Ghost Chairs. Yay or Nay?

I’ve been seeing these ghost chairs pop up everywhere lately, and I think they are interesting and wanted to get your take on them. They are great because visually they take up little space if you are in need of a chair in a small setting. There are a couple of different styles, the Louis Ghost Chair and the Victoria Ghost Chair.  Both come at a hefty price though!  Since those styles came out there have been many different other versions and styles too that are much more affordable. Otherwise known as a knock-off. :)  But if you want to splurge for the original, then by all means, go for it. :)

Here are some images I found while browsing around that use ghost chairs beautifully.

1. Via House Beautiful

2. Via Decor Pad

Ghost Chair Decor Pad

3. Via Decor Pad

ghost Chair Decor Pad

4. Via Decor Pad

Ghost Chair

5. Via Apartment Therapy

ghost chair office

I also think they are great because they can go with several different decorating styles too.  I could see them in a modern home of course, but also at a country farmhouse table or a rustic dining room.

What do you think? Are you a fan of ghost chairs and their transparency?  I like them and want one (or 4!). I have found some that are good prices at Overstock, and Ikea even has a version too. Target used to have them, but not sure where they went?

P.S.-These can also be called Lucite or acrylic chairs too if you ever do a google search. :)



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  1. I like the look of them, but I am clumsy enough as it is. I can’t imagine my medical bills if I got see through chairs ;D

  2. They are interesting, but too modern for my taste. ;-)

  3. I really like the ghost chairs. They are light, airy, and modern. Love them.

  4. I think the rooms shown in the post are lovely and see how the chairs can work, but I probably wouldn’t get one. I love how chairs are a chance to add color and texture with paint, stain, and upholstery so clear plastic would miss out on that!

  5. I LOVE these chairs! I first came across them years ago when my sister-in-law bought one for her home. And it was love at first sight. I say yay!

  6. Have you ever seen anyone sitting in one of these chairs? That can be quite unattractive, especially when wearing shorts or a skirt. You could be a size 0 and your skin still looks kind of gross smooshed against a lucite chair. I loved these chairs until attending a party with a dining room full of these and saw what that actually meant.

  7. I think these chairs are cool in theory. However, I think they will not be something that will be stylish in say 3 years and I tend to like things that will last for a bit longer than that. Plus I wonder if they are a pain to keep clean?!
    I never thought about the look of the skin through them either… ick.

    • These chairs are been around a long time. The sushi restaurant I worked at have them. They are surprising really sturdy. The restaurant was built about 8+ years ago and the chairs are still standing. Imagine all that they have been though. And yes I’ve seen a lot of butt cracks/thongs so beware…wear a long shirt and pants. LOL I still think they look chic even though it’s kinda over done now.

  8. I love these chairs. I just wish they weren’t so expensive everywhere I looked. :)

  9. I’m voting “nay” here – they’re too mod… hey maybe they could be spray-painted :) LOL Thanks for the round-up of photos, though, it was neat to be able to see them in different settings.

  10. April was in CT now CA says:

    They just seem so uninviting and cold. I like cozy and something that invites you to sit on it. While these are pretty to look at in the pictures, I’d have to vote nay. Plus that whole creepy skin/clothes thing Sarah mentioned? Eeek, not a good look. LOL

  11. I don’t like them at all! I think they are very cold looking/ No personality in them!

  12. Linda Skinner says:

    I like them in theory….but not a comfortable looking chair…

  13. I like them, however I think they have their place. I have a smallish guest room and plan on buying the ikea version to use at a writing desk I have in there. Though, I never thought of the squishy skin when someone is sitting in them and now I can’t get that out of my head so I doubt I will consider them for anyplace else.

  14. Oh, and the Ikea version is actually very comfortable.

  15. Have to agree with Sarah and the smooshy skin and not one of the pics is showing anyone using one! Though interesting, I say nay.

    • That’s true. I need to find a pic with a human in the chair.

      • I also wonder if a person’s warm, possibly sweaty, summer thighs (or kids who are furnaces year round) will stick to the acrylic and leave “thighprints” (and kiddos with handprints). Though I might put one in a little used guest room (poor unsuspecting guest) or at the computer table in the office, I don’t think I’d put them anywhere for daily use … and cleaning…multiple times a day!

  16. I’ve thought about putting one in our guest/office in our reno house because the desk area will sit so close to the bed area…this post (and comments!) are giving me food for thought. Thanks! :)

  17. Hahhaa. Better than smooshed skin?

    Ass prints.


    Others. Peoples. Ass. Prints.

    *falls over giggling*

    (Please don’t hate me for saying @$$.)

  18. A big-ole YAY! I like them in ANY room.

  19. I think this chairs are modern than for a farmhouse table or a rustic dining room. I like it :)

  20. for sure. i love love love these chairs. I wish i could afford to have them

  21. Nay. I’m sort of eekked out about the skin thing.. Besides my taste runs to Farmhouse/Country/Rustic style..

  22. Nay. I imagine them getting scratched by buttons and other metal things on pants pockets and jeans which acrylic has a tendancy to look white or dirty when that happens. Perhaps in a really fun kids room but I don’t think it would be practical for me or an adult living space. However, I can’t make you decide what you love or not. You love them, then you get them!!

  23. Connie Haack says:

    I like the look of a single one at a desk but I don’t care for alot of them around the table. Will they scratch with the buttons or rivets on pants pockets?

  24. I think they are quite lovely! My friend has a few at her table and I have not seen anyone’s skin smooshed to the chair. But we did have our cloths on. LOL

    I vote “yea”

  25. Pretty sure I’d be tripping over them, if I had any. Which will never happen, now that I’ve envisioned smooshed skin, prints, and scratches all over them. lol Not my style anyway.

  26. We couldn’t afford the real thing so we got replica ghost chairs from i would recommend getting replicas if you can afford the real thing

  27. M3tr0ch1ck says:

    Sarah had me rolling on the floor but when I read Melle E’s post i laughed so loud and so forcefully my fiance had to reach over to check on me. “A$$. Everyehere.” OMGosh that’s a classic!

    Ikea has a new set of acrylic dining chairs with arms and they are wildly comfortable. I’m going back for them the first of the year to go with my glass and chrome dining room table I purchased (also from Ikea). My room is doing triple duty so I need for the furnishings to either have dual purpose or to disappear. I saw people sitting in them and I didn’t notice SA (smooshy a$$) so now im going to check for that.

  28. Anonymous says:

    how much do they cost and how do I buy them??????????

  29. Anonymous says:

    whats the website?


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