Me and My Homies

Since being back from the Haven Conference and reminiscing while looking at the photos from it, I can’t help but wonder why in several of the pictures I’m flashing signs and making my best duck face?


Why on earth did I do that and why did I think that looked good? Poor Myra. She had to deal with that all weekend.

And here in the photobooth again there are more of me being a thug.

Like, seriously. It’s so funny to me because I never have taken a picture of me flashing signs! Luckily a few were normal but not much.

But Haven was SO fun and I loved hanging out with my online friends who are also my real friends too. Getting a bunch of ladies together and acting silly and throwing gang signs was the highlight of the trip for me.


I’ve cracked up many minutes so far looking at that picture.

Luckily though we did manage to get serious and take a nice one.

I loved meeting new friends too and meeting those for the first time that I’ve never met in person before.

There were ladies everywhere!

The venue was perfect and the food was excellent.

And Haven had awesome sponsors including one of my favs, The Home Depot.


There were so many people I met and I’m so thankful I met many of you! I was not so great at taking pictures this year and wish I would have taken more with everyone.

I love all these girls and I’m so thankful to call them friends.

Haven was awesome and you MUST go next year, and a big shout out to Formica for sponsoring me this year. I bet they didn’t know about my ghetto side beforehand, but I have assured them they were represented well in between me throwing up my hand signs. ;) Check out my white kitchen makeover to see our Formica countertops that will fool anybody into thinking it was granite.

Don’t you love seeing your online buddies in person? What did you think of Haven if you went? Do you have a little gangsta side to you too? Do tell!

Now in true homie fashion….PEACE.



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  1. I’m seriously dying. Best Haven post E-V-A-H. <3

  2. I know it’s not intended to be, but the tone of this post and the “thug” theme are incredibly ignorant and offensive. No, not to thugs. It’s more complicated than that. And no one else may think so, and that happens. I just pray that more people educate themselves on why making light of things like this is not okay. I work with inner city youth, I’m more versed than the average person on gang signs, slang terminology, and culture and socioeconomic relations. Some of the joke signs you “flash” are really, really not good. I know you don’t mean to, and I don’t hold it against you. I just hope more people can realize that these subtle things that don’t mean much to some of us are the definition of insulting to others. It’s not okay, even if you don’t live in a day-to-day world where you’re exposed to this, you do live in a world where it matters.

  3. I loved hanging out with you again. You looked great (even while throwing hand signs around left and right) :P I loved hanging out with you. I wish there were more hours in the day. There were so many people and not not enough time. Glad you made it back safe!

  4. Oh my gosh hilarious. I, for one, did not know your gangsta ran so deep. But isn’t it great to be around people who get you? :-) Love to ya sister. Peace out.

  5. So fun! Gorgeous no matter the silly expression! It was lovely to finally meet you, Emily!

  6. This is hilarious!!! We most definitely are a gang, so the “gangsta” references are even funnier! Counting down the days until we see each other again!

  7. Glad you had a good time Emily. Hoping to make it next year.

  8. It looks like SO much fun! I was so sad to have missed it. I love seeing all of those gorgeous women that I love so much!! Next year I am going for sure!


  9. Looks like a lot of fun! So many wonderful bloggers all in one place! Glad you got to go! Leena, out! :)

  10. Yay!! I found you!! You were so sweet to me at Haven and I just LOVE your rockin’ blog!! So glad I got to meet you! Looking forward to hanging out MORE next year!! :)

  11. So funny Emily! I like the silly pic better:)

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