello would be so perfect. Our current countertops have pieces missing on several corners and it really is beyond time to replace them.

  108. I love Jet Sequoia! Replacing cabinets and countertops, these would look fabulous!

  109. Stephanie Cleveland says:

    I love both Travertine Silver 180fx and Bianca Luna 180fx. I would love to win either one!! I currently have salmon formica countertops. Yuck!!!

  110. I can’t even begin to decide which countertops I would like – as I would definitely need help – but I need them terribly. After Katrina I didn’t have the money to purchase expensive countertops and tried to make the most of what I could afford.

  111. Shared on: Facebook, twitter, and pinned with a link! ;)

  112. Stephanie Cleveland says:

    Pinned it also!

  113. Amy Bounds says:

    I think I really like the Black Fossilstone, but then again I really like the Black Walnut Timber also. Our counters are baby blue from the late 80’s and with teenage boys who don’t know what a cutting board is………….

  114. We love 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx® and 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx®. Getting married next Oct and we have been renovating our home just the two of us. wining this would mean soo much to us and would def help us out financially as well. As an interior designer i love all the formica product :)

  115. First of all your kitchen is beautiful! Would be hard pressed to make a decision but have narrowed it down to three: #3460 Calacatta Marble, #3421 Bianca Luna and #3422 Crema Mascarello. I currently don’t have a kitchen , in the process of looking at homes to purchase but would change the counter tops regardless of what the had of course unless it was granite in a color I loved!

  116. Jane Petersen says:

    Thank you Formica for this awesome giveaway. So many beautiful choices. 80’s style kitchen so in need of new countertops. I actually was at a store just yesterday looking at the Antique Mascarello. Would be a dream to win this, also posted on Pinterest.

  117. Oh I LOVE the Bianca Luna!

  118. kathy viviano says:

    I really like the soapstone sequoia — I think it would work with the cabinets we have now and by replacing or countertops it would be like we have a whole new kitchen. We really need this because the laminate countertops we have now are, I believe, 20-25 years old. They are pitted and stained (they are a light beige/cream color). I have actually tried to bleach out the stains, but, this has not really helped much. Plus, there is this large seam in the corner that catches everything in it — sort of a big yuck-factor. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest — I love following you on Facebook!

  119. In addition to why we would love to win, i have shared this contest page on both facebook and pinterest. Another style we like as well is 3420 Dolce Vita 180fx®.

  120. I love the white marble look that decorchick used we are so in need of new counters the ones we presently have are so chipped and broken I can not prepare food with out placing cutting boards down to cover them to keep things sanitary

  121. shared on Facebook

  122. I love the black fossilestone! and the et Sequoia, can’t quite decide.

    Our kitchen was last remodeled in probably the early 70’s. The countertop is melted in some places, stained in others, and an ugly green-and-gold-on-white pattern everywhere.

    The whole *kitchen* is about the same, but the counters are the most visible portion of that and, after all, we could paint the cabinents.

  123. kathy viviano says:

    I shared the contest/album on Facebook! Great contest and super opportunity — thanks so much!

  124. What an incredible giveaway! My favorite is 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx®. We are in the middle of a laundry room remodel and I desperately need countertops!

    I pinned the image:

  125. Melissa Colbeth says:

    I pinned the contest here as well:

  126. Love the Crema Mascarello! My kitchen needs a makeover that would lighten it up!

  127. Megan Warren says:

    Hard to chose, but I would probably pick 3422 Crema Mascarello. I’m embarrassed to say that my countertops are a faux butcher block circa 1980’s. They are chipped, stained and in desperate need of replacing. A full kitchen remodel has been on the “list” since we moved in over 10 years, but unfortunately has had to be put off several times. Winning these would help immensely with finally being able to remodel our kitchen. Thank you Decorchick and Formica Group for the chance to win.

  128. I have it narrowed down between 3458 Travertine Silver, 3457 Breccia Paradiso. We bought our home 2 years ago. We have a very large family, and we are doing what renovations we can ourselves. Currently my husband is doing the nursery for our baby who is due any day now :) My kitchen counter tops are literally coming off. Awesome to dream! Great contest!

  129. Christianne says:

    My counters in my kitchen are from the 60’s. An old Formica pattern called Gold Sequin…so gross! Please help

  130. Oh mu goodness I am IN LOVE with so many of the choices and so excited to know that formica has really stepped up their designs! I REALLY need this makever, I cook all the time and spend 85% of my life in a kitchen that was done is 1980 with Kounty Blue (yep, that is Country with a K blue!) it’s terrible. I have painted the cabs and a;ready changed the paint color in the kitchen twice in 4 years!! I NEED A MAKEOVER, wich I could attach a pic so you could see how bad it is!! Hope I win!

  131. Awesome giveaway Emily!! I still cant’ get over your counters they look so beautiful! I have had a large sample piece of the Bianca Luna Formica on my kitchen counter for months I drool over it every time I walk by so hope I win so I can finally get the last piece of my kitchen reno done, the counters!!

  132. Richard Marion says:

    Shared on Facebook – hard to choose – I would also redo the cabinets in my 106 year old kitchen. Sure would be nice to have countertops that were actually flush with the walls all around and met at the seams seamlessly :~}

  133. I pinned the contest on Pinterest!

  134. After looking through the Formica Facebook album, my favorite is still the Crema Mascarello you used in your kitchen! I love the light color with tans and greys. Our current counters are much darker with the rolled backsplash, love that the Formica ones look like real stone.

  135. I would pick Antique Mascarello since it would go best with my cabinets. But I really love the petrified wood one!

  136. My kitchen counters are in severe need of an update….love the granite look!

  137. Lucy Arnold says:

    I love the Calcutta Marble and am in desperate need of new countertops! I live in the house I grew up in, built in 1960, and still have the same countertops.

  138. I love the golden mascarello! When we moved into our house, we realized there is a burn mark from a hot pot from the previous owners on our cheap laminate counters. New counters would be awesome!

  139. Pinned It!

  140. Megan Warren says:

    Pinned the giveaway!

  141. Pinned also!

  142. Golden Mascarella!! So pretty!!! We have been saving up for new countertops and have a ways to go. Winning them would be such a blessing!

  143. I picked out the Crema Mascardllo (3244) before you reminded us that was what you have! When we looked at this house I said to my husband “it needs new floors and countertops” The kitchen counter is blue and chipped. We have been in this house for 19 years and still have the ugly blue chipped countertops, UGH!!!!

  144. Lindsay Fekitoa says:

    I’m in LOVE with the Bianca Luna! Would love to have this so badly!

  145. Angela Williams says:

    I love all of them…it is hard to pick just one. I really need this…our counters are from the 1940’s!

  146. I also pinned to Pinterest.

  147. Crema Mascarello for me. Thanks to all for the chance to win!

  148. I love 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. My countertops are so old they are starting to warp and bubble :(

  149. Crystal Montgomery-Yantzie says:

    I love the neutral look of 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. Soft tones, neutral coloring, something to go with changing and evolving kitchen redecorating. My all white counter tops are the bane of my existence. Every little thing leaves a stain and they are oh so boring!

  150. I shared on Facebook!

  151. Lindsay Fekitoa says:
  152. Pinned it!!

  153. Golden Mascarello!!! Wow!!! I would really love to replace my existing countertop with a new Fomica 180x the existing counter top in my kitchen is probably 30 years old, wobbly and pieces are crumbling and falling off. I would love to get rid of the super glue that is used to keep gluing it together and have a beautiful new counter top!!!!!

  154. Sami Alperstein says:

    Soapstone Sequoia is beautiful and would be a dream come true!!!! Our counters are currently peeling from the wall, damaged & bruised….oh and PEACH! Yuck!!!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway ;)

  155. Dolce Macchiato………My counter tops are an older whitish formica. It has worn spots and lots of nicks and stains. It will be a long time before I can afford to replace what we have. A new counter would be a blessing.

  156. Sami Alperstein says:

    Shared on fb!

  157. This is an amazing giveaway! I have several favorites after looking at all the pics, but I do love the 3460 Calacatta Marble 180fx®- it is beautiful! Our countertops are literally coming up and won’t even be glued down anymore and we had saved to get new ones but then my husband had to have an emergency appendectomy! So that stole our countertop budget;) This would mean the world to us! I will share, share, share and have my fingers and toes crossed!

  158. I like crema mascarella and soapstone sequoia. Hard to choose!

  159. I love the 3460 Calacatta Marble 180fx®. It looks so amazing! My house is almost 52 years old and has never been updated. I have some groady formica countertops from 1962. There a a few chunks of the formica broken out. Pure ugliness! Thanks for sharing this giveaway and your kitchen is beautiful!

  160. What a fabulous giveaway!!! Love the 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx! It would look so amazing with my existing crème color cabinets.

  161. Nancy Perkins says:

    If I could choose a pattern, it would be 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. I have to tell you that I’ve been dreaming of new countertops for our 10 year old home to complete the kitchen project I’ve been DREAMING of! We just replaced our tile floors with a new tile floor because of a faulty install job. I have disliked our tile floor for the 10 years that we have lived there. I finally bit the bullet and saved every spare dime for the past year to replace the floors, but I don’t have enough to do the counters as well. This is next on my list and would be a dream come true! I seriously browse home websites and blogs (yours is my fave) all the time and dream about what I want my kitchen to look like. Thanks for listening to me spill my guts :)

  162. So many beautiful options but I like the travertine silver. I painted my cabinets and redid my kitchen 10 years ago with the plan of doing the countertops and still have not! They are burgundy laminate and are hideous!

  163. Karen Summers says:

    I shared this on Pintrist

  164. Travertine silver! My counters are a pinky salmon color and always look grimy because they are so worn. I could definitely use something beautiful to replace them! Awesome giveaway!

  165. Sandi Allen says:

    So many to choose from.
    Loving the 3479-58 black Walnut Timber.
    I so need a new counter top.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  166. I just pinned and will share again tomorrow!!

  167. Karen Summers says:

    WOW…so gorgeous and so hard to pick. I am torn between Calacatta Marble and Dolce Macchiato. Pick me and we can have a design contest online to help with the final choice…or perhaps you and Formica can provide some design direction. I am leaning toward the marble because I love the out-of-price range marble seen in many pictures. PLEASE pick me (hands are waving frantically)…our house is 40 years old and painters are there right now using fabulous creams, grays and blues. We are picking new floors because what we have now are half-way ripped up so we have a mix of concrete, white tile with lovely 70s brown and blue design tile showing in spots underneath. SIGH…the kitchen is left. With the budget stretched, we have plans to paint the cabinets white and then I struggled with countertops….until I saw this post. Our counter tops are little tumbled beigey square-type things that are long past their due date. PICK ME!!! These gorgeous counters will make our home photo perfect and ready.

  168. Ginny Crossley says:

    They are all just lovely options that I would love to have in my kitchen. My kitchen countertop now us Corian and it has a huge crack in it. I would love to win.

  169. I am in love with the Crema Mascarello! We are in desperate need of a whole kitchen makeover – but a new countertop would be a tremendous help. The old owners of my house put in a ill-fitting, faux wood laminate that doesn’t even fit against the wall and they had to fill in the space with wood and caulk. The edges are peeling off, etc. It’s a major eye-soar and we would be so appreciative of new ones!

  170. Beth Frazier says:

    I Love the Black walnut!!

  171. Beth Frazier says:

    I shared on Pinterest!

  172. Ginny Crossley says:

    shared on pintrest!

  173. Pinned!

  174. Love the 3422 Crema Mascarello. We’re in the middle of a family room addition and dining/kitchen remodel and could SO use new counter tops.

  175. I Love the Crema Mascarello! The reason we need new countertops is because our sweet landlords are in the military. They received orders and bought thus home as a wonderful place to remodel and retire in. About two weeks after they closed on the home the Army changed their orders and they had to go somewhere else. I would love to win and redo their countertops as a way to say thank you for your service! I know she would love it so much.

  176. Emily Mott says:

    I love the Bianca Luna!! So pretty!! As for how bad I need new counter tops… One word, TILE! That’s right my house has nasty white tile with white (well more like yellow, grose!) grout! We bought our house 6 months ago and have been saving to re-do the kitchen! This would help!!

  177. Would love to win…I personally 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx® BEST! And my kitchen is a small galley style…so if I won, you wouldn’t be giving away too much! Pick ME! I would so appreciate it on top of NEEDING it! My kitchen counter tops are falling apart. I also shared your link to the give-a-way on my FB timeline.

  178. My favorite is yours! 3422 Crema Mascarello My husband and I bought our hours just over a year ago. The kitchen is by far the worst room in the house I was going to do simple changes like adding new door pulls but the house is so old that the old cabinets were custom made with wooden knobs there were glued on! Our counter tops are the original formica from the 70’s and stain so easily. I would love to be able to give my kitchen a face lift! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  179. Kristin Campbell says:

    I LOVE the 3457 Breccia Paradiso!!! I can’t even tell you how much this would mean to me to win this. My husband and I bought an old fixer upper almost eight years ago. We have done a few things here and there but haven’t had the money to do anything with the kitchen. I finally got a floor a couple years ago and then last fall I finally was able to paint and finish the cabinets. The countertops are the last thing that needs done. It has been a long process of eight years to finish this kitchen! So now I have these nice white cabinets and I have re-painted all the walls but I’m stuck with old formica tops that are falling apart! Were not sure when we will be able to afford to get the countertops done. I hope it doesn’t take me another 8 yrs to be able to get my countertops, it would just finish it off so nicely if I won this!!! Please, please, please pick me!!!

  180. I love the 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®! We are in the middle of a whole-house reno, and winning this would be a real life-saver. We were going to make do with the 80’s laminate, so this would make our new kitchen MUCH lovelier!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  181. Black walnut timber 3479! I need new counters bad. Mine are showing their age. Such a great giveaway, Emily!

  182. I love
    3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx®

    I’ve been shopping for granite for 6 months. It’s so difficult to choose when it’s such an expensive purchase. I want to love it. This looks like a great option for our countertops.

  183. Tracy LaFon says:

    I absolutely love the 3460 Calacatta Marble 180fx®! My counter (my entire kitchen really) is so out-of-date and in need of repair. This was just going to be our “starter home” but since we are both teachers/educators we had to choose between our dream home and sending our children to college (and eating and health insurance were needed as well, lol), consequently we are still living in our (badly in need of refurbishing) “starter home.” My kitchen is so dark with green counters, this would lighten it up as well as lighten my world!

  184. So hard to choose one…they all are so great. I’d choose Calcutta marble I think. We painted our yellow laminate counters with Gianni countertop paint and although it’s a great improvement it’s starting to wear and peel. These laminate countertops would brighten our dark little kitchen:)

  185. Kristin Campbell says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  186. Bianca Luna is my favorite…that’s what I have picked out for my new kitchen! It would be awesome to win it!!!


  187. Pinned on pinterest

  188. Danielle Watson says:

    Love this giveaway! It would be amazing to win! I love your choice of colors.. And I think I would choose the same! Thank you for this opportunity!

  189. Emily Steele says:

     The Soapstone Sequoia is gorgeous! I’m a first time homeowner w a 40 year old small ranch. We currently have dated possibly original yellow countertop. Yes, straight from the 70s!this would give such a face-lift for our little kitchen!

  190. Jenny Stanionis. says:

    Wow, what a great deal! My kitchen is 30 years old and neeeds new coutnertops and cupboard doors. I love the travertine silver and the new edges that you can see on the formica products.

  191. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    WOW!!! I could SO use this! We painted our cabinets a while back with Transformation Cabinets and it came out awesome. I’d love to spruce up our plain white laminate countertops. I can’t decide between 2 favorites- the Bianca Luna and Crema Mascarello!!!!

  192. I just shared the giveaway on Facebook as well!


  193. My kitchen could sure use an upgrade! There is water damage around the sink, and it’s chipped in a few places! How great it would be to win this! I love the 3422 Crema Mascarello.

  194. I love the 3420 Dolce Vita! It would be a great change up from our beat up butcher block counter tops :)

  195. Nikki Ehlers says:

    3457 Breccia Paradiso 180fx® is my fav. Last summer I bought a foreclosed townhouse 1200 miles away in North Carolina. I had to work another year in Iowa before I could retire. My four children and I worked on sprucing it up as money and vacation times allowed. Now, I’ve moved in, there is so much left to do. New appliances in my 1983 kitchen only made the faux-wood countertops seem more dated and worn. I was about to start researching least-expensive options when I saw your post…….a dream come true!

  196. Great giveaway! My favorite is the Calcutta marble. I have old 80’s tile countertops with dirty grout that I can’t wait to get rid of. I am also painting my worn and dated oak cabinets white dove soon.

  197. Debi Holzer says:

    Your kitchen looks wonderful. Formica has a new reputation for sure! 3457 Breccia Paradiso 180fx® Would fix up our ancient kitchen pretty darn good! ;) Sharing all over. Thanks!

  198. Amanda House says:

    I love the 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber 180fx®! We could really use a whole kitchen makeover…this would be a great start!

  199. Amanda House says:

    Pinned it :)

  200. i love this one: 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx® – i need some new countertops in the most serious way! i have ugly french blue countertops (no lie) in the smallest kitchen ever! the blue makes the kitchen look even small if that’s possible. i would love to win!

  201. Monica Condie says:

    I like several of them but I think my favorite is 3473 Petrified Wood 180fx. I need new countertops DESPERATELY!!! My current countertops are smooth white formica, which is NOT forgiving. My 4 children and husband have all but destroyed them. I hate that anything I set on the counter leaves marks and dirty little hands always leave grime…HELP!!

  202. Travertine Silver is my fave and I can’t tell you how old my countertops are . . . 70-ish, I would say. We would really appreciate an update. thanks!

  203. Melinda Lloyd says:

    I love creama mascarello! My kitchen has white chipped, scratched, and stained countertops. This would make such a difference.

  204. Melinda Lloyd says:

    I shared on Pinterest.

  205. pinned onto Pinterest!

  206. Stephanie G says:

    I think 3423 Travertine Gold 180fx would be great in our kitchen. We have very little counter space and I think the pattern would make it look like more!! Right now our countertops are painted over who knows what and are in seriously shabby condition. This would be an amazing start to updating the kitchen!!

  207. Stephanie G says:

    I pinned it on Pinterest!!

  208. I would go for the Calcutta Marble. Beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  209. Crystal Q. says:

    Love the 3456 Golden Mascarello 180fx, absolutely beautiful! Will also pin this on Pinterest & like on FB.
    Our home is an old carriage stop from the 1800’s. Over the last 12 yrs. we’ve done a lot of changes, mostly necessity things & not cosmetic. Our kitchen & bathroom were the only updated parts of the home when we purchased it, we’re thinking maybe from the late 80’s. Lovely mauve countertops, backsplash — YUK! Not sure what the previous owners were thinking. We’re still trying to figure out the forest green toilet & tub in the bathroom. We were just starting to think about re-doing our kitchen last winter when great room pipes froze & our whole room flooded from rafters to basement. Needless to say, the kitchen project has come to a complete stand still. This would be a wonderful blessing to win this makeover!

  210. Kim Colwick says:

    Would complete my kitchen & be a dream come true!

  211. I would love to have 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx installed in our home. We currently have what was originally cream colored laminate and as it has aged it is starting to yellow. Eww.

  212. Pinned to my Pinterest Account ;

  213. LeeAnn Cole says:

    Creme mascarello looks beautiful. We desperately need new countertops! We are stuck with early ’80’s white and gray faux wood grain countertops. Ugh…… We planned on going with Formica, but haven’t yet. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  214. Lori hodge says:

    BLACK WALNUT TIMBER!! I absolutely LOVE it. We have 30 year old white Formica…this stuff lasts forever, but with white cabinets some contrast would be awesome!

  215. I love Crema Mascarello!! I really need a new countertop for my house that I’m selling. We bought a new house and it completely depleted our savings our old house is in escrow but I would love for the new owners to have a beautiful counter top to match the beautiful cabinets. The countertop is currently marble tile it was good while it lasted but it is now falling apart. I’m sure the new owners would appreciate a beautiful countertop. Thanks for the opportunity:)

  216. Amy Peacock says:

    I love the
    3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®!! I’ve been revamping my kitchen for some time now and the white cabinets and backsplash I’ve done look great, and then you look at our chipped and peeling countertops and it’s like my hard work was all in vain. I would absolutely love new countertops to help the facelift of my kitchen be complete! Thanks for doing this giveaway!!

  217. I love the callacatta marble pattern! If only marble wouldn’t get stained from any spill of a tomato I would have loved to have that in my kitchen.

  218. Jennifer N. says:

    My favorite is 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx. We are a family of 5 & spend lots of time in the kitchen! We currently have Formica countertops but they are dated. A modern update is just the thing our kitchen needs! Thanks for the fun giveaway! :-)

  219. Debbie Innis says:

    So very difficult! I’m torn between the Travertine Gold and the Rainforest Brown! Well, the Soapstone Sequoia is lovely, too! Oh my!

    Like many others, I’m stuck with a 1980’s kitchen! We’ve done our best to update it via fun colors and properly placed accessories, but if you really looked at the bones you’d have a kitchen only pegged jeans and big-hair bands would feel comfortable in! Or Great-Grandma. One counter-top is literally falling apart revealing the oh-so-lovely particle-board underneath. This has become especially attractive with the swelling from the water damage, as it is right next to the kitchen sink. Scrub as I may, there is no getting the coffee stains out of the lovely grooves that I’m sure some sadistic designer somewhere thought the texture would lend to a more natural feel. Natural like the skin of an alligator or shell of a turtle…only in cream to really accentuate the torture one goes through to clean them. What kitchen wouldn’t be complete without this!

    We’ve been in our home 12 years and have had to very slowly add improvements throughout the home (most by necessity!). It would be fabulous to see this room get the much needed attention is has zealously been craving!

  220. Shared on Pinterest :)

  221. WOW What a great giveaway. Our kitchen has terrible countertops. They are the same tiles that are on the kitchen floor. There is a huge over hung on the edge of the counters that catches every crumb! TH
    They are also to wide. Having tile grout on the counter is just gross. They are so many I like but love the Black Walnut Timber.:)

  222. I’ve shared on Pinterest and Facebook!

  223. LOVE the Calcutta Marble! I have been desperately wanting new counter tops, when we moved in there looks like a cigarette burn hole in the middle of the peninsula. The counter tops are now starting to chip and look terrible as they are laminate and 13 years old. I painted my cabinets last summer and would love to have the marble look in my kitchen!

  224. NEW COUNTERTOPS?!?!?! OMG!!!! I’ve been crushing on the FORMICA 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx® F.O.R.E.V.A! I might do backflips if I win! We have older formica now, and although its in decent shape for being 10+ years old, it have some stains and looks a bit dated. This would totally freshen my kitchen up! GREAT GIVEAWAY!

  225. I shared in pinned to my counter dreams board.


  227. I’m torn between Calcutta Marble and Jet Sequoia.

  228. Samantha L says:

    We’re newlyweds that just bought our first house a little under a year ago. Every project has been DIY and we just finished changing our medium oak builder grade cabinets to a gorgeous dark espresso. Needless to say they no longer go with our bright white laminate countertops! My husband and I both love the 3466 Antique Mascarello counter tops and they’re the perfect color scheme to tie our dark brown cabinets to our gray walls!

  229. Samantha L says:

    Pinned on Pinterest :)

  230. Breecia Paradise would compliment my white cupboards. It would update my 18 year old counters in “blah Gray” that now have stains I can’t remove.

  231. Ooh my gosh…Jet Sequoia for my kitchen, for sure! My countertops are 13 year old laminate in a brown/copper-ish mix of colors that I often see decorating diner tables and sometimes even bathroom stall walls! ugh. Time for some new beautiful countertops!

  232. My favorite is Crema Mascarello. I’m building a new kitchen which has a butler’s pantry attached that needs everything. I especially need a countertop to work on in this new space. Crema Mascarello would be awesome. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  233. Pinned on Pinterest! Good luck to everyone!

  234. Hi! I pinned to my pinterest and shared on Facebook!

  235. I am in shock that this is Formica! The larger sheets and the edges make all the difference!!! If I had to choose a favorite from the Facebook album I would say it is either 3422 Crema Mascarello or 3458 Travertine Silver. So beautiful!!!

  236. Jennifer Miller says:

    3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. For me please. Our countertops are the original 70s style…lovely avocado swirl, dotted with stains, holes in the laminate, and chipped edges. We need this!

  237. I loved the 3476-46 Jet Sequoia!!! My countertops are NOT sexy! LOL. I’ve had my Formica countertops for ten years and they are built Ford tough for me and my family of 4. They are starting to show some wear and tear on the edges (lifting and cracking in areas) and we have some water damage behind the sink. Please bring back sexy countertops in my life! LOL! Thanks

  238. I shared this giveaway on my FB timeline. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  239. Jennifer Miller says:

    I shared on Pinterest.

  240. Terri martin says:

    I want to win!

  241. I recently saw Dolce Macchiato on display at a home & garden show. It’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen, but I’m not sure how it would go with my maple cabinets. I’d almost be willing to re-finish the cabinets to make it work :)
    My countertops are 19 years old, “brand x” laminate with a wood edge, scratched and stained and more than ready for replacement. Definitely on the to-do list, but first we need a new roof. Winning this contest would be awesome – I can have new countertops, which I use and see every day – and still have a new roof, which is necessary but not so much fun to look at.

  242. Oh – I shared this on Facebook.

  243. I tweeted the giveaway! We desperately need them. Our old countertops are buckling and bubbling in some areas and have the lovely wood edge and seams we all love so much (sarcasm here). I would be beyond thrilled to win this super generous giveaway!!!

  244. 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx!! Our laminate isn’t very old but its chipping all over the place!

  245. We would love the Dolce Vita. Our kitchen is tiny and the countertops are tiled. One of the previous owners decided to paint all of the surfaces in the kitchen and now the paint is chipping off the kitchen counter tiles. We’d love to update our kitchen, but all of our money is currently going toward our adoption of two 10 year old boys. They’re totally worth the wait though!

  246. Repinned! What an awesome giveaway! We have the builders grade laminate countertops and would love an upgrade! Our favorite is the antique mascarello, such beautiful rich tones!

  247. Gina McCumiskey says:

    Dolce Vita…definitely.

    • Gina McCumiskey says:

      My countertops are textured and old…they hold germs and with a young child I never feel it is ever CLEAN!

  248. 3460 Calacatta Marble 180fx® is my Favorite! There are so Many gorgeous choices! Our house has the nastiest 70’s formica in it. I would LOVE to win this! Please choose ME! ;)

  249. These countertops are beautiful! I would pick the Crema Mascarello to replace my UGLY 1980’s blue laminate counters.

  250. I Love the Walnut Timber pattern! Our counters are from the 70’s and really need to be updated!

  251. MARY EGUIA says:


  252. Gina McCumiskey says:


  253. I pinned this to Pinterest!

  254. I love the Golden Mascarello!! It would look perfect in my kitchen!! Right now we have builders grade laminate countertops and there is no ogee or bullnose edging, just a 90 degree angle and I hate it. Would love an upgrade, thanks for the opportunity!

  255. I really love the look of Bianca Luna with white cabinets! My husband and I bought our first house last October – an older home with a very very outdated kitchen. As much as we would love a kitchen remodel, our “renovation” budget has gone to a new washer and dryer, a lawnmower, and so many big ticket items we didn’t truly consider before buying a new home! Winning this giveaway would mean so much to us! We’d finally be able to finish making our house a home – one that we love (even more than we already do!) and that we’re proud to show off!

  256. I love the 3458 Travertine Silver!

    I actually have nice countertops, but would LOVE to win this for my parents who have white and yellow counter tops from the 70’s.

  257. I pinned it to my home board on Pinterest! Love Golden Mascarello!!

  258. I would love the Dolce Macchiato or Bianca Luna. It’s a tie between the two. They are both so beautiful and on the opposite end of the shade spectrum. The Dolce Macchiato being dark and rich in design and the Bianca Luna is a light, clean, crisp look. We are a family of 4 and just bought our first starter home. We are trying to update a little at a time but the kitchen I have no clue what do with. It’s outdated, one tall cupboard is not even attached to the wall, and the countertops are not even screwed in to the cupboards and worst of all they are an awful pink.

  259. Pinned it on Pinterest!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  260. 3465 Golden Mascarello!!!

  261. i have had formica since we moved in and have wanted to update to marble so bad. but then i saw this: 3460 Calacatta Marble and now i think that might be just what i need! my old formica (8 years old) is coming unglued along the edges and one piece is totally missing. it is also dark, black with speckles so i would love to see how the lighter formica would brighten up my kitchen. i’m so excited to find out about these new designs and i love the new edging!

  262. First: How bad do I need new countertops? My kitchen is 80’s, peach laminate countertops, with wood-grain sides. And to add insult to injury, the laminate is falling off in some areas. So I REALLY need new countertops.

    As for which ones I like? (All of them?) Probably a light gray would go best with my kitchen (perhaps 3459 Soapstone Sequoia 180fx®) or a dark black (love the 3476‐46 Jet Sequoia 180fx®). So one of those two. And I love love love love that you can do the infinity-edge sink with these. Love it. Want Want Want.

  263. I would love the dole macchiato or creme mascarello. Kitchen has the green counter tops. It is dated and markings of wear and tear. This would be a great addition to update the kitchen.

  264. Love this! Any of their white countertops would be fabulous. In wanting the dream white kitchen too. Doesn’t go we’ll with current poopy brown! :)

  265. Shared on pinterest!!

  266. Shared!! FB and Pintrest!!!
    I would love this!! It would be fabulous to replace my lovely mauve/pinkish countertops I have now!!

  267. Shared on Pinterest!

  268. I shared on all my social media networks. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Thanks for an opportunity to win such a great giveaway!

  269. I really like 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. When we bought our home and removed the gross countertops in the kitchen, we had very little to spend on replacing them. This would be a wonderful opportunity to upgrade them now!

  270. Chelsea Gardner says:

    I love the 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx®. It would be so cute in my kitchen! I redid the paint and cabinets a year ago and would love to get new counters, too! They are warped in places with nicks all over them!

  271. I’m IN LOVE with the Bianca Luna and the Calacatta Marble patterns! I think I would die if I won this giveaway! Our countertops are so awful! My hubby and I bought this house a few months ago and it has white laminate countertops. Wouldn’t be terrible if it weren’t for the giant red/orange/brown stains all over them. Plus the deep scratches/gouges that make it look like it is constantly dirty! Yuck!

  272. Amanda Owen says:

    I am in love with both the 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx and the 3479-58 Black Walnut Timber 180fx. So in need of new countertops its not even funny! I would be elated to have a chance at either one of these!! So excited at the opportunity to win this!!

  273. Amanda Owen says:

    Just pinned this on Pinterest too!

  274. I pinned and posted this to facebook! It would be wonderful to get rid of the teal countertops!

  275. Meg Miller says:

    Thank you! Slate sequoia

  276. Black Walnut Timber is beautiful!! I have always wanted wood counters, but this would be A.MAZ.ING to have the look of wood and the ease of Formica!
    Why do I need new countertops? Well, when we moved into our older house 11 years ago, I HATED the counters, but we couldn’t afford new. So I painted them! Most people are surprised to find that out when they see them. It definitely bought me some time. :) Their lovely shade of sage green ;) has lasted me over 10 years, but they are definitely showing signs of wear! They certainly need replaced!
    However, since then, we have also added two more children (one who has special needs and had major medical needs for a while) and we have taken care of some more pressing needs in the house. We have an older home that we have been working on since we moved in. Our entire kitchen desperately needs remodeling!! Winning new countertops would be just the jumpstart we need.

  277. Michelle Horner says:

    Shared on Pinerst and Facebook. Awesome prize.

  278. Marci Garrison says:

    So many beautiful options but I’m loving the 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx®. Our kitchen is in desperate need of new countertops to replace our outdated and chipping tile counters that are a pain to maintain & keep clean! We recently painted our cabinets a beautiful gray that would look fabulous with the Bianca Kuna counters!

    -shared via Pinterest (user: marci716)

  279. So many gorgeous ones to pick from! Today I’m lovin’ 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx® – I’m about to start our kitchen makeover – so this would be perfect! I’ve got those small white tiles for my countertop right now – I’d love for them to disappear!

  280. mary fields says:

    Dolce Macchiato! Can’t believe these are Formica. Absolutely gorgeous. Definitely need!

  281. Pinned! User: domesticallyspeaking

  282. I love the Black Fossilstone. Tomorrow we are ripping out our 1960’s kitchen and after our floors are refinished we will be installing new cabinets, but haven’t picked a countertop. So as of tomorrow I will desperately need a new countertop! Love the Formica 180fx line I was checking it out at Lowes.

  283. Jarenys Montaner says:

    I love the 3422 Crema Mascarello! This would be for my grandma’s kitchen. I live in her house and she is always saying how she hates her kitchen and her dream would be to change your countertops (which always feel sticky even though she cleans the kitchen twice a day!) This would be a wonderful surprise for her! She is at home all day watching my son and spends all day cooking for my grandfather and her 94 yr old father! I hope we get picked! :)

  284. Oh, this would be a dream come true! We have a poorly designed kitchen, with a huge island that is way too big for the space. We’d like to redo our kitchen layout, but can’t figure out a way to do it without replacing all of the countertops, which we can’t afford right now. I would choose red montana or jet sequoia! Thanks for the chance!

  285. The Dolce Macchiato is simply magnificent! Although the color of our current counter top isn’t horrible, the condition is the issue… There are large cracks from the previous owner and needless to say now matter how often you clean it, you can’t make broken look nice ;)

  286. I’m loving the 3422 Crema Mascarello. Our countertops are painfully builder grade with scratches and gouges galore.

  287. Dana Moody says:

    I am in LOVE with 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx® and would be tickled to replace our outdated blue formica counter tops. They are cracked and peeling in places! Crossing my fingers and toes!

  288. Dana Moody says:

    I pinned the contest as well! User name : Dana Moody

  289. Karen Narusewicz says:

    Would love to get rid of my poorly installed, super ugly, cheapest possible laminate counters that are literally coming apart at the seams! I would love to have the 3461 Black Fossilstone 180fx®! Would look great against my white cabinets! Thank you for the entry into the contest! :)

  290. Just looking at the photos, today I am loving 3458 Travertine Silver!

  291. I looked at all the counter top choices and they were all beautiful. I liked just about all of them. I have several favorites. The Soapstone Sequoia, Bianca Luna, Golden Mascarello, Calacatta Marble, Crema Mascarello, Antique Mascarello, Breccia Paradiso, Jet Sequoia, Slate Sequoia, Black Fossilstone. It would be hard to choose one. I am looking to replace the counter tops. They are a solid white with a lot of little chips on the edges and top. The seams where they meet, don’t meet very well. Very poor job of installation. My kitchen needs a face lift bad!

  292. I have been drooling over some of the wooden counter tops I’ve seen, but they just didn’t seem very practical – 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber is the PERFECT solution! I love it

  293. I just shared on Pinterest. I don’t have a FB acct. (and don’t want one) So I was glad that I could share in ways.

  294. I absolutely love the 3422 crema mascarello and calacatta marble :) both are just beautiful! We have vinyl countertops that are too dark and have been damaged in some areas :( I am trying to redo our kitchen in more of a farmhouse style but on a military income it’s slow progress lol your kitchen is gorgeous, you’ve done a fabulous job!!

  295. Jaime boswell says:

    I would die to get the crema mascarello also!! My blue/turquoise counters with several Knicks and dings is such an eyesore:( ill be keeping my fingers crossed!!!!! I have a vision that my kitchen could be really wonderful!

  296. Christy Gant says:

    Love silver travertine….would love to see my 1970’s kitchen look and feel classy with a free update!

  297. Love the 3420 Dolce Vita 180fx®! Just bought a distressed house and the countertops are literally being held together with packing tape – not even duct tape! *LOL*

  298. I love the
    3461 Black Fossilstone 180fx! They are beautiful. Actually I really love a lot of them and it’s hard to choose just one. My counter tops are 20 year old white laminate, yuck! They stain so easily and I’m constantly scrubbing them. I would love to win this!

  299. I pinned this giveaway on pinterest. :)

  300. Shared on Facebook!

  301. Brandee Clayton says:

    The travertine silver is my favorite but I also like the gold. We just moved into our house after being away for four years and our kitchen could use a ton of TLC. Along with the rest of the house.

  302. Kim Armstrong says:

    I would love to have 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx®. Our basic, cheap builders grade counter tops are old, outdated and in need of replacing. They are almost 13 years old and are worn out! I would love to win new counter tops because right now we can’t afford to replace them. What a lovely gift this would be!!!

  303. Brandee Clayton says:

    i shared on pinterest

  304. Michele Capossela says:

    We have finally bought the home of our dreams! After 16 years in a townhouse, with two boys, a dog and a guinea pig, things got a little too cozy. Although I loved my home, I longed to have holidays and family gatherings at my house without worrying about someone getting towed do to our horrible parking situation. We can finally can have people over, including grandparents who couldn’t do the stairs before-our townhouse was a lower-level entrance and right when you walked in you had to walk the stairs. The house took almost all of our money and we are now trying to fill it up with inexpensive, but decent furniture, that we are finding on the internet. I am a substitute teacher so work is not steady. I would love to be able to redo our countertops before the holidays and serve the pecan pie and sweet potato pudding (my grandmother’s recipes) on a beautiful, new countertop! We currently have a green laminate that was very early ’90s I’m guessing. My favorite from your list is the Golden Mascarello, although there are many other’s I would love also! Please consider our home for this countertop! We would be one grateful family!

    Michele Capossela

  305. Andie Bodenhagen says:

    Wow these counter tops are so beautiful!! Very hard to choose!! Our very outdated kitchen is next on our list to remodel with its white chipped counter tops that have bowls and décor statically placed to hide those pesky stains that have been impossible to get out! I have to say my top pick of the counter tops are 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber 180fx®. Fingers crossed for this one!!!

  306. Michele Capossela says:

    I posted on my Facebook page:)

  307. I Love the Calacatta Marble. This is an amazing give away. Thanks for introducing this to me- we are thinking of updating our bathroom countertops and this would be the perfect product!

  308. Andie Bodenhagen says:

    Shared this giveaway on Facebook!!! :)

  309. Tam Wright says:

    Love them – they are beautiful. Hard to choose a favorite, but I think I would love the 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx® in my kitchen. My house is over 100 years old and I have been trying to decide how to redo/decorate it and am trying to save to do it. I think the old counter tops are old formica type tops. Since one spends so much time in the kitchen I think it is very important to have it be decorated in a soothing, beautiful way. I think the one I chose would look great with some bead board cupboards painted a country white with faux glaze on them. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  310. Rachelle Baker says:

    I love Rainforest Brown 180fx! We have lived in our fixer-upper house for 4 years, and the Kitchen has old tile countertops that were never finished (glazed over) SO everything gets stuck in the cracks and they are impossible to clean! We can’t afford new countertops right now, so new countertops would be a HUGE blessing! I’m due with my 3rd baby in a week so it’d be the best baby gift ever! :)

  311. Rachelle Baker says:

    I shared on Pinterest :)

  312. Tam Wright says:

    Pinned it. Fun giveaway!!!

  313. I love, love, love the 3473 Petrified Wood 180fx® – this would look amazing in our kitchen!~! We currently have an extremely dated and discolored yellow marbleized type of horrible counter top. This is amazing!

  314. My favorite’s got to be– Jet Sequoia, with Black Fossilstone coming in a very close 2nd! We moved into our new home in May (home originally built in 2000) and we have painted to update our home but all the countertops need to be updated. I’d love to update all the counter tops– kitchen and all bathrooms included. Currently, our laminate countertops are browny color, but look dated. I’d love to start the update in our kitchen! Thanks so much for sharing this giveaway!


  315. Shared on Facebook!

  316. We are about to buy a house.. the last time that kitchen was updated was the ’60’s! I need countertops! I like 3457 Breccia Paradiso 180fx, but would have to think about what my kitchen would look like with it. Thank you for the giveaway!

  317. Natalie Brown says:

    My favorite is Traverttine Silver and Dolche Machiato. They are both beautiful. Can’t decide if I would want light or dark. We would love to update our kitchen, our home is 14 years old and needs a little work. We were going to put money into our kitchen but with our 4th baby we need to finish our basement instead!

  318. Natalie Brown says:

    Pinned it!!

  319. Shared on FB. :)

  320. And pinned on Pinterest.

  321. Andrea Turnbow says:

    I love the 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®

    I’ve lived in my house for 5 years now and haven’t touched the kitchen. I have blue laminate counter tops that are bubbled up everywhere. There is even a part that started on fire this last year while canning. I don’t just want new counter tops, I need them.

  322. Andrea Turnbow says:

    Pinned on Pinterest

  323. I absolutely love the Soapstone Sequoia. I would love to be able to help my dad out with his kitchen, which is still original from when we moved in over 20 years ago, and from how ever long the house was around before that. The counters are some sort of cheap veneer over particle board, and are cracked in some places, stained in others, and have water damage in the seams. This would be an amazing help.

  324. Shared on Pinterest :)

  325. I LOVE the Black Walnut Timber or the Dolce Macchiato. I love all that color variation. We need a counter makeover really badly! Our counters are all warped and peeling, particularly around the sink. And they are ugly. :-)

  326. I love the 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx. We planned to DIY and stain the oak cabinets in the kitchen to a dark mahogany color and I think the light colored marble would be a great contrast. We NEED a makeover badly we are a newlywed couple about to move into our first home together and the counters are the standard white that the builders installed in the 1990s and in desperate need of an upgrade. Please help!

  327. Could really use some new counter tops… mine are chipping and pealing and just don’t get get clean!
    I love the Slate Seqouia or any would look better then what I have now!
    Will share on pinterest as well:)

  328. natalie Richardson says:

    Love the travertine!!!!!

  329. natalie Richardson says:

    Just pinned!!!!!

  330. Pinned it!

  331. I LOVE 3476‐46 Jet Sequoia 180fx®!!!

    My kitchen was built in 1902. I NEED new countertops! in fact, my kitchen was so bad, I ripped off the cabinet doors, painted what I could white, and have lovely open cabinets now. But the counters… wow. ugly. haven’t gotten there yet!

  332. Wow! I have been wanting Carerra marble countertops in my kitchen, but knew we didn’t need the high maintenance surface. I’d love to replace them with the Calcutta marble 180fx.

  333. Heidi Hamann says:

    My favorite is #3474 Petrifide Wood. I deserve the countertop makeover because we’ve lived in our house for 3 years with no countertops whatsoever. To get by, my husband put plywood on top of the lower cabinets and I stapled plastic sheeting over it so I could wipe it off. We’ve been in and out of work and unable to pick up our remodeling project due to lack of funds. I would LOVE to finally have countertops and LOVE your selection and the beautiful patterns available. We have white cabinets and dark wood floors. :)

  334. 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx®

    This would be beautiful in my kitchen! We moved into a new home and working diligently on DIY projects to make it feel like our own! Updating the kitchen counters would be an amazing opportunity for us!

  335. Fifi Price says:

    My favorite color is the Creama Mascarello. My kitchen counter tops are 15 years old and in the once popular color, hunter green. I am wanting to paint my cabinets a barn yard red color and I think the Creama Mascarello counter tops would be a great complement to them.

  336. My favorite is 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx®
    Our countertops are about 25 years old and a terrible peachy/pink color. They’re stained, burned, and have bubbled up in areas as well. They look terrible. We’ve ripped up the carpet and laminate tiles (from 25 years ago – gross!) and will be replacing them with ceramic tile and wood. Now we just need counters to complete the update!

  337. Loving the Calacatta Marble! While our cabinets are newer(10 year old Ikea), our counters are dated, stained and looking hopelessly left in a decade passed!! We love to entertain and would love to show off these beauties!

  338. Rebekah Kremer says:

    Whoa! This is Formica?!?! It is beautiful! The Soapstone Sequoia is calling my name, but the Dolce Macciato (I probably mangled that spelling) is so pretty too. Right now I have some sort of odd, blue speckled counter tops that look cheap, dated, and hideous so any of the designs above would be a huge improvement.

  339. Elisha O Finnegan says:

    I really like these countertops! They look great! Our kitchen has ceramic tile on the countertops and it is chipped and the grout it stained…even when it’s clean it looks dirty! The bullnose pieces look like they are going to pop off at any moment! If I won new countertops I would choose Golden Mascarello!

  340. Rebekah Kremer says:

    Shared on Pinterest.

  341. LOVE the travertine gold. My kitchen has the best formica counters with the most overpowering color ever! I have navy blue counters that overpower everything! I have having to decorate around this….need something modern and more subtle…definitely love the movement of the travertine gold….

  342. Fifi Price says:

    Repined on Pinterest.

  343. Fifi Price says:

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  344. Repinned on pinterest

  345. I really NEED to win this! We are in the process of doing a necessary total remodel of the kitchen, so we’ve been trying to buy all the materials we need, then hire someone to put it together. #3478 would be great!

  346. Oh, I sooooo desperately want to win this. My poor counter tops are cracked and warped and in desperate need of being replaced. Winning this giveaway would be an awesome answer to my prayers. I would love to install the 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx® in my kitchen :-) Thanks for the opportunity :-)

  347. Shared on Pinterest (9/18) –

  348. We want to win this! Can you say chipped builder tile ruined while our house was a foreclosure! So sad! We need new countertops and I love the petrified wood look! How cool are those!

  349. Wow these are all gorgeous!! I love 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx!! My countertops are quite old and, well, just gross. LOL!

  350. Virginia Callister says:

    Ugly old builder grade tile with chipped, breaking falling off edges. The tile is not in production anymore so we can’t just repair it. As you know, kitchen makeovers are pretty costly. It would be such a blessing to win these beautiful countertops. I love the Soapstone Sequoia and Dolce Vita. If I one and had to choose I would say the Soapstone Sequoia.

  351. Virginia Callister says:

    I pinned this giveaway.

  352. Virginia Callister says:

    I also shared it on Facebook. Thanks so much!

  353. Wow, this is so hard to choose just one that I love. I really am drawn to the
    3460 Calacatta Marble 180fx®. We just moved into our new-to-us house, which is10 years old. The kitchen counters are waaaay outdated! When we bought the house we said we’d eventually like to replace the counter-tops but that was something we figured would be years down the road. I would love so much to win this so I could work with the team at Formica to make our “new” kitchen beautiful now!

  354. I shared the giveaway on Facebook here:

  355. I love Dolce Macchiato ! I’ve lived in my house for over 8 years and we haven’t done much too it. We’re always talking about getting things going and updating/remodeling so we can feel great about our place but have yet to do anything, mostly due to money factors. But who doesn’t have that problem! ;) My kitchen countertops are old,gross and just plain ugly laminate. I would desperately love to win new countertops to start the process of making my place a little bit nicer to be in and myself from feeling ashamed to invite people over.

  356. My favorite is the Crema Mascarello. I would love to replace my tile counters, and say bye-bye to grout!

  357. Love the Bianca Luna! Just bought my first house and would love to replace the old brown countertops!

  358. I shared this on Pinterest

  359. Shared on Pinterest!

  360. Jeanie Baeder says:

    3465 golden mascarello. I have 5 kids and i am a stay at home mom so needless to say I LIVE in my kitchen lol. I have 20 year old dull grey counter tops that don’t match ANYTHING

  361. Valerie J. says:
  362. 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx® is one of my favorites. Our home was remodeled in 1996 and it is time to upgrade the formica that is in the kitchen. I would love to win a make over.

  363. I absolutely love the travertine silver. When I got married a little over a year ago, I moved into my husbands house. We have slowly been updating the house, bringing it out of the 1970s, but remodeling a kitchen is just too costly for us. Our countertops are currently a light peachy color that are chipped and peeling, it is definitely a sight for soar eyes. With a new paint job on our cabinets and a gorgeous new countertop, we would enjoy relaxing in our kitchen and cooking more dinners together. Please help!

  364. I pinned this link on my Pinterest site on my home board.

  365. Jeanie Baeder says:

    Pinned on pinterest

  366. My favorite is 3421 Bianca Luna. Oh, how I need this!

  367. I love the antique mascarello!! Can I win it and put it my parents kitchen? We are moving out if my house and my parents could REALLY use new counters. When they built their house13 years ago, the builder totally screwed up and put in the wrong countertops. Plus to top it off, the seams around the sink we messed up so they are totally bubbling and peeling away. Bless my parents hearts, they would love new counters to fix those problems but alas the budget’s not there.

  368. I must say, I LOVE our little house! I do! :) We are a family of six living in an 1100 square foot home. We bought our house almost 11 years ago… which makes it close to 22 years old. We were finally able to replace our roof this year after we were told it was beginning to “cave” (eek!). My kitchen… I can (literally) stand in one place and use the sink, load/unload the dishwasher, fully access and use the stove, and get what I need out of the refrigerator. :) We can “fit” maybe 1 and a half people in our kitchen… but since cutting one of our “people” in half isn’t an option (kitchen humor!) – that leaves room for just 1 of us. The kitchen counter space – there really isn’t any space. But, of the tiny space we do have, the linoleum countertops are coming up, peeling, and sadly, parting ways with it’s long time friend… from the wall(s) as well. We would love, love, LOVE this countertop makeover! LOVE IT! My choice would definitely be the 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber! It would be breathtaking (to me anyway) in our tiny kitchen!

  369. I love the 3423 Travertine Gold 180fx®! I have an older country kitchen that could really use a facelift and these counters would really do the job!

  370. I pinned this giveaway at
    Thanks for hosting.

  371. Do I have to choose just one? I like the Bianca Luna, soapstone sequoia, and the jet sequoia! We have been looking at redoing our kitchen anyway. Our countertops have some nicks in them and there is a nasty, not so subtle, seam where two pieces meet together. These would be perfect!

  372. Britani Bruster says:

    Oh goodness, THIS IS JUST WHAT OUR FAMILY NEEDS! We recently bought our first home, and the previous owners did a great job of hiding the fact that the kitchen countertops were falling apart!! They are tile and we literally have sections of countertop duct taped in place so they don’t completely fall off!! It is so embarrassing, and we rarely have guests because they crumble and grout falls off every day (and we are helpless when it comes to home improvement projects!). The colors that stick out most to me are the Sandstone Sequoia and Bianca Luna, especially if I can muster the bravery to attempt to paint our cabinets white like they so badly need! But new countertops would be the cat’s pajamas!!

  373. Joree Saucier says:

    Such a hard decision to make – I love the Golden Mascarello 180fx® and ALSO the 3423 Travertine Gold 180fx®! . We have just purchased our first house as a newly married couple (though 48 years old) LOL and the kitchen counters are old style 4″ tiles with deep grout lines. Not sure how I could ever keep those clean. I would LOVE to have new formica countertops – ANY COLOR- – They are all beautiful!

  374. Donna Kissell says:

    3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx® – this is the one I would pick if it were for me. However, my baby sister lives in Arkansas and it would be great to pass it on to her! She and her husband work so hard and they wouldn’t be able to stretch their budget for a ‘redo’.

  375. Thank you for the give away! I live the soapstone sequoia. It would be great w our family of five!

  376. I took my time & narrowed it down to 4 choices: 3465 Golden Mascarello, 3470 Red Montana, 3466 Antique Mascarello & 3462 Slate Sequoia. I’m planning on some remodeling in my kitchen after the new year but new countertops are not in the budget. I would LOVE to replace our 40 yr old countertops with bright new up-to-date ones!

  377. Jamie Larson says:

    I love the Dolce Macciato! It is just beautiful! We just moved into an older home and it has old wood grain Formica. We are already planning on updating by painting the cabinets and we have been looking at the Formica countertops. This would help make our kitchen Reno a reality!

  378. I shared on Pinterest.

  379. It was love at first sight with 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber 180fx® <3 I know there are lots who would love this makeover…but because I spend so much time in my kitchen, I sure would love being able to see a great, new countertop instead of the boring, outdated ones that I have now :)

  380. Jamie Larson says:

    Just pinned it!

  381. Red Montana is my favorite. It would be wonderful to get new countertops. Mine are original to my 1977 built home and they are REALLY showing their age.

  382. Cami Fulmer says:

    Well if I won it would be for my parents. They have a 30+ year old house and are finally about to redo the kitchen. My dad is disabled and my mom is a breast cancer survivor so neither is in the greatest of shape to work on the house even though they both think they can still do it all! This would be a great help to them! I think Crema Mascarello would work for them!

  383. Trying to redo kitchen now- love the soapstone sequioa.

  384. Caitlin Candy says:

    These are all amazingly beautiful! But I think the 3461 Black Fossilstone would look best with my future plan for my little condo’s kitchen, as well as just being very unique and interesting. It’s my first place so I’d love to make it the best and replacing the original yellow speckled counters that are there now would definitely take it to another level!
    Pinned at
    And shared on facebook, I’m sure I have others in my circles who would love some free countertops as much as I do!

  385. Kelly Petzold says:

    Love the 3466 Antique Mascurello! My husband retired from the military a few years ago, and we are in our first home. It would be a dream come true to have our “dream” kitchen!

  386. Kristi Foreman says:

    I love Travertine Gold. It would look great with my cabinets!

  387. Wow these countertops have come along way! I like several of the designs but I think the Black Fossil Stone is my favorite. My countertops are original to the home 30 plus years old & not sure what color they are? lack luster, could use and update for service & looks. Thank you.

  388. Jeannie Griswold says:

    I love the Golden Mascarello from the picture, there are a few that I could fall in love with pretty easy. My kitchen is 1970’s and had all formica wood countertops that looked pretty bad to be honest, I’ve tried painting them lol and they look a little better but I would love to have new countertops. I’m on a budget and I’ve done everything I can to make my kitchen a little more “updated” but it would be a more than perfect to win this! Thanks so much for the chance!!

  389. Jeannie Griswold says:

    I repinned this so hopefully my chances are looking brighter:) I would LOVE this.

  390. Nancy Long says:

    I’ve always had formica in my 32 yr old home…so old that it’s the kind that rolls up the wall to the bottom edge of the cabinets…it was the latest style back then…Now I’d love to have 3467 Blue Storm 180fx®. We’ve done some remodeling on the outside but my kitchen is still 1982 and I’d sure like to redo and bring us into the 2000s…

  391. Michellelhb says:

    I shared on Facebook and Pinterest and love 3465 golden mascarello. So nice!

  392. I like Golden Mascarello. My countertops are almond laminate from 1987. Stains are difficult to clean, and we’re trying to update everything.

  393. My fav is Travertine Gold I think :-). We need a new counter top SO badly!! I wish I could send a pic. My kitchen flooded last summer while we were away, making the subfloor wet. Everything has shunk/shifted! Everything! The insurance isn’t covering the repairs. Hub out of work also…very hard to fix to make livable, thank for chance.

  394. Shared on Pinterest!

  395. Oh my it takes so long to get to the bottom :-). I shared on pinterest today :-). Have a good day!!

  396. Kristen Johnson says:

    I really like the calacatta marble and the Bianca Luna. My counters have huge seams where you can see that they have pieced together.

  397. I love the dolce macciato counters!

  398. I repinned the giveaway!

  399. Carissa Wiebe says:

    I absolutely love 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®!!! I had already seen it before now and loved it then too! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  400. I would love the same counters you got, 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx®. It has a nice balance of beiges and grays, which would good with our oak cabinets (not ready to replace those yet as the layout and function are fine). Our current counters are a pinkish beige laminate, with bleach and various darker stains and chips from the previous home owner.

  401. Holly Foti says:

    The 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx® is beautiful! Well, they are all beautiful, but Biana Luna is my favorite! I worked my butt off full time since I was 15 years old and saved as much money as I possibly could while all my peers were out having fun, and it all paid off when I fulfilled my goal by buying my first home a couple days after my 22nd birthday. My plan was to fix up the kitchen and bathrooms, but unexpected health issues led to medical bills, and then I got married, and then because of my health had to take some time off work while acquiring even more medical bills. Now, 7 years later, I still haven’t had the money to touch the kitchen. I adore my home and I want so badly to have a beautiful kitchen to update my 1921 bungalow.

  402. Holly Foti says:

    I just pinned/shared the picture with the link on Pinterest!

  403. »-(¯`•.Love.•´¯)-» the Jet Sequoia, and the Soapstone Sequoia, and the Golden Mascarello, and Calacatta Marble, and the…etc …. What a FABULOUS giveaway!!!!!
    ❤ `•.¸¸.•´ ❤

  404. I have completely white countertops!! ugh!! Help! I love the one pictured above; Dolce Machiatto

  405. Love all of them. We have white contractors tile and it is miserable.

  406. I love the Antique Mascarello. My countertops are pink and I’ve hated them for 19 years!

  407. Omg! I can’t even tell you how excited I would be to win this. Please please please pick me. The sandstone is awesome!

  408. Martha Patterson says:

    I am not looking for myself but my brother, His countertops are over 40 years old and his kitchen is in need of an upgrade. I would choose Soapstone Sequoia for his house. Thank you for the chance to help my brother out.

  409. Jet Sequoia – It just looks so sleek with white cabinets. My kitchen is a basic builder grade kitchen with zero upgrades. Over the last 10 years we have slowly been updating the kitchen but my yellow counter tops have still remained until now I hope! Thanks for the giveaway.

  410. Katherine Parvin says:

    These countertops look great! I didn’t know anything like this was out there. I love Travertine Silver. My countertops are a hot mess! I tried updating them with paint and it didn’t turn out very well. I would be so grateful to win this contest. Please pick me!

  411. fallon race says:

    My husband and i have been fixing up a builder grade EVERYTHING house, and we’ve been putting off counter tops since they’re so expensive. I think the 3461 Black Fossilstone 180fx or the 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber 180fx® will look AMAZING with our newly painted white cabinets! We’re DESPERATE!!!!

  412. Arrrrgh!! How to choose?!?! My fave is 3465 Golden Mascarello!! We just moved into a new home that is 9 years old. It has the builder grade WHITE laminate which, all ugliness aside, is so not practical for our family of 8. We have 6 small children, so you can imagine the wear and tear and staining!! These countertops would be fabulous in our kitchen !! Thanks for the opportunity.

  413. So many choices but I thought my favorites were Red Montana, Dolce Macchiatto and Silver Travertine.

  414. Love the Bianca Luna! Would love to get rid of my ugly black countertops!

  415. What an awesome giveaway! We just moved & bought a 23 year old home. I love my kitchen it has white cabinets, but it needs new counter tops they are also white and they have had better days, they really need to be updated. I love the 3458 Travertine Silver, 3460 Calacatta Marble, 3422 Crema Mascarello, but I also love the 3479-58 Black Walnut Timber. They all are so beautiful!

  416. I love the Bianca Luna we bought our house about 8 yrs ago it was built in sweet husband put in New cabinets ,dark oak laminate floors and laminate counters,would love to upgrade to Formica!!!! Love reading your blog about your decorating and your sweet family!!!

  417. Stephanie E. says:

    Those counter-tops are gorgeous!! I would be willing to design a whole new kitchen around some of those. But a new kitchen isn’t coming anytime soon, but Travertine Gold would give my current kitchen a nice face lift!!

  418. Stephanie E. says:

    Shared giveaway on pintrest. (pinned here:

  419. I pinned the giveaway!

  420. First thank you so much for the great opportunity! I would love 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx® for our kitchen, we have the ugly white tile that is hard to keep clean. My husband is in the Marine Corp and is getting ready to deploy for the third time this December, his hopes is to upgrade our kitchen once he gets back with the extra money he makes while there. I would love to be able to do this without having to spend his deployment money and be able to surprise him. Thank you!

  421. Anonymous says:

    Love the jet sequoia and the black fossil stone! Our countertops are in deep need of an update. They are light color and so are the cabinets and the floor is a light neutral color marble which is mainly light and some slate, brown, and black in there. So something has to get darkened up for an update :)

  422. The Bianca Luna is great

  423. Love the jet sequoia and the black fossil stone! Our countertops are in deep need of an update. They are light color and so are the cabinets and the floor is a light neutral color marble which is mainly light and some slate, brown, and black in there. So something has to get darkened up for an update :)

  424. fallon race says:

    i just shared on pinterest! I just tried rolling out pasta on my old laminate countertops today and the dough kept getting stuck in the cracks :( this girl is desperate and willing to bribe with fresh pasta!

  425. That Dolce Machiotti has to be mine! I NEED it!!

  426. Diana Duncan says:

    Gorgeous Countertops! Mine are in awful shape…. dull, lifeless and don’t match anything! My kitchen needs to be brighter! My fav is the 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx® !!!

  427. sd richards says:

    3465 Golden Mascarello would make a huge a difference in my oh, so dated kitchen! C O U N T R Y blue counter tops that clash with everything else I own, they have been on the list to redo since we bought the home 4 years ago… I am starting to believe I need to paint everything else M A U V E to make the perfect ‘vintage’ statement!! PLEASE Help!! I will be pinning onto my For the Home – Kitchens page. Thanks for the chance!!!

  428. Diana Duncan says:
  429. I absolutely ADORE 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx®! My tired Birch cabinets are in desperate need of a makeover. I know I want to paint them white, I’ve just been too chicken to attempt it yet. And my countertops…what can I say…they are the old, dingy white ones that came with the kitchen. They are so worn and chipped…Since we can’t afford granite, I would LOVE to have Crema Marcarello countertops with my new white kitchen! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  430. Rachel Hansen says:

    The 3466 Antique Mascarello is to die for!
    My kitchen is boring, boring, everybody’s snoring!! New countertops would be freakin awesome.

  431. My kitchen countertop is the fake butcher block from the 1980’s. Need I say more? I would love Black Fossilstone!

  432. I love the 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx®, and I am so inspired by your white kitchen. My kitchen counters are stuck in 1950, I need new ones with a timeless look. I am so embarrassed by the state of my kitchen right now, I avoid having people over!!!

  433. Pinned the giveaway, too! Wish me luck! :))

  434. Denise Rosales says:

    I shared on Pinterest

  435. The Bianca Luna is one of my favorites for my countertops that are in my 80’s house.
    Love them all. Very beautiful.


  436. Lisa Jordan says:

    I love Nacardo with the warm colors but not too busy pattern. I am in the midst of painting our maple cabinets white and its a great project of labor and love. Haven’t even went to pick out counter tops yet, so it would be wonderful to work with a professional on my kitchen project, which at times feels a bit overwhelming. Will persevere and see this thing through… Thank you Formica and Decorchick for this opportunity to enter!

  437. Denise Rosales says:

    Red Montana 3470 would update my 80’s kitchen.

  438. I share it on pinterest!

  439. I visited the FB page, and I love the 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®! It is perfect! And we are building a house right now, so we have NO counter-tops yet! Would love to put this in our house soon!

  440. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Crema Mascarello. I have been wanting so badly to remodel my 60 year old kitchen cabinets and countertops.

  441. My favorite is the 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx®,

  442. I just pinned this as well as shared this on Facebook!

  443. I love the golden mascarello countertops. I have 18 year old cream countertops that were scratched when someone tried to scrape off spilled Krazy glue !

  444. Joan Parsons says:

    Black Walnut timber is amazing!

  445. I pinned this to my kitchen board on Pinterest !!

  446. Beth Clayton says:

    3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber 180fx® is my favorite! my kitchen is in desperate need of new counters. our kitchen is nearly 20 years old and while the cabinets are live-able, and the flooring is fairly new, the countertops are a very scary green that is speckled with creepy black dots. the whole kitchen would really come together if we could just have decent countertops! our entry is directly into the kitchen so those scary counters are the first thing everyone sees. :(

  447. I would love an update in my kitchen!

  448. Beth Clayton says:

    i pinned this on my “for the home” board on pinterest. a great way to let everyone see how far formica has come!

  449. Heather B. says:

    Love the Travertine Silver!! Would love to have these counters when we redo our 1986 disgusting and dark kitchen.These are beautiful and I am so excited about the new line of Formica counters!! Yay for options!

  450. Christine says:

    Crema Mascarello would be my choice.We are in the process of painting our cabinets and replacing our countertops.I would love to see these in our remodeled kitchen!

  451. The Calacatta Marble is beautiful…I have wanted marble for a long time, and these formica choices look fantastic! My own green-speckled builder grade laminate has been looking tired for years. Great giveaway!

  452. And I just pinned this giveaway here:

  453. We Recently Moved To My Parents Old House.It HaS A Huge kitchen With Oak Cabinets And Dark Green Countertops.The Kitchen Seems Dark And Dated.I Always Wanted A White And Bright Kitchen With Rustic Accents.This Would Be Great To Have Redone Before OUr Baby Comes In Jan.I Really Like The Black Walnut Timber!Thanks For Giving Us A Chance To Win!

  454. I would love soapstone sequoia! Our kitchen is slowly getting updated. Our counters are in need of replacement and we are very pleased with the product Formica offers. We entertain a family of about 50 people (my husband is 1 of 8 children) for holidays. It would be great to have this dazzling countertop to show off! Thank you for offering!!

  455. Amanda Ogden says:

    I love Dolce Macchiato…we desperately need new countertops as it is molding and rotting under the sink and making us sick. On top of that, we were given a dishwasher and it is sitting in our kitchen, unable to hook it up and use it until we miraculously get new countertops.

  456. I like the Breccia Paradiso. my formica is probably 30+ yrs old
    and lt blue

  457. pinned it!

  458. Oh my goodness I can’t believe how great these look! I can’t pick…anything would be so much better than what I have. I think I like Crema Mascarello as well! Ours were so stained yellow that my hubby painted them….and I’m not sure that was a great idea either!! This would be so awesome!!

  459. Katie force says:

    Please enter me I want that same one you have!

  460. As a pastor’s wife, I would love to entertain more, but am embarrassed by the outdated countertops (23 + year old pattern) and the wood builder’s bullnose edge no longer has any stain left in them. When we have company, the countertop appliances are strategically placed over the spots where the formica has worn thru.

    My favorite, oh, my, if I have to narrow it down, would be the 3459 Soapstone Sequoia 180fx. It’s not a true white or gray. I try to avoid darker colors, although, I love them, because our weather tends to be overcast and dark in the Pacific NW. My husband and I were discussing countertops as next year’s project, if we can afford it. Winning this would be a true blessing. I will enter again, if I find the time and memory. Thank you for the lovely offer!

  461. I Pinned This On Pinterest.

  462. I shared the contest on Pintrest AND Facebook today.

  463. Love all of these! They are much better than my emerald green counter!

  464. Stephanie F. says:

    I think I like the 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx® the best. It would blend best in our kitchen, which is pretty small and dingy. Come to think of it,we really need to paint, but there’s not much wall space in there to paint. We have 5 dogs and also foster dogs, and it’s crazy how much dirt they flunk on the walks and appliances. Thank you for making this an easy to enter giveaway!

  465. Sue Fromm says:

    Actually , I would like to enter for my Mom , who has never had a new kitchen. So the favorite choice would be up to her. <3

  466. I have Christmas Green counter tops!! Please pick ME!!

  467. I really like the travertine silver and the crema mascarello. Either one would be an improvement over my late 70s orange countertops.

  468. Stephanie F. says:

    I pinned it!

  469. I shared on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity.

  470. Krista Raberge says:

    I love the Soapstone Sequioa! My husbands family owns a countertop business and we still have the same old builder grade countertops. I would love an upgrade!

  471. Sheri Blevins says:

    I love the 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx® counter tops. I have been without a kitchen for 4 years and am getting ready to install new cabinets this product would complete my kitchen perfectly!!!!! It would be a blessing to win these counter tops. I love to cook and am so looking forward to having a kitchen again! I found this product while researching counter top options this is a perfect choice for my kitchen.

  472. Cindy Waugh says:

    What an awesome giveaway. I love the Dolce Machiato, it would be a huge switch from the white tile I currently have in my kitchen. I definitely need new countertops because my sons have chipped my tiles dropping things on them.

  473. I like the 3462 Slate Sequoia 180fx®.

  474. I liked 3457. My countertops are in desperate need of a makeover.

  475. I really love the 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx.
    My counters are an old blue/gray formica and if that isn’t bad enough, the previous owner must have used something harsh to clean it with because some of it is bleached out.

  476. This product is breath taking!!! My countertops are green, 16 year old GREEEEN!! I mistakenly placed a spray cleaner with bleach in it and now there are white oblong circles. You would have to see it to believe it! We are senior citizens and I would love to have a redo!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  477. I love your countertop in Crema Mascarello, with the Ogee IdealEdge™. I think it would match my oak cabinets. I could use new countertops, because the laminate ones that came with the house have started to chip, and I have glued pieces back on in places!

  478. My favorite pattern is your favorite pattern. Bless your heart. This is a PS to my comment above. grin

  479. I have been contemplating getting these since they came out. Love and need them. Really like 3466.

  480. Shared on pininterest, Facebook commented, and absolutely loved
    3476‐46 Jet Sequoia 180fx®. I cannot tell you how unbelievable this would be to win.

    Thanks for the chance to throw our name in the hat.

    PS: down 39 pounds…thank you for the app recommendation and the motivation to start!

  481. I love the Black Walnut Timber!! I would be thrilled to win new countertops!!! A kitchen remodel is just around the corner for us, hopefully before Christmas, so anything free would be amazing!!! :) what we have now on the counter and island is mis matched, and not in a good way!! Just something we put down temporarily until we are ready to start the project. Unfortunately it’s what we look at as soon as we open the front door. And I’m more than “over it”! Your countertops look great by the way!!

  482. I would definitely choose the Calacutta Marble! So beautiful! My kitchen had a phase 1 update this year. Phase 2 is new countertops. Perfect timing! :-)

  483. Calacatta marble is my fav! I hate my fake looking imitation granite counters. And they’re brown. I cant take it!

  484. Oh man! My cousins have so kindly been renting their late father’s 50-year-old house to me and my husband while we’re in school. I would LOVE to help them out by getting new countertops in 3457 Breccia Paradiso 180fx® :D

  485. Allison K. says:

    I’ll admit as soon as I saw your kitchen redo I knew I wanted the EXACT countertops that you chose. I love everything about your kitchen. I won’t go into my long sob story about having to move in a few weeks. I am trying to stay focused on all the good things that will come from this move. But, we are leaving the home my husband and I have shared for 13 years. True story: the place we are moving has a VERY small kitchen with very little counter space and the countertop is BROKEN. LOL. Naturally, it is on our list of things to do. So maybe this is kismet and I am meant to win. I feel lucky.

  486. Allison K. says:

    I pinned the last image.

  487. Dawn Connelly says:

    All of the styles would be a huge improvement over my 1970 brown counters that I painted to look like granite this year when I moved into my husband’s ‘bachelor pad’. Since I have to choose just one, I like the 3465 Golden Mascarello. :)

  488. I can’t decide! The travertine silver and bianca luna both stand out to me. I would love love love to win this. We have ugly builder grade cream laminate countertops right now. No matter what I do, they look dingy and drab. We’ve been saving up to replace them and paint our cabinets white for a long time, but with three little boys other things come up all the time and renovating gets pushed back. I’d be so very thrilled to win this!

  489. I live the Crema Mascarello. Our rental property is in dire need of new counters.

  490. 3423 Travertine Gold 180fx® – hard to choose! Our countertops are kind of red. Kind of a Chinese, crackldy kind of red. We were pretty desparate when we moved into the house in 1999 – it had pink or cream or something tile, that was coming up, and everytime we used the dishwasher, it heated up the countertop and it smelled to high heaven. The red is great – my cabinets are the prairie green that’s back in, according to BHG. But it we want cream cabinets, or black cabinets, or white – well, red just don’t cut it.

  491. travertine gold would look great in my kitchen. posted on pinterest and FB.

  492. Diane Burris says:

    Wow would love to have the wood black walnut timber. We purchased a house with pink countertops! A dusty pink! I need help

  493. I LOVE the marble color – pinning it now :)

  494. I love the Travertine Silver.

  495. Lady Delores LeBoeuf says:

    I’m drooling, I need so much more than I want and my want is very BIG :) so that goes to say I really need new counter tops….the spacers are showing through on my tile, they are scratched and marked that nothing can clean them any more, its a small kitchen and new counter tops would give my kitchen the uplift that it needs to make my kitchen sparkle, thank you very much, this is so exciting to have the possibility of winning…

  496. Suzanne Schroerlucke says:

    Bianca Luna is my favorite! There isn’t a decor item able to adequately cover the hole I burned in my countertop with melting plastic that doesn’t make it obvious I’m hiding something. My husband thinks I did it to get rid of my light pink countertops!

  497. I would choose the same as Decorchick! I love the Crema Mascarello! When we moved into our house 12 years ago, the countertops were scratched and I have always wanted to replace them. With little to no budget for things like this, I’ve tried to DIY as much as I can around the house, but could never settle on a way I felt good about for my countertops. This would be a little answer to a little prayer!!

  498. I shared the giveaway on Facebook!!

  499. We close on a house in 3 weeks. It is 16 years old and seriously needs updating. Besides, I want to make it mine. The countertops are laminate, and peeling, the cabinets oak that need refacing, or at least restoring. I haven’t decided if I will paint them white or restore them. The flooring is a laminate hardwood. Anyway, my favorite countertop is3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win!

  500. I just pinned this on Pinterest.

  501. Love, love the Crema Mascarello! Actually, I would love to have the exact same countertop as yours…love the edging! My countertop now is the lovely goldish Formica from 20 years ago….blah! Of course, we can’t forget the stains and yellowing and knife cutting marks (from when my kids were home and NEVER used a cutting board). It’s got one of those built-in 3 inch back splashes and there’s a section about a foot and a half long that’s water damaged warped and wavy. I repainted my old, dark cabinets off-white and added molding two years ago, unfortunately didn’t have the finances for new countertops……so, I would LOVE a new kitchen countertop makeover, please!

  502. Crossing my fingers — Calacatta (sp?) marble is so lovely!

  503. I love the breccia paradiso. Honestly, I don’t want or need new counter tops. But my mother in laws kitchen is showing some ugly Orange counters from the seventies. She had eight kids and that is a lot of meals to cook on the counter. They have seen better days. If I won I would love to gift it to her because she means so much to my family.

  504. Pinned it on Pinterest!

  505. Lovely designs. I’d love the Travertine Silver or the Marble for my mom!

  506. Pinned!

  507. Suzanne S. says:

    I would chose Dolce vita that counter top looks amazing. I would love to win this contest! I have had the same ugly white square tile counter top for 15 years. Would love to win! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  508. Kelli Dorais says:

    It’s hard to choose. I love both the Dolce Macchiato and the Petrified Wood. We need new countertops badly! Ours really isn’t an actual countertop material. It’s sheet linoleum or something like that with a wood edge. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  509. Pinned to Pintrest!

  510. Michelle Laulu says:

    I think the bianca luna is my favorite, though your choice is beautiful too! We just moved into our first home, and we could Really use a countertop makeover!

  511. Rebekah Taylor says:

    I am soooo impressed with these patterns! My husband and I are about to start renovating our kitchen. We just bought our first home, originally built in 1943. We are designing a kitchen (on a tight budget) that will add to the already existing character of our home. We have looked at granite and we would have never thought laminate could look so great!! My favorites are Calcutta marble and dolce vita!! Wow I am seriously impressed! We would absolutely hyperventilate of we win!!! (Don’t worry my sister is a nurse)

  512. Rebekah Taylor says:

    I just shared on Pinterest & Facebook :)))

  513. Summer crow says:

    I love the dolce macchiato BUT I’m so torn between it and the petrified wood. I just ordered samples from their website day before yesterday when I messaged you on fb asking about your total countertop $$$. I am desperate desperate desperate need of these countertops!! Wheeeew! We are in the middle of a refinance then a partial kitchen remodel on a very tight budget so these would be a blesssssssssssing!!! My countertops now are cut, scratched and busted!! My floors are also- and they have to come first so the leftover money is what we have to do countertops with!! That’s why I’m praying and believing you and Formica and God are gonna bless me like crazy with these countertops!! :) The Lord knows my need!! Have a blessed day!!! Summer

  514. Summer crow says:

    Shared on Facebook and Pinterest. 9/18/2013

  515. Connie Haack says:

    I had a very hard time choosing one! These are awesome! I think I would choose Bianca Luna 180fx®. I have wanted new countertops for a while. The edges and corners are all worn and coming off, the top is marked up from not using a cutting board. They were very inexpensive to begin with. Oh how I would love to win this.

  516. Connie Haack says:
  517. I pinned the giveaway. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  518. Would love a chance to win, not sure which one I would pick, but the Soapstone Sequoia is standing out to me at the moment! Thanks!

  519. Shared on Pinterest, so hard to pick which one!!!

  520. Oh my gosh, lovely countertop choices!!! There are several I love but I keep being drawn to the Dolce Macchiato. :) We need to redo our kitchen in order to bring in a permanent (not portable) dishwasher. The countertops are currently ceramic tile and I HATE them. They look ok…until moisture and therefore mold get into the nooks and crannies and it starts to look gross where I dry the dishes on a towel. Then I have to scrub it with a cleaning brush and bleach. No fun. The counters are trimmed off in wood trim, and crumbs get in between the crack where the tile and the trim meet.

  521. I shared on Twitter, my Facebook page AND my fan page!!!

  522. If I won, I Would give this to my sister, and I think she would chose the calcutta marble pattern!

  523. Melissa Bowen says:

    I love the travertine silver, I painted all my cabinets recently and it would finish off my kitchen perfectly!

  524. Lindsey F says:

    Thank you for the great giveaway!! I really like travertine silver for our current cabinets, but I also like soapstone sequoia with the dark brown cabinets. Maybe a complete kitchen makeover is in order?

  525. Lindsey F says:

    I shared the giveaway on Pinterest!

  526. Carissa Wiebe says:

    I shared on pinterest yesterday because I couldn’t get the facebook share to work – shared on facebook today – Thanks!

  527. Diane Cullum says:

    I need to win this so bad. Love this counter top 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx®. My house was built in the 50s and I believe the cabinets and counter tops are the original ones. Looks like cabinets were homemade. I have a yellow counter top, which I’ve never seen in my lifetime and I am 58 years old. Please, I need a makeover.

  528. Janice Blackford Careins says:

    My Mom and Dads house was built in the 60s. Still has same counters that it came with. The new counters look fabulous can’t decide which I would use. Would love to restyle cabinet doors and paint grey. Would probably use a pattern with grey and black in it.

  529. stacy grogan says:
  530. stacy grogan says:

    Absolutely love the Soapstone Sequoia, it’s honed finished looks beautiful! Currently living in my horrible 80’s kitchen, with broken drawers and cabinets. Would love a new counter top to encourage our much needed kitchen reno!

  531. Great Give Away! I wouldprobably pick the same color as you did Crema Marscarello becase it would go with either beige or gray tones! Why I need to win….We bought a bankruptcy house 9 years ago and have been redoing everything one thing at the time. My coutertops keep getting off the list…because we can’t DIY we don’t trust ourselves on that project yet! Hope I win it would be super exciting. Love your blog!

  532. I absolutely love the Crema Mascarello. My house is almost twenty years old and has these ugly old laminate countertops. The are scratched and coming apart in places. New countertops are definitely not in the budget so winning this would be great.

  533. I Pinned to Pinterest under House Stuff!! Thanks again

  534. I absolutely love 3478-46 Dolce Macchiato!! My counter tops are white, so I know that would definitely bring life into the kitchen.

  535. Hey there Emily and Formica. I was actually just looking at redoing my kitchen. I only have a $5000 budget and that needs to include flooring, countertops, paint, a new dishwasher and vent hood. We just priced out the Formica Soapstone Sequoia at one of the big box stores and are not going to price it out at a local fabricator. I love how it looks and cannot wait to get it installed into the kitchen. Right now our countertops are a lovely mauve color. Who does that? Anyway, thanks for the giveaway and I’ll keep my fingers crossed I win. If not, I am still going to pick the Soapstone Sequoia…I guess we will pay for it. LOL;.

  536. Hi

    My favorite is 3461 Black Fossilstone 180fx®.
    I have been wanting new countertop for my kitchen ever since we moved 4 years back.Hope I win.

  537. Tawnya Marney says:

    Oh my stars!! I’m almost bouncing with excitement at the idea of winning these counters. My favorites have to be the Calacatta marble or the Crema Mascarello. The marble is timeless and the Mascarello is just so versatile and neutral. My almost 10 year old builder basic kitchen could use SOMETHING to lighten it up. It’s shoved into the darkest corner of the open concept living areas, far away from any windows. Oak cabinets with black speckled, cheap laminate counters turn into a shadowy cave unless I leave the lights on. Something beautiful and light from the 180fx line would be perfect to brighten it up!

  538. Tawnya Marney says:

    I pinned the contest on my board here :

  539. Love the Crema Mascarello! I really need new counters! I painted my counters last year and it’s peeling all over the place!

  540. Anonymous says:

    I love the Bianca luna – it would brighten my kitchen from the old, old dark green formica that I currently have. I need a kitchen redo!

  541. B. Zimmerman says:

    How nice do these countertops look?? Would have never guessed Formica – looks like real stone. Hard to pick but I think fav has to be Travertine Silver. In the planning stages of total kitchen overhaul, will definately consider (if I don’t win, that is!).

  542. I love the Bianca luna – it would brighten my kitchen from the old, old dark green formica that I currently have. I need a kitchen redo!

  543. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I am so in love with the 3459 Soapstone Sequoia 180fx®!! We currently have the worst counters ever. They are laminate and the previous owners really destroyed it. There’s marker and stains all over it that simply won’t come off. The laminate countertop also goes up the back of the wall and is the back splash. There are holes all through out the back splash part that I have to have kitchen signs covering them up until we can replace them. My kitchen is the worst room in my house and the reason being….because of the countertops.

  544. Nicole Vosburgh says:
  545. I SharEd On Facebook.One Of My Friends said,”You Need This.Your Green Countertops Are Horrible!”

  546. You picked the best one! I would love the Crema Mascarello. Our countertops are terribly pieced together yellowy Formica (with uneven seams). The finish is worn off so I have to bleach every little spill to get them to look clean! Would love to win!!!

  547. Shared on Pinterest

  548. Gina Hitchcock says:

    I love the Antique Moscarello! Just gorgeous! Definitely an upgrade from my scuffed counters. Would give my dated oak kitchen a need facelift!

  549. 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx® is a clear winner for me!
    We bought a home built in 1974 this past spring and put a lot of money fixing termite damage, putting in new well pumper system, painting almost all the rooms and used all our budget on “uh-ohs”. So my dream of updating the countertops that are currently blue with white trim, that match the white backsplash with blue diamonds, that match the gray floor tile with blue specks….was put on hold. Our contractor told us about formica so I looked into it, but our budget was broke and I went home disappointed, unable to fulfill my dream of a white kichen with new countertops. I am thoroughly impressed with the new colors, so may be this was meant to be!
    Our cabinets are white…and need a lot of TLC, but they work and to the naked eye seem very nice…but they will have to be sanded and repainted soon. The lady who owned the home was living there 25 years by herself and picked out every detail, to include the blue and white stripped wall paper and blue paint below the chair rail to match her blue countertops, blue specked tile and blue and white backsplash. Know that song “I’m blue”…well that was what I was singing to myself when we moved in.
    To compensate I pulled off the wallpaper, cleaned the 25+ years of wall paper residue off (it took FOREVER!) and painted the walls a nice gray. It toned down the blue a bit…did I mention blue is her favorite color… but it’s still there, greeting me like “I know you hate me but I’m every where!” every time I turn on the lights! What’s worse is the chips, cracks and other blemishes showing through. Did I also mentioned I had to clean it with a brillo pad about 10 times to get the grease and grime off the counter-tops?
    But my enthusiasm for refreshed countertops carried me through as I started to do research to figure out how to change my blue to something more modern. Then one day while in Sherwin-Williams I noticed the paint-on countertops that come out looking granite! Salvation! Finally! Take that blue counters! I was in the midst of painting every other room that had horrible pink or brown wall paper, why not add countertops to the list! $100 bucks later I walked out feeling this was do-able. Until I finished painting the last room, the den, and was painted out and the instructions to paint the countertops did not seem as easy as the guy behind the counter made it seem. There were a lot of steps, I would need help, but wait…did I mention my husband does NOT paint…and he’s NOT handy (we still have floor vents that attach to the baseboards that are not screwed in). I was painted out and tired. So I made a resolution to paint them before Thanksgiving.
    I knew it would take me 3 whole days and have really bad fumes so my 16 month old would have to be elsewhere. I started feeling inspired a few weeks ago, and took out the kit to refamiliarize myself with the process…and then…I found out…I’m pregnant! This could be good, we’d have to hire a professional to paint this countertop and I can’t be here…SCORE! Oh but wait, I was furloughed (so the money for our home improvement savings went away), my husband looses his job in November and the doors to our once wood-paneled den need to be replaced (they don’t shut, or shut but get jammed). Priorities once again reach up and grab me, so the blue paradise kitchen will reamin blue until we can save more money or trick someone into painting them, which will be hard since I tricked my mom and mother-in-law to help paint the 2 of the 10 or so rooms, which were the biggest rooms (Thanks Moms!), so they know my tricks.
    Unless I win, which I will be forever grateful and pay the favor forward and help a friend with their most horrendous wallpaper removing or paint job…after all…I’m a pro now! I’d also tackle the backspash and replace the hardware, and since we had to update our sink (another one of the uh-ohs) everything will look much more modern and up-to-date. I’m not saying that my kitchen counters are worse than anyone elses, but they are bad and my dream of new, fresh, lovely countertops will be accomplished, I can go on living with the “other” things that have to be fixed while I sip my caffeine free beverage in my beautiful kitchen!
    I believe Millie, the lady that owned the home before us, who passed away in the home (we didn’t know until we were moving in), has watched over us and brought us good luck. And even though she may disagree and want the blue back, I think she would enjoy seeing how grand her kitchen can be and how much it will be enjoyed!

  550. I do love the 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx. We have decade old builder laminate countertops that are dark in color and the builder used white grout. Cra-z!

  551. Its so hard to choose, they are all just gorgeous!! I’m torn between so many that could be my favorites!! This moment I’m crushing on Creme, but I would love to get a closer look at many of them!!
    My kitchen counters..where do I start. Looked ok when we bought the house, but soon realized all the edges were loose and had been improperly reglued back on, many have broken off in several pieces. The back lip is coming unattached and off the wall and the corners are falling apart at the seams . We have done our best to limp them along, but my dream is to paint the cabinets and replace the countertops. Unfortunately the needs of a growing family of six take priority in the budget.

  552. I am in love, love, love with the Red Montana, so many color variables in that selection! My current kitchen counter was built by me and my husband in 1987. We selected “Parisian Peach” formica as we were young and “hip” back then! Since then and many children later, our peach has faded from its delectable color, suffered from many, many cut marks and gouges and even several burn holes. We want to upgrade to real granite, but found that our cabinet bases could not withstand the weight of real stone. So disappointed by this news that we’ve put our kitchen remodel on hold. Your post is like a ray of sunshine!!

  553. I LOVE 3424 Nacarado 180fx®! I am still dealing with an early 80’s style kitchen with almond appliances…and this countertop would lighten up and modernize my kitchen!!! Great giveaway!!

  554. I am torn between Crema Mascarello and Calacatta Marble – either one would be a room lightening improvement in my kitchen!

  555. Shared on FB!

  556. 2nd day sharing! Shared on Facebook!

  557. Today I pinned the giveaway on my Kitchen board –

  558. I think either Antique Mascarello or golden Mascarello. Our counters are beat to death grey and pink. Yes, I said pink. With light, bubble gum pink accent strips on the edges that are falling off. Where the strips have fallen off, my husband painted over with some leftover paint from my daughters room from when she was 5 years old. She is now 19. The seams where they should go together are bubbled and don’t meet anymore so food gets trapped underneath. I wish I could include a picture. You would probably get a good laugh…and maybe pity us enough to choose us. We were planning on doing an update to our kitchen in the next few months so this couldn’t have come at a better time!

  559. Help! The last person to live in this house was a renter and he put tile on the counter tops. The problem is the grout is at least a 1/2 inch wide and is impossible to clean. The cabinets need some help, but the counters are just a nightmare. I would love to paint the cabinets white and have black counter tops. (Jet sequoia would look awesome!)

  560. Just shared this link on pinterest!

  561. Courtney Taylor says:

    Wow so many amazing color choices! I’d love to get a closer look at a lot of them but my initial gut is I would go with the Crema Mascarello. These would be for my parents kitchen. I just (last week) finishe painting their builders-grade oak cabinets and replacing all the hardware, painting the walls (removing the wall paper) ad built out the island. I even replaced all the lighting and installed butcher clock counter to the island. Their counter tops, like your old ones, have that wood trim all the way around and the wood lip backsplash. I had to paint those too to make it look better until countertops were in the budget. I would be thrilled if I/they won!

  562. Courtney Taylor says:

    I pinned this giveaway to my Products I love board. :)

  563. They are all amazing!! We would be so very thankful to receive any of these countertops, but absolutely LOVE the black walnut timber. Working on a repainting our cabinets and replacing the cracked/stained tile counters does not fit into our budget :)

  564. Calacatta marble is my pick!! It would really transfrom my little kitchenette (in our 70s home), which is old, sticky, crumbling (and supremely ugly) faux wood style – which also has laminate floors that are curling up in the corners… eurgh! The whole space definitely needs help – everything needs changing/modernising and this would be a wonderful start to the project! I’d post a pic, but I’m too ashamed…

  565. shared on facebook!!

  566. Jennifer Spring says:

    So many beautiful patterns. I think I would choose Dolce Macchiato or Antique Mascarello! I need these countertops desperately! I have 23 year old tile in my kitchen!!!

  567. 3473 Petrified Wood 180fx® or the 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx®, I can’t decide they are both so beautiful!!

    I have white 1980’s laminate that are riddled with chips and stains. I am getting ready to gear up and redo my kitchen so this would be tremendous!!

  568. 3473 Petrified Wood 180fx® or the 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx®,

    shared on pinterest here:

  569. The Dolce Macchiato is amazing, and the Black Walnut Timber is gorgeous too! I can’t decide which I like more – they are both a million times better than our awful old 80’s laminate (white, stained, chipped, silver edge…its bad).

  570. Brandi Furgason says:

    My favorite is 3459 Soapstone Sequoia 180fx®! We moved into our first home two years ago. The kitchen was beautiful if it was still 1970! We repainted cabinets white and the walls a beachy green. The backsplash is still a powder blue and old countertops. Home improvements stopped when my daughter was born almost 2 years ago! I would love to win the giveaway and have these beautiful countertops. It would pull my kitchen together and give me some motavation to take down the backsplash. Thanks!

  571. Brandi Furgason says:

    I just pinned the image to Pinterest!

  572. It would depend on what we updated the old flooring with, but I really like 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber 180fx®, 3420 Dolce Vita 180fx® and 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx®. Our house was built in 1956 and everything is pretty much original… ‘nough said.

  573. There are way too many gorgeous counter tops to pick from! If I had to pick one I think it would be Rainforest Brown, but I’m also in love with Jet Sequoia.

  574. Since I’ve become a “master pinner” it’s now pinned on my Pinterest board.

  575. Karen Summers says:

    I just shared on Facebook

  576. I loved 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber. What a beautiful set of choices! Love this and thank you for offering the giveaway!

  577. Christine Green says:

    I would love new countertops! I especially like the 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. Our home was built in 1986 and we have the original “wood” laminate countertops. They are AWFUL! Our kitchen is huge with a ton of potential. The builder just didn’t know what to do with it back in the ’80’s. I just asked my husband yesterday if we forgo vacations for the next 3 years could we get a new kitchen by the 1st of the year. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick me!

  578. ooh wow, they are really not the Formica we are used to! I would love to put the Calcatta Marble or Travertine Silver in my mom’s house. They have retired and moved to TX to be near my family, and I would love to replace their black/white confetti looking ick with something so pretty!

  579. I adore the Dolce Macchiato, but for what I really would like to do to my kitchen I’d go with the Soapstone Sequoia for a better look.

  580. I love the jet sequoia or the Bianca Luna! I’d love new countertops as I just bought a house and the current ones are terrible!

  581. My favorite is the rainforest brown.

  582. What a great giveaway! I just pinned this as well I love #3466 Antique Mascarello, it would look great with our wooden floors and cabinets. We moved into our house 10 years ago and love it. We have a large kitchen with beautiful hardwood floors, but we have basic laminate countertops that our builder finished off with a wooden edge. As you can imagine the wood does not mix well with water, so after 10 years our countertops are scratched and the wooden edge shows major signs of water damage. Every year we have to reseal the gap between the edge and the counter top to prevent water and food from getting trapped. The wooden edges are faded, warped and cracked from constant contact with water. I love being in my kitchen and have always loved to bake and now do so with my 2 beautiful girls. We have such a great time hanging out and bonding in our kitchen and I would love to have a new, beautiful surface to work on. I would also love to improve the counter tops as our kitchen is seen as soon as you enter our house. I know it would enhance the loving home that we have created. Thanks again for such a great giveaway!

    • Brie Worden says:

      I pinned the crema and shared it on Facebook. Our rock hard “granite” countertops recently split and now the sink falls through on a monthly basis. Elsewhere it’s chipped and been “smoothed out” by epoxy by the contractors that did the work. Overall it’s been just an expensive mess that needs replacing we just don’t have the funds right now.

  583. I really like the Calacatta Marble (#3460). Our countertops were new when we bought our house, ahem, 31 years ago. They are formica and have held up really well, but the pale butcherblock pattern is a bit dated and I am ready for a change. This is a great giveaway! Thanks.

  584. I love the Soapstone!

    My countertops are mauve. MAUVE! They need to go away!

  585. Crystal Clayson says:

    I would choose 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx® I painted my cabinets white and now all I need are some new countertops!

  586. Shared on Pinterest!

  587. Shared on facebook!

  588. My favorite is the Crema Mascarello.

  589. I love the Soapstone Sequoia. I have hideous countertops that clash horribly with the lovely (seriously) cherry cabinetry. Let’s just say the old owner and I don’t share the same taste in color.

  590. Caitlin V says:

    I recently bought a 1970’s house with stark white laminate counters that have been chipped and scratched. Worse yet the laminate runs up the backsplash….all bright white. Can you say boring? I would love to replace them with something like the Antique Mascarello, that would go with my dark wood cabinets. It would warm the space up so much!

  591. Caitlin V says:
  592. I love 3457 Breccia Paradiso 180fx!! I would so love to replace our countertops. We currently have small white tiles with white grout & in a kitchen it’s so hard to keep clean especially the grout.

  593. shared on pinterest!

  594. ‘I’ll take jet sequoia, please!
    Why do i need new countertops? well..mine are 24 years old, have gone through 4 children, 3 dogs, countless cats, and almost 15 years of my home-business messes! I am an artist, working out of my kitchen…and my old countertops are scarred from building shipping boxes with utility knives, blobs of a variety of unknown glues expmeneted with over the years, nevermind countless school project gouges and stains!
    I painted my cabinets white a few years ago (MAJOR job) which i love, but that expanse of war-weary countertops just kinda makes everything look….tired!
    I’d sure love some beautiful new kitchen counters so that when i clean my kitchen/workspace up it would look fresh, clean and amazing!!

  595. 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx® That one would go lovely in my kitchen. My counters now are about 18 years old, peeling at some points, the edges lifted in others. And did you know super glue doesn’t work well in holding the counter in place ! Thank you for this WONDERFUL give away !

  596. OOO! Calcutta Marble!!! I LOVE the Calcutta Marble!!!
    I TOTALLY need to get rid of my builders’ grade, natural stained (ugly) cabinets with my brown **painted** backsplash and my Pumpkin colored walls. It looks like fall died in there. WHAT was I thinking?! The colors were oops paint which meant only $5 a gallon. Yep. I paid $5 to use the paint that was someone’s mistake. sigh.
    We also need to redo the counters since my son took a serrated knife to the edge while he was cutting something up which ended up with a chunk of counter coming off. I still can’t figure out how he did it but he has sensory issues so he really wasn’t being a butt. Since he did that the counters warped due to the them absorbing water…which gives the dishes a roller coaster ride and allows water to soak the cabinet underneath.
    We’re also wanting to extend the kitchen as we’ve a galley and all 3 kids and my husband go trompin’ through like a herd of elephants causing my gluten free cakes to fall. err!!
    New counters would mean I could TOTALLY extend the kitchen and be still my heart! have a pastry counter!!! and room for all my ferments! as counter money could go to framing and cabinet materials instead! ;) Oh yeah….I said materials ’cause we are DIY’ers on this mini farm! :)
    By the way…you’ve a beautiful kitchen. :)


  597. I shared on Twitter! @Mondorfment

  598. The Bianca Luna would look wonderful in my kitchen after I paint my cabinets this winter!! I so desperately need new countertops thanks to my hubby spilling acid near the sink (which etched it) and super glue on the island!

  599. I shared on FB!

  600. fallon race says:

    i posted this on my facebook page AND pinterest! I’m still a sucker for the jet Sequoia 180fx and the Black walnut timber!!! and i’m still game for bribery! (did i mention i went to school for baking and pastry arts? *hint hint*)

  601. I’m in love with 3467 Blue Storm! Very hard to decide there are so many terrific choices!

    I’d love these counter tops since my kitchen currenlty has ugly laminate counter tops, it would be so great to have this one upgrade in our home that has the most basic of every feature.

  602. Holy cannoli! Formica?! We’re in the middle of renovating our home, and the kitchen has gone untouched because we’ve run out of money! I’ll be living with the original cracked (ew.) laminate from 1978 until we can save enough to start working on that part of the house. These new Formica counters are beautiful, and with a family on a budget, the most functional and realistic choice, thanks for introducing these and for the opportunity. I’d pick Bianca Luna 180fx® in a heartbeat!

  603. I like antique mascarello is my favorite-I recovered the cabinets last year but the counter has drill holes, rotozip marks and just everyday, I’ve been way overused marks in them. I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the counters and hadn’t found something I liked til now. My island would finally match my counter. Pick me!!!

  604. I pinned it on Pinterest

  605. I shared on Facebook!

  606. I love the Bianca Luna! We bought a 1976 home earlier in the year and have talked about a kitchen update once we save the money up. Currently we have the same formica off white countertops that are probably original to the home that have scratches, nix, and cracks everywhere!

  607. I shared on FB!

  608. I just re-tweeted the give away again! fingers crossed!:)

  609. amanda nelsestuen says:

    so many beautiful choices!!! 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx® stands out to me :)

  610. Ann Geiken says:

    I am pretty sure a new countertop would look awesome in my home. What’s on the counter now matches the avocado and harvest gold from the 70’s. The seams look horrible, it’s chipped and the whole blessed thing needs to be leveled off! Love the variety to choose from!

  611. I shared it on twitter!

  612. My kitchen is currently in a state of nice cherry cabinets with ugly pink backsplash and floor tiles. I have switched out the knobs to crystal from brass, purchased a nice updated glass backsplash, ripped out the flowered navy and pink flowered wallpaper, painted and that’s where it all ended… I currently have an ugly pattern mauve colored something or other countertop adorned with burn marks lol.. Hope that gives you a fabulous flash back to the past into my kitchen in need of some major countertop help:)
    I like the dolce vita color and crema mascarello. This would bring my kitchen out of the 80’s for sure!

  613. Pinned :)

  614. Summer crow says:

    Just pinned this and shared on facebook!! Still believing God is gonna shower me with this blessing!!

  615. I shared on Pinterest. It’s a toss-up between the Soapstone Sequoia and the Black Walnut Timber. They are both beautiful. I’d love new counter tops. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  616. Rebekah Taylor says:

    Shared on fb :)))))

  617. 3460 Calacatta Marble is my favorite. The Travertine Silver is nice too. My formerly hunter green countertops were very sloppily painted gray. They need to go!

  618. Shared on Pinterest. :)

  619. Bernadette says:

    Love the 3420 Dolce Vita 180fx®
    My family definitely needs new counters. Who knows how long they have been there. Their chipped and stained in several places. Our home was originally built in the 40’s, so MANY things in our house need repair or just need to be renovated. Each summer we have to,usually,choose only 2 projects to do that year because of expenses.

  620. Bernadette says:
  621. Raymond Merriam says:

    I viewed the 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx® as one of my favorites. I shared it on Facebook. We could really use a countertop make-over at our house. We purchased our home in 2008 and immediately started a kitchen remodel. However, the real estate market crashed and my income from working in that industry suddenly was cut drastically. In order to finish the kitchen remodel, I went to my local club store and bought some wide melamine shelving material and cut it to fit as our countertop. That melamine is still serving us today, but it is beginning to fall apart, behind the sink, at the seams and where there have been stress points. We could really use an upgrade to some of this beautiful material. Thank you for considering us.

  622. Anonymous says:

    These countertops have sure come a long way and they look beautiful. Yikes, torn between the Crema Mascarello and the Nacarado. My house has light gray very dated looking laminate . The seam is right in the middle and it’s buckled up slightly. Plus it absolutely doesn’t match anything we have. We plan on doing some renovating on our kitchen and this would be perfect timing!

  623. Caitlin V says:
  624. Tweeted it this morning!!!


  625. I like the Black Fossilstone. My cabinets are a hideous honey oak and I am going to paint them white and think that a black fossilstone countertop would just set them off!!! Thanks for the opportunity Emily :)

  626. Pinterest!!!

  627. I had no idea Formica was making such beautiful countertops. Wow! I love the petrified wood countertop. Our house is 17 years old and we still have the beige laminate countertops that were originally installed. I would love to make over my kitchen and make it more modern.

  628. Brandi Furgason says:

    I pinned again on Pinterest! Still loving 3459!!

  629. Whitney H says:

    Pinned again on Pinterest!

  630. I love 3465 Golden Mascarello. My countertops are a horrible white formica with green squiggles-straight out of the seventies! If I get to close to the corner, it peels away and snaps back. I can’t wait until we can remodel it.

  631. Kristen Duncan says:

    The breccia paradiso pattern is almost spot on with what I have now in my kitchen. It’s had so much water damage that the whole counter top needs to be replaced. This would be so fabulous!

  632. The Bianca Luna would look great in my kitchen! My 1970s kitchen needs a makeover!!!

  633. Shared on Pinterest again!

  634. I absolutely love this give-away!! I need new countertops so desperately!!! Mine currently are an off white with gold flecks in it. Stains all over that I can’t get off and it is hobbled together in a corner so there are cuts in the laminate and they don’t line up and then I think the gold flecks are coming to the top of the laminate and chipping out!!! Whew!! With that said, I’m sure I would pick the 3476-46 Jet Sequoia 180fx, clean up my cabinets and bring out the gorgeous color of them – new kitchen in a flash!!! Thanks so much for the chance!!!

  635. I just pinned this as well!!! Love it!!!

  636. Formica 180FX is great! Formica has been a trusted product for years and this makes it right up-to-date and in style! I would love to win Antique Mascarello countertops for my daughter’s kitchen. She just bought her first home and the countertops are old and need replaced. It will be awhile before that can happen unless we could win.

  637. And I pinned it on Pinterest!

  638. Dede Randall says:

    I would love to update my countertops. I would love to win the antique mascarello countertop. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  639. I love the 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx®. It is beautiful! I need new countertop as mine is ugly, peeling and dull. I would love love to win!!

  640. Pinned on Pinterest also!! I’m feeling lucky!!

  641. Melissa M says:

    Pinned it on Pinterest! :)

  642. Sharone Pickle says:

    Wow, Formica has come a long way since the mauvey-pink Formica countertops I currently have. Yes, P-I-N-K countertops!! I love my big kitchen, unfortunately it is really outdated and I have been dying to get it done since we moved in 7 years ago! I would love to have the Crema Mascarello installed in the kitchen. We are the second owners of the house and I would love to opportunity to have something that we designed to make our home more beautiful! :-)

  643. Jeanie Baeder says:

    Pinned on pinterest :)

  644. Peggy Chiarello says:

    Never knew formica could look so good – shared it on pinterest

  645. I LOVE the Soapstone Sequoia! I am in SERIOUS need of a kitchen countertop makeover. We just purchased our first home, and the kitchen is big & open… but horrendous! I’ll be painting the cabinets – white – by myself. The countertops, on the other hand, are an odd mixture of plastic-y purple… and some wood (?)… and it’s bad. Really bad. Talk about a dream come true!

  646. Shared on Pinterest as “JenCeline.” Also, maybe I lied… I think I like the Travertine Gold as well. Gorgeous!

  647. Nicole Vosburgh says:
  648. theresa stanley says:

    Oh, so many choices! Can’t decide between Crema Mascarello, Travertine Silver, and Dolce Macchiato.

    • So Glad to see I’m not the only one that couldn’t decide on just one! I also had three choices! lol

  649. I love the Soapstone Sequoia!

  650. Pinned on Pinterest!

  651. Leslie Cropp says:

    I love the Calacutta marble. It would brighten up my kitchen. We just moved to a house with old fake wood looking laminate countertops. So 1978. The test if the kitchen is actually kind of charming with solid wood cabinets and exposed brick. New countertops and a couple new appliances would totally change the space.

  652. Leslie Cropp says:

    Pinned it!

  653. I love the travertine silver. We have needed to replace our counters for over 5 years because they cut too big of a hole for our sink & I have gaps around every corner of my sink! We’ve looked at buying this Formica product before & love it but have never been able to put the expense into our budget! I shared on Pinterest and emailed info to some friends. Would mean so much to our family to fix our counters/sink (sometime I have to push the sink because it looks like it might slip off the edge, lol!) Help!

  654. Marisha Thompson says:

    Shared on Pinterest today

  655. Anonymous says:

    I have a beautiful home but for some reason they put in laminate counter tops instead of granite. 3465 golden mascarello would look amazing in my kitchen.

  656. Rebekah Taylor says:

    Pinned :)))))

  657. Phyllis Robinson says:

    I love so many of them, but think I would like the 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx®. I had real granite in my last house in a dark color and really want to lighten things up this time. I am remodeling an older home and need to update EVERYTHING, so I could really use new counter tops~ I have been looking at the new Formica products and am really impressed with how real they look.

  658. My favorite pattern is the Crema Mascarello. It is bright enough to lighten our little space and I love how the pattern looks like natural stone – my favorite! (Speaking as an Earth Science major who works with rocks regularly at my day job and as a mommy of two…) Our little ranch home is a cozy, compact, and rustic camp in the woods with one open concept room for our living room and kitchen. As a result I can always see my kitchen… if I’m not in it already preparing a snack, meal, or “putting food by” in the freezer or canning to store food in our pantry (I spend a lot of time in the kitchen!) Our counters are currently 6″ navy blue ceramic tile. You cannot hide one water spot or smudge or smear on those smooth tiles; I’m either cringing and horrified at how dirty the counters are or constantly wiping them down, as if I don’t have better things to do. The tiles are cracking everywhere and a few are completely loose; I lift them out to vacuum underneath them when I have a minute. One of the broken tiles on the front edge is held together by scotch tape. My 3 year old asks what the tape is for and regularly tries to peel it off. I have to scrub the light grey grout with a toothbrush to get it “clean.” Again, as if I don’t have anything better to do. I could save a lot of time and mental strain if I had a beautiful solid surface countertop with an earthy pattern to help hide a few crumbs or splotches. Here’s hoping!

  659. Pinned this post on pinterest! Yay!

  660. Do I have to pick only one right now, I can’t decide between 3, I really love Soapstone Sequoia I also love Travertine Silver and also like Biaca Luna! I really need a new counter top, the one I have now is a ugly light blue that Stains so easy and is impossible to keep clean! It also has a section that is kind of bubbled up as if even the boards underneath it isn’t secured down. I would love to have new counter tops! It would really change the looks of my kitchen! :)

  661. I Shared this Giveaway on my Facebook.

  662. Summer crow says:

    Pinned on Pinterest and shared on Facebook again!! Still believing on that blessing!! :)

  663. 3424 Nacarado 180fx® is my favorite! My counters are as old as my house..I need this:)

  664. I could really use a kitchen make over. It hasn’t been made over since 1976 when it he house was built.:(. I’m ready for something new.

  665. I love the Bianca Luna! We moved into our house 3 years ago and we’re still living with ugly tan countertops with glass rings that I cannot get rid of for the life of me!!

  666. Sandi Allen says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  667. Shared On Facebook!

  668. Shared on Twitter today!

  669. Hands down the Calacatta Marble!!! I love it!!!

  670. Shared on facebook!!

  671. Shared on instagram!!

  672. Xann Olsen says:

    I would like the The Travertine Silver 3458 in my kitchen.

    I am in desperate need of new counter tops. I have 2 kids in college and haven’t had new ones since I moved in 20 years ago. The ones I have now have had so much abuse from the family meals, homework, dad projects, and moms preschool class projects.

  673. Xann Olsen says:

    I also pinned this giveaway.

  674. Dramatic sigh….Calacatta Marble has stolen my heart. I’m in sweet love with the cool crisp white & grays. My 1950’s kitchen has light green countertops that need to be replaced. Peeling along the banding & even coming up in places….very sad state. Please restore the romance in my kitchen w/some new beautiful countertops!

  675. Nancy Stajduhar says:

    Totally in love with several. But my favorite is Golden Mascrargello 3465. We just bought a new home and several projects to do . The kitchen is last on the list. Would be great to push it to the front of the list and not wait years. Love to be able to walk into my kitchen and smile.

  676. meg mcbride says:

    I Love Love Love the 3460 calcatta marble! Such a fantastic alternative to the expensive original. I need a new counte rtop right now because I am SO OVER scrubbing nasty old grout! :)

  677. meg mcbride says:

    I just pinned it!! Thanks again for this great opportunity!

  678. Stacey Dwyer says:

    3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx® is BEAUTIFUL! My 1960’s formica (white with gold glitter flecks) was giving me agita, so I applied a new layer of Formica laminate over it. It held up well enough for a DIY job, but it’s starting to peel up on the edges :-(. Still no budget for a big reno, but I am looking to paint my oak colored cabinets white, and the golden mascarello would look great with them!

  679. Stacey Dwyer says:

    And I pinned it!

  680. Thanks so much for this giveaway! The antique mascara lol is perfection. It would be unbelievably amazing to win this! We need new countertops so badly!

  681. Shared on Facebook…

  682. Whitney H says:

    Shared again onto Pinterest!

  683. Martha Brideau says:

    My house was built in 1964, nothing has been upgraded since then. I desperately need my kitchen done. I would love #3648 Golden Mascarello for my countertops and the island I hope to have my husband put it. I have shared on facebook and twitter.

  684. Krystal D says:

    We really need new counter tops in our house. When we purchased our home we were on house hunting leave for 2 days, we had to purchase something quickly before flying back. We have been stationed back in this area and in our home for the third time. We have had renters, rent it from us in between and they have not taken as great of care of it as we had. We already had cheap counter tops so in order for them to stay nice they needed to be treated that way. But that has not happened and it’s been hard replacing the things we have needed to do. I think 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx would go great with our home. Thanks for the chance.

  685. My mother in law, who we live with, is in desperate need of a new kitchen. The countertops are in bad shape. A nice neutral white formica, but it is discolored over the years and there are burn marks and cuts in it. We love the 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx®

  686. I pinned it today! !!

  687. Finally. Someone wants to listen to me talk about my countertops! We built our house 18 years ago and before the kitchen was done, we had to cut corners to stay within budget. Unfortunately the kitchen took the hit and the countertops that I had to choose were very plain (can anyone say cheap?) and even then a style that was outdated by at least 10-15 years! Our home is a rustic one secluded on a dense forested property so….Drumroll, please…. 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx® is the one! A perfect rustic wood pattern to replace our boring, white laminate countertops. Ah, I’m now dreaming dreams of Dolce Macchiato…

  688. I shared on my Facebook page:

  689. Shared on Facebook!

  690. Kim Cleveland says:

    I would have a terrible time making a decision – they are all beautiful! But just from the pictures, I like dolce macchiato and also black walnut timber! I would love to replace my old builder’s grade countertops that have wood trim that I hate as well as replace the backsplash (that is out of the same material).

  691. Kim Cleveland says:

    I pinned it on pinterest

  692. Pinned it!!!

  693. I just pinned it.

  694. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Antique Mascarello. We need to update our kitchen so badly but don’t have the money to do it right now so winning this giveaway would be an answer to a lot of prayers! Thanks so much!

  695. Rachel Grider says:

    I love the 3423 Travertine Gold 180fx. And I would actually love to win this for my parents. Their kitchen hasn’t been updated since the 80’s. They don’t have the money to do it themselves so they would absolutely love this!

  696. Rebekah Taylor says:


  697. Megan Warren says:

    I pinned the giveaway and shared the pin on Facebook yesterday, 9/21. For some reason I was unable to comment on your blog yesterday. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  698. I would like to in this for my sister’s kitchen! She would love it! The countertops are just gorgeous!

  699. Our builder’s kitchen dates back to 1999. While it has the room for homework, dinners and many family gatherings, it is showing it’s wear. I love the Travertine Silver and Soapstone Sequoia and both would be perfect with the changes I plan for the cabinets and appliances.

  700. Daily Tweet (9/22):

    Fingers crossed! I so want to win :-)

  701. Shanna Uptergrove says:
  702. OMG…I need and would love to have the Formica 3478 Dolce Macchiato countertops/ I just purchased a home in Tennessee and made a major move from Texas. It took almost 4 months to make this purchase happen. We had to come up with alot of money down about 60% to make it happen. We are removing the homes original shag carpeting and putting in new floors. Our new to us home was built in 1971 and comes with all it’s original decor which is way outdated. Our funds are so tight now for the updates due to our extensive down payment ( a nightmare i might add) and I can’t tell you how much this would mean to us. A real blessing for sure. Sure hope I am considered…..The countertops are truly gorgeous and I sure hope to win! Thank you.Thank you. I’m posting on facebook and pinterest.

  703. I love the Golden Mascarello! We desperately need new counter tops! Our kitchen is 50 years old and hasn’t been updated since then. Our conters are ugly fake wood with chipped edges.

  704. The Antique White Oxide is lovely. We have a HORRIBLE and UGLY green something for counters that have never seen a good day in its long life! The AWO would brighten up my kitchen completely! (That and a good coat of paint on the cabinets!)

  705. Jennifer C says:

    My favorite is the Calacatta Marble. We currently have off white solid surface countertops that are horrible. They are chipped and stain if you just look at them wrong!

  706. Jennifer C says:

    I Pinned the image. Thanks!

  707. D SCHMIDT says:

    Visited the site and I like 3470 Red Montana the most, it is so sleek

  708. D SCHMIDT says:
  709. Nicole Vosburgh says:
  710. Ah..!! I want this and entering the giveaway rigth now. Hoping to win atleast this one . :)

  711. Julia Roth says:

    3465 golden mascrello is my favorite. We have an original kitchen from the 50’s and is in need of a major update! We have been wanting to do one for a long time but circumstances were never right. This past summer, we discovered a leak in our water line which had been leaking in our wall for quite some time. This caused mold in our walls, on the underneath side of our cabinets and on our subfloor; and the only way to get to it is to pull out our single system cabinets in our kitchen. This is obviously forcing us to unexpectedly redo our kitchen as nothing seems like it will salvageable. Needless to say with our 4 kids (2 of whom are special needs), we could use this giveaway! Thank you!

  712. I shared on Pinterest :)

  713. I love the 3467 Blue Storm 180fx®! I would LOVE new countertops, mine are so stained and just…UGH!

  714. Rebekah Taylor says:

    Pinned !!!

  715. Pinned again on Pinterest!–this time on Products I Love board!!

  716. I am CRACKING UP at these comments! I have MINT green people! Come on; who picked that? I’m now afraid to commit to any specific color so I’d choose Calacatta Marble. It looks so natural. What a great giveaway; love your work!

  717. 3465 Golden Mascarello would be my favorite for our kitchen. We inherited a lake front home from my mother in law that we absolutely love…however, everything was original and not in good shape. Our kitchen was the first to get redone…painted cabinets, new flooring, new (to us) appliances…the only thing left is countertop and we just can’t afford it! I’d love to be able to surprise my sweetie with a project he didn’t have to work soo hard to do! :-)

  718. Pinned a picture to pinterest (9/23)

  719. Love Love Love 3422 Crema Mascarello 180fx®

    I have old laminate “butcher block” counter tops that are in desperate need of replacing!!!

  720. Sally Smith says:

    I really love how the 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx® looks! It’s so beautiful!

  721. I like the 3457 Breccia Paradiso 180fx®. My kitchen is having an identity crisis. Some of it has been redone and other parts have been forgotten. The countertop have definitely been forgotten! The edges are coming off and there are stains everywhere.

  722. I love the choices for Formica – stone countertops are so expensive and if you change your colors or preferences it is not easily changed out due to the cost. We moved into our almost 40 year old home a few years ago. I am slowly updating and adding our personal touches. The kitchen was updated in the late 1990’s and next on my list of a redo. I am realistic and prefer to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, so I am always looking for the ideas on how to use or re-new our home. Here is my Pinterest link :)

  723. I like Calcutta Marble and Crema Masscarella. I would love either one! We need new counter tops so bad it’s not even funny. We just bought our first home and it was built in the 80’s. The kitchen has orange counter tops, orange!! If you look at them with squinty eyes they are are too bad I guess, but I sure would love one of the beautiful counter tops from Formica!

  724. I shared on facebook!

  725. My husband and i are completely re-doing the house we are moving into. Floors, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, everything, this would help so much! I would love the dolce macchiato!!! Beautiful. We have to replace old baby blue countertops! Shared on Pinterest and Facebook.

  726. Soapstone Sequoia is my favorite ;-) That countertop with a new undermount sick would be such a great update to my kitchen!

  727. Love the petrified wood Formica!! We have a wood block island that really needs to be replaced. It’s great in theory, not in reality. : ( I also shared on Facebook and Pinterest.

  728. LOVE the Slate Sequoia. Our house is 53 years old and still has the original cabinets and countertops in it. :( Eventually on our “to-do” list when the pennies are saved. lol The sad thing about our countertops is the design makes me feel like I’m back in my old high school cooking class. With the little boomerangs all over it. Only in school it wasn’t peeling off. Half of the sides are missing already. NEED A CHANGE! :) lol Defiantly sharing this on FB for friends :)

  729. They are all gorgeous and I like: 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx® but I would have to see what my hubby likes if I won. :) We have really cheap counter tops that keep peeling away and we have to glue them back down. Also the edges are sharp and my son has hit his head more than once…ouch! They are a hunter green and so outdated…with new counter tops we could redo the whole kitchen! Thanks for the chance to win.

  730. I’m torn between 3465 Golden Mascarello and 3470 Red Montana. Our kitchen has the “old-school” laminate countertops, which desperately need replacing. Since we just started planning our kitchen remodel, the timing of this giveaway is perfect!

  731. Pinned this on Pinterest!

  732. Beth Massey says:

    My favorite counter top is 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx. We need new counter tops!! Our Kitchen is from the 90’s. We have had our house for 10 years and the kitchen is need of a remodel including the counter tops. Would be great to have new ones since we just had a baby!!

  733. shared on facebook

  734. Its a toss up between 3457 Breccia Paradiso 180fx® and 3476‐46 Jet Sequoia 180fx®. Our current counter tops are white and they stain with everything! Anything red or purple even touches it you have to wipe it away instantly or it stains. We don’t even have kids yet, I can’t imagine what they will look like when we have kids. The kitchen is from the 80’s and it’s been in need of a remodel since we moved in last year. HELP!

  735. OMG… I will Pin, share comment and do whatever to win this. PLEASE get rid of my green countertops!!!!

  736. I think I love the Bianca Luna. That will certainly replace HUNTER GREEN :)

  737. I am in love with 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®! Our current countertops are just sad and a source of daily frustration for me. We purchased a 1935 home previously inhabited by a bachelor who painted the laminate countertops BLACK! Every crumb, speck, spot shows up not to mention all of the chips and dings in the paint job because it wasn’t properly sealed. Please help us make our kitchen beautiful!

  738. Shannon Collins says:

    I love the look of multiple wood tones in the 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx®. My kitchen is circa 1991 with stock grade orangey stainded oak and original counter. I am working on painting the cabinets white and this new counter would look perfect! I shared on twitter @collins221

  739. I love the blanca luna! My kitchen is so desperate for a makeover from the laminate cabinets to vinyl flooring… I could go on and on…

  740. Nicole Vosburgh says:
  741. 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx® is my favorite! We are newlyweds – what don’t we need?! haha!

  742. I’d love to have the 3457 Breccia Paradiso 180fx® in our 1950’s ranch. I believe our counters were updated in the 80’s… yikes! We’ve just trimmed out and painted all the cabinet doors ourselves, and new countertops would really finish off the kitchen. :)

  743. Hi! I shared on pinterest today! 9/23

  744. I love 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx®! We currently have WHITE corian with a brown trim on it. It is cracked and everything stains it! I have given up trying to keep it stain free. A new counter top would really help in kick-starting us updating our kitchen!

  745. Christina N says:

    I would love the Golden Mascarello because my “Rose” colored countertops are over 40 years old!

  746. Stephanie says:

    I love the Calcutta marble!

  747. I love the look of the Antique Mascarello. Currently I have what must’ve been the cheapest laminate. It’s that white with the pastel speckles with a square edge. It just looks like the former owners ran out of money and slapped whatever was cheapest into the kitchen. I just hate hate hate them. AND there’s a burned spot on one of the counters that we didn’t find until we moved in.

  748. I really like 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. I have terra cotta colored floors and I think this pattern would go well, tying in the floors with country while cabinets. My kitchen needs an update and I especially want to get rid of my white countertops that stain like crazy.

  749. Elizabeth Chase says:

    I would LOVE some of the black walnut ones! I am moving into a new house and am in desperate need of these.

  750. I shared on Pinterest, too! Thanks for the chance.

  751. So many beautiful choices, but I think 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx® is one of my favorites. Our current counter top is decades old, the kind with weird speckles and flecks in it AND it is not in good shape. I would love new counter tops!

  752. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    Tweeted today!!! 9-23
    shanna.u at gmail dot com

  753. Love the jet sequoia ! Would look great with my white cabinets, and I would LOVE to replace my current countertop with the burn marks on it :)

  754. Pinned On Pinterest!

  755. My favorite is Calcutta marble, I need a new countertop!!!

  756. Pinned on pintrest too!

  757. 3424 Nacarado 180fx® all the way! We used Modern Master’s countertop transformation on our hunter green LEAF pattern (ugh!) laminate countertops 4 years ago. It is starting to chip so they really need replaced. Bad. Too bad the kids need braces, the house needs painted, the van needs repaired and about 400 other needs before countertops make it to the top of the too do list. This would be a dream come true!

  758. fallon race says:

    I still can’t believe what an awesome giveaway this is! I took the liberty of painting the cabinets white so anything will go with it (minues our pinkish/tan laminate now) …. but i’m still a sucker for the walnut, the marble or the jet sequoia! the possibliites are endless with this! GORGEOUS

  759. Rachel Nelson says:

    I LOVE the calacatta dream is a white crisp kitchen. Instead I have oak cabinets, ugly laminate counters, and vinyl floors. I’m a stay at home mom with a baby on the way so any extra money (haha…that was funny…extra money) goes to kid stuff. Alas, I remain the cooking queen in my boring kitchen.

  760. Love 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx! I just moved into a new home that is in need of a serious redo and new counter tops would be the perfect starting point!

  761. My favorite is 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx®.
    I need new counters so bad! We have 17 year old laminate counters and the previous owner put some coating on them that left a yellow film over the blue counters. It’s not pretty!

  762. Rebekah Taylor says:

    I pinned it to win it!!!!

  763. Nadine Gergel-Hackett says:

    Looove the Calacatta Marble! We will be getting these in the next couple of months (with the Ogee edge and no mini backsplash), regardless. Our current counters are forest green; nuff said.

  764. Nadine Gergel-Hackett says:
  765. I have forest green counters with matching laminate flooring…pretty. Not so much. All the counters were gorgeous. I really like the Travertine Gold and the Black Walnut Timber. Not sure which I like better.

  766. Shared on Pinterest.

  767. Oooh, I love so many! I think I’d have to see them in person to really choose, but I really love the Calacatta Marble, Biana Luna, and Black Fossilstone. I would love to have gorgeous new counters like these, but I don’t NEED them. If I won the giveaway, I would give it to my parents. Their counters aren’t actually counters, but some laminated mdf board. It’s done the job for several years but is starting to fall apart. New counters aren’t in their budget. Not only do they deserve a beautiful dream kitchen, but my dad is also a YouTube star :) His produce tips/cooking videos are staged in his kitchen and I know the 180fx countertops would make a gorgeous backdrop! Thanks Emily, and Formica, for the chance to win!!!

  768. Pinned it to my “House Love” folder. Thanks Décor Chick and Formica!!! :)

  769. Hello Emily,

    In my previous entry I talked about the need for counter tops in our kitchen. We had purchased a home in October 2008 and immediately began a kitchen reconfiguration. But, as the real estate market turned that year, our income was harshly affected. To finish the work and make the kitchen functional I bought some 25″ wide melamine board and made countertops out of it. Nearly 6 years later we are still using those countertops, but they are on their last leg. What I didn’t mention is that I have a YouTube channel entitled YourProduceGuy. I make videos about picking out produce and how to use it. You can let Formica know that if we win this giveaway I would be happy to promote them in my videos and their countertops would be seen in many of my videos. I also shared this on Facebook. Good luck to me. Thanks for the chance.


  770. Forget to mention the 3457 Breccia Paradiso 180fx is lovely as well!


  771. Leslie Merriam says:

    We could use some new counter tops around our house! Built in the late 1980s but we had to move some cabinets when we moved it. The little kitchen was so claustrophobic! Well, with the expense of the new house, we didn’t have money to replace the counter tops. My husband was able to create some out of some shelving material from the home store, but they are now failing. There are many spots where the surface has been broken through and as water gets to the chip board underneath, it swells and the surface is uneven. We could really use some new counters. I love the 3470 Red Montana 180fx®. Thanks for putting this on.


  772. Beverly Killian says:

    Breccia Paradiso I think is what I would choose. We are working on a low cost makeover for our kitchen, Annie Sloan chalk paint to go on cabinets and have been planning to replace the laminate counter tops however looks like that might be awhile. This is similar to a stock one that we had picked out. Have been thinking about painting over the existing ones but if we one this it would be a wonderful blessing. Good luck everyone.

  773. I’m so excited for this giveaway. I have drooled over Formica’s laminate counter tops for two years, just waiting for our finances to be in line to replace our horribly damaged, 1980’s, “faux” butcher block counter tops. First, burn marks on both sides of the stove (apparently they have never heard of a trivet), the hole for the sink was cut too large so the sink hangs below the edge (not my idea of an undermount), add to that the multiple chips and dings and it’s just plain UGLY!!! I have already picked out 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx®, to go with the paint color for our cabinets (which haven’t happened yet), and wall color (not done either). We have replaced the flooring ( got rid of the half yellowed linoleum and blue industrial carpet), and then other projects have come along that were more necessary. You can bet I’ll be entering as much as possible because our next unexpected project includes moving our girls into one room and starting all over with a nursery. :/

  774. I have been eying the Bianca Luna for months. I would absolutely love to replace my 20 year old counter tops with these! Thank you for the opportunity.

  775. Anna Swenson says:

    3459 soapstone sequoia! Wow! I can’t believe this is the 823rd comment. So so smart of you to do this giveaway. Well, my story is we just bought a home built in the 1970s with the original YELLOW counter tops and we are in desperate need of replacing it. Here’s hoping we win.

  776. Anna Swenson says:


  777. Nadine Gergel-Hackett says:
  778. I so need new countertops at my lake house! There are so many great choices but the Black Walnut Timber 180fx®
    would be amazing with my light colored cabinets. Can’t wait to see who wins on Friday!

  779. I just added it to my Lake House Ideas Board on Pinterest!

  780. Golden Mascarello: this is lovely & would be the finishing touch on the kitchen project started years ago. I also like the Antique Mascarello & red Montana, the petrified wood is beautiful but I’m pretty sure my 1967 house isn’t cool enough for that!

  781. 3458 Travertin Silver is just beautiful! My small galley kitchen has laminate countertops from the early 80s that were pink! and peeling apart when I bought the house in 2007. I had a company come out and paint the countertops in 2007 and they did a pretty lousy job leaving globs of “goo” in some edges and corners and there is also a couple of spots with heat damage it’s really unattractive.

  782. I need countertops so badly. Mine are currently hunter green laminate, and the edges are peeling off. It’s horrible.

    There is something about that Doce Vita that is so striking… but I also love the Calacatta Marble. It would be a hard choice to decide between the two!

  783. I shared this on Pinterest!

  784. Since we have the whole kitchen to do – it’s mostly torn apart at this point (and has been since about 1996 – I know, don’t say it), I’m not sure which I’d choose since I’d have to select cabinets 1st. It’s between Crema Mascarello and Black Fossilstone.

  785. Shared on FB!! I can’t figure out how to get the link. (tech challenged)

  786. Julie Thompson says:

    I shared on Facebook today :) this would be a great early birthday gift :)

  787. I love the Calacatta Marble! Our countertops are 20 year old cream color laminate – that are really looking more yellow than anything. We’ve been planning to replace them since we’ve moved into the house, but every time we get ready to something happens (appliance breaks, car dies, husband lost job…blech). I can’t wait until we can update our poor little kitchen!

  788. I shared on g+1

  789. My kitchen is so dark, medium orange oak, that I’m not allowed to change and dark brown and black dull speckled counters. Ugh, it’s depressing and ugly.

    I love 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx®

  790. I like the Bianca Luna or the Calcutta Marble- it is so hard to chose!
    My countertops are hideous, green, laminate from 1982. Need I say more? Let me be LUCKY!

  791. When we first moved into our 1950’s home we had freshly painted 2″x2″ square tiles for our countertop. Fast forward six years & three kids later to a countertop and back splash that is chipping daily and now shows the 1980’s gold flecked tiles. We would love to win and replace our countertop with Calacatta Marble.

  792. Shared on Google +!

  793. I love the 3240 Dolce Vita.
    We bought a house built in the fifties, and the kitchen has only been updated once since then, with pink laminate. Needless to say, the years have not been good to it. It is stained and peeling in corners and just looks awful. We’ve gotten just about everything else major done in the house, but ran out of money to fix up the kitchen. As of right now it is my least favorite place in the house, and I think new countertops would go a long way to helping me love my kitchen. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  794. Pinned on Pintrest!

  795. I love the Black walnut Timber. My countertops are from 1959 (no joke). I work for a home construction company and I drool over the countertops that our new homeowners pick (I am a wee bit envious). If I were to win the countertops, it may just be the push I need to paint my also 1959 cabinets!

  796. Pinned!

  797. Anonymous says:

    love Love LOVE 3459 Soapstone Sequoia!

  798. love Love LOVE 3459 Soapstone Sequoia!

  799. Pinned!

  800. The black fossiltone would be the final touch to our makeover of our 1950s kitchen, replacing the peachy laminate. It would be wonderful to have it done for us!

  801. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think Dolce Macchiato would look best in my 1960’s kitchen!!

  802. Pinned the contest! Fingers crossed!

  803. I love the jet sequoia! It would look great in our farmhouse kitchen to replace the crappy pale blue laminate counter tops!

  804. Pinned it!

  805. oh, so many I like! Maybe 3423 Travertine Gold 180fx or 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx. going to share on fb and pinterest!

  806. Summer crow says:

    Shared on Facebook!! Pinned on pinterest

  807. I love the 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx. It would really lighten up my kitchen!!

  808. Nicole Vosburgh says:
  809. Like others mentioned it is hard to choose a favorite. I think I have to go with Jet Sequoia because I really like the edge shown with it too. I don’t need kitchen countertops, but need it on top of the cabinets I installed to divide our entry and dining room (serving as play room). It is a huge eyesore and of course the first thing you see when you walk in. I installed the cabinets more than a year ago and have made no progress on a countertop.

  810. Lynn Fisher says:

    Mine favorite is the 3465 golden mascarello. My kitchen countertops are laminate and 30 years old, tho they still look presentable. That’s the beauty of laminate.

    It would be nice to have new updated countertops.

  811. Dolce Vita is stunning! We are closing on our home in October. The home is charming and stunning outside but the sellers, who are the original owners, are elderly and they kept the kitchen the same. It’s terribly simple and too boring for such a lovely home. We have faced so many setbacks between cancer, job layoffs, and relocations that remodeling this house, my HOME, though a big job, is my privileged blessing! My joy is going to be poured out in this home! Whether I win or not, Dolce Vita is the new expression of my kitchen! It is strong. It is powerful. It is beautiful. It is graceful. It is my home. It is my sweet life!

  812. 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber is my choice! We bought our house almost four years ago with the plan to renovate the kitchen before we even moved in, but then my hubby got laid off the week we closed on the house! We’ve made it, but the kitchen has been put on hold until who knows when, and my countertops are so dated, stained, and don’t even continue across my dishwasher! I would LOVE to win! :) thanks for opportunity!

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  814. I pinned this awesome giveaway:

  815. I love : 3465 golden mascarello <3

  816. I really like the 3459 Soapstone Sequoia 180fx® and I think it would so awesome in our kitchen and laundry room!

  817. Cheryl Armstrong says:

    I really like the 3459 Soapstone Sequoia. I have plans to open up my kitchen and dining area and adding new counter tops would be a bonus. Thank you.

  818. We have terrible off white counter tops that are at least 20 years old. They HAVE to be bleached all of the time b/c they stain so easily and there are countless nicks in the surface. The kitchen would look gorgeous and so updated with the 3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx® style from Formica

  819. I love 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber. And my countertops are pink!! Please save me!

  820. Shared on Facebook today. And just ordered formica samples through; Yay.

  821. calacatta marble or something that compliments my kitchen cupboards. We have oak cabinets that must not be painted (as much as I would love to!) So, if would be fun to give my kitchen an update without making my husband upset!

  822. slate I need a new countertop, mine has to many cuts and stains.

  823. Hi Emily and thanks for this fabulous giveaway!! I have horrid Harvest Gold Formica that is at least 50 years old. I am in the process of redoing my kitchen and this win would be wonderful for my budget. I think my favorite would be the Nacarado but would want to see an actual sample. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my current Formica except the color and I would not consider replacing it with anything but Formica.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  824. Doreen Wilkinson says:

    3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx®; My current laminate countertops are stained and chipped, and could really use an update! Please pick me!!!! :-)

  825. Anonymous says:

    3466 Antique Mascarello 180fx®
    I am starting my life over at 50 as a single parent. I have been in this house for almost 18 years and would love to start off with a new kitchen, counters would be a great beginning! Ventured into painting guest bathroom, made curtains for the bedroom and bought a new bedspread. New things for a new beginning. Love Decorchicks projects and posts,

  826. This is just what I need to complete my slow do-it-herself kitchen makeover of my 1976 kitchen. I love the Silver Travertine or Crema Mascarello. THanks!

  827. I love the look and color of 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx®. It would look great with the teal paint plans I have for my kitchen! I desperately want to love my kitchen again and this would push me in the right direction!

  828. Jocelyn H says:

    3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx® would be my choice for my mom and dad. They really need a new counter top. They are stuck in the 70’s.

  829. I shared it on Facebook.

  830. Pinned it on pintrest!

  831. I love the 3470 Red Montana 180fx. My children have just done everything to my countertops while growing up and they are almost grown now and it would be awesome to have new countertops!

  832. Anonymous says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  833. I shared on Facebook.

  834. I love Black Walnut Timber!! I’ve been thinking of wood counters, but not too crazy about the durability. This would be a nice option.
    Pinned to my pinterest board as well.

  835. I would love to have the 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber 180fx® in my kitchen.

  836. I’m thinking Number 3457. I’m in desperate need as countertops is one of the major things holding up my kitchen remodel. It’s just just because I wanted to remodel, but because we had to. We had damage to the flooring underneath the cabinets that we were unaware of. So we’re trying to buy all our materials before hiring someone to install it all. I NEED to win!!

  837. I’ve seriously been dying to get the Calcutta Marble counters. I need them so badly!

  838. Nichole Yoakum says:

    I love them!!! We have laminate counters now and I love how easy they are to care for. But my counter tops are a pinkish color and it doesn’t go with my home decor. I would love a more modern color. I love the travertine silver 3458 or crema mascarello 3422. I hope I win!!

  839. 3458 Travertine Silver 180fx® Would look amazing in my kitchen. We are finishing the basement and I’m needing countertops for my kitchen down there this would be perfect!

  840. Rachel Hansen says:
  841. Bridget Goldsberry says:

    I love the black walnut timber 3479. I have never loved my kitchen and from day one thought we could just improve it as we go. Money is tight as we are raising a family and trying to pay back student loans so my kitchen makeover obviously gets put on the backburner and no hope of it in the near future! With new countertops…it could open so many possibilities! :) My current countertop is white and anytime something spills (juice, any sauce, etc), it stains it which is super annoying. I feel like it is NEVER clean. It is outdated. There are chipped spots and part of the trim is coming off and cracked. This would make my dream come true! ;)

  842. Bridget Goldsberry says:

    I shared on Facebook!

  843. I like the Bianca Luna! I would give this to my parents to DESPERATELY need new counters! They have had the same countertops my entire life….and I am 30!

  844. I shared the contest on facebook:)

  845. 3467 blue storm.. My counters are thrashed. The wood trim is rotting and we just bought this house last year. I would love new counters.. Please please..

  846. pinned!! pick me..

  847. shared on FAcebook.

  848. Melissa M says:

    Pinned again! :)

  849. I love the 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. My kitchen counters have not been updated since they were built in 1985!

  850. Gina White says:

    I love the Travertine Gold. Our kitchen really needs some love. We have done other areas in our house because of my daughter’s lung transplant (air purification system, hard surface floors, basement waterproofing, roof.) The kitchen has not made the priority list-but it really could use an update as it is old and dingy. Thanks for the chance.

  851. Gina White says:

    I shared as a pin on pinterest. Thanks.

  852. Sharon Klein says:

    My favorite is Breccia Paradiso 3465. I have wanted new counter tops since with moved in, The current countertops are original and coming apart at the seams!

  853. I would love the 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx®. I need new countertops so bad! My current ones stain with everything we put on them.

  854. I posted this to facebook.

  855. Oh my gosh, do I need countertops!! I would love the same kind you picked Crema Mascarello. Wow wouldn’t that make my kitchen perfect, we moved into our house last year and the cabinets are tile…oh wow what a giveaway! Di@Cottage-wishes

  856. I have shared the give away @ . Oh yes, my countertops are blue tiles with yukky, yes yukky grout!! Tiles are starting to chip….Oh My do I need new countertops!! Di@Cottage-wishes

  857. Sharon Klein says:

    I pinned the above picture.

  858. Tolly Lewin says:

    I want the calacatta! My kitchen is over 40 years old and the white formica still looks good, but calacotta would look soooo much better!

  859. My favorite is 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx®. Our house was built in 1978 from very cheap materials. We bought it in 1992 and have been redoing different rooms every few years as finances allow. The kitchen is one of the last rooms to go. I’ve seen cabinets just like ours in a local apartment complex and the countertop is a stained butcher block laminate. Not very pretty or stylish at all. Would love to get new countertops!

  860. Mandy Powell says:

    Oh my heavens! I’m probably the only person wanting to redo my counters for a house I’m selling but seriousl y, the house is perfect EXCEPT for the countertops and they are in desperate need of a redo – sadly, I’m selling it b/c we moved to another state but I do so love my house. This style 3478‐46 Dolce Macchiato 180fx® would go so great with the current tile floors and backsplash…gonna make me wish I could move back!

  861. Wow, these are gorgeous, I like a few but love 3470 Red Montana 180fx®. Wonder if that will go with dark hardwood floors? We need new counter tops bad! We are finally replacing our horrible flooring because my hero of a husband went out on fought the Yosemite fire in California and made us some extra $ to be able to buy them. Just for the bottom floor though. So of course we have ugly white tile counter tops…. blah! <3

  862. Mandy Powell says:

    I shared it on Facebook too! :)

  863. Shared/pinned on Pinterest! :)

  864. Janalee K says:

    I love 3422 Crema Mascarello and 3460 Calacatta Marble! Our kitchen isn’t very old, but the previous owners went cheap on everything! Horrible cabinets and hardly any room to maneuver around. Shared on facebook and pinterest.

  865. I loved all of them but I especially liked the 3423 Travertine Gold 180fx. This color would look great with my dark cabinets. We just bought a 50 yr old home, it’s been updated, except for the countertops. I thought I wanted granite until I saw this, I love these!

  866. Shanna Uptergrove says:
  867. I’m in love with 3479‐58 Black Walnut Timber 180fx . i love that it looks like wood. I’ve been considering butcherblock countertops but i’m scared of the upkeep. When we moved into our condo 4 years ago, we said the first thing we would do was get rid of the ugly faux green marble laminate that’s coming apart and taped in certain places, but 4 years and 2 kids later, it just hasn’t happened…. life, finances, job losses, etc… we NEED a new countertop sooo sooo bad!

  868. 3465 Golden Mascarello 180fx® Is very pretty but SOOO many beautiful choices! Love what they are able to do with the edges now making it look so custom! Just Amazing! My Formica is original to the house and is a textured off white that ALWAYS looks dirty no matter how much they are scrubbed or bleached…would love new counters!!

  869. Pinned the giveaway info today…

  870. shared on pinterest! attippin

  871. Oh my goodness…where do I start? I still have butcher block laminate from the early 90’s in my kitchen. The whole thing is in serious need of a makeover, but new countertops would be a fantastic starting point! The way I want my kitchen to look would start with Crema Mascarell. I think it would be a perfect blend of the white and gray I want as my colors. So pretty!

  872. I’M IN DESPERATE NEED:-) My currentcountertops are builders grade laminate. Which in itself would not be that bad except they are coming up off the base and the backsplash is separating from the wall. Also there is a sunken spot where the dishwasher is from the steam of the dishwasher:/ Anyway I can imagine how nice they would look in the trevertine silver…just Beautiful

  873. OMG, OMG, OMG ….3465 Golden Mascarello would look so nice in my kitchen! I have burnt out old Formica counters, I hide the awful spot with cutting boards…I would love this!
    Please, please, pick me!

  874. Do I really need to pick just one? I guess I would go with the Black Fossilstone then! These countertops are just gorgeous. I have redone my entire kitchen (on a budget) except for the countertops. I am dying for new ones, but they are just not in the budget yet. We currently have 3 different countertops in the kitchen of our 160 year old home. Boy would we love matching ones. The sink also overflowed this summer, and the countertop near the sink is pulling apart. I would love to win this Formica giveaway! Thanks!


  875. My daily entry! Shared on Facebook!

  876. Virginia Callister says:

    I shared the giveaway on Facebook again today.

  877. I have grand dreams for our little fixer upper, but three young children have put those dreams on hold! They are well worth it, but I think some updated counters might get me motivated to finish a few other projects around here. Red Montana is my fav….but I may have been swayed by the happy sunflowers in the corner!

  878. I LOVE 3421 Bianca Luna 180fx! My husband and I just bought our first house and the countertops are from the 1950s! Yikes…they need some lovin’!

  879. I just shared this on Pinterest!

  880. Wow. The Golden Mascarello is insanely gorgeous! That’s my vote!

  881. Posted this giveaway on Pinterest. Help my kitchen!

  882. Can you say bye bye blue Formica circa 19 something? Would just love to update with the Antique Mascarello. We have older home and can only tackle one project at a time with so many other demands

  883. I shared this on Pinterest!

  884. Theresa J says:

    I would love the 3459 Soapstone Sequoia so that I can get rid of my dreadful grout

  885. Theresa J says:
  886. Laurel Hensley says:

    I shared on Pinterest!

  887. Oh the choices. I love Bianca Luna, calacatta marble and dolce macchiato. All lovely and such an upgrade over my current 20 yr old laminate tops that are peeling apart at the edges. I dream of an updated kitchen daily…. Dream, dream, Dream.

  888. nicole r. says:

    I could certainly fall in love with the travertine gold countertops. My current counters are almost a decade old, they are bubbling up around the sink area and truly need to be upgraded. This would be the perfect holiday gift, as I enjoy my time in the kitchen.

  889. shared on pinterest!!!!

  890. Megan Warren says:

    I pinned the giveaway and shared the pin on Facebook! Thank you :)