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The IKEA Rug That I Regret Not Buying

So, we went to IKEA yesterday. On a Sunday. Crazytown. I always try to plan my trips to IKEA on the weekdays when the madness is less, the lines aren’t a mile long, and when the bathrooms are actually in working order.

But we went on a whim because there was a particular rug I wanted to get that I saw online. This one.

Ikea Geometric Rug | www.decorchick.com [1]


But for some reason, I read the size of the rug wrong online and thought it was bigger. It’s actually only about 4×5.

Then I thought a 4×5 rug for $129 was pretty steep.

But I can’t get it out of my head.

New Ikea Rug | www.decorchick.com [3]

Those are my colors. My “jam.”

I thought it would be so fun to put in our homeschool room and I was already starting to get visions and inspirations from this rug on how to decorate the classroom area. We will just be doing a portion of the gameroom upstairs, not the full room by the way. I think. Don’t hold me to that.

With part of IKEA’s A/C out, a crazy amount of people just strolling the aisles very slowly, and 2 tired hungry kids, we left. Maybe their A/C wasn’t actually out, but it sure felt like it!

So what do you think? Should I make a trip back?