Ideas to Fill Your Apothecary Jars

Ever wondered what in the world to put in these beautiful things?

There are so many options, so I thought I’d direct you to a great blog, Living with Lindsay, that lists her 10 fantastic fillers for apothecary jars.  You’ll be inspired to think out of the box, I promise. :)

One of Lindsay’s top ten fillers are old vintage photos.  I have one jar filled with old black and white pictures, just didn’t have a photo of it ready (bad blogger).  But if you don’t have any old photos, she even was so kind enough to compile a PDF file where you can print out old vintage photos of peeps that you don’t even know.  How cool is that?!  That could be a fun conversation starter for sure. You’ll see the PDF link in her post.

Have fun filling!



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  1. Great ideas, especially the one about using old photos. I like the tassel you have on the one.


  2. What is considered…ten years good enough, they are old enough that I laugh at myself. Great idea.

  3. Love glass jars! I just took a picture of all my glass jars this weekend, eventually I was going to post about them! (More in common, I guess!!) I’m too busy now, revamping the blog from scratch and working at the paper full time!!

  4. Very cool! We have a glass apothecary jar in our bedroom filled with shells we have collected over the years.
    Thanks for the nice comment on my daughter’s bedroom post :)

  5. I have one filled with goldfish snack packs and one filled with funyun bags.

  6. I LOVE jars…. and am so happy to find tips on what to fill them with! Love the idea of old pics…..

  7. Glad to see I’m not the only one slightly obsessed with these apothecary jars. I hope this decorating trend never ends. We’ve been lucky enough to find a few birds nests (empty) on our property which I’ve filled with tiny, faux blue eggs. I hadn’t thought of filling a jar with vintage photos. Great idea!!

  8. How about strings of pearls (fake or real), or old vintage jewelry? Golf teas, wine corks, or vintage buttons?