How To Change The Look of Your Furniture in 5 Minutes or Less

There’s something about painting and making something over that amazes me. And it amazes me each time. I never get tired of it and never tire of transformations.  So do you want to know how to change the look of your furniture in 5 minutes or less? I know this isn’t rocket science or anything new, but like I said, I still get amazed each time I do it!

And now enters this old painted dresser. The one I did last year and used the white Annie Sloan chalk paint on it.

Painted Dresser

I ended up moving the dresser to the nursery, and since I’m loving all things brassy right now, I wanted to put some different pulls on it. There are SO many knobs on that dresser and the brushed nickel that was on there was pretty ho-hum.

So after finding the perfect ring pulls online, here is what it looks like now.

Brass Hardware

Amazing right??! It’s so much more pretty and feminine and interesting than the other knobs. The ring pulls were perfect and I found them at GoingKnobs for $3.42 each. That was the cheapest I could find for the brass ring pulls and that’s not a bad price!

And instead of putting the same pull on ALL of the drawers, I decided to mix it up a bit and put different ones on the top row. I’m a rebel.

Brass Knobs

I got those at Hobby Lobby for $3.50 with the half off discount. They couldn’t be any more perfect for this dresser and the nursery. It’s coming along SO great and I can’t wait to show you. I can’t tell you exactly when yet because I have to order a few more things and wait on that to arrive, but soon people, soon.

Brass Ring Pulls

And that’s it. Easy peasy. I know most of you know all of this already but I just couldn’t help myself. Changing out or even adding hardware can really change the look of something. It’s (usually) an inexpensive and quick redo too, and I am assuming most dressers don’t have 22 holes like this one did.  :)

Are you a regular hardware switcher outer? Do you have a favorite trick for updating something in a short amount of time and for cheap? Do tell!

P.S.-I really loved all of the comments so far on the weight loss post. You guys seriously are the best encouragers!!



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  1. Looks great! Love those ring pulls.

  2. Maryann @ Domestically Speaking says:

    Love those knobs! Gotta love an easy update.

  3. I love how the simple updates always make the biggest impact. I love those knobs they’re perfect for a nursery and they go great with the ring pulls!

  4. hi! i love the flower/glass knobs…what is hobby lobby? those are exactly what i’ve been looking for ages. I am in canada, but dont mind buying online or cross border…i tried googling hobby lobby but nothing came up. any help would be great.! thanks

  5. I love changing out hardware! I am always on the look-out for hardware at yardsales, thrift stores and on clearance. If I like the shape but not the color then I just spray paint. In fact I’ve been known to buy a dresser at a yard sale if it had great hardware, change it out for old cruddy stuff and resell the dresser.

    Happy Hunting!

  6. You just inspired me to update the hardware on my son’s dresser. The current wood pulls just blend in to the rest of the dresser! Thanks for the inspiration =]

  7. Looks fantastic! It looked nice before but now wow what a big difference!

  8. Wow what a difference! love the hardware you chose. I did the same sort of thing for my kitchen, we couldn’t afford new cupboards but just changing the handles made a huge difference.

  9. Lovely! I like the new look!

    I recently took an old oak cabinet, spray painted it white, added a new bronze pull and am now using the cabinet as a spice cabinet! But… I bought knobs for my kitchen cabinets (the cabinets have no knobs) about 2 years (!!) ago, and I still haven’t put them on. I am afraid to drill holes in the cabinet. I bought something that is supposed to help me line up the holes in each cabinet correctly, but it doesn’t work since my home’s builder didn’t hang all the cabinets evenly. I am going to have to measure everything out, mark them, and hope I get it all straight! If anyone has suggestions on how to do the job right, I’d appreciate it!

  10. Well, lovely furniture with gorgeous decorations! It is so amazing that you picked them and installed them yourself. Thank you and I’m gonna share this my friends!