Is Teal The New White? (And a Sneak Peek)

When I started doing my stepson’s room, I knew what color I wanted in my head.  I didn’t want the standard boy blue, thought about doing navy, but then decided a dark teal would be pretty. And by the way, my stepson gave me free reign in his room as far as the paint color goes, and he only had one request which I’ll show you soon. :)

So off to Home Depot I went and found the perfect swatch color.

I bought a sample of it, tried it, and I loved it.  Um, why can’t I have that luck with the rest of our house?? Anyway, if y’all have been following me for a while, you all know that I am a hard-core SW gal.  And as much as it pains me to say this, I think I may be a Behr convert now.  It only pains me because I get the SW paint SO cheap, and Behr, well, not so much.  But the Behr Premium Plus Ultra covered SO nicely and I absolutely love the finish.

This is the finish I got.

The “Interior Eggshell Enamel.”  It’s not quite a flat, and not quite a satin–it’s a happy medium between the two.

The color of the paint in case you missed it in the swatch photo is called Underwater.  I had Home Depot lighten it just a tad by adding an extra ounce of white to it when they mixed it.  It was perfect!

And here is a little sneak peek of the room painted.

I just love how all of the white pops now! And especially the paneled wall. :)

I plan on adding splashes of yellow and really want some yellow lamps.  So if anyone knows of some great, affordable yellow lamps, hit me up.  I’ve been everywhere!  I’ve even been to Goodwill looking for some to spray paint but no luck.

Oh yea, back to the title of this post…I’ve seen some other great bloggers recently do some cool teal colors too.  It’s such a fun and bold color.  Check out what Stefanie, Kate, and John and Sherry did with their love of teal. :)

Do you love teal too?

And p.s.–you will definitely want to come back here on Monday.  I might just be giving away something that kinda rhymes with “wet.” ;)

And special thanks to Remodelaholic for the awesome feature!  Head on over there and say hi. :)

Also, welcome to my newest sponsor, AboutOne!



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  1. I’m loving the teal craze lately! Especially paired with beautiful molding like yours. The name of the paint captures it so well!

    Have you seen Sara from Russet Street Reno’s use of teal? It’s another great example…

  2. that’s just a shade lighter than the color I used in our playroom, and I love it!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the room.

  3. g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s.n.e.s.s.

    Love that “glow” it has in the last pic.

  4. Love that color!! We did our bathroom in almost the same shade. I love it & am trying to figure where to use it again :)

  5. I love the color! I was a die-hard SW girl myself. I’m known to carry my fan deck around in the car with me. I tried the Behr premium paint and loved it. The coverage is great. I just have Home Depot match my SW colors.

  6. Love the color! You are right, it totally highlights the crisp white!
    OK, I’m a SW-lover too… but tell me your secret for getting it cheap! My husband about had a stroke when he saw how much I spent on paint for our master bedroom..

    And PS I am in love with your paneled wall. LOVE.
    Happy Friday!

    • Hey Emily–the guys at SW let me buy my paint under a paint contractor’s account that I’ve used several times before. No it’s not the expensive Duration paint or anything, it’s a medium contractor grade that they don’t put on the shelves, but it works! :)

      • That is why you think the Behr is comparable! I use nothing but Cashmere! It dries like an eggshell on teh wall, covers like a dream and I can wipe off any damage my 3 yo can throw at it! There is no substitute for good SW paint – it’s always negotiable! You should ask them for better prices on the REAL stuff! Medium grade will change the color of your walls, but this stuff protects the walls.

        I recently bought a new house and I’ve used mis-tints in Cashmere everywhere – all 3 have turned out per-fect! Takes the pressure off color choosing too! haha!

  7. I adore Behr, and am so glad you liked it! I even tried the Underwater on our grid wall, but ended up going with Observatory. Love the dark blues and greens!

  8. Love it! And love this paint, too. We just re-painted my son’s room over the weekend and I was SO impressed with the paint & primer in one. We chose a lighter blue. I can’t remember the name of the swatch— something pond. But we covered one bright green wall and three baby blues all with one coat and one can of paint!

  9. I couldn’t agree more about Behr being great – I buy the flat enamel with the built-in primer and it’s a one coat wonder – magic, I tell you! For years I bought Colorplace from Wal-mart because it was soooo cheap. It always took two coats. Who has time for that? Love that teal color – when I get a paint that’s too deep, I just add white til I get it right – it never occurred to me to get them to change the formula…duh.

  10. I LOVE teal! Agree on the paint, too…we just painted our guest room with this brand!

  11. Love that color!!
    I’m having a wonderful giveaway so come over and enter

  12. Great color! Can’t wait to see it all finished. I’d like to work on my son’s room too. Only 1 1/2 yrs left and he’ll be off to college.

    I think this would be a great shade for a front door too. I’m trying to decide on a color for my door.

  13. KimberlyJ says:

    I hadn’t thought of painting a room teal but I’m starting to incorporate it into my house. I have a new leaf green in my bedroom with white trim and bedding but was still very unhappy with it. I wandered in to Pier 1 and discovered a dark teal throw and pillows, they’ve added the touch I needed in my room. Couple more accessories and I think it will make all the difference.

  14. Emily, I love the teal color. It really does make the white pop! And, it really is a great color for a young man.

  15. I have used this color through out my home with golds. yellows, greens and cream or white and it is the perfect dark with everything. I love it Emily! Thanks for the paint brand suggestion too.

  16. I LOVE this color! I am now trying to find a room in my home that this color would fit. Thanks for the inspiration, can’t wait to see it when its done!

  17. Wow, great color, you’re going to love it! It’s deep and rich, but not too dark, and looks amazing with crisp white! Cheers to the teal lovers!

  18. Love it. Teal is becoming quite popular, isn’t it? Looks great here.

  19. That is a gorgeous color! I’ve got MS Plummage taped to my armoir right now…I think I need to look at this one too.

    and why/how do you get SW paint so cheap?!?!!?

  20. Ah teal and yellow – my wedding colours! You really can’t go wrong.


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