Hometalk Giveaway to Pottery Barn!

*This giveaway is now closed*

Wheee! I’m so excited about this week’s giveaway to Pottery Barn! And today it’s courtesy of one of my sponsors, Hometalk.

Hometalk is an online resource where you can get oodles of information about all kinds of home improvement questions answered right at your fingertips.  The site is run by real people and pros who are passionate about home improvement.  Their goal is to make home improvement accessible and transparent so that people can get it right the first time and get more from their budgets.

Here are a few other nifty things you can do on Hometalk:

  • Get (almost) instant answers to questions about your home & garden.
  • Search photos and tips for inspiration and information.
  • Post photos and grow a fan base for your very own house.
  • Get real & reliable reviews of local contractors.
  • See tips from local businesses.

They also have an awesome group of home improvement panelists available to answer all of your questions. I’m sure you’ll even recognize a few. ;)

Sounds good right?  Now instead of running to Google each time you have a question about something you are doing around your home, you can just go visit Hometalk! :)

And it gets even better because Hometalk is offering one lucky winner a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn!  AND, if we get over 500 entries, they will up the prize to $150! Whoop whoop!!

To enter the giveaway to win a Pottery Barn Gift Card, please do the following:

  1. Leave a comment here and tell us how awesome you think Hometalk is for sponsoring a Pottery Barn giveaway;
  2. Join Hometalk’s site (it’s free of course) and leave us a comment on this post that you did.
  3. Like Hometalk on Facebook and tell them thanks on their wall if you have time. Plus they have awesome giveaways each week on their FB page you wouldn’t want to miss.
  4. Facebook or Tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this post.

And that’s it!  Remember to please leave separate comments for each thing you do.  Giveaway will be open until Saturday, October 1, 2011 and winner will be chosen via Random.org.

Good luck everyone!

*This giveaway is now closed*



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  1. What a great site! Thanks for sharing. I hate searching google when I have home questions. This is awesome. And, GREAT giveaway!!

  2. Jennifer Thompson says:

    I just joined the Hometalk site – I think I’ll be using it a lot! Thanks!

  3. Wow! Who knew such an informational place existed? Thanks for putting me on to Hometalk, Emily!

  4. Jennifer Thompson says:

    I just liked Hometalk on FB!

  5. K Jerread says:

    Love Hometalk. Makes it so easy to find what you need and to have a Pottery Barn give away is just plain awesome.

  6. K Jerread says:

    I already belong to HomeTalk.

  7. K Jerread says:

    I like Home Talk on FB too.

  8. Wow, how awesome. I had never heard of Hometalk but what a great way to find things!

  9. Sara Kalsbeek says:

    This is great…Hometalk sounds like an awesome site. What a great way to get information right at your fingertips! Love it!

  10. Sara Kalsbeek says:

    I just “liked” hometalk on FB!

  11. Sara Kalsbeek says:

    I just joined Hometalks site, too!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I just joined Hometalk and look forward to using it! I also “liked” them on Facebook!

  13. What a generous give-a-way! Thanks Hometalk!!

  14. Hometalk seems like a great site that will be very useful!

  15. I DO think that’s awesome! What a great giveaway and I can see how that site would be a huge help to us DIYers!

  16. What an awesome giveaway!

  17. I think it’s awesome that Hometalk is sponsoring a giveaway!

  18. I just visited Hometalk’s website for the first time, and it’s great!

  19. I “liked” Hometalk on Facebook

  20. christian says:

    I love the idea of hometalk! I can’t wait to explore more of it!!

  21. They’re awesome for hosting this giveaway!

  22. I like HomeTalk on FB with my username Mary Happymommy.

  23. I am already a member of Home Talk!

  24. I shared on FB with my username Mary Happymommy–http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=223671791019804&id=100000611160195

  25. I already like Home Talk on FB!

  26. Wow what a neat website! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  27. Home Talk is so awesome in many ways, but I love that you get an answer to your question super fast!

  28. Christian says:

    I just joined hometalk!

  29. Thanks Home Talk for hosting such an amazing giveaway!!!!

  30. Hmm never heard of Home Talk before, but they’re definitely awesome for sponsoring a PB giveaway! Will definitely have to check them out.

  31. I joined Home Talk!

  32. This is a great giveaway.

  33. I like Hometalk on Facebook.

  34. Hometalk is great! I always check out their advice before starting a major project.

  35. I liked Home Talk on facebook :)

  36. I’m a Hometalk member!

  37. I liked them on Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. I think it’s amazing Hometalk is doing this giveaway! Good luck to all who enter!

  39. Thanks Hometalk!!!!!

  40. I liked Hometalk on FB

  41. I liked Hometalk on FB

  42. Great giveaway and excited to visit Hometalk!!

  43. I joined Hometalk’s site.

  44. What an awesome site and an awesome giveaway!

  45. I’m signed up at hometalk

  46. I like home talk on fb

  47. Darlene R. says:

    Thanks HomeTalk for the chance to win! Love the site.

  48. Darlene R. says:

    I am already a member of HomeTalk. If I wasn’t I would definitely join again!!

  49. Thanks HomeTalk for the amazing giveaway!

  50. Tweeted! @thewilsonrules

  51. Darlene R. says:

    I follow HomeTalk on Facebook.

  52. Hometalk does some great giveaways! Pottery Barn…woohoo!

  53. What an awesome give-away!! Yea Hometalk!!

  54. I’m now a follower of Hometalk on facebook!

  55. I think this website is a great toold for all those DIYers. Looking forward to it!

  56. melissa b says:

    Really awesome that Hometalk to sponsoring! thanks!

  57. I joined Hometalk the other day and am loving it! Have been back several times to look thru home improvement posts to get ideas. Would love to win a Pottery Barn giftcard for sure!

  58. Really awesome for Hometalk to sponsor this giveaway! How exciting!!

  59. Hometalk is awesome!

  60. I just joined Hometalk!

  61. Wow this is a win win win situation. Hometalk is very generous to offer a Pottery Barn prize on top of their site.

  62. Joined Hometalk

  63. Liked Hometalk on FB

  64. Tweeted about the giveaway

  65. I liked Hometalk on facebook!

  66. I just tweeted about this giveaway!

  67. Hometalk is awesome for sponsoring a gift card to Pottery Barn! They rock my world :)

  68. I liked Hometalk on Facebook!

  69. Hometalk sounds like a great resource for someone who is always doing home improvement projects like me! Just liked Hometalk on FB. Thanks to them for offering this Pottery Barn gift card!!

  70. I created an account on Hometalk’s website!

  71. Jacque Avant says:

    I love Hometalk. I am already a subscriber. They have already helped with a problem .

  72. Hometalk is beyond awesome for sponsoring this giveaway!

  73. This is definitely a great giveaway!

  74. Trisha Ham-Ying says:

    What a great giveaway! Would so love to win this one.

  75. Trisha Ham-Ying says:

    I liked Hometalk on their facebook page.

  76. I think it is great they are sponsoring sucha great giveaway!
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  77. i like hometalk on fb
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  78. Trisha Ham-Ying says:

    I joined Hometalks site. Thanks for the heads up.

  79. Elissa O'Leary says:

    I didn’t even know about Hometalk until today and when I checked out the website I was amazed. It is awesome and it is really awesome that they are sponsoring this giveaway, because I love Pottery Barn but can’t make myself spend the money:)

  80. Elissa O'Leary says:

    I joined Hometalks website!

  81. Elissa O'Leary says:

    I liked Hometalk on facebook and told them thanks!

  82. Elissa O'Leary says:

    I wrote about this giveaway on Facebook!

  83. Liked on facebook

  84. Joined hometalk

  85. Looks like a great website.

  86. It’s true. They Rock.

  87. I’m already a member over at Hometalk!

  88. Hometalk is pretty awesome, I like that you can also get local recommendations, something I need whenever I embark on farming out a home improvement project.

  89. Hometalk is totally awesome for offering this Pottery Barn giveaway – well, theyre totally awesome anyhow – but, I sure could use a little Pottery Barn too!! :)

  90. I’m a Hometalk member

  91. I liked Hometalk on FaceBook! Yippee!!

  92. Wow, we always say we can do anything in the age of YouTube…and Hometalk sound like such an easier resource!

  93. I like Hometalk on FB and left a comment on their wall: Michelle H.

  94. I commented on Hometalk’s page and site and shared a link on FB too! Thanks for sharing this. I enjoy your site and theirs looks exceptional too. I love networking and sharing. Hope your day is the best ever!!

  95. Hometalk is an awesome resource and it’s so generous of them to sponsor this giveaway.

  96. Hometalk is not just awesome, but AMAZING for sponsoring this giveaway.! :-)

  97. I have joined HomeTalk!

  98. Just posted a thank you on Hometalk’s Facebook page.

  99. I also like HomeTalk on FB. ;-)

  100. I’m a member of Hometalk.

  101. how cool is that! I think I’m going to use this site a lot. thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway!

  102. I “like” Hometalk on FB.

  103. I think its super awesome that Hometalk is sponsoring a Pottery Barn giveaway;
    I hope I win! :)

  104. I just joined Hometalk’s site :)

  105. I “Like” Hometalk on Facebook too!

  106. I just sent out a Tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this post.

  107. I love Pottery Barn! Thanks so much Hometalk!!!

  108. I am super PUMPED about this giveaway!!! :)))

  109. I have signed up on Hometalk :)

  110. Hometalk IS awesome for having a PB giveaway! I love the store and the chance to get a gift certificate to spend there!

  111. I “like” Hometalk on FB!

  112. Great idea by Hometalk. I commented on their page. What an awesome giveway – would be so fun to win!!

  113. Morgan Gunter says:

    Thats soo nice of them for hosting this giveaway! woo hoo!

  114. WOW! Hometalk is an amazing site and Pottery Barn….<3 ….great giveaway!

  115. Looks like a great resource, I’ll be checking it out!

  116. What a cool site! I love the idea of a site totally dedicated to home stuff and my favorite part is the ability to search through other people’s photos for inspiration.

  117. Very cool of Home Talk to sponsor a giveaway! I’, now a memebr as well.

  118. Tracy Napper says:

    Great giveaway! I would sooooo love to win. ;-)

  119. I “thumbs up”ped Hometalk on facebook & dropped your bloggy name there… Thanks for giving away a Pottery Barn gift card, Emily

  120. I think its awesome that they are giving away a pottery barn gift card and I hope I win. My house is in need of some serious help.

  121. I just liked hometalk on Facebook.

  122. joined Hometalks site. We are doing some serious repairs on our house and this could really be very helpful. Thanks!

  123. Melinda H. says:

    Hometalk is pretty awesome for sponsoring this giveaway!

  124. Deb Anderson says:

    This is a fabulous giveaway. I mean who doesn’t love Pottery Barn?! Thanks Hometalk!

  125. Deb Anderson says:
  126. Thanks Hometalk for the PB giveaway!! so Awesome!!

  127. And I joined Hometalk too!

  128. i think Hometalk is AWeSOME for offering up this giveaway!

  129. I joined hometalk of course!

  130. And I liked them on fb!

  131. Just checked out HomeTalk’s site….what a great way to interact with other DIY’ers. I signed up and already posted a question for them. Thanks!

  132. I am already a follower of your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  133. I liked Hometalk on Facebook.

  134. This is an awesome giveaway! I would love to win!

  135. I joined Hometalk!

  136. What an awesome giveaway! I hope I win! I have several pages marked in my PB Catalog of things I love!

  137. I previously signed up for Hometalk. It’s a fun site!

  138. Thank you Hometalk for a fantastic giveaway!

  139. I’m a member of Hometalk!

  140. Such an awesome giveaway! I really hope I win this one!

  141. I joined Hometalk!

  142. I liked Hometalk on Facebook!

  143. This is an awesome giveaway, I LOVE Pottery Barn!

  144. I joined HomeTalk!

  145. I like HomeTalk on FB!

  146. It is sooo awesome of Hometalk to sponsor this giveaway!

  147. Ashley Williams says:

    I like hometalk on fb! & left them a super sweet comment!

  148. Ashley Williams says:

    I join

  149. What an awesome site and great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  150. Thank you Hometalk for offering us a great giveaway!

  151. Hometalk is awesome for doing this great giveaway!

  152. I like Hometalk on Facebook.

  153. Love learning about Hometalk! And…how generous of them to offer this giveaway!! Blessings to you too!!

  154. Mary Lynn says:

    Hometalk is AWESOME for sponsoring this Pottery Barn giveaway!

  155. Hometalk – you are awesome for sponsoring this giveaway!

  156. I joined Hometalk

  157. I like Hometalk on facebook.

  158. Woot! What an awesome giveaway, Hometalk and decorchik!

  159. What a great giveaway!! Love it all!

  160. Joined Hometalks site!

  161. Liked on fb!!

  162. I had never heard of hometalk, but what a great site. Great giveaway too!

  163. This is SUCH a great site and place for people to share info and experiences! Thanks for the connection.

  164. I liked on the book :)

  165. Oh and I joined the site!! (I really want a gift card ;)

  166. Awesome giveaway, Hometalk!

  167. I think Hometalk is awesome for doing this giveaway!

  168. I’m already a member of Hometalk

  169. I’m already a fan of Hometalk on facebook

  170. Becki Foster says:

    Wow – what an amazing giveaway sponsored by Hometalk! Thanks for the opportunity!

  171. Connie Haack says:

    I love Hometalk and what a fantastic giveaway.

  172. Connie Haack says:

    I have joined Hometalk

  173. Connie Haack says:

    I like Hometalk on Facebook and I thanked them for the giveaway!

  174. I’m so excited for a PB give away! Awesome, they have an area rug I’ve been DYING to purchase!

  175. Hometalk is a great site. They are so awesome for doing this giveaway!

  176. I signed up for Hometalk, seems like an awesome website :)

  177. I “liked” hometalk on fb :)

  178. I updated my facebook status and linked back to this post (and your fb page)

  179. Sweet giveaway! Hope I win :-)

  180. I liked Hometalk on FB and left a comment.

  181. Thanks hometalk! I love pottery barn!

  182. Carol Garcia says:

    I am so amazed at this giveaway Hometalk you are truly amazing!

  183. Carol Garcia says:

    signed up for Hometalk! Loving it!

  184. Carol Garcia says:

    I’ve liked Hometalk on Facebook.

  185. What an awesome giveaway and site! Who knew something like that exsisted, so great!

  186. Carol Garcia says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway

  187. How fabulous of them to sponsor a giveaway like this. Love their website.

  188. Hometalk is pretty awesome for sponsoring this giveaway!

  189. I’m a member of Hometalk!

  190. Super awesome giveaway! Thanks Hometalk!! :)


  191. Fantastic giveaway – Pottery Barn is my favorite.

  192. I joined Hometalk.

  193. Thanks for bringing this awesome site to my attention.

  194. jenny crossen says:

    Noone at my house is all that handy so this is an awesome resource for all our little diy home stuff! Thanks for the info

  195. I’m already a member at Home Talk. Great site!

  196. April Taylor says:

    Thank you Hometalk! A Pottery Barn giveaway is pure awesomeness.

  197. Hometalk is the awesomest!

  198. Yay, for the great PB giveaway!

  199. Great giveaway! I’m excited to find out about Hometalk – I’m anxious to try it out!

  200. Anonymous says:

    I joined Hometalk.

  201. Ashley Williams says:

    I joined hometalk and I’m super excited about it!!

  202. April Taylor says:
  203. Ashley Williams says:

    How awesome is hometalk for giving away a Pottery Barn gift card?!?! Not only is PB just about my heaven, but I love the inspiration I get from there also. I want to buy everything, but I love the feeling of seeing something (for $24997) and then making it myself for 1/10th of the price!!

  204. Love Hometalk. Very Cool. LOVE LOVE LOVE Pottery Barn. Awesome give away!

  205. Melissa C. says:

    Love you Hometalk..GREAT giveaway!!

  206. Melissa C. says:

    I’m already a Hometalk member :0)

  207. Heather Spooner says:

    Hometalk is super duper awesome for hosting this Pottery Barn giveaway! Thank you, Hometalk!

  208. Heather Spooner says:

    I joined Hometalk’s website. Thank you!

  209. Heather Spooner says:

    I liked Hometalk on Facebook.

  210. HomeTalk is an awesome site and even more awesome for sponsoring this giveaway!

  211. Can’t wait to start using HomeTalk! What an awesome resource! Thanks to them for sponsoring an amazing giveaway!

  212. thanks hometalk! you are awesome!

  213. Yes, they are AWESOME for sponsoring this giveaway. What a great one it is.

  214. It’s so generous of them!

  215. Love Hometalk! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  216. I already “like” Hometalk on Facebook!

  217. Just liked Hometalk on FB!

  218. Just shared on Facebook

  219. Hometalk is such a great idea! So much wonderful information in one space and you don’t have to spend twenty minutes on google trying to search for exactly what you need.., love it!

  220. Love ‘Hometalk’. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!!

  221. Liked ‘Hometalk’ on facebook!

  222. I think HomeTalk is such a great idea and totally awesome for doing this giveaway! I liked them on FB and joined their site.

  223. just joined Hometalk’s website : )

  224. Just shared this link on my FB page.

  225. Signed up for Hometalk! It’s such an awesome site!!

  226. ‘liked’ Hometalk on Facebook

  227. Lillian P. says:

    Thank you Hometalk for sponsoring this great giveaway! I always have a wish list at Pottery Barn so there is something that I always “need!”

  228. just shared on Facebook : o)

  229. Hometalk has officially been bookmarked. What a great resource for do-it-yourselvers.

  230. Coastal Femme says:

    I’m already a member of Hometalk.

  231. Lillian P. says:

    I am already a member on Hometalk’s site. It is a great resource with lots of wonderful ideas.

  232. Lillian P. says:

    I like Hometalk on Facebook!

  233. Just joined Hometalk’s website.

  234. Coastal Femme says:

    What a great giveaway…thanks Hometalk

  235. This is a great site and quite timely too! My hubby and I are about to embark on some home projects and will be utilizing the site quite often! Thank you for the rec and awesome give away!!!!

  236. Joined Hometalk’s site!

  237. I liked Hometalk on FB and thanked them for this awesome give away! Thank you!!!! :)

  238. Coastal Femme says:

    I already like Hometalk on Facebook!

  239. What an awesome prize!! I will definitely be checking out Hometalk because it sounds like a handy website.

  240. Amy Clayburn says:

    Hometalk is very cool for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!

  241. Amy Clayburn says:

    I joined Hometalk’s site!

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    I like Hometalk on Facebook!

  243. Barbara P. says:

    Hometalk sounds like an awesome site. What a great way to get information right at your fingertips! Love it!

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  246. Jacque Avant says:

    I liked Hometalk of FB

  247. Jacque Avant says:

    I am already a member of Hometalk. Love the site.

  248. Jacquelyn Oswald says:

    I think it’s great that they are doing this! Anxious to be looking at their stuff

  249. amy reilly says:

    I think its awesome that hometalk is sponsoring this giveaway!!!

  250. I just liked Hometalk on FB!

  251. I signed up for a membership with their website! I’m so excited to use it.

  252. Thanks Hometalk for sponsoring this giveaway! I’m a big fan of both of you!

  253. Looking forward to using this site!

  254. I’m a member of Hometalk.

  255. I liked Hometalk on facebook.

  256. I signed up for hometalk!

  257. I tweeted about the giveaway http://twitter.com/ParisArlette

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  259. Thanks so much to HomeTalk!

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  262. Well this is just an awesome giveaway. Big thanks to you and of course to Hometalk.

  263. Tweeted & linked to giveaway.

    Darleen~Places In The Home

  264. Thanks, Hometalk, for a great giveaway. Looking forward to learning more!

  265. love hometalk, thanks for the giveaway!

  266. Lydia Wray says:

    I’m just starting out in the home improvement world and I’m so happy I found this website, I sure it will help me for many months and years to come, Thank you for posting!


  267. This is soo awesome! Thanks!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  268. Tweet!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  269. April was in CT now CA says:

    They are extremely awesome for sponsoring such a fantastic give away!!

  270. Hometalk is totally boss for doing this!

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    Please let it be me! :)

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  281. Just tweeted!

  282. I like Hometalk on FB and left them a message.

  283. Carrie Pierce says:

    Where has Hometalk been all my life?!!? Love it! Great resource for all those questions and ideas. My husband and I have plenty as we are working toward finishing off a basement. Love Pottery Barn too!!!

  284. Love, love, love this website! What an amazing giveaway!

  285. I think it is awesome that Hometalk is sponsoring a Pottery Barn GA!

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  287. That is EXTREMELY awesome of them! Thanks for the giveaway and introducing us to this site!

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    lauraebier at gmail dot com

  289. Thanks Hometalk — you’re the best!!

  290. Norma Juarez says:

    I just joined Home Talk’s site!

  291. I love Pottery Barn. I’ll be sure to check out Hometalk’s site!

  292. Great giveaway- would love to win!!! Pick me:)

  293. Hometalk….you’re awesome for hosting this giveaway;) thanks!!

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  299. Anyone sponsoring a Pottery Barn giveaway is awesome! GO HOMETALK!!!

  300. hometalk, where have you been all my life? and a giveaway to boot?

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  302. Emilia A. says:

    I love it that Hometalk is sponsoring this PotteryBarn gift certificate!!! I hope I win!

  303. Emilia A. says:

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  309. Already signed up for Hometalk. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  310. WOW…what a great site! I just moved in a new home 18 months ago and still have lots of decorating to do—this site will give me great ideas and PB is one of my FAV places for home decor!

  311. Liked them on Facebook! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  312. Posted about the giveaway on Facebook! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

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  318. I have been looking for a great website like Hometalk. We just moved into a home that needs some fixing up and I want to start my gardening for next year. Thank you! Thanks for the giveaway.

  319. I liked Hometalk on Facebook.

  320. What a great giveaway! Thanks, Hometalk!

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  336. I think Hometalk is awesome! Who doesn’t love a Pottery Barn giveaway?!

  337. My husband and I have been homeowners now for just over a year and have been doing some major renovations to our house. Hometalk looks like it’s just what we need! Thanks for the giveaway, Hometalk!

  338. I like Hometalk on Facebook.

  339. I joined Hometalk’s website.

  340. I joined Hometalk.
    There’s a lot of information right there!
    Thanks, Emily, for joining up with them to bring us this Pottery Barn giveaway.

  341. My fingers are crossed. Thank you Hometalk.

  342. I signed up for Hometalk!

  343. Wow, great site, thanks for the giveaway!

  344. Facebook-ed it!

  345. Mary Baker says:

    Thanks for the giveaway hometalk!

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