Oh, You Fiddle Fig Trees

I think I’m the last blogger on earth to have a fiddle fig tree. If you read blogs, you probably know what those are. And if you don’t read many blogs, you may not know what they are like I didn’t until they started popping up everywhere.

I love this one from Manhattan Nest.

Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree | Decorchick!®

They say every home needs some live plants and greenery inside. And guess what? We don’t have ANY in ours. Shameful.

While I love the looks of them, I’ve read horror stories on how hard they are to keep alive. And well, I don’t need that stress in my life.

But they are oh so pretty.

Have you joined the fiddle fig trend yet? Isn’t that such an odd name? I can’t help but think of “fiddle-sticks” as my Dad always says.

If you have any other suggestions for a good houseplant, that is little maintenance, do tell! Because I think it’s time for a little live greenery up in here.

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I wonder if a little Frankincense oil would help keep a fiddle fig alive?




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  1. I bought one this summer, and it has done amazingly well on our back porch. A bit nervous to bring it indoors once the temps dip.

  2. I love the Fiddle Leaf figs but the last time I had one I apparently didn’t give it the love it needed. :-) oops
    Anyway I purchased a little 2 ft tall Corn plant from a flea market vendor 7 years ago and that thing is over 6 feet tall now. I do nothing but water him once a week and he’s moved 3 times and done very well. He’s so heavy and tall now that I had to stake him and we don’t move him at all. He just hangs out being happy and pretty so there’s another easy option in case you aren’t kind to your fiddle leaf either. haha

  3. Most house plants just require a cup of water twice or a good watering once a week. You just ask in the store. I don’t know what some of my plants are called, I just have a bunch. Spider plants being the easiest. If you kill a spider plant, you should never have plants. lol You just pour a cup of water in every four days and if you forget there’s no real consequence, they just tend to thrive even if watered once a week. You can break off shoots and make baby plants that grow in no time. Bamboo, sunny spot, easy too just fill container with water (I do mine every Friday). As they get taller, you have to secure them with a stick and usually a garbage twist tie. If bamboo is in soil, just put it right under the tap for a thorough soak and let the excess run off. I don’t have any corner plants in big pots. Too much of a space taker.

  4. I love pothos plants – they are pretty darn low maintenance, and can be propagated with just a cutting and a vase. I’ve actually had one from my great grandmothers’ funeral in 1989 in each of my houses until just recently, when the last cutting I was propagating fell victim to a nerf gun and curious foster dog!

  5. Looked it up, sorry they’re not called spider plants, they’re called philodendron, pothos being my favorite for their dark green with white or green light accent. Choose a day, say Saturday, give the plant about 16 ounces. You’re good to go. In summer I give 8 ounces on Wed and 8 on Saturday because it dries in the window pretty fast in summer. You can trim them if you don’t want to let them get too long. http://auntiedogmasgardenspot.wordpress.com/2013/06/27/10-house-plants-you-cant-kill/. That’s for a plant in the middle sized pot here. http://www.wayfair.com/Zingz-and-Thingz-Round-Pot-Planter-13367-13368-L349-K~ZNGZ1820.html?refid=GX50899303620-ZNGZ1820_10568204&device=c&ptid=75693860220&PiID%5B%5D=10568204&gclid=CM7P68jphsECFSkA7AodMyUACA. You can also put them in a smaller pot. If it were a larger pot with a lot of shoots, I’d give it 20 ounces. If the tips of the plants start to turn dark brown it means you need just a little more each week so up it just a few ounces. You can clip off all dead leaves and you’ll have new ones in no time. http://www.wayfair.com/Zingz-and-Thingz-Round-Pot-Planter-13367-13368-L349-K~ZNGZ1820.html?refid=GX50899303620-ZNGZ1820_10568204&device=c&ptid=75693860220&PiID%5B%5D=10568204&gclid=CM7P68jphsECFSkA7AodMyUACA I don’t put my indoor plants outside in the summer because bugs get in the soil.

  6. I don’t have one myself, but the fiddle fig tree is so pretty! I hope that you’re able to keep yours alive and thriving – living greenery adds such a fresh pop to any space!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  7. “They” say a lot of things, and if “they” are the reason you want a house plant, make sure “they” will come take care of it for you!
    Now, if you want one for yourself, there ARE a lot that are easy to take care of and good to have in your home. Spider plants have been mentioned; good for recycling the air. Pothos are easy to take care of. Sprout a carrot top, or a sweet potato or an avocado.

  8. Had 2 earlier this year and they did great for a while. One died and then the other slowly bit the dust. So sad as I love them! Not sure what I did or didn’t do as they stayed in the same place…have heard they do not like to be moved.

  9. We have a small potted bamboo plant that has survived for a year! ehich is the longest I have kept a plant alive. And all ee havr done is make sure the pot never goes dry (and even then it won’t lill it for acouple of days). I love our bamboo!

  10. Alex Davis says:

    I find that Succulents are the only thing I can keep alive :( I’ve had numerous plants – even bamboo – die on me. But my Aloe Vera plant and Burro’s Tail are thriving. Plus they are so beautiful and the Aloe one is great since you can just chop off a leaf and cure your sunburn!

  11. I love houseplants, unfortunately, so does my cat. So if I can’t hang it, I can’t expect it to be around for very long. Funny because I’ve tried growing grass for her inside and she won’t touch it and although she loves dried catnip, she won’t eat it fresh.

  12. Air Plants are pretty low maintenance. You just have to soak them in water every two weeks. That’s it! Also they don’t need soil so you can put them anywhere. I bought a little one for just $.99 at the local Walgreens!

  13. Recommend chinese evergreen to start. It has broad variegated-green leaves (not a pine type plant despite the name) and tolerates low light and low humidity.

  14. Houseplants are good for clearing toxins out of your home. The ones I’ve had the most success with are Peace Lilies and Dracaena Marginata which are super easy to grow and come in a variety of colors. Take the plunge, they are easier to care for than pets :)