Men, Cover Your Ears…We’re Talking about Hormone Balancing Today

Yep that’s right. Hormones. Gotta love em’ right? But I have the most amazing testimonial to share today. I am pretty blown away by it myself. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and relax. Because I’m sure your hormones could use some relaxation too.

Now I’m going to tell you how this little miracle in a bottle helped make me normal again.

Balancing Hormones With This Natural Progesterone Serum | Decorchick!®

So, hormones. Mine were out of whack after having Ellie, my 2 year old.

When I joined Young Living in November of last year, this Progesterone Serum was the most I was excited to try. Why?

  • Because I was having cycles twice a month
  • I felt lethargic (probably because I was bleeding twice a month!)
  • I had crazy mood swings during that time of the month, and since it was happening twice a month, well, I wasn’t very pleasant those 2 weeks. ;) 

I even went to the doctor and everything checked out normal, but she did want me to have an ultrasound to make sure I didn’t have a cyst or something. And well, I never went to get the ultrasound and kind of took matters into my own hands. I’m not recommending you do that, but before paying for the ultrasound, I wanted to see if the Progessence Plus would work.

And you know what?

It DID work! 

It took about a month for me to see results. Before I knew it, I had regular monthly cycles only once a month, shorter cycles, less pain, and I was happier.

Was it too good to be true?

Well they say sometimes to switch up your oily routine so your body doesn’t stop responding to whatever it is you are using. And since I was running dangerously low in July, I stopped using it. Cold turkey.

Not a smart idea y’all. 

You know what happened in August? I had 2 cycles. I had horrible back pain and cramps. I felt depressed. I haven’t felt like that since January when I began using the P+. And this second cycle has been one of the longest and most painful cycles EVER.

Did you know that it’s been studied by Young Living that about 99% of women that were checked had 0 levels of progesterone in their blood, regardless of their age? That’s a REALLY big deal. That might explain why women deal with hot flashes, night sweats, migraines, loss of libido, depression, etc. We NEED progesterone in our bodies to function!!

Here are some benefits and uses for the Progessence Plus.

Natural Hormone Balancing With Progessence Plus | Decorchick!®

Another thing I’ve noticed this month? Are headaches. I don’t get them often. But I sure did this time. It was hard to kick them even with my peppermint oil, so these were definitely those hormonal headaches so many people suffer from each month.

I just find it SO fascinating and interesting that something as simple as an extra dose of progesterone is what my body needs. And many people use this serum for their HRT (hormone replacement therapy) with great success.

Remember, like with many oils, it won’t be an overnight thing. I know with the Progessence Plus it took me a good month to get regulated and notice results. Stick with it and be consistent.

Needless to say, I’ve started back up on my P+ and can’t wait till my body returns back to normal again. I am already feeling MUCH better mentally and out of the “funk.” A drop on each forearm daily is all I need. You may need more and it might take getting adjusted to. Of course always consult with your physician before trying something, if that is what you are comfortable with doing.

Are you wondering why in the world I’m talking about hormones? Well because these things shouldn’t be left in the dark. Many people suffer from situations each month, and there is nothing wrong with talking about them. People find comfort knowing they aren’t alone. So I want all of you to know you aren’t alone if you are struggling with something like this.

If you don’t have double cycles like I do, the Progessence Plus isn’t just for that. It can help treat menopause symptoms, thyroid issues, other menstrual issues, lack of libido, fatigue, depression, and more. I know of SO many wonderful testimonies on this serum it would be a crime if I didn’t let you all in on it.

UPDATE: This is back in Stock!! You can also try Dragon Time Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil or Clary Sage Essential Oil. All are great for controlling hormone issues, and since not every oil works the same on each individual, these could be a great option for you. You never know until you try.

So there you go. That’s the long story of why I’ll never be without my beloved Progessence Plus again!!!

How To Balance Hormones with This Natural Progesterone Serum | Decorchick!®

My poor husband. It’s a good thing that I’ll be back to normal very soon and I promise not to experiment with this again. Ha!

But that’s the great thing about essential oils! Find what works for you and stick with it. Experiment. Trial and error. That’s life. And when you find the winning component, your life can be changed like mine and many others.

You can order your premium starter kit HERE and get your free wholesale membership for life, then just add on one of these extra oils to your order is what I’d recommend. Leave the information filled in, and don’t change it to customer, unless you want to pay 24% higher retail prices. Plus, you’ll get the FREE goodies from me once you do order (see this page for the latest promotion)! They will really help you get started on this journey. I explain why the Premium Starter Kit is the best option in this post.

Edited to add: I just want you all to know that when you create your wholesale account, you are by NO means agreeing to sell anything at all. All it means is that you will get a wholesale membership and get the wholesale prices forever! The business side of things is completely optional and definitely not a requirement. And I will never hound you on doing that part. Many people just use the products because they are THAT wonderful. :) 

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do any of you struggle with monthly issues? Suffer from thyroid issues?  Depression? Let’s talk.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad you did a post on this!! I LOVE my Young Living Essential Oils and have tried different oils and I can’t seem to find the one that works for me. Everything you shared above (other than your monthly cycles) is what I go through. I started using Cortistop to see if it would make a difference and Valor. I want to try for the entire time recommended before giving up on it, but I’m definitely adding this to next months essential rewards order :) Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. So, I am experiencing the same exact things you talked about. I just had my third baby 4 months ago. Depending on how much the oil costs I am interested in trying it.

    • Hey Michelle, sorry you are dealing with those issues too. You would just need to order one of the premium starter kits for $150, then you can add on whatever extra oil you’d like. The premium kit will allow you to get the wholesale prices for life so that’s really the best deal rather than ordering as a customer. Then you’d have to pay 24% higher retail prices. The wholesale price for the Progessence Plus is $37.50, Dragon Time is $44.25, Ylang Ylang is $40.75, and Clary Sage is $$47.50. Since the P+ is out right now, I’d recommend one of the others to try. They all are great.

  3. Linda Owens says:

    I was excited to read this article, as my insurance has decided that my specialty made prescription. Was no longer something they would help pay for (ugh…bunch of old stuffed shirts) anyways my Dr suggested DHEA.. But I’m thinking this May be something to try, my thyroid has been out of whack for years I’m always tired no energy yadda yadda yadda… How does one go about ordering this?… Would you mind emailing me some info…. Thanks so much

  4. Becky KASTEN says:

    Please help:) I have thyroid issues that seriously that are making me I’ll!! Two teenage granddaughters that def could use some balance- what should I buy?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hey Becky! You would just need to order one of the premium starter kits for $150, then you can add on whatever extra oil you’d like. The premium kit will allow you to get the wholesale prices for life so that’s really the best deal rather than ordering as a customer. Then you’d have to pay 24% higher retail prices. The wholesale price for the Progessence Plus is $37.50, Dragon Time is $44.25, Ylang Ylang is $40.75, and Clary Sage is $47.50. Since the P+ is out right now, I’d recommend one of the others to try. I think I may start out with Dragon Time as the first hormone oil to try on the teens…They all are great.

  5. Linda Owens says:
  6. How much does it cost? Can you email me details. I am going through hormone imbalance issues like crazy. Thanks!

  7. How did you take the oils? (Capsule ?)

  8. Hi there. I’m very much interested in this particular product and just spent the past half hour on the Young Living website and cannot find it anywhere!!! Their search function is not working so I’ve been going through each and every product and am now very frustrated!! Could you please provide me with a direct link to this exact product? I truly do want to try it out. I’m having terrible hot flashes and night sweats and low energy issues tied to menopause.

    Thank you for your help!

    :) Linda

    • Hey Linda! I mentioned the Progessence is out of stock right now, but recommended 3 other oils that could be used too for issues. I think Ylang Ylang would work well for you during this time. Just search for “Ylang.” It would be best to order one of the premium starter kits for $150, then you can add on whatever extra oil you’d like. The premium kit purchase will allow you to get the wholesale prices for life so that’s really the best deal rather than ordering as a customer. Then you’d have to pay 24% higher retail prices. The wholesale price for the Progessence Plus is $37.50, Dragon Time is $44.25, Ylang Ylang is $40.75, and Clary Sage is $$47.50. You can set up your wholesale account with this direct link:

  9. My favorite for sure! Got me back on track after my miscarriage when I was on a hormone train wreck.

  10. Emily! My friend actually bought me Progessence+ awhile back, but I never used it because I didn’t know how to apply it (or how often). I have issues with Hypo-thyroid, Endometriosis, and infertility… and I’m sure it would help if I knew how to use it!

    • Hey Beth! I just put one drop on each forearm, so I’d start with that! I bet it would help! Your friend might have a handout on the P+ she could send you? If not shoot me an email and I’ll get it to you.

  11. Does it work for PCOS?

    • I just looked that up, and while I can’t give a definite yes that this will work, it surely sounds like it could since it’s possible with PCOS that you could have elevated levels of the male hormone. You very well could need the extra progesterone to level things out. Again, I am not a doctor and can’t give medical advice, but if it were me and I suffered from PCOS, I would try it.

  12. Is it still effective if you are taking birth control pills?

  13. Super job sharing your heart, your life and being REAL for others to gain knowledge. Blessings.

  14. What about someone who has had blood clots and can’t take hormones? Would this still be the case with this oil?

  15. I have all sorts of hormone issues! ;) Wasn’t aware of this oil…thanks for sharing!

  16. Paige Storsteen says:

    Hi Emily! I just placed my order for the premium starter kit! What is your email address? Thanks so much, I really look forward to try these!

  17. Hey Emily! I am so glad you posted this. I am fighting cervical cancer and the treatments are throwing me into early menopause. My current problem is awful night sweats. I really have no desire to be a distributor as I have no energy to make a business out of it, but would like to try this oil when it comes back in stock. Can I just order it through you when it’s available? OH! On a completely different note, I ordered those leggings you posted about last year-ish. I’m in LOVE!


    • Hey Jennifer. So sorry you are going through that. Just making sure you know when you create your wholesale account, you are not agreeing to sell anything at all. It’s only an option available since so many end up doing something with it, even though they had no intentions at first. All it means is that you will get the wholesale pricing when you create your wholesale account. :) The business side is completely optional.

      I will email you when it comes back in stock and we can figure something out!

      And yay! I can’t wait for legging season!!

  18. I use P+ too, it’s my fave! It’s helped me so much with my sex drive, less headaches a month too. I feel like it just balances me out…. I was feeling those blues before after having my son who’s almost two as well.

  19. Rachel Ehlers says:

    Every month about that time I get massive headaches that sometimes even 800mg of Ibuprofen just doesn’t help. I will definitely be added some p+ to my ER order for September. Headaches are no fun man!

  20. I did not read through your entire post or through all the comments so hopefully I am not repeating anything! I just wanted to say to be careful when doing things that change your hormones. I was positive I had low progesterone, but when my naturopath (who specializes in women’s health and hormones) did testing we found out that my progesterone was actually quite good and that I just have way too much estrogen.

    So just be careful and do your research, I am glad you found something that works so well for you!

    • I’m glad you said this, Sarah. I’m glad Emily found something that works for her too, but it might not be helpful for everyone. I’m actually planning to stop my progesterone-based birth control due to side effects (steady weight gain since January being the most visible). Or, progesterone might work for some but need dosage adjustments by a doctor.

      • I am just speculating here, but it seems a progesterone birth control would be much different than a very lose dose of an all natural bio-identical progesterone which has Vitamin E and several other Essential Oils. I do not know much about the progesterone birth control so I could be totally wrong.

  21. Do they use bioidentical progesterone? If not, it can be very dangerous and can increase cancer risk

  22. I would love to try this progesterone plus oil… I also have all those same issues except the cycle twice a month! Mine lasts for probably 7-8 days and I have terrible mood swings/crying fits/irritability from about 12 days before my period starts. I tried birth control and that did not seem to help with my moon only the cycle. I am very interested in this!

  23. Looks like you deleted my earlier comment. What a shame. I’m happy that (you think) this works for you, but it is never a good idea to start taking things like progesterone without talking to your doctor, especially when you are getting them from a source that doesn’t have to answer to the FDA. It’s dangerous and it’s reckless to recommend that your readers do the same.

    • Lori, you are right. I did delete your unnecessary comment. I mentioned in my post to consult with your physician if that is what you are comfortable with doing. I am sorry you believe everything the FDA tells you. That is what is the real shame about this whole conversation. And again, I was sharing MY personal testimony. I never will claim such and such oil will work for everyone as I am not a doctor. But there is nothing wrong with sharing what has worked for ME.

      • I don’t believe everything the FDA tells me, but as someone who works in public health, I have a pretty good handle on how dangerous unregulated medications can be and on how to tell real science from bogus claims. I’m sorry you believe everything your MLM company tells you.

        • I had a sneaky suspicion that you worked in the health industry. If you feel essential oils are bogus and there are no science behind them, then I would recommend you take a long weekend and really dive into The Chemistry of Essential Oils book by Dr. David Stewart. Plenty of science to make your head spin. Oh, I’d also recommend the Bible as well. They are referenced over 180 times in the Bible. Have a great weekend!

  24. Wow! Where has this been all my life???!!!! I just started looking into Progessence Plus recently and started using it. WOW!!! Ladies, we have been missing out! I have had VERY HEAVY & LONG periods my whole life. I’m just starting to use Progessence Plus and am LOVING my results! So far, the only drawback will be making sure I keep it in stock at home. It is a popular oil and I suspect it will be OOS often as it already is once again now. But, I will try the substitute oils that Emily mentioned if and when I get into a bind. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS POST!!!

  25. Amanda Goodfellow says:

    How does this oil smell? I’m currently a YLEO wholesale member and very interested in this oil.

  26. I have heard the most amazing stories about this product! Glad it is back in stock

  27. Stephanie says:

    Do you have to dilute P+ ? Or do you use it straight from the bottle?

  28. Taran Brown says:

    I’ve been trying to decide between this and Endoflex,but I think you just swayed me.
    I have very heavy, very long periods, horrible mood swings, no energy or sex drive and frequent headaches. I’m really looking forward to trying it. Thank you for this post!

  29. Hey by any chance can you email me? I really need some input from you!

  30. Hello, I have PCOS and I have just started taking progessence and hoping my period will return (never thought I’d say that!). My question is, how often are you supposed to take it? I do once a day (at night because it makes me sleepy). For example, if I were to get my period, would I not use it during that time? I have taken synthetic progesterone before and this was how you were supposed to do it. How long would you use this? 6 months- or indefinitely? Thanks

  31. Hi!!
    I just ordered Progressense + and Emdoflex two days ago. Your post has given me hope. I have the same experience as you had with your cycle for over two years now. Every time I try birth control, I hate it. I’m hoping I have a great experience as you did with these two oils!

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