I Promise I’ve Been Working on Something…

Well I was until these crazy flu-like symptoms started up on Sunday night. Grrrr.  We’ve all been sick around here, including our little girl.  So needless to say, I haven’t accomplished much this week except eating pints of Blue Bell ice cream. :(  BUT, I will show you what I am going to try and attempt to finish today…

The fake wainscoting.  The office will be complete once I put all the boxes up.  Y’all didn’t know I painted the bottom out white did ya? :)  So if I am able to tolerate the nail gun with my pounding headache, it should be finished today.  But then of course I will still have to caulk and paint the boxes the same white color as the wall, so it will be at least a 2 day project.

Oh, and an update to my pity post the other day…Y’all were right.  Once I started accessorizing and hanging things on the walls, the room really came together, and I LOVE the paint color. :)  Yay!!  I took that rug back also.  Hubby didn’t like it, so we won’t have a rug for now.  It still looks good without a rug, so that’s a plus too.  There is one I want to try from Overstock though…maybe one day.   I’m just so glad I like the room and won’t have to repaint it.  <high five!>

So that’s about it.  Just wanted to give y’all a brief little update. :)

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  1. Love this jewelry the faith necklace would be my pick!!!

  2. Eating ice cream is always a worthy project. :) I hope you and your family are starting to feel better!


  3. Hope you are feeling better, girl! I hate being sick.
    Looking forward to your “afters”!

  4. Feel better soon! I hate being sick!! So glad the room came together and you are happy with it. I have since seen a few pictures of houses with those colors near each other and I think they work well. Good luck with the wainscoting! Okay, back to the dungeon (basement) to continue decrapifying. I am on a mission!

  5. Hope you get to feelin better soon. Can’t wait to see your wainscoting. I may try that in my dining room (in several years) it always looks so nice and really makes the room. Be blessed, Karyl =0)

  6. I have fake wainscotting in my living and dining room, and I plan to also add it to my entry way. It just brightens everything up so nicely and makes it look classier!

  7. Glad you are liking your office now. I hope you feel better. Ice cream cures all

  8. I think the cold and flu season has hit! You are about the 5th person I “know” that is coming down with something. I hope you feel better soon. Can’t wait to see the faux wainscoting. But don’t over do it, it will be there for you tomorrow as well.